Goad to Joy

The plaudits landed in a deluge.

So happy for you, girl!
Couldn’t be more thrilled!
Love your strength and honesty!
Never be anyone but you!
You’ve always made me proud, never more so than today.

That last line was from the grandmother of a young woman about whom a florid Facebook fuss had just been raised. Her circle of friends, family, and distant acquaintances had uniformly fallen into panting heat over a recent life proclamation. This being a celebratory cause that would have normally evaded my attention if not for a tersely worded alert from a sibling:

Look at this.

So what event do you imagine had so many e-hens clucking their approval? A wedding? Birth of a child? Promotion? Book tour? Admission to space camp?

No. The young woman had announced she was a lesbian.

What a difference vertical message control can make. The power of which I no longer question. For there are few more impressive displays of its potency than seeing an elderly matron cheering the end of her lineage in service to a lifestyle fashion that would have elicited disgust in her own younger self.

To those like her granddaughter, renouncing the vestiges of Western civilization has become a sort of bat mitzvah for butler-class goys. In contemplating her orientation declaration, the girl must have considered children, family, tradition, and an enduring posterity. But those were all dead ends. Only social media likes live forever. And what liberals would offer those for something so prosaic as heterosexual marriage?

Thus with her own reproductive imperative now sublimated, any lingering maternal instincts will have to be assuaged by sitting on a cuckoo’s egg. As a result that liberal grandmother can look forward to even more euphoria from chasing adopted black cherubs in her dotage. Though for the lesbo-schizo granddaughter, sacrificing the birth of her own children to raise those from Africa does offer the allure of lavish Facebook praise. And what is the wonder of looking into a child’s eyes to that?


12 thoughts on “Goad to Joy

  1. It’s sometimes difficult to avoid making comments that would draw unwanted attention. Therefore, I will let a tiger silence speak for me on this topic.

  2. >When you realize “white sharia,” already exists and performs the equivalent and opposite functions of sharia.

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  4. “Strength and honesty”
    Announce your sexual orientation and receive gushing support from friends and family who implausibly consider this a brave act.

    • A former (RL and FB) friend reposted a blubbering account of crying the night of the election by his university freshman son, who introduced himself as “gay and trans”, and at least one other checkbox in the minority list. I failed to take Ironsides’ approach, which is why I said “former”. The gushing support to the lachrymose multi-checkboxed boy approached Johnstown, if not Katrina, proportions.

      • I’ve read this elsewhere (this concept is stolen by me wholesale from wherever I read it): for young ppl, being white & functional is super-uncool, and being gay/tranny/depressed/bipolar etc is an “in” with The Oppressed who run the academies.

  5. Foolish Grandma. She chose to plop another methane-loaded pie in the field with the rest of the herd, when she could have earned a CH Shitlord Of The Week Award by replying, “Lipstick or diesel?”

  6. Excellent post Porter. The degree of insanity associated with such people is so great that I assume they have to self-destruct at some stage. That’s my one consolation.

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