A Brief History of Counterprotesting the Fascists

Owing to a formidable native facility for pessimism, I am infrequently surprised. Though three elements of the last few days did almost tease my brow to furrow.

The first was learning of the suddenly impotent nature of court orders. The Charlottesville right–as you know–came armed with one of these sacred writs–a thing we previously knew to enjoy the power to dictate national policy on every topic. Yet apparently court orders are sufficient only to compel modest functionaries like congress and the president of the United States, while having no power whatsoever over small town leftist mayors. Thus the injunction to allow the Lee Park assembly was summarily ignored, and the court was invited to sit on its thumb if they didn’t like it. I hope someone is noting that for precedent.

The second of these were the frantic and unanimous denunciations of the Charlottesville right by every Republican down to the Humboldt County Clerk. I understand these people are made to attack right like Swiss watches are made to tick, though the sheer Pavlovian reflexiveness and purple pageantry of their language was…well…typical, I suppose.

Though it should be mentioned, this wasn’t just the customary act of conservatives running cover for a left that vividly despises them. There was a cunning calculation in those lugubrious displays. The purpose of which was to scuttle their political competition so that the National Review transvestites could consolidate influence on the right and get conservatives back to losing graciously.

You’ll note that in comparison the left never attacks its radicals. It simply doesn’t acknowledge them at all, and suffers hearing aid failures whenever anyone asks. Thus those things with black masks and baseball bats flourish in the tacit approval of benign indifference. This is how you win generation after generation, by the way. Focusing attacks on your enemies rather than one’s own flanks has been proven since the campaigns of Clausewitz to be a successful tactic. Though certainly not one conservatives will lower themselves to learn.

The final item that has given me about a three volt shock has been the utter and absolute pass given to the left’s explicit communists. Now obviously arriving at such spectacles brandishing a swastika is breathtakingly stupid. Though it should be only slightly more stupid than waving a hammer and sickle. Yet there they are at every fetid left-wing riot without a peep of media reflection or demands of denunciation. I certainly don’t expect a democrat to object to symbols of murderous Bolshevism, though is it beyond the range of even rock-ribbed republicans to mention the fact between gasps about “white supremacy?”

That reminds me of the need to clarify media terms. A supremacist is one who wants a safe and harmonious home absent foreign squatters screaming about his moral infirmities into perpetuity. And CNN deploys other shorthand as well. For instance, teen means a black man of any age, as counterprotestor means a communist of any race. And fascists are whoever counterprotestors attack. It’s really no more complicated than that.

And that’s why I thought it might be useful to recount a non-exhaustive history of counterprotesting, and the Mt. Fuji of fascist corpses it has produced.

No one can ever commence a reverie of counterprotesting without starting in 1918 Russia. There Lenin and his counterprotestors proceeded throughout the course of the Red Terror to murder so many people with such malevolent innovation that no concrete tabulation was ever possible owing to so many body parts strewn like droplets from a sprinkler. Here’s some of the highlights from fikipedia.

In Kharkov there were between 2,000 and 3,000 executions in February–June 1919, and another 1,000–2,000 when the town was taken again in December of that year; in Rostov-on-Don, approximately 1,000 in January 1920; in Odessa, 2,200 in May–August 1919, then 1,500–3,000 between February 1920 and February 1921; in Kiev, at least 3,000 in February–August 1919; in Ekaterinodar, at least 3,000 between August 1920 and February 1921; In Armavir, a small town in Kuban, between 2,000 and 3,000 in August–October 1920. The list could go on and on.

In the city of Astrakhan, strikers and Red Army soldiers who joined them were loaded onto barges and then thrown by the hundreds into the Volga with stones around their necks.

At these times, there were numerous reports that Cheka interrogators utilized torture methods which were, according to Orlando Figes, “matched only by the Spanish Inquisition.” At Odessa the Cheka tied officers to planks and slowly fed them into furnaces or tanks of boiling water; in Kharkiv, scalpings and hand-flayings were commonplace: the skin was peeled off victims’ hands to produce “gloves”; the VoronezhCheka rolled naked people around in barrels studded internally with nails; victims were crucified or stoned to death at Dnipropetrovsk; the Cheka at Kremenchuk impaled members of the clergy and buried alive rebelling peasants; in Orel, water was poured on naked prisoners bound in the winter streets until they became living ice statues; in Kiev, Chinese Cheka detachments placed rats in iron tubes sealed at one end with wire netting and the other placed against the body of a prisoner, with the tubes being heated until the rats gnawed through the victim’s body in an effort to escape.

