Narratives and Numeracy Are Never Comfortable Bedfellows

Celebrity twitter suffers only a modest IQ deficit to black twitter and spruce twitter. Though its vast surplus of sanctimony is what surely accounts for the significant gulf in followers between the three. Finding even a Z-lister whose feed isn’t swollen with sententious signaling and self-praise is a chore only for men with abundant leisure.

So it was only by chance that I happened upon a tweet by the flouncing fairy-tale monger, J.K. Rowling. In it, she approvingly and, of course, accusatorially cited a study claiming that up to a whole third of British terrorism suspects (or those who complain about British terrorism suspects) were white.

See? See? See how despicable are these white Englishmen who built the place where all the world’s terrorists yearn to reside? Such outbursts are the irresistible impulse when imbeciles are offered figures that validate their narratives if viewed upside down. Did this airy dingbat consider for a moment that what she was actually sniffing over her gilded gates is that two-thirds of Britain’s “terror” has been imported? And that frivolously importing two-thirds of a country’s terror problem is precisely what the far-right hobgoblins of Azkaban were grunting about?

Rowling’s explicit disdain for the 85% native population producing 33% of frightening behavior directly implied a more sunny perspective on the 15% of the squatter population producing 66%. Perhaps she will conjure a mathematician character in her next fictional foray.

Though here’s the more important question: what percentage of terrorist acts should a rational man hope are committed by his countrymen? The answer is obviously all of them. A 100% native white British terror rate means that Britain is operating at its bottom terror baseline. Those conceptual one-third white terrorists have not been swamped into minority status by 66 foreign additions. Did you know Hogwarts is the only place in the world where 100 terrorists are preferable to 33?

The proper exercise of statecraft is to mathematically ensure other people’s problems stay that way. And the lower the native percentage of terror and other social pathologies, the more violence and dysfunction a country’s liberals have imported.

Thus Rowling’s complaint is like someone accusing your family of eating up to a third of your own grocery bill. The proper response isn’t sheepishness and denials, but rather: Only a third? Who the hell else would we allow in to do it?


21 thoughts on “Narratives and Numeracy Are Never Comfortable Bedfellows

  1. As an obvious aside, it goes completely unspeculated as to how many of those one-third native terrorists would not exist without the actions of those two-thirds of the invasive variety.

    • My thoughts exactly. Our most recent mosque driver prolly aint runnin muzzies down minus the previous provocations. Possibly inspired by the multiple muzzie drive bys/overs in nice, london bridge etc etc.

    • Yeah, these statistics also tend to rely on a flexible definition of terrorism. “Muslim lady reports dirty looks on the subway – mark another down under white terror!” As always, the rabbit hole runs deep, lie layered upon lie, but I think your rebuttal is probably the simplest and most effective, should anyone want to get into a substantive debate with a leftist over such things.

      • We have similar issues in the US with ‘misidentifying’ the race of criminals. Obviously Mexican guys with obviously mexican names routinely get labeled as ‘white’ in the statistics.

        Heres the top 10 most wanted in Texas. Nearly all of them are labeled “white (hispanic)” so that goes into the crime stats as a white guy, since many of them don’t bother making any distinction between white and white (hispanic). Its a statistic that plays well for the left, since they can then cite things like this twatter user to make it look like actual white people commit a far larger percentage of crimes than they do. After all, they are FBI statistics, and everyone knows they can be trusted.

  2. Or, assuming those %’s are absolute numbers just for mathematical kicks and giggles, and assuming a nominal total population of 1,000, that means 1 in 25 of your native white population are freedom fighters, sorry, I mean anti-colonialists, sorry, wrong again, I mean far-right Nazis. Consequently, about 1 in 2 of the religion of peace minority want to blow you up, cut your throat, burn you alive or enact any other of the Koranic exhortations about imposing diversity upon an unwilling host population. Thanks for that JK.

    But don’t worry, thanks to you and your ilk, that religion of peace minority are set to be the absolute majority within two generations. But unfortunately, thanks to the narrative you support, preventing that from happening whilst it is still actually preventable makes a person a HATER. And what could be more important than avoiding HATE? Certainly not defending ones ancient white, European homeland and people from being colonised, enslaved and butchered by a brutal, sixth century murder sect?

