A Strange Courage Grows

Cowardice is all that grows in the ashes of valor. I don’t know if that fact has been remarked upon previously. Just as I don’t know the number of words launched at observing how earnestly man deploys self-praise as salve for his frailties. Though if the lucid men of antiquity have left no record, it can only be because we have lurched beyond their insight.

The ongoing invasion of the West, with its now routine attendant massacres, has revealed pockets of the human psyche that probably weren’t as apparent until being pulled open by modernity’s unique social mandates.

Perhaps the most bizarre of these novel customs is the now requisite marches and proclamations that bloom from pools of European blood like mushrooms from compost. In every instance, the insistence is that the natives must do nothing whatsoever about the source of these attacks, as that would be giving in. Giving in to not being killed, raped, and colonized. This position–its advocates assure us–is one of “defiance.” But defiance of whom or what precisely is unclear.

Are we defying muslims killing European children? No idiot, we’re defying islamaphobia.

Certainly this gaudy display in Barcelona expresses no defiance toward those who smeared their countrymen across the asphalt. If Heather Heyer had been killed by this driver, no liberal would have ever spoken her name. In fact the father of the youngest victim has now conspicuously embraced and absolved the murderer’s tribal kindreds. For modern Europeans, it is only people who don’t want you dead that must be shunned.

The high-volume mantra in these ostensibly defiant marches is WE ARE NOT AFRAID. But is barring your neck an act of courage or cowardice? Is denying or accommodating your enemies the more honest expression of resistance? Are these thousands of non-islamaphobic Spaniards actually standing up for themselves, or supplicating under false slogans of fortitude?

In 1941 FDR didn’t say WE ARE NOT AFRAID while hugging Hirohito and acquiescing to imperial garrisons in Kansas City. He did what not afraid has historically entailed: he fought the Japanese–even the ones who didn’t personally bomb Pearl Harbor. It is only recently that bootlicking and obliviousness have come to be called bravery.

If I saw my neighbors leave their young children unattended in the street, I would feel little admiration for their backbone if they explained WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF TRAFFIC.

Similarly, whether a man is or is not afraid of cancer is less a comment on his courage than whether he fights the affliction vigorously, or lies down to die while muttering about carcinogenophobes.

The truth of these defiance rallies is that they exist specifically to signal non-defiance. We surrender. Our home is yours. We’ll destroy any of our own who oppose you. Just please let us grovel in peace. This is what our ego demands we call courage. It’s the only thing that grows in the ashes of valor.


25 thoughts on “A Strange Courage Grows

  1. In the eyes of the conquering Moslem Turks during their wholesale genocide of the Christian Armemians in 1914 and 1915, resistance to murder, rape, pillage snd extinction was seen as an affront to Islam! Because the Left hates and vilifies Christianity, that alone justifies the wholesale persecutiom and destruction of America as a largely Christian nation.

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  4. Weirdest outcome to history possible. The mightiest race, possessed of weapons that could send the souls of this brown rabble fleeing like dust in a hurricane, invites the ghouls to devour its entrails while alive, while furiously clubbing anyone who attempts to defend it.

    How the hell did they manage to abolish the basic nature of the mammal and its furious desire to survive and prevail?

    • Apt point and question, Ironsides. A sinister and unintended cocktail of teevee, antibiotics, birth control, and baby boomer narcissism born of nuclear Armageddon angst started it all. Social media is the accelerant for today’s generation.

      • I think you’re far too pessimistic about the survival of Western whites.
        Life is going to get tough economically.
        Life is going is going to get tough environmentally (cooling period)
        Life is going to get tough politically (civil wars).

        I really don’t think the imports will have a chance when it all kicks off.
        They’re stupid, they’re outnumbered, and ill equipped to survive, let alone wipe us out.

        Good times have bred weak men, but the times ahead will breed strong men, and patriarchy will return and we will be victorious. Be prepared for battle, and ensure you are right with God, ultimately it’s His war you are fighting, for the forces against us are doing satan’s bidding.

  5. “Defiance” is defined here as “Daring your enemy to drive another truck through your crowd of dhimmies.” Out of morbid curiosity, I wish Mossad would order Isis to send a vest-wearer or three into those marches, just to see if the idiots would come back next weekend to again Defy … With Extreme Non-Prejudice.