Executions took place in prison cellars or courtyards, or occasionally on the outskirts of town, during the Red Terror and Russian Civil War. After the condemned were stripped of their clothing and other belongings, which were shared among the Cheka executioners, they were either machine-gunned in batches or dispatched individually with a revolver. Those killed in prison were usually shot in the back of the neck as theyentered the execution cellar, which became littered with corpses and soaked with blood. Victims killed outside the town were moved by truck, bound and gagged, to their place of execution, where they sometimes were made to dig their own graves.

The Pyatigorsk Cheka organized a “day of Red Terror” to execute 300 people in one day, and took quotas from each part of town. According to the Chekist Karl Lander, the Cheka in Kislovodsk, “for lack of a better idea,” killed all the patients in the hospital. In October 1920 alone more than 6,000 people were executed. Gellately adds that Communist leaders “sought to justify their ethnic-based massacres by incorporating them into the rubric of the ‘class struggle’

“For lack of a better idea,” they simply killed every patient in the hospital. I guess nazis should have had better health coverage.

Pre-nazi nazis

Here’s another image from that time

Here’s a couple of similar images from Seattle.

And here’s a statue of Lenin. It also is in Seattle. As opposed to those honoring southern soldiers, you’ll find this one in perfect repair.

The counterprotesting had only just begun.

Shortly thereafter soviet counterprotestors engineered the Holodomor famine in which 7-10 million Ukrainian fascists were starved to death.

Here’s a photo of young white supremacists.

And here are some of their racist parents.

Then there was Uncle Joe Stalin, probably the greatest counterprotestor of all.

But life wasn’t all cherries under the iron curtain counterprotestors. There were the gulags, the Stasi, and many thousands of fascists crushed in the failed counter-counterprotestor uprisings in Budapest and Prague. But you have to admit that fascists were thin on the ground in those dank dungeons.

Though as I mentioned earlier, counterprotestors come in every color.

Mostly red

But sometimes they’re yellow. And when Chairman Mao began making great leaps forward, well, sometimes he stepped on a few fascists. How many nazi scum did Chinese counterprotestors squash from 1958 to 1962? Some claim only about 50 million. To make such a number more digestible, if the average Chinese fascist was five and a half feet tall, Mao could have laid them out head to foot around the Earth’s circumference…twice!

These fascists were preparing to oppress minorities…if China had minorities.

And even though men like Lenin, Stalin, and Mao were very effective anti-racists, you can never dismiss the sheer efficiency of Cambodia’s little big man, Pol Pot. This legendary Khmer Rouge counterprotestor had only a small country with which to work, but still managed to liquidate an astonishing 20% of his entire population. That’s an unsettling concentration of fascists. What was his trade secret?

The torture system at Tuol Sleng was designed to make prisoners confess to whatever crimes they were charged with by their captors. In their confessions, the prisoners were asked to describe their personal background. If they were party members, they had to say when they joined the revolution and describe their work assignments in DK. Then the prisoners would relate their supposed treasonous activities in chronological order. The third section of the confession text described prisoners’ thwarted conspiracies and supposed treasonous conversations. At the end, the confessions would list a string of traitors who were the prisoners’ friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. Some lists contained over a hundred names. People whose names were in the confession list were often called in for interrogation. Typical confessions ran into thousands of words in which the prisoner would interweave true events in their lives with imaginary accounts of their espionage activities for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the KGB, or Vietnam.

Some 17,000 people passed through Tuol Sleng Centre (also known as S-21) before they were taken to sites (also known as The Killing Fields), outside Phnom Penh such as Choeung Ek where most were executed (mainly by pickaxes to save bullets) and buried in mass graves. Of the thousands who entered Tuol Sleng only seven are known to have survived. Tuol Sleng was only one of some 196 prisons operated by the Khmer Rouge.

