The Role We Play

In all the viscosity breakdown of the past week, it’s interesting to note what trifles lodge in your Hate sac. Amidst the many conspicuous displays of corporate morality plumage, the one by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon seemed as mundane as a $10 toaster. Though embedded in his pompous platitudes against “white supremacy” was a presumption of astonishing gall. See if you can pick it out.

A Message From Doug

Respect for the individual is one of our core beliefs at Walmart. And the role we play in communities around the country to build a more diverse and inclusive society is more critical than ever as the tragic events in Charlottesville over the weekend painfully reminded us. Our prayers are with the victims and their families.

As we watched the events and the response from President Trump over the weekend, we too felt that he missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together by unequivocally rejecting the appalling actions of white supremacists. His remarks today were a step in the right direction and we need that clarity and consistency in the future.

Our country is facing some very difficult issues that require our elected officials, business leaders and community-based organizations to work together. Representing a company with the largest and one of the most diverse groups of associates in the U.S., and an even more diverse customer base of tens of millions of customers, we believe we should stay engaged to try to influence decisions in a positive way and help bring people together. I will continue to strongly advocate on behalf of our associates and customers, and urge our elected officials to do their part to promote a more just, tolerant and diverse society.

Thank you for representing Walmart and our values today — and every day.

Our values: Getting filthy rich selling 25 cents/hour Chinese plastic on a three percent margin. I hope you weren’t looking for something more exalted than that. Though compared to foreign chicken-slavers like Tyson, Walmart is comparatively a blood and soil business.

I did say comparatively.

Note the claim made about Walmart’s role in “communities around the country.” To build a more diverse society. My first candid response was: Go to hell, you oily shit. No one granted you authority to alter the demographic composition of society. It’s a statement of inconceivable arrogance coming from an unelected mouthwash and microwave salesman.

Further, that this imbecile can’t correlate the obvious and inevitable results of the diverse society he has tasked himself with building to the “tragic events in Charlottesville” he claims to lament makes him particularly well suited to lead a global corporation. That is to say: I’m so distraught about this fire, I’ve committed to piling on more wood.

For those wondering whether Mr. McMillon’s community diversification plan falls within his office’s jurisdiction I consulted the Walmart bylaws and governance guidelines, both of which were unsurprisingly silent in regard to this alleged responsibility. Truly I am loath to be so pedantic, though hearing a multinational executive openly state their intention to replace a native population (mine in particular) offers substantial motivation to revoke the corporate charter.

But how broad is this diversification initiative anyway?

Walmart owns several subsidiary retail facilities in African countries, such as Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, and Mozambique, among several others. Is the company also working to “build a more diverse society” in these locales? Unfortunately Rwanda looks to be devoid of SuperCenters, otherwise I would have suggested a healthy, diverse mingling of Tutsis and Hutus.

Zimbabwe also appears to offer a bottom-floor expansion opportunity. Though I’d counsel particular caution if Mr. McMillon is inclined to grow radishes there while scouting for ground to break.

Walmart additionally has joint ventures in China. Thus I do hope the CEO clearly expresses his intention to diversify the major cities away from their traditional Han majority when he is next supping with his hosts in Peking. Imagine explaining that your company’s sacred role is to lower the population percentage of those people foolish enough to embrace your business. As in every aspect of modernity’s inverted morality, placing its presumptions outside our borders immediately cast them into absurdity. Only whitey ever buys this shlock.

But he’s a seemingly insatiable customer. And once a cunning merchant finds a demand to be replaced, you can be sure he will inundate the market with supply.


20 thoughts on “The Role We Play

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  2. not to mention driving every mom&pop business out of said communities. Does anyone one remember the retail landscape before Walmart?

    • Walgreens. Penny’s. Sears (pre-K). Montgomery Ward. Wooden floors in the butcher shop, where you didn’t pay “extra” for grass-fed meats. Green Stamps (yes, remember them?) Walking into a locally-owned drug store, signing your name and walking out with codeine-based cough syrup. The hobby store where an 11 year old could ride his bike, plunk down the cash and walk out with Estes rocket engines and cannon fuse (try that now!)

      But today’s freedoms come at the price of openness. We can’t have our free country (now) without the grope-line at the air terminal, a photographic record kept of every piece of mail we send or receive, the capture and logging of our phone’s location every moment it’s pinging towers, license-plate readers keeping a permanent record of where our car was for each trip we take. We’re so much happier now in our Diverse Society.

