The Dream

Small businessmen work to grow their business. Big businessmen work to grow moats around their business. And oligarchs work to grow their thrones.

Unfortunately such distinctions nimbly evade the notice of most conservatives, who are perfectly happy muttering “free markets” at Mark Zuckerberg’s feet. The fact that the CEO-class views them with more disdain than a $1 bill seems perpetually insufficient to generate a healthy reciprocal spite. Practically everywhere and in every circumstance big business is aligned completely with the left. As such, it is exclusively those on the right who find themselves unemployed by Our Values, and exclusively the left who are swaddled in silken layers of corporate cash.

If the mainstream right were to ever rouse itself from this embarrassing opium dream, it would move with purpose toward deposing the corner-office philosopher kings. As an impetus, consider this interesting story about Google dictating an independent website’s article content in order for it to qualify for ad revenues. I don’t know if they’re so brilliant as to be effectively imbeciles, but you could hardly ask for a more conspicuous admission of malign monopoly power than that.

Shell doesn’t doesn’t threaten to stop “haters” from filling up their cars, because those threats would be impotent. There’s an Exxon on the next block. But if Google can withhold its 77% search market share, then a commercial Internet property will often be forced by finances to bow. And soon we have the occupants of one boardroom bubble controlling content for hundreds of millions.

That’s why I told Google they weren’t going to make a penny off this website.

But even more terrifying for them than that is the course toward which conservatives should press their political representation: regulation and/or anti-trust. Neuter the malicious tech behemoths into neutral public utilities. Or break Google into ten private mini-evils. And when one of those seven percent market share fragments calls to demand the removal of an opinion piece, the site proprietor can safely advise them to proceed with auto intercourse. Maybe you’ve heard this before, but we don’t have to live like this.

Corporations exist at the nation’s sufferance, not we at theirs. If plutocrats merely wanted to fuck models, scatter mansions, and sack-slide down hills of Ferraris no one here would spare a grumble. But our clemency for avarice should cease the moment it becomes devoted to our meek demise. Americans didn’t ask Eric Schmidt to define the contours of acceptable opinion. Workers didn’t request to train their foreign replacements. And no nation needs its borders dissolved on order of Antoinettes behind palace walls.

Do you demand to live among dreamers? Then erect your corporate HQs in San Pedro Sula, you duplicitous, wing-tipped worms. Seeing all of you bivouacked sans bodyguards in a Central American shanty-town is my dream. It would be heartless to deny me its realization.


19 thoughts on “The Dream

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  2. You want the people who exercise power to use it in furtherance of your goals. When you live under an omnipotent state that is all that people can do and all that they will spend the rest of their lives doing. As Hayek said, however, “the worse will rise to the top”. The most ruthless, the most rapacious, the most unethical will fight hardest to get in power. A good man who just wants to benefit his fellow citizens has to be a saint to fight tooth and nail for power against these people, who are willing to exercise the power maximally and to give unjustly to their supporters. The State will never be benign, it has to be neutered.

    • The libertarians outside of Hoppe never really dealt with regulatory capture. He proposes ownership, not democracy, as the basis for governance. My semi-serious thought is when you get to a billion dollars, you have to buy a chunk of the commons: roads, utilities, and the underlying fee. Your military and law enforcement is going to come from whoever’s living there, so choose wisely. Of course, if feudalism was the superior model why isn’t it still around?

      I don’t know where we go from here.

      • IMHO Federalism is not around because there is nothing inevitable about people getting freedom and prosperity. There are lots of people working tirelessly against it for their own interests.

        It is not enough to try to get good people to hold the ring (democracy) you have to destroy the ring (13 competing states and three branches of government fighting over the same power). At least that is what they tried in America, to some success. Compare and contrast the first two hundred years of American history with the experience of everyone else at all other times.

  3. “Do you demand to live among dreamers? Then erect your corporate HQs in San Pedro Sula, you duplicitous, wing-tipped worms. Seeing all of you bivouacked sans bodyguards in a Central American shanty-town is my dream. It would be heartless to deny me its realization.”