Impressive. Thousands of fascists in, only seven out. Multiply that by 196 and you’re practically talking Seattle levels of technical proficiency.

Below is a scene from a Khmer Rouge bowling alley.

We could discuss the flags of other notable counterprotestors waving at recent left-wing confabs.

But who really has the time? The point I’d like to make is when counterprotestors candidly express their intentions, history suggests their sincerity.


48 thoughts on “A Brief History of Counterprotesting the Fascists

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  2. There’s a statue of Lenin in Seattle? Oh how I pray that Dear Leader Kim”s mighty ICBMs can reach the PNW.

    Was watching CNN last night when they were in high dudgeon about Trump “defending” “white supremacists.” A panel of six, (((Blitzer))), (((Borger))), (((Berg))), (((Toobin))), (((Swerdlick))) and (((Axelrod))), condemning white supremacy. No cognitive dissonance there, nosiree.

    In other news, (((they))) have finally taken down the Daily Stormer.


    I think that headline could be punched up in a more Anglinesque fashion:


  3. Quite an impressive array of tortures from the Cheka. But then, nobody ever said that Jews aren’t very creative. If it’s not teenage humiliation porn, it’s torture. If it’s not promoting miscegenation everywhere you look, it’s turning someone into a living ice sculpture. Boy, those people are schmart!

    Meanwhile, Trump was amazing in his response. Look at him with a “moral equivalency” argument that sent the press into hysterics! But unlike the press which uses moral equivalency to make their own evil seem benign, Trump at least said both sides were at fault. What a concept. And in one sudden moment he says “Alt-Left” and now we forever have a new meme.

    Where would we be had Killary won the thing? It’s difficult to imagine, but the description of Cheka “counter protesting” provides a pretty good idea of where we might be at this point. Think it can’t happen here? Oh just wait and see. But unlike the Russians, there’s a lot of American racists with guns, and many have been stocking up on ammunition. I don’t think Pajama Boy has a lot of ammo hidden under his Star Wars bed sheets.

    It definitively seems like the Left has decided it’s time to make their move, and events are gathering speed as they roll downhill. Well, while we can easily say in advance that “the revolution will be selectively televised,” there’s enough going on out there now to even wake some of the blase normies.

    Events, dear boy, events.

    • Think it can’t happen here? Oh just wait and see.

      I think the most repeatedly and tearfully lamented statement in human history is “It could never get that bad here.”

    • Pajama Boi doesn’t need ammo, because his hired goons have it – along with selective-fire weapons, body armor, uniforms, badges, and a license to kill. All bought and paid for by the tax-paying White Right, er, nazis. That was, and continues to be, rather sporting of Old Whitey.
      At each of these nazi-vs-comfag events, the Left would have had their asses destroyed by the Right (no, pinko, not “in the good way”), were it not for the cops playing the Crooked Ref, tying our shoelaces together and gouging our eyes while the enemy lands cheapshots of their own.

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  6. One item I should have emphasized from the Cheka counterprotest manual:

    Gellately adds that Communist leaders “sought to justify their ethnic-based massacres by incorporating them into the rubric of the ‘class struggle’

    Nothing ever changes. Today’s counterprotest leaders seek to justify their ethnic-based antagonism by incorporating it into the rubric of ‘diversity’ and ‘anti-racism.’

  7. Every young person in the United States should be mandated to watch this movie…

    Chekist – Чекист ‘1992’ Russian film (Eng-Subs) ‘P1’

    • I have watched this movie. Twice. The first time it made me feel nauseous, even though I have a strong stomach and have seen some gruesome stuff in my time. The second time it intensified and set in concrete within me a cold anger that had already been there a long time. A.cold anger against communists, socialists, collectivists, and totalitarians of all stripes everywhere.

      When I see these so-called antifa types agitating for the overthrow of all that is good and holy and proper, I know that we are headed for scenarios such as The Chekist right here in the former constitutional republic of America. And I agree with the previous commenter that every single adult and teenager should be required, FORCED if necessary, to watch this particular movie. It needs to be required viewing in all middle schools and high schools. And followed up with pronouncement that this is where all leftist, cultural marxist movements ultimately lead.

      • I haven’t seen that movie. If my Hate ever falls below a full tank, I may bring myself to do so.

