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An ism can be defined as something we believe, but may not express. Whether those beliefs are true or not is a factor completely independent of their ismness, which is driven entirely by fluctuating social fashion. Thus an objectively accurate belief that was not an ism yesterday may be one tomorrow, and become verboten retroactively.

That’s the crux of the current statue offensive. None of those immortalized men were indicted during their own age. But isms exist on a perpetually sliding scale that is wholly unknowable to a living creature. Thus any and all men–no matter their opinions–are subject to ex post facto prosecutions into perpetuity. And since social fashion is destined to stray beyond every contemporary expression, we are assuredly ALL ism criminals in the future. Some of us simply expedited the process.

I mention this as a result of having drinks last weekend with a couple of old friends. I think most people have far fewer friends than they imagine, practically none of whom interact with them over Facebook. Or maybe my criteria are just unusually strict. To me, a friend is one who can hear your entire ism portfolio and respond with appropriate stunned outrage: Wait, did you only put six beers in the cooler? Reprehensible!

So after a pleasant period of polishing heirloom stories, the conversation turned to current events. One asked my prognosis for America. The same as whatever tribe of people occupy and control it. We have abundant evidence on what results from each.

He then asked if I remained enamored with federalism, a concept for which I had previously expressed admiration. Of course by Federalism I mean sympathy with the anti-federalists, who presciently predicted the now routine predations of a supreme federal government and its serpentine court system. As an aside, it is particularly ironic that nearly every one of today’s outspoken conservative disciples of the Constitution would have been bitterly averse to its intrusions in the 18th century. As always, it’s an unselfconscious journey from opposition to adulation.

Though the concept of a limited central government with most powers delegated to regional sub-units is one I did previously find reasonably palatable. But as a result of the 10th Amendment being written in invisible ink, it’s unfortunately not the government we received. And in hindsight, I don’t think we ever could.

So the answer to my friend was “no.” I would not advocate federalism. Not because it is a poor model for government, but because it is poor model for humanity. We can list decisions and events that obliterated state sovereignty, and made the Enumerated Powers say: Everything. But if not for those events there would have been others. The flaw of federalism is its presumption that people in Massachusetts will ever permit those in Mississippi to live differently in a manner with which they disapprove. They will not. Either steel or relentless agitation/demonization will always be pulled from the quiver. And though north-cornerites have historically been blessed with noses long enough to cross many state lines in search of other peoples’ business, this is a universal observation.

There is an unflagging portion of western minds whose function is to eradicate other people’s isms. In contrast, harmonious federalism demands a benign insouciance to the customs of our neighbors. This being a posture of tolerance I have yet to see actually manifest itself on any meaningful scale. The fact that inter-state mobility means no one would actually be trapped in unsavory jurisdictions has in no way moderated the zealot’s enthusiasm for smashing them all into an indistinguishable paste. And that–not live and let live–is our determining psychic trait.

As a result, the artifact of the federal framework I’m most interested in retaining is a sovereign border defended by checkpoints and machine guns–a healthy percentage of which being pointed at approaches from states like Massachusetts. It is an act of colossal malice to insist that traditional conservatives–I mean nazis–must share a country and its future with the bolshevik chuds in Boston and Berkeley. This is what separate countries are for. And separate countries are why American antifa are only attacking Americans.

Thus I wholeheartedly support California’s Los Zetas secession movement, and would encourage the trend in other areas until there is some modest alignment returned to nation and state. Liberals want to live in a leftist Lagos. They may consider me their white ally.


26 thoughts on “Support from Surprising Quarters

  1. I’ve been making myself unpopular on right-leaning blogs for over a year by posting the same thing. The demographic wave of change sweeping over America will lead to the Democrats holding the Presidency in perpetuity, starting no later than 2028. The rise of rule by Executive Order coupled with the Supremacy clause spells the end of the Republic.

    Evict California and we buy another 50-100 years for the Republic. This should be one of the top priorities for the alt-right.

    • I’d rather evict the #fakecalifornians and keep the territory, than cede it to them. Though neither of us will get what we want.
      What is the point of keeping on life support the Republic which “we” were unable to keep for even fourscore years? Pull the Plug! Pull the Plug! Pull the Plug!

    • If you evict Mexifornia from the States to maintain a White majority, you can be assured that Las Razas, libtards and traitors will soon demand to be re-oppressed in a less diverse area for the sake of diversity.

      I say give them instant 100% diversity shock and awe treatment and deport them to the Congo with their money changed to Zimbabwean dollars. This is the war Generals should be fighting.

    • But if it wasn’t for the vote rigging the Democrats would have lost the last election by a landslide. Maybe they don’t mind the anti-white republican party so much?

  2. My vision of a working Federalism is a Red County White Christian Fascist State America that extracts extortionate danegeld from Blue County Genderqueer Diversitopia City States.

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  4. Great to see BolshevikBsCabal last night filmed a docu on psychopaths, using 4 US prison inmates as case studies. The US priaon system is majority non-White. Guess what race the 4 The Frumpening chose.

    Shabos Goy like the kosher-sucer Pigface Sedgeprick. What you ginna di but, rob White students, pander to FS school prop you indoctrinate with, steal gvt funds, get a job as a lookalike for the fat swinger from benidorm…

  5. That Bracken fella had an interesting take on this. Reconquista. I’m inclined to say let it go as well. The value of the wake up call is worth the squeeze.