    That’s the spirit. It’s the fight Generals should be fighting. And which Generals asked about (((who))) brought down the 3rd tower on 911? Ha! They are not merely not fighting the last war, they are not fighting at all. Just what do you do with a shoe salesman who thinks selling shoes is a (((hate crime)))?

  4. There’s a couple of aspects in this I find particularly galling: 1) what is merely a market to them is to millions a home. CEOs are screened for high intelligence, and so only malice explains their apparent inability to comprehend this perception disparity. 2) They want all of the power to mold society, without any of its traditional responsibilities, audits, or retributions for failures and betrayal. It’s understandable that they want this, but incomprehensible that any people would grant it.

  5. These big public corporations should be broken up and their power severely curtailed. They are controlled by a tiny elite who are out of step with the interests of the broad American public. They are anything but free-market, no matter what they claim.

  6. A thousand times YES! With control of 32 legislatures, you’d think the Rs could take the leftist California regulatory environment and turn it on its head. That would be a start, at least.

    But for the most part, today’s crop of R legislators are not fighters, they are dreamers. Their heads are filled with a mix of altruistic Ayn Rand libertarianism, Reagan-era happy warrior-ism, and an old fashioned instinct for preservation of their political station.

    Ds are fat lesbians who were picked on. They’re blacks who’ve been told their whole lives that whites are to blame for their problems. They’re Jews who search for insult and exclusion in every innocent remark. These people don’t dream, they want revenge; they want to fight.

    Rs think they are fighting when they ram through a judge Gorsuch, but that’s only a rearguard action to protect their dream. The dream will have to wait, in order not to be lost forever. What’s needed is the realization that we need to cut down their every means of support. Defund the colleges in the name of trade schools or even infrastructure. Outlaw self driving vehicles to save the jobs of 3M blue collar MAGA truck drivers. Regulate the large tech companies like utilities, and break them up. We need to fight them just for the sake of defeating them, even if that tastes like anti-free market liver.

    Easy for me to say, here on the sidelines, tapping away and only with the courage to send unmarked cash donations to the real fighters.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Timid little moves get timid little results, if that. A reverse, long march thru the institutions seems highly unlikely, so we need to make the most of it while we can. All the while exposing the entrenched state resisting this, to the average normie who can’t conceive that our government “by the people” has long since been co-opted.

  7. This censorship/censureship isn’t anything new. Years ago, the googles at Gogle abruptly cut off (aka stuffblackpeopledontlike) from ad revenues, because unspecified hate. The owner tried in vain to appease the googs by “cleaning up” the site’s comment section – naughty n words could no longer be used to name the nigger; no more comparing them to animals (“finally”, said the animals); no posting methods for adding Depo-Provera as a Twelfth Herb to the Colonel’s secret recipe. Naturally, all that how-highing netted exactly zero pennies in future ad revenue from Dontbeevil, Corp.
    And before that, notorious Hate Site was unceremoniously shoahed out of Gogle’s oven, for … criticizing slow drivers? Al Gore denial? No one knows; but once gone, that revenue stream was lost forever.
    It’s also possible this latest surge in antiha[te] attacks is a distraction from new reports of Gogle’s #fakeads and other mendacities, but it’s probably just doubled-down Social Justice Equality Warrioring after Tropical Storm Damore and its resultant flooding.

  8. We were told that if we overthrew the aristocracy, we’d all become equal in a utopian future of progress and fraternity.

    Instead, when we overthrew the aristocracy, what we got was another aristocracy, but one founded on lying to itself that it’s not an aristocracy and therefore has no duties whatsoever to its subjects.

    • “We” didn’t overthrow the aristocracy, the aristocracy was defeated through capitulation to a parallel intellectual elite that riled up revolts and rioting with one side of its mouth, and promised the existing elite solutions with the other. That same clique of intellectuals and merchants is our current elite.

      • Right. “Aristocracy” means government by the best, and we didn’t overthrow an aristocracy, and we don’t have a new one. We are governed by the worst. There’s a word for that.

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