        As far as young people watching it, I am reliably informed that the holocaust accounts for the near entirety of the high school curriculum regarding 20th century European bloodshed.

    • Blonde-haired David McCallum look-alike playing the head of Cheka. And a (((we were victims too))) scene midway through the movie. Concessions to the bankers funding production, no doubt.

  8. Trump is the only guy with the balls to stand up to these thugs and give a balanced opinion. This quality is what got him elected and it’s the only thing that will save him. Or, alternatively, he’s beginning to understand who elected him and it’s a calculated move to strengthen support among his base. Either way, it looks like things are getting serious. You would think that people of average intelligence would be starting to realize that they are going to have to choose sides.

    Yet, at the same time, the cucks seem to have the cuck gene planted firmly in their DNA. Once a cuck, always a cuck, right up until they’re stripped naked and left begging for pre-smoked cigarettes while staring at a wall. (Well maybe not, it will probably be a No Smoking area). Then your virtue-signalling won’t mean a damn thing. Then you’ll have to watch your wife getting nailed by ten street monkeys right before you both are lined up for whatever tender mercies your tormenters deign to bestow.

    • After a couple dozen incantations of how he doesn’t make statements without having #thefacts, and then grossly misbranding Based Chargerman a “murderer“; I was completely and pleasantly stunned when he called out the [alt-]Left as the real bad actors at Cville.
      Fantastic article, Porter. the utter and absolute pass given to the left’s explicit communists — This puzzles me as much today as it did back during the Clinton regime, when a Jap[anese-American] I worked for tried to helpfully guide me away from that freshly obsolete C-word: “It’s an outdated term. You have to call them something else now.” Did the Soviet dissolution also mark the belated abortion of the Communist Manifesto (muh planks?), or did everyone just agree to say it did? Obviously the masked college students/professors never got the memo.

  9. Dear author: You’ll have to excuse that I’m not quite smart enough to fully grasp your moral standpoint right away. Upon first read, beneath all your well-articulated and finely-crafted sarcasm, it seems to me that your main thrust is in defense of a group of present day American white supremacists, but surely as a smart person with common sense and a righteous, patriotic heart, that couldn’t possibly be it. And surely with your level of intellect you wouldn’t presume to believe that a decent sized and well-advertised torch wielding mob chanting nazi slogans should not expect counter protesters from an equally extremist group with opposing ideology?

    With your clearly superior powers of critical thinking and clearly thorough knowledge of history you do surely understand that:

    1. This was a group of fucking nazis marching through Charlottesville. Fucking nazis. These are people dumb enough to be racist to their core, and insecure enough to band together in a show of force to announce to the world how much they feel victimized.

    2. When a large group of fucking nazis organizes a march, they won’t be met by the ‘Politically Moderate and Civil Let’s Discuss Where You Might Need a Quick Scolding and Slap on the Wrist’ group. No. Nazis scare people. Nazi and fascist tactics are by definition violent and antithetical to the rules that govern a free society. (You do know who the Nazis were right?) Obviously the fucking extremist anarcho/communists are going to show up. That’s what happened in Germany in the thirties. Obviously being the expert in history that you are you’re well read in all of the protests that occurred on German streets in the thirties during the times leading to Hitler’s rise to power.

    Surely, surely, you can foresee all of that. So please set me straight, dear author, and tell me that you aren’t defending nazis. That the core of your moral outrage isn’t tied to sympathy for these pathetic racist paranoid losers.

    Please explain to me how you aren’t a nazi sympathizer in spirit in publishing this article. I really, really want to hear you explain to me logically how the core of your artistically worded parody isn’t rooted in the ideology of white supremacy.

    I want a real response, and don’t give me more of the same fucking bullshit sarcasm. Be fucking sincere. And don’t answer my question with a quick reactionary question, or pathetic buzzword-laden smartass ‘libtard’ comment that requires zero critical thinking on your part. These are fucking nazis we are talking about here. Jokey jokey time has passed. Tell me why I should respect your mocking tone towards a media that’s concerned because a woman was killed, and not see your article as an antisemitic, desperate grasp for glory within the trending bandwagon populist echo chamber that violently spits in the face of the Allied Forces that three of my grandparents fought for.

