The Exact Words I Wrote You Said

So I had a meeting recently with my boss. He doesn’t care for me much at all; which is quite a bit warmer than my feelings for him. Given this mutual antipathy, I decided to take meticulous notes on our meeting. I did this because I am a servant of the truth, and it is critical that a record of absolute integrity be maintained.

Anyway, the meeting went about as poorly as I expected. Fortunately though, I came off looking quite well as I glance through my notes. The same definitely can’t be said of my boss, who has certainly scuttled his social life and political aspirations, in addition to placing himself in myriad legal jeopardies. Thank God I was there to document it all.

Here’s what I wrote he said:

Boss mentioned that he’s a serial pederast while discussing my allegedly unsatisfactory work performance.

Claims to have participated in the lynching of Emmett Till in his youth. Asked QUOTE Do you know what you say to a black man in a suit? A: Will the defendant please rise! UNQUOTE

Pressured me to be the bag-man for an industrial espionage racket. I refused citing ethics rules verbatim.

He responded by saying he expected loyalty from his employees and asked if I was loyal or not. I took this to mean he wanted me to falsify climate data in order to form a pretext for abandoning key international treaties.

I defiantly told him I was loyal only to honor, justice, and the constitution.

And that’s why he fired me. Anything else you may hear is a damn lie, which my notes above easily prove.

I suppose the only way to take such concentrated media flatulence as the James Comey Show seriously is to unwillingly find yourself in the middle of it. Otherwise it is nearly beyond the power of lucid observers to comment without mockery.

The airwaves are scourged with silver-haired homosexuals intoning somberly into cameras about the legal admissibility of FBI notes, as if they were authored by God’s stenographer. Obviously never discussed on these so-called newscasts is the fact that in normal investigations the agent himself is not a party to the alleged misconduct. Random Agent Jones doesn’t stand to personally face either criminal indictment for distributing classified data, or alternately eight figure book deals depending on the matter’s resolution. Such widely-varying outcomes might be seen as having a significant shaping effect on a g-man’s memory as he goes to transcribe the meeting afterwards in his notepad. Prison or plutocrat: Ahh yes, the entire conversation is becoming crystal clear the more I think about it.

The fact that this Andromeda-sized conflict has yet to even furrow a brow on the teevee kulture klatch shows just how much more money there is in making words with your mouth than your brain. But that’s just something else I’m taking notes on. Offer me eight figures, and they just may turn out to be quite flattering.


11 thoughts on “The Exact Words I Wrote You Said

  1. It’s funny, because what Comey did was standard FBI procedure: they’re trained to write down what they think the target said, rather than what he actually said. This is presumably done to make court cases easier to win than they would be if actual facts were actually involved in the agents’ eventual testimony. This is worth keeping in mind if you ever fail to get out of jury duty.

    Another three-letter-agency, which deals with foreign matters, trains their people to write down *exactly* what was said. They seem to think that actual facts are more important than the imaginary ones favored by the FBI, for some reason.

    • Whenever a case hits the news, and “notes” are released, it’s always funny to watch the FBI dance around the question, “It’s Current Year; why don’t you guys have tape recorders yet?”

    • 1) It is against official FBI protocols to record an interrogation.
      2) They will write down on the Form 302 (which is the “official” version) whatever it suits their purposes to claim you said.
      3) If you disagree with the Form 302 they add a Sect. 1001 violation (“Lying to the Pigs”) which you have no way to contest (see #1 above). Thus you plead out to whatever they made up or face an additional trumped up charge of perjury.

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  3. I have been highly critical of Jeff Sessions for unnecessarily, or at least prematurely, recusing himself from any investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with the Russians. At minimum, Sessions should have informed Trump of his intent to recuse and offered his resignation (due to poor health), thereby leaving the decision to Trump. Trump would probably like to fire Sessions, but there’s no way he could get another AG confirmed in this environment.

    Similarly, Rosenstein moved way too fast in appointing a Special Prosecutor. At minimum, he should have waited until Comey’s testimony was delivered. The appointment of a Special Prosecutor guarantees this shit show over nothing will haunt Trump for his entire first term, which will likely be his only term.

    Comey should be indicted, but I suspect Sessions will cuck on that one. Comey will go down in history as a lion of the left, propped up by the MSM and the Democratic party.

  4. The FBI hierarchy did themselves a grievous disservice,who would trust them to be impartial,find facts,not make them up or entrap through a friend.

    Yet no serious questions from republicans on the committee,if coney was so uncomfortable he had to take notes after the fact why didn’t he just resign,msybe because there would not have been a 10 million dollar book deal!

    He made comments to justify a call for a special prosecutor ,of course a former director of the FBI,of course he met with him first to get his story straight…collusion!

    The FBI is known for one thing them above all else it’s always someone else’s fault they never take any blame even for violating the law….

    It’s the system that is corrupting our institutions and politicians,who have forsworn their Oath of Office.

  5. Decisions decisions.

    “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
    ―Morpheus to Neo [src]

  6. Sure sure. You say you took “meticulous” notes.

    But did you make them CONTEMPORANEOUSLY?!?…. Huh? Hmmm?


    Ha ha ha that was my favorite part. Like how are contemporaneously made notes even real?! N[&&@ just ask the witness questions. Like refresh his recollection or impeach but he’s available and testifying.

  7. I make that point by having a typed “memo” in my office files which along with the date, etc reads “Had dinner with Scarlett Johansson March 12, 2012, followed by stimulating evening at the opera.” Fun to watch someone try and explain why that is obviously nonsense (unfortunately) while any other memo is taken as true. At least if you want it to be.

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