The Only Graph That Matters

Many mildly hyperopic social commentators have opined that the graph below portends more misery, conflict, and decay across the Western world than any other evolving issue.

There is no doubt they are mostly correct given the already enormous upheaval in Europe from just the first thin edge of this massive migration ax. But, as the last week has vividly displayed, there’s a far more foreboding image before us.

Humans are herd animals, and vary little more in their group instincts than a stampede of wildebeests. Again and again the graph above manifests itself in hysterias across time and place. Whether politics, social movements, or asset bubbles, the same contours consistently reappear.

The predictable trajectory of these graphs are largely a function of the phenomenon of social viscosity. For those aren’t familiar, here’s a cribbed definition of the term.

Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. It describes the internal friction of a moving fluid. A fluidwith high viscosity resists motion because its molecular makeup gives it a lot of internal friction. A fluid with low viscosity flows easily because its molecular makeup results in very little friction when it is in motion.

In a social sense, viscosity represents the degree of friction–or resistance–to an agenda or movement. Compare the speed and efficiency of swimming through water versus quick sand. The same energy output that produces a 100ft of lateral movement in one may result in nothing but a smothering death in the other.

One can consider the advancement of political agendas as a function of cumulative action minus environmental viscosity. As friction agents are removed, effort begins to translate more directly into effect. As a result, previously restrained horizontal movement along the x axis begins to turn vertical on the y.

For the political right, social viscosity varies between extremely high and practically absolute. The entertainment, academic, and media industrial complexes represent perpetual pillars around which social viscosity forms against the right. And now we may add to that both political parties, GloboCorp, the vast state bureaucracy, and Churchianity in addition. All of these institutions present implacable friction to even the slightest right-wing advancement, no matter how much support of the mere people it may enjoy.

Thus even actions of enormous and unlikely success (such as electing a rogue semi-populist and giving him two ostensibly conservative houses of Congress) can result in a breaking downward trend, as action is counterbalanced by even greater resistance. E.g., who would have ever imagined that 10 months after Trump’s victory, marauding far-left mobs would be in absolute control of the streets? Despite its electoral victory, institutional viscosity has produced quicksand on the right.

In contrast, the left is (by my debatable reckoning) now entering that bleak inflection point where effort immediately becomes effect. They want an artifact destroyed, it is promptly destroyed. In stock market frenzies this happens when the last bears and skeptics capitulate and join the bulls. Thus every equity purchase incrementally bids up the stock with no sellers in sight. The share price quickly turns vertical.

This is what effectively has taken place politically over the past week. Practically every institution of consequence has either announced full throated support of the left or is hiding in capitulation. There are no Bolshevik bears. Of course there remain republicans who, as the nominal bulwarks of viscosity against this flow, have spent their last capital consecrating the communists. Thus devoid of friction, the left’s social graph has bent steeply north. You may expect dizzying and ruthless progress going forward as a result.

Those who particularly enjoy the frisson of horror may think of this week’s rout as only the initial incline on the cultural revolution’s slope. Maybe some effective viscosity agents will rally on the right to grind the left’s gears. Or maybe progs will reevaluate the prudence of their customary forays into miserable totalitarianism. But if I have given you hope for either of these possibilities, then I have left little for myself.

That is because mere citizens have very quiet voices when talking about the trajectory of their society. If you want to destroy opposing viscosity agents, you better run a technology behemoth. If you want to establish social policy, you better have five black robes. If you want to deploy a police department against your enemies, you better have a black panther vice mayor. Having good people, consistent ideas, and witty memes are moral victories, but not practical ones.

As an example consider the poll below.

Only 27% of Americans those living in America believe confederate statues should be removed. Well that’s nice; they’ll be gone by October. The people only get a vote in choosing who will choose; they have nothing to say in the choice itself. And our choices of who will choose have not reflected particularly well on our own interests.

As a result we have a very unpleasant road to travel, with no traditional buses in which to ride. The long march through the institutions was a successful flanking maneuver around a somnolent population. A population who is now awaking to a duplicitous media, a malicious tech oligarchy, an academia that produces antifa drones off an assembly line, and political representation that is desperate to get on the other side.

If you’d like one piece of advice, it would be to leave the churches that have left you, support the few businesses that have not, and find presentable candidates to primary practically every republican. By next November, I imagine most incumbents will be signaling their support for the Zebra murders.


