Socializing the Costs

Duplicity, cowardice, betrayal, or simple idiocy…as a general observation, the pain of these is inversely proportional to the number of participants. For our math savants this can be expressed as:

P = I * 1/N

A lone idiot bears the full brunt of his intellectual or moral deficit. His competitive disadvantage to prudent peers quickly becomes stark. There’s a dim future in being a moron in Mensa. Though prospects brighten significantly if everyone can be made moronic.

Thus if the imprudent can threaten or cajole equally disastrous behavior from others, their costs can be distributed and none suffer more in comparison. That’s why misery merely loves company, while stupidity demands it.

You see this phenomenon playing out across Europe, as the western suicide squad demands their eastern kin take their fair share of the hemlock. It’s amusing that migrants are said to be coveted resources while simultaneously being shoved down gagging national throats. I don’t know that anything so allegedly desirable has ever required a more strenuous sales pitch.

And the Italians for one are pitching hard.

An angry Italy summoned Austria’s ambassador after the government in Vienna announced it was ready to re-introduce border controls and deploy troops and armored vehicles along the border to block any migrant influx out of Italy.

Austrian Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil told Kronen Zeitung daily that troops could go to the Brenner Pass and that four Pandur armoured personnel carriers had been sent to the Tyrol region with 750 troops were on standby.

Even idiots understand to never be the last one. And Italy is now frantically contemplating a future where the African border suddenly stops at the Brenner Pass. Austria’s action thus raises the costs of Italy’s stupidity. And no one likes inflation when you’re buying in bulk.

It would be morbidly fascinating if the next disastrous war on European soil fell under the banner of diversity. If Italy, France, or Germany launched an attack on their reluctant neighbors to equalize the benefits of open borders. Far stranger catalysts have occurred. Particularly when stupidity is in a bull market.


23 thoughts on “Socializing the Costs

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  2. Close the pass. Until a price is paid by the emotional poseurs the folly will continue.
    Closer to home, let us lobby to raise taxes so that we can each and all do our part to provide for the “underserved”. Until and unless a tangible price is paid we will borrow our way to our own displacement.

  3. It’s interesting that the Austrians have finally grown some balls re the trans-Med invasion of Europe. Austria is the only West European member of the Three Seas Initiative, a 12 nation alliance within the EU that Trump addressed today in Poland.

    Porter, you’ve written numerous times about the Visegrad Group and their heroic defiance of Brussels’ and Merkel’s dastardly plan to impose Afro-Islamic diversity on them. Well, the TSI is looking like it could be the larger and more powerful successor bloc to Visegrad.

    But in order to fully stand up to the Frog-Kraut-Dago Caliphate-in-the-making in Western Europe, they’re going to have to recruit more members from the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea regions.

    Finland, Greece and Cyprus would be obvious choices within the existing EU, and Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia could be recruited from the Western Balkans. Then, moving east, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, followed by, hopefully one day, Russia itself.

    This expanded TSI bloc of 22 nations and 340 million people would outnumber the West Eurocucks, and bring a lot more military muscle (if somewhat less GDP) to the table. And then the East Euros would not only be able to protect their borders and sovereignty from a meddling Brussels, but they would be powerful enough to dictate terms to the HomoTranny West: NO MORE WOGS.

    • Jeppo I wasn’t familiar with the TSI, but it’s very encouraging. A viable and substantial alliance will have to form or Hungary (and probably even Visegrad) will get crushed under the South Africa sanctions plan. In the unlikely event that doesn’t prove effective, then its 1956 in Budapest all over again.

      I don’t see how the Diversity Axis can allow free states on its border.

      • Maybe the Hungarians and others should try proselytising more, and make the citizens of European diversityrannies envious enough to vote for saner parties such as Front National. They need not be too open as to the goal of their propaganda. It could be framed as advertising for people to come as tourists or invest in their countries. Pictures of happy families strolling peacefully in Warsaw after dark, schools full of happy white children, etc.

  4. The Italian anger is a nice touch. If an African so much as dipped a toe in the ocean off the Libyan coast, the coast guard or NGO’s rushed over to pick them up, ferrying tens of thousands to Italy, and encouraging every remaining African to do the same. I’m surprised anyone remains on the continent given those terms. It is quite hilarious to see them complaining (again) that they’re overwhelmed with trouble as they race off to pick up more trouble.
    It’s nice to see a country (Austria) finally using the military for its intended purpose, after years of watching a handful of bewildered police officers with batons mainly observing an angry mob storming the border–giddy with the inalienable right to invade any place that happens to be nicer than one’s own.

    • I’ve often thought of having my Italian vacation subsidized by wading up to my ankles off the American East coast while impatiently awaiting their coast guard to ferry me to Venice.

