The Left’s National Pastime

Well the crack of the bat took on an unusual timbre at this morning’s congressional softball practice. It was there that a typically psychopathic prog named James T. Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois, specifically sought out republican targets and commenced to firing an equivalent number of rounds as were expended at the Battle of Verdun. The vast majority of these inconvenienced nothing but mosquitos, though by sheer weight of statistical probability a congressman, his aid, and two capitol police were struck–as of this writing none fatally.

Of course the scope of media reporting for such events is determined strictly by where assailant and victim fall in the who/whom continuum. Thus once no Casualties of Color were identified, decorum demands no more national coverage than if the shooting were merely a black daycare worker torturing a white baby to death.

But Drudge rolled out the bold red fonts and congressmen tend to draw particular attention when they’re trailing 15 foot blood streaks. Thus before the Bezos blog could bury it on page 28, America was looking at the doughy face of a Bernie Sanders zealot with a history of flamboyant Internet fanaticism.

In reading about this wind-up white tin soldier a couple of thoughts percolated to the surface.

Framing Matters
The mainstream right maintains a posture of perpetual retreat for several reasons. Primary among those is its pathetic framing. The right typically explains its differences with the left most strenuously as logic vs. foolishness; sometimes academically as matters of values or constitutional interpretation; or, most insipid of all, mere disagreement between equally valid viewpoints. In contrast, the left always frames its positions in the starkest terms possible: saintly benevolence against the most diabolical evil.

One of these approaches holds an enormous advantage over the other in appealing to the human psyche. Avuncular reasoning makes the few men prone to contemplation scratch their chins. While high-pitched emotional rhetoric makes masses scream in the streets–this being an action that invariably buckles the knees of those aforementioned contemplative men.

So when the right says “how about you let me speak?” and the left screams “Satan!” you shouldn’t be entirely surprised to find yourself alone and surrounded in an Evergreen College writ very large. And if republicans are evil personified, what might a righteous liberal crackpot become inclined to do? Attend early morning softball practices is one answer.

While you would imagine the attempted murder of congressmen by their frenzied acolytes would ricochet painfully on those who do the thinking for the left, that would presume the right has learned anything about framing issues since this morning. And that’s an ambitious presumption. The proper framing would be to turn the militant left (antifa, BLM, Soros, and the SPLC) into Dylan Roof. Republicans should be demanding disavowal and defunding of all of Hodgkinson’s philosophical latrines. He was a huge fan of Rachel Madow, so that show should be pulled from the air. That’s just one example.

In addition, the Russia hacking contrivance should be purged from the congressional agenda, and hearings should open into all of the inspiration outlets and funding sources of left-wing violence. This is an ideal opportunity for Congress to address the Bolshevik regimes on publicly-funded campuses.

But those things likely won’t happen. What probably will is idiotic calls for unity, which frames the left as a partner against today’s violence, rather than its instigator. Do you imagine liberals would call for unity in a reverse scenario? If not, then the secret of their persistent victories is probably within your grasp.

Not only will the right castrate itself with hopes for the pretense of harmony, but the left can be counted on to actually turn a sidewalk profit from today’s public relations lemon. Watch liberals use the event to call for more gun control in an ongoing effort to disarm the very people their own drone set about perforating. Now that’s chutzpah. And Schumer suffers no genetic deficiency of it.

Irony rides a pale horse
The modern left has metastasized into a thoroughly tribal endeavor. More specifically, it is a syndicate of tribes temporarily aligned in opposition to the one group it exists to disembowel. Every liberal position, and their myriad unprincipled exceptions, are made clear through this premise. Thus it must be no small source of amusement to watch an old white man sacrifice his life in trying to take others for a cause that overtly despises him.

James T. Hodgkinson, and liberals equally deluded, will not be martyrs to the left, but rather its refuse. Perhaps he imagined becoming a celebrity killer like Mumia Abu Jamal. If so, he understood even less about his movement than he did about rifle marksmanship. To them, Hodgkinson could be useful but he could never be a hero.