    Imagine wanting to defend women and children from a future of rape slavery that is the present fate of all people who allowed themselves to come under Muslim rule – can’t you just feel the HATE?

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  4. “Shashank Joshi, a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) security think tank, said: “It’s clear that there is a growing challenge from far-right extremist individuals and groups.” -from the referenced article

    Although we’ve not yet garnered our own acronym, “alt-right” is pretty weak, there is still time. FREI. Whoops, already taken. And we need something trendy to be able to yell when these attacks by whitey are launched. I recommend “Aloha Snackbar” just for the cognitive dissonance.

  5. Eh, the official statistic appears to be that ~35% of those ‘held on suspicion of terrorism’ were ‘White’. Meanwhile, ‘Asian’ arrests fell to ~48%. (For those who don’t know, ‘White’ in Britian means effectively anyone whose grandparents could have lived in Europe or Russian Asia, and ‘Asian’ means ‘brown person’.

    Given, however:
    a) the total number of arrests on suspicion of terrorism was a whopping 260 people

    b) we know for a fact that the British police force has a history of refusing to arrest ‘Asians’ even for the most criminal behaviour, claiming it might ‘incite reprisals’ or the like (cf. Rotherham)

    c) the vast majority of people a normal person, or even your standard-pozzed Brit, might suspect of terrorism are ‘watched’ but not interfered with because there’s no reason to detain them other than a list of petty and violent crimes larger the custom-made basket Soros had made to support his balls

    I’m not terribly impressed with this statistic.

    • Translation: you might have naively thought that this rising percentage presaged something positive from the ancestral British people, but you’d be wrong.

      • Your revelation is shocking, I tell you! The name itself Cressida Dick and that picture… You can’t make this stuff up.

  6. From the Bezos blog:

    “Witnesses said the driver was heard shouting after he was wrestled to the ground that he wanted to kill Muslims. It was chilling but not, in the Finsbury Park neighborhood, entirely unexpected. Fears have been growing among Muslims here that they could be singled out by extremists in tit-for-tat attacks because of other attacks carried out in the name of Islam, even though they are widely denounced by the mainstream Muslim community.”

    Did you hear that, Britons? The attacks are widely denounced by the mainstream muslim community. Feel better yet? You can measure solidarity and similarity in denunciations; by such a metric we can see that the muslims are just like you and don’t deserve to be flattened outside mosques. As long as they keep denouncing, you should keep importing them.

    And any reading of history will tell you that violent madman are always defeated by stern words and disapproval.

    If there’s a chance I could be killed by my brother, then I might as well let murderous foreigners invade my home, right? What’s the difference when you’ve got a knife in your chest?

  7. This video is wretched propaganda but the dislikes and the comments might be heartening to some here.

    We are winning slowly but surely.

    • I went to the video on youtube. The comments are very telling. The dislike do outweigh the likes, but the comment section is damn near 100% against the video, which is refreshing. Its also odd that there are so many likes, yet so few positive comments. Then, a little ways down, I found this post –

      “An hour ago it was 128k like and 378k dislikes. Now it’s 130k and 376k.. coincidence?! Don’t think so…”

      Apparently, according a large number of posters, YT has been very active in deleting comments that cross some kind of imaginary line. Many complaining of comments deleted. Its odd though, because there are two separate people posting comments as some variation of ‘Adolph Hitler’ that haven’t been deleted.

  8. I understand colonial muslims expect their predations to only travel in one direction; though it is less clear why indigenous Europeans would feel the same. I mean American settlers didn’t at all care for being killed by Indians, as they were by the bushel. Though presumably bands of racist Comanche xenophobes didn’t return to their teepees flush with bloody blond scalps only to be thunderously denounced by elders and squaws for their high plains terrorism. That’s not who we are is not a line associated with men such as Tecumseh or Crazy Horse. Neither of whom are demonized in history books by authors who would undoubtedly wail at those one-third British “terrorists.”

  9. Porter: I just realized that you and Chesterton are the two people I quote/paraphrase the most in conversations about current events. Love you man (no homo okay a little homo assuming you look anything like Mel circa the Payback/What Women Want era)

    • Good to see you around again, Jack. I frequently feel like this little blogging enterprise is an extravagant waste of my finite free time on this world. So it’s always gratifying to think I’ve brought some Hate into other hearts–if for only but a moment.

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