      • That’s the misfortune of being born on the wrong continent. You go see Europe on your own dime.

      • Sorry Porter, you don’t match the racial profile for our diversity quotient. You might, however, gain some additional diversity points if you can affirm any of the following:

        1. Jew +100
        2. Queer +10
        3. Cross-dresser +5
        4. Have AIDS +5
        5. HIV positive +3
        6. Penniless and will be a permanent burden upon White civilisation +25
        7. Anti-White racist +50 (for persons of colour), or, +1 for White
        8. White -10,000

      • There’s an idea…a free transatlantic cruise and Italian vacation all rolled into one!

      • Plus five keks for seanantijihad’s comment.

        That is probably an all too accurate, if not generous, DiVeRsItY QuOtIeNt enumeration.

        An article floating the aether shows the same theme in ShEkEl DiStRiBuTiOn for major statestide categories of worldwide unwhite inferiorists, compared to their inherently omnicriminal white nationalist oppressors.

        2014 average annual net tax/benefit broke down as follows:
        White: -$2,795 (pop~63.7 %?)
        Black: +$10,016 (pop~12.2 %?)
        Hispanic: +7,298 (pop~16.3 %?)
        Moneychangers: +N (pop~2.5%?)

        The numbers on the Great Redistibution of the lives and contents of entire countries built by colonialist xenophobe majorities must be staggering – at minimum assumed to be on par with these clear trends and myriad PrOjEcTiOnS. This redistribution may include but is not limited to the following: the manufacturing base, assorted business, public insitituional positions at large, whatever passes for food, all natural vagina-bearing genders, fundamentalist 501c3s, and everything traded on central note. Data regarding CeRtAiN EtHnOrElIGiOuS ClUbS remains largely decried and suppressed, as ThEy ThEmSeLvEs are the parties most occupied in the reporting, counting, and distribituion rackets.

        In short, the summary operation of the anti-white global machine entails a monetarist death cult zealously feeding wrongthink nazis to weaponized brown people and preconditioned corp-whores; Matrix style. This is, when ThEy are not too busy running kiddie diddling rings out of first-world-nation-twelve’s capital city pizza parlors.

        Good Porter at any rate sounds suspiciously white and will not so easily receive a subsidized trip to Venice unless he first becomes a dignitary in some directly inverted institutional cause: The Church of How To Pillage and Destroy Racist Italians, or a similar universal public works program.

        The population of Venice has also long exceeded five thousand closely associated white people, so it is only housing hostiles or new brownlings these days. Approved nondiverse vacationers will have to relegate all paid perma-visits and rape tours to designated rural Italian bergs.

        Last on the tirade is a special note that – thanks to the unanimous approval of Extra-Loving new Coast Guard recruitment and training policies – transcontinental rescue safety and chocolate rations are both up by 25,063% this quarter.

      • HaHa. The ferrying policy is a reflection of the immigration policy of the entire Western World. If you are likely to be a productive, law abiding contribution to the country, you can’t stay. If you’re the dregs of the world with no intention of assimilation, welcome home.
        I did see a Tucker Carlson clip in which he is the first anchor (I believe) to ever utter that immigration is bad for the environment and that over-population means ugly, miserable squalor, everywhere it occurs. It deserves more than the 2 minutes allotted, but still a big deal and somewhat encouraging.

  5. It’s fascinating to hear explicit racial tribalists accuse Trump of being an implicit one. I guess he just needs to get off the fence.

    Could you please give us the examples you are thinking of of these explicit racial tribalists being explicit with their racial tribalism? Would be helpful. Thank you.

  6. @ a reader. Let me help. Well maybe not just implicit:
    Max Boot‏Verified account @MaxBoot

    Max Boot Retweeted Mediaite

    Trump is a racist. That’s why he’s been endorsed by neo-Nazis David Duke & Jean-Marie Le Pen. #NeverTrump

    Mark Jacobs‏ @mr_markjacobs 27 Feb 2016
    Replying to @MaxBoot

    @MaxBoot Trump also received the endorsement of white nationalist American Freedom Party leader William Johnson

    • Thank you helvena.

      To avoid any confusion, I should add that my comment wasn’t an expression of skepticism.

      I would still be interested in knowing Porter’s thinking on this as I suspect he had some particular examples in mind.

      • Have you been floating in a sensory-deprivation chamber for the past two years? Asking for specific examples is like asking to locate the specific urine puddle left by a specific bum on a San Francisco street buried in a fog of vaporized urea.

    • Reader, the tweet was prompted by reading numerous twitter conniptions resulting from Trump’s Poland speech. Many critical commenters suggested his citation of “Western values” was implicitly racist code for white people.

      That a substantial percentage of these critics sported explicit racial/tribal advocacy statements on their own home-screen was something self-reflection did not burden them to consider.

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