      Obviously, we’re far freer today than in that past the Left is busy scrubbing. (/sarc)

  3. Recently I asked a guy from a small town: Is the typical Wal-Mart narrative true in your town–they come in, drive everybody out of business and the town suffers?

    He said: We just didn’t let them in. We keep the chains out. People who lost jobs when industry left a long time ago made a commitment to doing whatever to stay afloat. And people in town make it a point to buy from each other and help each other out.

    This isn’t possible everywhere, most people don’t have the wherewithal to start a company (I sure don’t), and I’m sure he said some of it to impress me/screw around with me because I was being so earnest (and probably condescending). But. To the extent that there is a possibility there, other places can do it and make some kind of dent. We can also be as loud as we can about smashing these fuckers into small components. The left wing won’t do it anymore–they’ve moved on to identity from class–and much of the right wing has been buffaloed into believing the neocon narrative on big business.

    LET’S ROLL (into bathrooms filled with trannies)

    • I hope your friend and his fellow townspeople keep their mayor and council under tight scrutiny. Beware of secret meetings and turks bearing yogurt.

  4. Walmart is the Poster Child for the US Chamber of Commerce Open Borders push.

    As I see it, they’re engaged in a vast arbitrage play between where things are made (AKA where are the jobs) and where things are retailed (AKA were are the consumers.)

    Note that while consumption is supported/enabled by debt-is-money financing, there is NO NEED for consumers to produce. The debt-money system appears to invalidate Say’s Law: In order to consume, you must first produce, which rests on an axiom of existence: only that which has been made can be consumed.

    To firms like Wally World, as long as you can have the (jobs) production in once place and consumption in a different place, you want as many consumers as humanly possible in the latter. Every additional Somali or Mestizo in the USA, regardless of “legality,” is that all-important marginal consumer on which Wally’s business model depends.

    We packed up our factories and shipped them to the East. They make us stuff and ship it here. We consume it, and send them IOU’s, which they can’t eat, they can’t consume, so what do they do with them? They use our “money” in OUR markets, buying up land, capital, patents, intellectual property, etc.

    The net effect is that the USA is a huge pawn shop. And the process by which this occurs is entirely hidden by the full fiat-money regime begun in 1964/1971 (silver and gold removed from “dollars,” respectively) and amplified by the 35 year bull run in the debt markets.

    Just as people in the USA don’t need to work in order to consume, Congress need not tax in order to spend. The funniest part of this is watching Ph.D. economists play Ptolemy, trying to ‘splain it all so that it looks perfectly sensible. There is now a large and growing movement that claims Uncle Sam need never tax at all. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

    Here we are, ignoring Say and Bastiat at will. This obviously won’t end well.

      • Just as Thatcher noted that “socialism eventually runs out of other people’s money,” I suspect that at some point, even if this absurd social mood mania pulls an Energizer Bunny routine, we’ll run out of stuff to hock. As wealthy as America seems, most Americans (not just blacks) now have a negative net worth.

        Looks to me like sooner or later our bankers are going to realize that just because they think they own the government and hold a mortgage on every single thing of value in North America, it doesn’t mean that a Poseidon Adventure isn’t in their future. I strongly suspect that at some point, all the debts will be rejected and the neo-feudalist bankers will not end up holding title. At least, that’s the path I hope is ahead, after a trip through the valley of chaos.

  5. I would take such a moment to cease shopping at Walmart, but I never shopped there anyway. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

    Walmart is truly among the vilest of corporations, and that’s saying plenty. But they are just the largest of a herd of global businesses, the true vipers of our time. The GloboHomo crowd really has done a bang-up job, as Bumbling American notes, of pacifying both sides of their potential opponents. The Right has been hypnotized into Muh Free Trade! and Muh Capitalism! self-destruction, while the Left only cares if you let Trannies in your bathrooms. Well today, anyway. Tomorrow it will be pedophiles. Who knows what after that (is there a Leftward limit to human perversion?).

    Trump, while the best we can expect right now, isn’t the man to dismantle global cancers like Walmart. He’s of a different age and I don’t think understands just what’s up. He respects a successful business and doesn’t really see much beyond that. His worldview does encompass incompetent and maybe even evil government, but not evil corporations, only winners and losers on the bottom line. Oh well.

    If only the Left could be convinced to support corporate and business “diversity” like we once had in abundance, but beyond micro-brews and coffee shops in their gentrified urban centers, they couldn’t care less how hollowed out flyover country gets, and to hell with those 95% or whatever of Trump voting counties. It’s only the few blue counties that matter. It’s Hunger Games for everyone else.