Frankly, from the Red Terror to the Holodomor to the Great Leap Forward, Killing Fields, Venezuela, and a terrorized and colonized Europe, the world could probably tolerate a lengthy respite from left-wing heroism.


16 thoughts on “The Left’s National Pastime

  1. I eagerly await CNN/etc. propagandizing me with stories explaining in heavily emotional terms that President Trump and guns are solely responsible for this event – and that the only reasonable solution is to outlaw both. Maybe Bernie Sanders and Kathy Griffin could be guests on these shows?

    The left could be easily collectively diagnosed with some sort of delusion-based mental illness, and relocated to internment camps where they could receive the help they so clearly need. ‘Work Makes You Sane’ isn’t quite as catchy as some of the slogans from antiquity, but we could still give it a shot.

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  3. I always wondered what the reaction would be if (and when) elites became the target of the violence they enable. No lesson was learned.

    What a contrast from the Gabby Gifford shooting. I recall a vile, liberal witness on a phone interview with Sean Hannity that day. She was accusatory and insulting to her groveling, apologetic Fox host. .

    But none of that today! Speaker Ryan set the tone with his: “attack on all of us” address. ,

    • “Ryan set the tone with his: “attack on all of us” address. ”

      I love that. Just as stupid and pathetic as the calls for unity and love after some MENA squatter kills a bunch of people in Europe. “Attack on all of us” my ass. This guy is a fucking idiot for another reason – none of the weak-kneed GOPers have done a damn thing since they gained control. All they’ve done is talk and fight with each other. If Paul Ryan were truly dangerous to the left (or, as I’d be calling him, actually worth a shit) they could have accomplished much in these past few months, but they haven’t.

      It’s infuriating seeing the GOP call for unity and all the rest of it. The left doesn’t want unity, and never will. The left, like muslims, see unity not as people with differing opinions getting along anyway, but as all differing opinion being stamped out and exterminated, achieving a kind of forced unity with them in charge. Grovelling and sniveling like the GOP has been doing only makes them look even weaker (which I hardly believed possible) and encourages them more.

  4. Listen to Republican cuck Roger Williams explain that Hodgkinson didn’t have a Republican/Democrat issue, he just had an issue. Another pathetic RINO rolling over for Democrats. (minute 12:15)

  5. In the above video, William’s was asked the question. “Do you think the current political climate is encouraging violence, and if so, what should we do about it.” The audio is faint on the reporters.
    But just listen to his cucked answer. Pathetic!

  6. The Republicans will only change their relationship with establishment liberalism if they realize that selling out will earn them little more than a gruesome reprisal from that same establishment’s foot-soldiers. Far from hoping the psychopaths repent, I’d hope to see more of them radicalize. The right in the west are on their last demographic legs, one subsequent generation coming of voting age and they’ll never recover. If the left doesn’t act in this sort of deranged lunatic fashion more often we’ll be repaid with interest in the decades to come.

  7. We’ve said this in many ways around here, and this is another example of how we are fighting two different wars. The left is fighting a revolutionary war to upend the whole system. Therefore, anything goes. Most on the right think they are fighting a war to “protect the American way of life,” or “our constitutional republic,” or “Muh America.” These are the cucks, and they are many and most and they fight by the rules of the already-dead system.
    Like the left, the Alt-right knows the war is about what comes next and the stakes, and I suspect more frustrated elements will soon start acting as the left does. I, for one, won’t condemn almost any resultant action.

  8. none of the weak-kneed GOPers have done a damn thing since they gained control

    You guys act as if you think the kayfabe is reality.

  9. And Trump has just decided to allow 800,000 “dreamers” stay in the country.
    Trump is just another satanic lizard-person in The Swamp.

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  11. The real test is Scalise. If it were me, when I got out of the hospital, I would spend the rest of my life trying to make these people miserable.

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