    • We’re that to occur, CNN would be headlining something like ‘is islamphobia to blame for these horrific attacks’

      There nothing to be done. A significant portion of the western world is beyond saving, and isn’t worth the effort.

  6. If only the left in Charlottesville had shown similar courage against Whiteophobia they’d be embracing their own ancestors who bequeathed them a country of their own, rather than tearing down their statues.

    One of your finest, Porter. The (((reds))) drive whole nations insane with their propaganda and totalitarian fist in silken gloves of democracy. I re-posted it over at Morgoth’s Review.

  7. I cannot explain this folie a plusiers other than via the Socionomic Hypothesis. This theory posits that an unnoticeable “social mood,” most easily measured by the relevant (local) stock indices, governs the masses’ perceptions and downstream actions. The theory holds that events do not affect it, that mood is entirely endogenous in it regulation.

    In this time of manic high mood, even the most heinous crime or most dire threat is simply ignored or, if too “in your face,” it’s actively denied and countered, its messengers shot or defenestrated.

    Seriously, what other theory posits a plausible explanation for these bat-guano crazy times?

    • There’s a comfort in numbers, like herds of wildebeests fleeing lions or schools of herring fleeing sharks. But this is only plausible, using r/K selection theory, for r populations that produce large numbers of offspring. This clearly doesn’t apply to cat ladies and antifa so what can explain it? The only explanation I can think of is that they’re neither r nor K, being totally unconcerned with replacement (except by cowbird adoption) therefore r/K selection theory is irrelevant. Oh well.

      • r/K offers interesting explanations, but so too does Socionomics. Your observation that people herd is central to the latter, and actually does offer an interesting set of conjectures about cat ladies and antifa’s drones. It also offers a notion of how the character of these things we seen now should change as this slow boat turns, inch-by-inch, into the Greater Depression. No one knows the future, but forecasting is unavoidable from a planning perspective. I thought all the signs of a top were in way back in 1995, yet here we are, proving that complex systems have a life of their own and will vex every person who attempts to navigate the unknown (the future, by definition.) Sooner or later, however, this too will change.

        What follows seems likely to be nerve-wracking for quite some time.

      • @chief,

        ‘But this is only plausible, using r/K selection theory, for r populations that produce large numbers of offspring. This clearly doesn’t apply to cat ladies and antifa so what can explain it?’

        A serious point: the only thing that explains it all is the bible. ‘Go forth and multiply’ said God. Have abortions and careers says satan. Love thy neighbour as thyself’ said God, kill your neighbour and covet his wealth says antifa, tools of satan.

        If you’re red-pilled but deny the truth in the bible, you’ll always be flailing around for explanations.

  8. Submissiveness(conflict adverse) is an often used tactic that abused women(and men) deploy to deal with their abusive spouses. Side note: According to the experts, it doesn’t work for very long. A better tactic is called mirroring. ……. We agree with you. We know Whites are terrible people and cause you to kill, rape etc
    so you shouldn’t be around us. Either go back to your country or put racist Whites in their own country to keep the bad Whites away from making you do such bad things. When mirroring is done correctly it causes anxiety abandonment in the abuser and HIS/ HELPERS.

    • Hmmm. Faint praise for the man who writes a biweekly masterpiece for a very reasonable price. I’m still awestruck at last week’s–viirtue’s tribute to vice “nice piece”
      Anyway, your complement to criticism ratio is askew IMO.

  9. Yeah, but traffic is surely a social construct which begets the question: Are you a traffophobic? Traffic itself does not do harm and is open, inclusive and tolerant.Obviously you do not know a thing about traffic, you traffist.

    I always wonder what the future Chines historian will make out of this. “Yes, they really did this!”

  10. What do the sons of the ‘Last Men’ end up like… that is the question that will define the 21st century. That and whether the MENA populations continue to have high birthrates or follow the rest of the world into sub-replacement range.

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  12. How does it feel? Knowing that your daughters will bear Children of Color, all your monuments will be destroyed, your history erased,

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