The Debt

Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.

I was just a boy the first time I heard that statement, and remember initially comprehending it the way a Congolese would calculus. Though once the meaning became clear I always cherished it as a particularly witty truism. The hypocrite concedes his villainy by paying lip service to honor. If he believed his actions were just, then his words would match them. The faithful husband doesn’t preach about the righteousness of infidelity. Thus virtue pays no reciprocal tribute to vice.

I note a similar phenomenon frequently on the left. And never more so than in discussions of their most lurid vice of all: white eradication. This yearning for racial elimination used to be an understandably furtive affair. Liberals would express such a malign desire the same way they masturbate: only with gerbils.

But as the Overton Window has reached Armageddon, it has actually become more socially acceptable to say you want whites dead than want them alive. Certainly only one of these positions would be denounced by Marco Rubio.

Though somewhere deep in their dormant ganglions, even a democrat dimly understands the moral ambiguity of killing off a whole race of people (particularly your own). That’s why such awkward dissonance is assuaged by ridiculous fictions about social constructs. All of which only serve to provide the rationalization of You can’t say we want to murder you if we say you don’t exist. That’s not an impressive acrobatics routine to a target audience; but it’s only targeting the one in the subject’s head.

But sometimes these mental backflips land ludicrously awry. That was the case recently with a roundly lampooned tweet from one of those ubiquitous “my fellow white peoples.”

It’s satisfying to always remember that none of the descendants of the people screaming about the myth of white genocide will be white.

Did you get that? White genocide is a myth, and in the future there will be no whites to say otherwise. This sort of extremely common doublethink is a liberal’s subconscious paying tribute from their vice of eradication to their virtue of self-saintliness.

If leftists actually believed their yearnings weren’t moral filth then there would be no reason to disparage what they advocate as a myth. Hypocrites preach fidelity while cheating; liberals preach fantasy while doing. The quoted writer is openly thrilled at the prospect of there being no whites, and convinced it will come to pass. But he dismisses his own certainty as myth. He does this because he needs a mirror that doesn’t reflect a monstrosity. And that means we’re definitely not doing what we’re definitely going to do.

One of the dumber–and thus most predictable–rebuttals to the white genocide accusation is the one that asks: Where are the bodies? Who is killing you? That second question is one the entire media suffers many pains to obscure. Though more importantly, the absence of systematic killings is not the absence of systematic suppression.

Imagine this scenario, just as a hypothetical. Imagine if I were able to propagandize credulous young women through uncontested control of the media, entertainment, and academia complexes. And through these channels was able to motivate huge numbers of them to spend the brief bloom of their fertility on birth control while pursuing careers and periscoping altruism in lieu of their own marriage and family. What if I relentlessly glamorized miscegenation, foreign adoption, and a childish life with no children? If I were successful, then the magic of math would quickly and quietly do my work–while liberal tweeters were unquietly crowing about the results.

What if I also viciously taxed those families that did form in order to subsidize the prolific fecundity of imported foreigners and a hostile underclass? These being people who will, in turn, elect representation even more aligned against our target population. What if I also was able to deny safe homogenous habitats, crush their community social capital, and force them into extravagant private tuition bills for each expensive child to avoid the diversity I have seeded everywhere?

To be honest, I’m feeling fairly optimistic about my mythical genocide at this point.

And as the birth rate of these demonized and indoctrinated people cratered, and the massive majority country most adults were born into dissolved before their eyes, I would field their complaints coquettishly and say I have no idea what you’re talking about…but I sure do like it.

But what I like even more is imagining the day virtue pays its tribute back to vice.


37 thoughts on “The Debt

  1. Step 1. Flood all White countries with non-Whites
    Step 2. Intermarriage contributes to a dramatic decline in White births.
    Step 3. Resistance to step 1 or 2 is racist or illegal.
    Anti- racism is the enforcement of White Genocide

    RIP B. Whittaker

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  3. Well said. It’s a shame that my fellow “white people” are so intent on eradicating you. Our resolute obstinacy is harshly grating on its receiving end’s nerves, but no persuasion appears to penetrate our collective skull structure. Eventually, something more concrete will.