25 thoughts on “The Only Graph That Matters

  1. Africa is not self-sufficient with food. That population growth in Africa can only happen if somebody keeps feeding them. As migration increases chaos in white countries the charity, surplus food and food aid will dry up. Since nobody besides brainwashed whites care about [*******], their population will collapse.

    • Straight-line projections about things as complex as population patterns can be entertaining, but they might as well attempt to predict what the weather will be like on a particular day in 20 years.

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  3. Not really on-topic, but I’m wondering how long before Porter is Goolaged into silence. The purges seem to be in a bull market.

    • I am fearful of the same thing. I’m certain that Porter’s ability to notice patterns violates some penumbra of an emanation of WordPress’s terms of service.

      • Yes!
        He is an amazing writer and in a sane, healthy society he would be writing for The NY Times or USA Today, or some other major publication.

    • Thank you all for your support. Regarding the Bolshevik bull market, I think it is highly likely this blog will be defenestrated. There’s certainly precedent. Few may know this, but a couple of years ago WordPress actually did shut it down for about 48 hours citing an unnamed TOS violation. A couple of days later the site was perplexingly reanimated with no explanation for either action. That they would seek a more permanent solution to their free speech problem in the present environment does not strike me as farfetched at all. We all know that, except for southern restauranteurs or Christian bakers, a business can serve whomever they want.

      But the fact that such purges always end uncomfortably close is a lesson leftists eternally fail to absorb. Every Trotsky has a Stalin standing behind him. And no liberal seems to recall that Robespierre lost his head to the guillotene as well…without a trial. Whatever. My job is to mock them, not save them.

      Though if the blog does get deplatformed, it would just be one item off my extensive daily to-do list. And as that list seems determined only to expand going forward I frequently contemplate deplatforming myself.

      So whoever gets to us first, I’ll just say thank you and farewell today as a permanent placeholder for as long as we last.

  4. All dissident right bloggers and sitemasters should make sure their content is fully backed up somewhere safe. They should be preparing right now for possible suppression. This means finding, or creating, some alternative platform for their work, so they can pop right back up online if they get shut down. Preparations should include creating a list of fans to notify in the advent of a change of venue. (Some of my favorite sites have been suppressed and become ‘by invitation only,’ except I am never invited!) It would be great if we could develop our own unassailable safe space online, instead of using services provided by our enemies.

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  6. Truly in awe of Porter’s analysis. I was just marveling how Trump won and yet conservatism is at a nadir. The viscosity analysis is brilliant. Also glad to see you include churches in the institutions deserving an exit. From the Pope down to small town priests, it’s a pure globalist agenda.
    One President could never turn things around.

  7. This week’s rout is OVER. Patriots take back the streets in Quebec City after antifa goes on a violent chimpout against the cops, media and innocent bystanders, further disgracing themselves and handing a major PR victory to /ourguys/.

    La Meute (the wolfpack) are the alt-lite group that organized this protest against illegal immigration. Hundreds of them waited for hours in a parking garage until antifa exhausted themselves, then the cops let them proceed with their march to parliament.

    They have their own flags and shirts with a white-on-black wolf’s paw logo, almost paramilitary looking, very nice. They had professionally made signs against illegal immigration, for free speech, supportive of the RCMP, etc. Everyone singing from the same songbook; no nazi/klan regalia or anything else off message.

    A very disciplined group that stayed tightly together, and completely avoided any confrontation with antifa, leaving those retards to throw bottles and smoke bombs at the cops. Perfect.

    Even the cucked mayor of QC had to admit that La Meute easily won the popularity contest between, in the media’s framing of it, racism vs anti-racism. Racism wins!

    I would advise any group planning any future alt-right marches to study La Meute’s tactics and presentation. They know how to win battles in the endless propaganda war, which is–or should be–the whole point of these marches.

    • no nazi/klan regalia or anything else off message.
      How did they manage to keep out all the Eskimos (on a not-Saturday, at that)? I thought they were a Most Favored Minority way up there. Anyway, good job. I suspect in Middle North America, the only useful viscosity against the left will ultimately be found in heavy metals, well below melting point. I’d love to be wrong.

  8. you are basing your “this weeks rout” conclusion on the assumption that most people actually believe the slanted brain-wash rhetoric being broadcast by the gubmint/media. If you assume otherwise, that the majority of DJT supporters are oblivious or even perhaps motivated to resist the MSM BS, as we were in the election process, then this week is nothing more than another bump in the road. However, I am somewhat concerned with DJT attempts to placate the idiots with his “supportive” comments. He is wasting his breath and should know that by now.

