An Economy Engorged

I’ve asserted many times that cheap labor is only a distant benefit of importing chicken helots. The primary GloboCorp impetus for mass immigration is to cultivate consumption. Housing, appliances, phone, electric, textiles, trinkets, cable, condoms and carbohydrates: the more squatters get moved in, the more retail inventory gets moved out.

Just ask yourself how many iPhones a Somali in Mogadishu purchases compared to one in Minneapolis. The delta between those two figures represents the direct corporate motivation to engage in selfless migrant humanitarianism.

This is what many on the right don’t well digest. If there were zero labor depression, big business would still agitate for succulent migration purely for its effect on consumption. The only way to blunt that inducement is to offer all the Earth’s deprived a welfare suite except those living in America. This would reverse the domestic consumption multiplier, making Abu (and obviously Jerome as well) more useful to the business class out of our country rather than in. Implement such a program and you would witness CEOs personally packing migrants in coal-cars the next morning.

You often see the effects of this destructive consumption suction lauded by writers who shield their duplicity in convention. Here’s an example:

Latino and Asian immigrants pump nearly $100 billion into NJ economy

And penis enlargement pills pump over a $100 million into the American Economy.

I don’t know what action these two statements are supposed to incentivize; though in principle they should be the same.

But if we enthusiastically reported that Africans pump $481 billion into the Nigerian economy, then our readers should infer that Nigeria could use more Africans. Because if 192 million of them can do that much pumping, then a billion Nigerians could pump substantially more. And if a billion Nigerians were pumping let’s say a trillion dollars, then they would really need more Africans at that point.

So just remember two items: 1) The more something consumes the more of it you need. 2) Citing raw economic output in service to replacement narratives is the cheapest form of sophistry. And thus why it’s the one most commonly sold.

And you know how much we enjoy a bargain.

More than 40 percent of New Jersey’s chemists and physicians are foreign born, and over 40 percent of our scientists and engineers are foreign born, and 1 out of 5 New Jersey businesses are owned by foreign born entrepreneurs.

I remember reading about when 100% of the Congo’s chemists and physicians were foreign born. But I don’t remember reading accolades from the left about it. Though on presumption of the unprincipled exception, New Jersey could surely approach an American-free professional class, like Africa has for instance, if only the author could motivate more of them to sleep on the ocean’s floor.

Similar to the ridiculous ads in old Spiderman books, this sort of piece is as common as it is comical. It’s like a thief claiming he’ll get better gas mileage out of your car; so give us the keys, por favor. In any event, I’m sure a nontrivial number of New Jersyans nodded along at the notion that The Economy is their Marine Corps: If it lives forever, then you live forever.

So much pumping from those immigrants. I’m getting verklempt just thinking about it.


11 thoughts on “An Economy Engorged

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  2. Indeed. Apparently, invader remittances to the old country topped $69 billion for 2016. That’s a lot of money to buy toilet paper back home, as well as however much they spend here. And think, if they are sending BACK $69 billion, they are probably spending that much and more here in the United Suckers of America. There’s still a whopping 1/3 of Mexers in America that don’t send any money back.

    And then you’ve got the high-end Asian types who love their bling bling and their BMWs. It’s a good mix for the oligarch class: many more buyers on the low end, and a good solid chunk of buyers on the high end. What is not to love about moar immigration?

    Let’s not even discuss the money made by paper pushing, as “The Big Short” showed us. And now we’ve got all those no money down car loans being made to the itinerant classes (sure, sure, they’ll default like crazy on them, but meanwhile Jacob and Nathaniel cleared fat checks selling derivatives against the loans or whatever the hell it is they do).

    All told, a trenchant observation that the real motivation is not workers, but buyers. Sure, the worker side is a part of it, but the buyer side is even better. As all else, it’s about the money, honey. Now a sensible nation might think of things like massive income tax surcharges on new arrivals (those that don’t just blatantly cheat on their taxes), say like 95% income tax for the first ten years, but we are not a sensible nation.

  3. My favorite, and as yet unanswered, question I ask when told such nonsense is simple. If Nigerians are such a boon to the American economy, why isn’t Niger, which has more Nigerians than anywhere else in the world, an economic power house. And, isn’t it racist and unfair for us to deprive Niger of so many successful Nigerians?

  4. This is what many on the right don’t well digest. If there were zero labor depression, big business would still agitate for succulent migration purely for its effect on consumption.

    Why? This is grotesquely inefficient.

    We’re talking about cancer, and the cancer feeds on petroleum. But why do it this way?

    Whatever the margin is on the things that are being consumed, it’s not 100%. So why produce and distribute those things when you could just keep the petroleum and 100% of the things it produces?

  5. Nigeria could use more Africans.
    I’ve got 40 million they can have tomorrow, or as soon as the COSCO Development can deliver them. Asking price is a paltry $100 Trillion Zimbabwean Dollar note. As a gesture of goodwill and brotherhood, I’ll throw in at no extra charge, over 55 million mestizos, in the off chance there are some jobs in Niggeria that Niggerians won’t do.
    God, this is going to absolutely murder my Fantasy Football team, as well as my fresh produce budget. And damn, I’m going to have to mow my own lawn and wash my car from now on. But I’m willing to take one for the team, if you guys are. Or even if you aren’t.

  6. What’s unmentioned is that the average immigrant is subsidized to the tune of thousands of dollars per year by the taxpaying white American. Which is where they’re getting the money to be consumers. Lots of cars, booze, and sneakers to be bought when your housing, food, and medical care are covered by whitey’s tax dollars. The corporations that advocate replacement are getting their bottom line pumped up by getting our state to transfer money from more responsible populations who have to pay for their own food, housing, med to an irresponsible population that can spend indiscriminately.

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  8. Yes folks, double your population with fast breeding blacks and Muslims and we guarantee* a 20% increase in the economy. Only a racist would disagree!

    *Even if we have to fire up the printing presses to do it, goy.

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