  4. I’ve seen the future.

    It looks and sounds exactly like the autistic lesbian gentleman at 3:59

    Now hand over your house, bigot.

  5. “He does this because he needs a mirror that doesn’t reflect a monstrosity.”

    Caliban, rage, mirror. Some assembly required.

  6. For the left, not only is white genocide a myth, but whites are themselves myths. Or rather, whites are only real insofar as they are in need of extermination. Being white means being a target for mockery and marginalization and not much else. Whites have no positive right to exist as a people unless they are fractured, disempowered or bred out of the gene pool.

    I doubt any of us would feel even a momentary pang of regret for annihilating what doesn’t exist in the first place, and so leftists have cleared their conscience for the coming genocide.

    The left mostly rejects religion, but they remain ardent believers in possession of an unshakeable faith. They deny the evidence staring them in the face, the existence of white people, their histories, cultures and societies, and mechanically, soullessly affirm a destructive, dislocating program built on fevered dreams and delusions, ie equality, diversity, progress.

  7. Okay, help me out here. You write, “…what I like even more is imagining the day virtue pays its tribute back to vice.” But previously, you wrote that virtue pays no tribute to vice. Not that I disagree with the general thrust of your argument, but can you explain this apparent contradiction?

    • If you want something comprehensible around here it’s going to cost you extra.

      But to answer your question: we always see vice paying tribute to virtue, with virtue never paying tribute to vice. Thus quite a debt has been accumulated. Given the vice described above, I’m inclined to see virtue settle the balance.

      • What’s your problem, wunderbrod? I assume you’re a sneering scumbag SJW troll, but you may just be a generalized jerk, too.

      • @Ironsides,

        Well, what’s your problem? If Porter thought I was out of line, he would have said so. But he replied in a civil and humorous way without name-calling. Yes, I was trying to goad him a little, but I thought we were all adults here, a place where a tiny disturbance to the usual echo-chamber blog mentality could be tolerated. Apparently, I was wrong and I’ll be more judicious in the future to accommodate the Ironsides among his readers.

        You might ask, why did I try to goad him if I’m not a troll? I’ll try to answer that question. Porter himself says that comprehensibility is not his first priority and after all his ruminations are free. And I get that. It has value in its own right, it weeds out the shall we say uncomprehending among his potential reader-base. Nevertheless, sometimes I prefer less opacity, greater lucidity (and a few libations under my belt encourages that preference).

        My intentions are not to troll this blog, I support Porter in his efforts, I have been called many things in the past, jerk among them, so I’ll accept that but don’t call me a SJW. Them’s fighting words.

      • Whatever you say, you putrid scumbag. “Help me out here” and “can you clarify this apparent contradiction” are gigantic tells of a sneering leftist troll. It’s part of the whole SJW lexicon.

        I’ve had more than enough of you stinking smarmy trolls with your snide little comments against better men than you could ever be, and I have no patience for your pissy little games.

        In short, suck it, you stinking, traitorous SJW.

  8. “So in other words, even though white people don’t exist, it’s a good thing that they’re dying out, and you’re a racist if you don’t understand that.”

    Part of the reason so many people snort and guffaw at the notion of white genocide is that the term “genocide” itself is generally understood as something that happens quickly, openly, and violently. It is not conceived as something that happens gradually as a result of deliberate demographic meddling by the powers that be.

    But according to Raphael Lemkin, who is credited with coining the term “genocide” after World War II:

    Genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation….It is intended to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves….The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion….

    Proponents of the “white genocide” hypothesis claim that this is precisely what’s happening in Western countries—and only Western countries—through loose immigration policies and nonstop voodoo propaganda about the moral turpitude of not only white people—who, again, don’t really exist—but the very notion of whiteness.

