Going to See My Aunt in Topeka

Back in those days when America’s immigration policy was first being written by robed Polynesians, I remarked in these pages on the prospects of Trump taking the matter to the Supreme Court. I estimated those prospects as being very poor based on no laws, precedent, or legal doctrine whatsoever. Instead my forecast for this apolitical, strictly judicial review was premised solely on the number of the court’s semi-conservatives and semi-bolsheviks.

See, that’s the magic of jurisprudence. You get nine lawyers in a room, and whichever side has five predetermined votes is what the Constitution says. So if Hillary had won, the Constitution would mandate a Honduran in every home. But since Trump won, it just requires Sudanese goatherds to make up a story about their aunt in Topeka. This may leave you wondering what was the purpose in getting 128 million people in a room last November if it’s all a matter of political headcount anyway. The answer is: it’s just easier counting to five.

At any rate, I predicted Trump would lose ignominiously since the left had four votes as solid as John McCain’s gallstones. In contrast, America had only Thomas and Alito. The flouncing, coquettish Kennedy and Roberts being reliable for little more than singing the Sound of Music while mutual luffa scrubbing in the shower.

In large measure, that’s what occurred. The vote was 6-3 for a pretense begging opinion that said the travel ban is valid…unless the migrant has a good imagination.

The executive order may not be enforced against foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.

What part of the constitution was this pulled from? And how are these credible claims of entity consortium to be adjudicated? Obviously “credible claims” are going to be as thick on middle eastern migrants as pubic lice. So will any claim do? So many aunts in Topeka.

Clarence Thomas, in his customary role of doing the judicial work white justices will not, offered the obvious rebuttal.

The “compromise will burden executive officials with the task of deciding—on peril of contempt— whether individuals from the six affected nations who wish to enter the United States have a sufficient connection to a person or entity in this country”…and will invite “a flood of litigation”. And, Justice Thomas added, the very judges that blocked Mr Trump’s travel ban would probably be the ones considering whether a potential traveler has a “bona fide” reason for being excused from it.

Returning to my prediction, Gorsuch joined Alito and Thomas in voting for the President’s authority to determine access to America, while the communist bloc predictably claimed that power resides exclusively with Polynesians. Thus it was left to Roberts and Kennedy to cobble together a compromise that works for everyone except Americans.

Though a compromise is still quite preferable to absolute defeat. And until Kennedy retires to write coloring books, that may be all the Constitution is willing to give us.


12 thoughts on “Going to See My Aunt in Topeka

  1. I’m just thankful that our True Rulers deigned to review the case at all. The caveat about credible and bona fide relationships is just their way of letting us know who is really in charge. No way Trump or the American People were going to get what they wanted undiluted or without enough ambiguity to keep the True Brotherhood rolling in dough litigating immigration claims.

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  3. The only good thing about this ruling is that the media is painting it as a Trump victory, and the usual suspects are sob sob sobbing. But are the media really that stupid? Or do they just want to run some misdirection? They know full well that this ruling stops nobody — after all, who DOESN’T have a Grandma Khalifa in Topeka? I know I’ve got several. Or could have, whenever the need arose.

    I might also seriously consider opening up a “college” (aka a website) and granting admission to anybody from Nations X, Y and Z who can pony up a few grand in return for a document that says “You can now haz admisshun to college.” Because the people vetting said documents are, likely, 99.9% open borders fanatics who will say “Ahh yes, Achmed, I see you’ve enrolled at Fly By Night Uni in Dearborn! Welcome to America, friend!”

    Trump is touting the victory, as is his nature, but I wonder if he knows it’s a sham and that he’s been played by our Robed Overlords. And why he just doesn’t shut the door on ALL refugees is a question I guess we can’t ask. It’s really been quite a disappointment when the only thing we can say is “he’s not as bad as Hillary would have been.” But where are the bold actions? There are none.

    And so the last, best hope for national salvation continues to fade.

  4. Yes. A victory for Trump only because it’s been labeled as such. A simple Catholic Charities sponsorship would ensure that No Invader is Left Behind. So absolutely no one will be denied entry, and the Supreme Court just bestowed a disgusting claim on America to anyone with the flimsiest connection. The only glimmer of hope is the debut of Gorsuch, but 6-3 bodes ill for the final decision in October.
    And in the backdrop is the ongoing healthcare debate in which absolutely everyone must have health insurance and absolutely no one is drawing the conclusion that hoards of 3rd World invaders are rendering that impossible.

