The Time Value of Bullshit

As you know, Trump today announced the end of Obama’s DACA edict following a grace period for Congress to make foreign squatting great again. As an aside, I would advise readers against waging their own campaign of illegal activity with expectations that Congress will absolve your acts by virtue of their persistance.

Predictably republicans were livid at this injury to future democrats. Here’s a few quotes in reaction.

The president’s action is an affront to the process of representative government.

The president has put politics above responsible policies.

A classic move of choosing politics over leadership.

This short-term policy (decision) will make it harder to find a balanced and responsible long-term one.

The malignancy from Arizona was customarily vindictive: McCain responded in a statement, calling the action “a politically-motivated power grab that does nothing to further the debate but instead adds additional confusion and uncertainty to our broken immigration system.”

Just as predictably, Mitt the Massachusetts Mormon popped out of his clock to chime: the action that the president took today makes it more difficult to reach that long-term solution.

Wait, I apologize. Despite honest attempts to accurately report their statements of timeless principle, I sometimes become disoriented riding the conservative values scrambler. As a result I mistakenly pasted republican responses to Obama’s implementation of DACA rather than Trump’s defenestration of it. In fact–and without an exhaustive search–I couldn’t find a single elected republican who responded favorably to the program when Obama first ignored outstanding immigration law to pronounce it. So they must all be quite pleased with Trump today.

The fact that they are not speaks to the bullet-train efficiency with which republicans pivot on prog social initiatives from denunciation to defense. In this way conservatism remains rooted in its staunchest tradition: guardian of liberal victories.

Every liberal victory involves obligations for conservatives. Today that means compassion for those foreigners whose elevated moral standing is apparently premised on their propensity to dream. If only legacy Americans were capable of entering REM sleep their political representation might find some ethical standing to support their interests and oppose their dispossession. But until you start submitting signed medical affidavits they’ll just have to assume your nights remain unmolested.

Though unlike most legal residents, I do have dreams. They are rich with mass deportations of squalling ingrates, each shrieking raysis while advising me of American Values as their plane finds refuge in the sky. Who knows, maybe after a second dozen+ generations here my family will come to know America in the way that only those from Hyderabad seem able to articulate.

But the truth is my dreams aren’t at all uncommon. Polls have shown a quarter to a third of Americans those living in America support immediate deportation of all illegals. That’s the wish of about a 100 million people. So how many congressmen does such a popular dream attract? Fewer than the Facebook board of directors, oddly.

Yet this is the point where dreams become real. Congress will likely take the matter up soon, with democrats salivating to sanctify another tranche of foreigners, while republicans yammer about moral obligations to aliens who despise them.

If any of this seems familiar, that’s because it is. The 1986 Simpson Mazzoli Act legalized some 3-4 million primarily Mexicans in exchange for absolute assurances of tougher border security and criminal penalties on employers who knowingly hire illegals. Well apparently Apple’s legal department failed to inform Tim Cook.

250 of my Apple coworkers are #Dreamers. I stand with them. They deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in American values.

I’m sure he’ll be duck-walked out of the boardroom in leg irons any day now. But the more important point is that Reagan, with the aid of a consistently traitorous Chamber of Commerce, got absolutely played by the left in 1986. Once legalized, the three million dreamers were promptly replaced by 12 million new illegals. This being the cohort who gave birth to the current generation of Amerind narcoleptics.

We are told ad infinitum that today’s darlings–who explicitly remind us that they are taking our country–are here by only the agency of their parents. Thus what black-hearted abomination would turn away an innocent reconquista? So what then do you imagine the left would have said in 1992 at the suggestion that all illegals must be vigorously deported so their innocent children weren’t left to grow up in a country in which they have no right to reside? Why they would have said HATE NAZI BIGOT, obviously. The problem wasn’t fixed, as that might have fixed the problem.

So since this enormous matter of national policy may actually end up being decided by parties other than unelected judges, I’d like to offer some advice to the side that pretends to be on mine. Give considerable contemplation to the time value of money.

In finance, this means that a dollar today is worth more than one tomorrow. And a dollar promised many years in the future is worth practically nothing at all. In 1986, the left got all its dollars on day one: millions of new brown Americans. The right got dollars promised in the future. The net present value of which turned out to be pocket lint.

If the Republicans want to trade dreamer legalization (again) they must only do so with drastic, tangible, and immediate returns on the investment. That means deep cuts in legal immigration numbers today. A border wall and robust internal enforcement apparatus today. An end to family chain migration, visa lotteries, and H1bs today.