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  7. There’s a reason WV was the only state in the union where every county voted red. I know there is no voting our way out of this, my point is in regards to the secessionist mentality, i.e. MYOB!, that is almost universal cultural frame of living. It isn’t a political or social thing it is how an amazing plurality live.
    Of course we are duly reviled & hated as the mouth breathing trailer trash dirt people by the statists. But we get the last laugh. You got to physically fight us through these mountains & hollows, through the incredibly lush dense forests. You can’t cut us off from the outside world, we are cut off from the outside world, we like it that way.
    So many of us have learned through generations to live with less, to live within our means, to live well by it. We hardly notice the effects of a world gone fucking insane going down the crapper. We build tribe and community as a natural way of solidarity. It isn’t something you do it is something you are, in ways those outside our demographic can not imagine.
    I know what the outside world is like, I’m an outlier, I have traveled through work and use the inter webs as an intelligence gathering platform, I see whats coming down the pike, that only devine intervention our a black swan of solidarity flying below grass roots level burst forth in a rejection of withdrawal of consent not seen in living memory takes place. I am always hopeful, for we in WV are a relative microcosim of that secession from tyranny and innate self determination. We are survivors because we have always been somebodies Amerikan Kulaks, the object of bigotry, the model for who to hate & wage pogrom upon.
    Its OK, you still have to fight us in these mountains that we are part of and they part of us.
    So many of us are natural born guerrilla fighters, men & woman who have not forgotten what a shovel an ax a knife and a rifle are for. We are people who live generation by generation in professions that kill us regularly. Coal mining, logging & ancillary supporting occupations are the kind of inherently dangerous jobs where there are no ways to prevent gruesome deaths, the ways are myriad and happen in a cascade of minor mistakes in judgement which catch you out if you loose focus for an instance. We hunt/fish/use the forests and folds as our supermarket. Its that direct connection to the sources of life and death we live intimately with that make us formidable yet humble, we know the only answers really lay with the great creator, there is no other way these designs can be explained. To say we brook no fools as outsiders is to say the sun rises in the east. We are a tribe of tribes. We know you help others as a matter of being blessed with this life and its bounty, it not a bill to pay it is an honor to submit to its worthiness & in kind. We are both fiercely independent yet devoted to our fellows & tribe kith & kin. You just do it, there’s nothing for it.
    It is barebones thriving at its homeyness, you can’t take it away from us, you can’t tell us any different, we are people who know full well what we are about, and we don’t care what you think. Its makes indomitable, we respect that in ourselves/eachother. We didn’t withdraw our consent from the outside world, we never consented in the first place. It is why we are reviled for we can never be conquered, never divided, only killed if your able.
    We like it that way.
    Thats a real problem for the statists. They can’t control free people. They will have to try and kill us. They have tried everything else.
    We like it that way.

  8. ” None of those immortalized men were indicted during their own age.”
    …….and that’s the money shot of the whole essay

  9. Edward Longshanks said on his deathbed, “Never let ’em return.” Or at least, I imagine that’s what he would have said had he not been preoccupied at the time with the Scots. Not caring for the caveats of kings, Oliver Cromwell let ‘em return. He thought he spotted a bargain.

    Such a bargain.

    The usual suspects have been and are running this country (into the ground) just like they’ve done with many another and it won’t matter if it’s broken up into a dozen pieces, they’ll run each of those separate pieces unless a few Edward Longshanks say otherwise. Think about it, don’t the Zetas need banking services same as all the other Goy?

  10. America has about 55 port cities. This alone guarantees that states will be interdependent and subject to centralized control. To have imagined it could be otherwise was a quixotic mistake; to keep spending time on the idea is absolutely idle. While California has a stronger hand than most, secession would throw the total American economy out of alignment — and if they won’t let a wall be built, they won’t allow that chunk of change (trillions of USD) to be taken out. California will also presumably want tariff-free shipments of the phosphate rock which it requires for its agriculture – from ID, UT, NC, and FL – that is, if it’s droughts don’t worsen and totally destroy its agricultural sector. And so on, and so on.

  11. Correct. About the best that can be hoped for is a Constitutional Convention which restores true Federalism (even that is unlikely btw). And if it doesn’t happen within the next few years while the Europeans among us are still at 60%, it’s not gonna happen. Then a lot of blood’s gonna get spilled over… what else? … blood.

  12. The chances of not turning into South Africa are also pretty dim, but still worthy of contemplation. There are several ways to cleave a nation. It’s great to see libs think of California secession as desirable. Maybe they will likewise see the exit of the most deplorable states as a fitting punishment. Of course their elite won’t be so deceived, but sometimes a movement runs astray. (For example, Bernie was supposed to be a compliant foil for Hillary. And compliant he was. But his supporters didn’t transition to Hillary as was expected.)

  13. Let the gangrenous limb be cleaved from the body before sepsis destroys us all. Looming in the background is Puerto Rico, America’s Ceuta and Melilla, a losing two way street of treasure headed south and fortune seekers headed north. The political class merely awaits the inevitable vote for statehood with open arms. Like Turkey to Europe, no goodthinker has the will to question its wisdom.
    I’ll trade a rotten empire for a modest nation any day of the week.

    • PR is a diamond in the rough.

      It’s the perfect place to use for relocating those in the USA who refuse to abide by civilized, non-criminal norms. Two strikes and you get dropped off forever. No taxpayers paying for your maintenance year after year. Mandatory sterilization and a one way trip.

  14. Strange how quickly, and in what unexpected directions, fashions can change. Somebody offered me a pup this week. He has a black coat, so I jokingly suggested I’d call him Nigger. It struck me then: Remember, some years back, there was talk of remaking the movie The Dambusters. There was much consternation over the fact that the hero had a black dog called Nigger. I don’t even know if the movie got made, but it was considered essential that the dog had to be renamed. Somebody suggested Nigel.

    I remember being amazed that people could be so… I don’t even know a word for it. Petty. Pathetic.

    Now, looking back, what strikes me as amazing is that I was amazed.

    • You’re being nigardly with your comment. But then, that word, too, has been excised from the lexicon. Because racism, too. Or something. More astonishment.

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