    • We all agree, there’s nothing about the corporatism that is “capitalist.”

      My monomania is Prechter’s Socionomics (colored by my interpretation.) A herd of people besotted with pathological optimism will sit still while they’re skinned alive and their hides made into Gucci purses. This describes the “popular consent” extant today. As Etienne de la Boetie wrote 500 years ago in his “Discourses on Voluntary Servitude,” (paraphrasing obviously) look around and marvel at the sheer insanity, the often pathologically self-destructive system surrounding you and know that it exists solely because your neighbors consent to it (even if their sons and daughters are being led off to die in a war or a gulag somewhere.)

      Distasteful as it seems, I’m left with “que sera, sera.” What will be, will be. We get the world to which our fellow citizens consent, or at least that to which they acquiesce. Reason? Rationality? Common sense? These concepts are irrelevant to the biological fact of human herd behavior, which arises from brain structures whose operation is essentially a reflex that overrides the higher functions of the brain.

      Our limbic system (where sits the amygdala) “decides” (in large part by adopting the behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and outward appearance of surrounding herd members) and then our neo-cortex, the seat of our wondrous ability to reason and understand, simply slaps a decent rationalization on that pre-made decision and off to war (or the gas chamber) we go.

      The smarter we are, the better the rationalization. How’s that for a paradox?

    • ‘Who knows what after that (is there a Leftward limit to human perversion?). ‘

      Let tranny pedophiles openly masturbate in public? Don’t be a hater, bigot! Self-love is self-love!

  6. Walmart’s expansion into the 3rd world will only succeed if it can successfully create a direct link between Western nations’ “foreign aid” to such poor countries and the consumers sitting in them (which is simply a slick variant of selling to LINK card holders in the USA.) If it can’t do this, those expansions will be noted in the “history of Walmart’s rise and collapse.”

  7. “As in every aspect of modernity’s inverted morality, placing its presumptions outside our borders immediately casts them into absurdity.”
    What a fabulous summation of the efforts to embolden the Left and drive the Right crazy.
    Exchanging the words white and black highlights a similar absurdity.
    The Newsweek heading about the limits of Mugabe’s justice is appreciated. Oddly, it wasn’t of much interest as a news story and it’s looking unlikely to launch any international sanctions or be the human rights crisis of the decade as was its counterpart in the eighties.

    The boycott list gets longer and longer.
    Amazon may put Walmart out of business on its current trajectory to control every aspect of retail. It’s silly to draw much comfort from one’s enemies fighting each other, though, as there’s only one side.
    The CEOs seem to remain coy in their billionaire formative years, but once they have tens of billions feel more free to let their companies ( lowly employees and lowly shareholders) take a little hit.

    • Amazon’s trajectory will take a sharp turn back to reality, as soon as Trump orders the Postmaster General to quit subsidizing that one company, headed by Dr. Evil’s gay clone, at the expense of every other mail-sending American.

  8. I propose amazon vs walmart in a fight to the death, ceo on ceo, two men enter….one man leaves. To the re education camp.

  9. BA: Massive anti-trust actions would be a huge salve to the wound being gouged by the multinationals. You’ll notice small businessmen are normally focused on building/maintaining their market and pleasing their customers. Whereas the corpulent oligarchs inevitably become philosopher kings. Walmart, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook should be splintered to the point that destroying Western civilization becomes an off-the-clock endeavor.

    Peter, I pretty much agree.

    D.C. Sunset: Your 11:07 comment is particularly apt. I’ve written here before that if American welfare was utterly ceased in favor of welfare for the world, then the relentless corporate push for immigration would cease instantly. They want consumers. And as long as a Somali can purchase more iPhones living in Minneapolis than he can in Mogadishu, then Corps will never relent in trying to bring them here.

    Watership: it always amazes me that conservatives think the interests of global corporations and their own local families are somehow congruent.

  10. China-Mart is a grocery store for welfare queens now. They are quietly closing stores by claiming plumbing repairs take years to complete. All that crap about profits rolling in and diversity being a new market has hit the cold reality of these shitheads shop with White Tax Dollars. The less White the more blight. CT just went belly up. Just like Illinois, the land of Lincoln. CT is the Richest State in The Union, and ITS BROKE!
    Sayonara suckers. The End of the Road is Here. All this deflection and panic is the cry of banksters having no more coin for their Anti-White Sheeit.


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