  5. If only the alt-right had sufficient interest in low-level foreign administrative work, we could solve the problem, including peterike’s prescient scenario. “Oh I see you put here on your application that you have an aunt in Topeka. I’ll just have to have you fill out this form 2907-B so we can send that through an overengineered and horribly inefficient process to confirm that. Usually takes 6 months. Budget cuts, you see.” 6 months later it would be, “that form never came back so you’ll have to fill out form 8442-FC so we can pull out form 2907-B from our records and make a copy and then start the process over.” Rinse and repeat a dozen times.
    Aged Visegrad residents could provide valuable lessons on Kafka-esque bureaucracy from their communist days.

  6. Watership: What we don’t know about the 6-3 opinion is whether Roberts was an advocate of this silly sing-us-a-song-you’re-the-piano-man ban, or whether he used it as a last ditch lure to attract the pompous Kennedy from joining the com-bloc in tossing Trump out the window.

    As we know, the Constitution is nothing but what these lawyers negotiate among themselves. And the left had four votes to start. It’s very possible they were prepared to write an opinion that took immigration completely out of executive jurisdiction. Perhaps going so far as to declare it a protected civil right, thus ushering in explicit open borders. That would have likely resulted in political war and constitutional crisis.

    Kennedy may have said he didn’t want to go that far, but also wasn’t going to allow Trump to actually stop people from coming here. Thus Roberts felt himself obliged to craft an expedient that continued the foreign inflow without causing D.C. to be incinerated.

    Under that scenario, another Gorsuch-type justice would alleviate the pressure to accommodate Kennedy and apply a ruthless 5-4 majority to crush the left on every front. In a dreamscape, Ginsburg’s 84 year-old body joins her mind in its vegetative state allowing Trump to replace another lich after Kennedy. At that point even Roberts’ legendary cowardice could be numerically overcome. And then things would move quickly.

    Also, you’re exactly right on the healthcare mention. The idea that immensely expensive universal first world medical care can be distributed to a few billion new third-world Americans is so ludicrous on its face that its acceptance was practically inevitable. Though to be honest, everyone on Earth can have a Mercedes…so long as you’re willing to call a rickshaw an S-Class.

    DNP: Exactly. The Supreme Court is a very long distance from our Maghrebi processing centers. Sometimes they never even get word of how slowly things are moving.

    • Hopefully Kennedy trades his judge’s robe for a bath robe at a nursing home soon. But even with him gone, there is still Roberts to contend with. As amusing as it might seem, it would appear he would replace kennedy as the ‘center’ of the supreme court.

      Its amusing to imagine what lengths they will go to make Ginsburg’s reanimated corpse appear at least semi-sentient until, so they think, Karmala Harris is president. Then, once trump is gone, she can be replaced with, I assume, a black, wheelchair bound tranny or something similar.

      It is pretty sad that we even have to have these conversations. Even if this entity were to come to be completely on ‘our side’, this institution should not exist in its present form. A simple majority of 5 lawyers gets to decide everything in this country. They just invented, out of nothing, a constitutional right for FOREIGNERS to visit the US (and presumably stay here eventually, since everyone else seems to) simply because they claim to be related to someone else who is here, or get into a school here. What the fucking fuck. What a clownshow.

  7. Thank you Sir for the insights. Those particular motivations hadn’t occurred to me, but make perfect sense. The globalists never bother much with the semblance of propriety these days (Bush’s “Saddam has WMDs” and Roberts’ “ObamaCare is a tax” come to mind)

    It seems the goal is to bankrupt America and there is some urgency to do it quickly. Celebrity thug moms getting million dollar settlements is a slow way. Universal health care–American style– foreign wars and open borders are quite expedient.

    • “It seems the goal is to bankrupt America and there is some urgency to do it quickly.”

      Precisely the opposite. America is bankrupt, for sure. Our debts will never be paid. Rather, the debt will simply be rolled ad-infinitum. This requires demand for dollars.

      The goal is to drive all financial transactions into a dollar-denominated framework. As long as there remains world-wide demand for dollars, the debt game keeps rolling. We didn’t sow havoc across the entire Middle-East for nothing. Their governments and their currencies are all destroyed, leaving them no choice but to trade in dollars.

      The goal is to bankrupt the rest of the world. Anything that drives more demand for dollars, including mass immigration, is a plus in this model.

      • I’ve never understood what the ultimate goal could be and won’t discount your explanation. I know (partially) the implications of world-wide acceptance of a currency no matter how much is printed. However the planet provides constraints that printed currency doesn’t.

        The population is exploding by design–from genetically modified foods, global vaccination programs, welfare and Muslims having 20 kids for the explicit purpose of world domination. Of course exploding populations create demand for dollars and everything else, to your point, but who wants to reign over a scorched Earth?

        I’m hard-pressed to find any way that America isn’t suffering in the present scenario and Saudi Arabia isn’t benefiting.

  8. The “ultimate goal” is for the rich and comfortable to remain so until they die – and they don’t give a shit what happens to the rest of us after that.

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