    Surely you’re not sympathizing with fucking nazis. Please explain to me how that’s not what you’re doing with this article.


    And once again, just a quick reminder…

    these were NAZIS.

    • Sounds like you’ve got a real death-of-the-ego scream going on there, Sparky. That often occurs when reality can no longer be denied.

    • Ha- but you’re comfortable defending Communists?

      Fuck You, Fuck your grandparents who slaughtered the German people, and Fuck your “Comrades”

    • “This was a group of fucking nazis marching through Charlottesville. Fucking nazis.”

      Oh my! You said Nazis. Twice! I got so scared I soiled my armor.

      I must say, fatuous moral grandstanding IS an amusing thing to watch, especially when it says Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort every two seconds, as if that meant anything. Hilarious asides about “rules that govern a free society” are even MORE amusing from someone clearly prepared to use whatever “rules” might be at hand to bludgeon that “free society” to death.

    • So if the two or three actual neo-Nazis in the USA were joined by several dozen people on various payrolls (Soros, CIA, ATF, FBI, etc.) and clothed straight from Hollywood Wardrobe, it’s good enough for you to begin systematically depopulating Blue State areas, Tovarich?

      But, But, But, I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES! It was RIGHT on CNN! And they would NEVER lie to me.

    • Black homeland. Patriot.
      Jewish homeland. Patriot.
      White homeland. FUCKING NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Go live with them if you oppose a White homeland, son.

    • the Allied Forces that three of my grandparents fought for
      Don’t listen to these racists. Our country was made Great by your three grandfathers and all men like them (and women). We all owe them our gratitude, whether we admit it or not. I am curious though, since you didn’t mention him: was your fourth grandfather a nazi, or a FUCKING NAZI?

    • So, TLDR version, you read the piece by the author, you don’t understand – you want the author to explain it to you, and you demand a sincere response.

      How many times a day do folks tell you to just fuck off…?

    • “I want a real response, and don’t give me more of the same fucking bullshit sarcasm.”

      I’l give you one.
      There is a global agenda to WIPE OUT THE WHITE RACE, and people like you seem to support that.

      As a White person, I don’t like that agenda. It is genocide. It is a crime. Many western governments are promoting and enacting this agenda. (I can prove it is real if you like, although if you are not white yourself you won’t care.)

      Anyone who protests, no matter how quietly will become a target of the left. You seem to want to murder white people. You seem to like the idea of total white genocide.

      Why do you think that way Geoff?

    • “violently spits in the face of the Allied Forces that three of my grandparents fought for.”

      My Grandfather never shot at anyone during the war. He helped deserters escape. I’m proud of that.

      The war was bullshit. I wouldn’t spit on it, I’d shit on it.

    • Careful. A past member of the Red Guard (or so I believe) told me all about Mao’s Great Leap Forward, and her eyes smiled with pleasure at the telling. She’s a physician in Chicago now. Reality is, evil often wins, goes on and has a great life, standing on the graves of the innocent.

  10. “Fascists are whoever counterprotesters decide to attack”
    Thanks for taking the time to compose this historical gem.
    I too was a little surprised–mainly at the GOP vitriol-and then marveled that I still had the capacity.

    What a thrill it must be for the Left to demonstrate their full range of emotions. Their deep, intense love for minorities and their most cherished hate for conservatives. As the momentum built, you could see those on the Left like Marco Rubio, for example, become increasingly bold. If only Kathy Griffin had waited until this week, she wouldn’t be so very broken. This may be the moment it officially becomes open season for attacking the right in every sense of the word.

    • America has never been right.
      All that BS about the right to life, the pursuit of happiness, blah blah.
      It’s all leftist progressive satanic nonsense.
      There are no ‘rights’, there are however 10 commandments.

      Your evil founders ditched God and His laws, and went with men’s laws instead, it’s no wonder Babylon will now fall (horribly). Men are fallen.
      Let it burn.

  11. Obviously, philanthropic writers have been given a lot to write about recently, but this was an outstanding effort. Things are really heating up, and those with the courage to keep fighting deserve lavish commendation.

  12. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth
    information you present. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a
    while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.
    Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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