  9. It’s no wonder why our enemies are scared given that we have men with such ability as Porter writing mere blogs for our side. This is hope.

  10. “It’s often many years before we find out if what has happened to us is good or bad.” Why does everyone assume what’s happening now is so terrible? This could be the beginning of something great. And no I haven’t been sniffing glue.

  11. I’m confused.

    You equated the vertical “rally” of Leftism at this moment with the blow-off top of a stock or commodity, and they proceed to suggest that Progressivism’s march is permanent, and that it will reach unity (the subsumption of *everything*) any moment?

    This seems paradoxical. Is this vertical-part-of-an-exponential-rally a signal that the reversal is near, or not?

    PS: All of this rests on a social mood mania, a lurch into pathological trust/openness/optimism capping the already vast rally begun in 1974 (and properly dating back to the end of Grand Supercycle Wave II back in 1784.) Your inclusion of the South Sea Bubble tells me you know where this comes from. The SSB was the “blow off top” of Grand Supercycle Wave I, and its bust began a 64 year bear market on the London Stock Exchange. Prechter’s position is that when this (now 43 year) long rally ends, what follows will be a “correction” of similar depth and duration–possibly twice as long, wiping away most if not all of the vast credit inflation of the post-1981 period.

    Just as the USSR was here one day, seemingly gone the next, much of what we see now surrounding us has no more than the appearance of solidity. GOOGL’s investors today dream of the $636,000,000,000 they share in wealth, but their “money” exists only as a shared belief that the “proper” price for GOOGL is ~$928/share. If investors collectively decide tomorrow that each share is worth $92.80, its investors will “share” only $63,600,000,000 in wealth, the other $560-ish billion having EVAPORATED. Rinse and repeat across the board, and you have all those visions of sugarplums dancing in heads disappear.

    The “wealth” represented in the stock, bond, real estate and all other markets is nothing more than a collective state of mind, fueled in its rise by a collective belief in debt-as-money, able to do the impossible: For every dollar borrowed and spent (on anything, including digging a ditch and filling it back in), two dollars in VALUE ($1 or more in GDP plus a dollar in the asset market–AKA Bonds) was created.

    I submit to you that this batshit crazy, magic-minded, rationalization-enabled FANTASY is the hydrogen lifting this Vast Hindenburg toward Nirvana-in-the-Ionosphere. Its duration and amplitude are NEITHER signs of solidity nor permanence.

    • I’m confused.
      You equated the vertical “rally” of Leftism at this moment with the blow-off top of a stock or commodity…

      Correct, you are confused. I equated the rally in leftism with a graph’s inflection point from horizontal to vertical movement. Not the top. If I was saying it was the top then there would be nothing but roses ahead.

      and they (then?) proceed to suggest that Progressivism’s march is permanent, and that it will reach unity (the subsumption of *everything*) any moment?

      You’re still confused. Every chart above indicates transience. Though telling Cambodians that the Khmer Rouge were only fleeting would have been a solace to only the most academic minded.

      • Perhaps I can be forgiven, since I believed the arithmetic chart of US debt was likely to be the focus of your “only graph that matters.” In the end, I suggest my view is still more appropriate than the population bomb in Africa, because it is the trust underlying all that debt that enables *everything* else.

        While I share your attention to historic precedents in Leftist mass murder, I try to rein in my paranoia by noting that Pol Pot’s merry henchmen faced typical, obedient Asians, not tens of millions of people sitting on enough guns and ammo to sustain a fairly large, armed insurgency. Humans herd, but some herd more than others and I sincerely hope the differences matter. Hope may not be a plan, but then again, neither is its polar opposite. The hopeless don’t have kids (er, well, the hopelessly ignorant and cognitively disabled do, but that’s another topic entirely.)

        No one knows when this mania will reverse. I bet heavily (and lost bigly) from 22 to 17 years ago that the top was in, one time after another, so I have paid my tuition for the knowledge that no one, including me, knows How High Is Up? Each time the markets fell (signaling a social mood decline) I thought “Well, that was FINALLY *THE* top. Each time I was obviously wrong. Here we are, with trannies in the bathroom actually behind us, debating in serious forums how much of every history book should be Memory-Holed explicitly.

        No tree grows to the sky. And this one gives new meaning to “mature market.”

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