Anything the right doesn’t receive immediately is a thing it won’t receive. And since Congress’ accountants understand this perfectly, we may eagerly await news of phased-in migration cuts starting in 2028, and a commitment from CEOs to hire Americans every single time they feel like it. And hey, those are promises we’ll be getting today.


14 thoughts on “The Time Value of Bullshit

  1. A pattern becomes apparent.

    Left = White genocide.

    Right = No white genocide. (Or at least it used to.)

  2. foreigners whose elevated moral standing is apparently premised on their propensity to dream
    I heard they don’t dream in black & white, but in brown.
    Today 100 million Americans want a Wall and the illegals deported. Next year, they’ll want an Oven and a cheap fertilizer for the Mojave National Forest.
    And, yeah, what A reader said, but in English.

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  4. One article floating about on this subject claimed that despite their well-deserved return to illegal status dreamers “would not be targeted for deportation.” Which means they are de facto legal lacking only work permits. If this is true–and I can not find whether or not it is–then “ending” DACA is simply an act of political theater performed by Trump for his supporters.

    • Agree, it is an empty gesture. Dreamers are here to stay. Only hope is that DJT uses it as a bargaining chip. I’d reluctantly accept de-facto amnesty for that group in exchange for ending anchor babies and funding border barriers. It’s not like we’d be giving up anything that isn’t going to be relinquished anyway.

  5. Trump implored Congress to work on DACA as if the only problem with easy amnesty is that it’s not legal.
    (“We love legal immigration” says every establishment Republican)
    I’ve never even heard it questioned, amidst the wails of ‘families ripped apart and tomatoes rotting and GDP plunging’ why legal refugees and illegal children can’t at least be denied voting privileges.
    Congress has thwarted the Dream Act in the past, but this is the year that Congress shed any pretense of being even slightly nationalist.
    The tantrums on the Left and the praise on the right for “Trump ending DACA” shows which side always gets its way. The Left is furious at the semblance of dreamer deportation that won’t happen. The Right is pleased at the bone it was tossed ( an evaporating bone, tossed in slow motion)

    Fantastic article!

  6. Tough titties on the Dreamers and Libs. Paul Ryan should be tarred and feathered, that piece of dogshit, and Schumer ? Well, he’s just reverting to type, what did anyone expect? These are the same assholes who expressed their pity, their heartfelt sorrow to the “victim” of the Subway Vigilante, my hero Bernhard Goetz, when he shot the predator , putting a stop to his antics and putting his backside in a wheelchair for the foreseeable future. Oh, how awful it was that such a young man should be disabled. Why didn’t Goetz just take what was coming to him like he deserved, after all he was a priveleged white man.

    One day this will get so bad that it will force the hand of American citizens to put a stop to it and make new arrangements for self-government. And NEVER allow the printing of money to be taken control of by a band of gypsies loyal to a foreign nation. SMH.

  7. Further proof, as if any were needed, that you can’t run a polity when those in charge spend every waking moment of their lives wondering how best they can traitorously ruin the lives of their countrymen. And so we sink deeper into the mire every day.

    You know, I actually enjoyed seeing hurricane Harvey wreak havoc on the borderless, global third-world city of Houston. Sadly, a lot of white good old boys had to help the unhelpable in that mess, but here’s hoping at least some will decide it’s easier to just schlep back to Chennai or Guatemala than to rebuild their, respective, flooded out McMansion or shotgun shack.

    Similarly, if I had a chicken I’d sacrifice it on the altar of Zeus so that he sends hurricane Irma directly at the heart of the borderless, global third-world city of Miami, current population of non-Hispanic whites hovering at about 10%. Really, if the entire city were scoured off the face of the earth I’d dance a jig, but these things are never as devastating as one hopes. Well, there’s always the Yosemite super volcano.

    • Don’t kid yourself. The borderless tird world residents of Houston and Miami are going to follow the migratory pattern of the Katrina evictees: “Somewhere whiter; never to return.” Paid for by HHS and FEMA and ten other agencies with near-unanimous Congressional approval of “emergency” funding.
      Trump The Old Softy will also probably open our big beautiful door to more Haitians and other Afro-Caribbbean flotsam. Contrary to seeing his approvals jump from 33 to 45, after dealing “death” to DACA.

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