    …Modern leftists—since they’re brainwashed zombies who’d rather eat a bullet than possibly admit that they’re wrong—dismiss all talk of “white genocide” as paranoid conspiracy-mongering by “racists,” an odious breed of exclusively white people who obviously need to be exterminated by all means necessary. While openly applauding the notion that whites are a “dying breed,” they will gaslight the living hell out of anyone who dares to notice that whites are a dying breed.

    • MFWP is already understood to be They. What you propose, would be like putting echoes around (((Schlomo Kikenberg))). (My second favorite R&B artist, btw. His “Cattlecar Blues” album was decades ahead of its time, and is sorely underappreciated)

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  10. As Steve Sailor points out, it’s class war cum race war. Brahmin Whites and Jews use their hypocritical signaling to retrench their position and stay apace with the process that is dispossessing and destroying their other white enemies.

    Perhaps the only point of optimism here is that this looks more and more like an exponential function. Punching quasi-explicit fascists almost immediately morphed into punching anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton. This pace suggests it may soon be impossible for the Brahmins to keep up with their Maoist troops as they continue the cultural revolution.

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  12. I am quaintly reply to such calls of color genocide — “…. why after you.” — for invariably by an odd coincidence they are of that particular color.

  13. Where are the bodies? Who is killing you?
    They’re around here somewhere. I forget where exactly, but there are six million of them. And your second question has earned you a ticket to Denken Prison, you fucking nazi.

  14. “If leftists actually believed their yearnings weren’t moral filth then there would be no reason to disparage what they advocate as a myth.

    That’s it. They hate themselves just a little less than they hate you.

  15. By the way, readers can always test the structural integrity of liberal principles by dismissing any of their cherished historical cudgel events. Just say Oh, that wasn’t against an actual people ____ness is just a social construct.

  16. A brilliant perspective on hypocrisy and anticipation of the reversal.
    Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe fits in well with the theme. Other Presidents pardon the guilty on their way out of office. Trump pardoned the virtuous in the broad daylight of his first year.

  17. Well, I’ve done my part to continue the white race. I have three kids. Ain’t having any more either, so its up to you guys now. We are surgically incapable. Get to fuckin…..

    One part of all this nonsense thats always greatly amused me is the thought of what, exactly, do they think will happen if they do manage to get rid of the white people? Any sentient creature can look towards SA or Zimbabwe (or Detroit) and see what happens to a modern society in an environment without white people. Complete chaos. Do they plan on keeping 10% or so of us around to maintain everything they depend on for the first world (white people??) lifestyles they enjoy, working in some kind of indentured servitude to make up for our original sin of whiteness? If not, the benefits of living in a majority white country won’t last long. These types of things don’t build or maintain themselves. Give a group of whites a pile of bricks, they will build a city, give a city to a group of blacks, they will leave you a pile of bricks. Same story, every single time whites have left the cities/countries/civilizations they have built to a bunch of africans.

      • 1. Get rid of the white race.
        3. Peace and prosperity for all ‘minorities’ (somehow they’ll still be minorities in the post white paradise)

  18. WTF are they expecting to do WRT school “desegregation” (AKA black/brown needs a YT in each desk to the left & right in order to learn), WRT the next Affirmative Action sinecure at YT’s business, WRT escaping da hood (and its shooting gallery), at least temporarily, via Section 8ing to YTville, etc., etc. when they get their YT-free Utopia?

    You’d think by now they’d have noticed their pattern these past 50 years, but I guess pattern recognition ain’t Lefty’s strong suit.

  19. I’d be happy if virtue simply stopped the parasitism. “Repaying” the debt isn’t even necessary, just shut off the bleeding.

    First rule of holes; when in one, stop digging.

  20. Yeah Whitey, they hate you. You make them feel bad about they selves. All the feel bads when they see how hard working and smart you all are, and they go back to the shitstained hole they nest in. If only Whitey didn’t exist. Then they could be like the ones in Afreaka. Dumb hollow eyed fools eating real mud pies and they chillen covered in flies looking blankly at an empty bowl. When Chinese get there, they won’t hate them for the color of their skins. They’ll run them over with tanks for getting in the way of the natural resources. Tanks for the memories, Ashtray.

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