The Cowards of Tours

You’ll notice men rarely miss an opportunity to present their failings as flattery. That’s because failure offers an easy and established path, while success may involve discomfort and name calling from those who’d prefer you not have it. And since we are prone to both leisure and self-praise, it should be little surprise how unselfconsciously they are combined. Though I think more consciousness would be helpful.

That was my thought in the now-perfunctory aftermath of Britain’s ongoing tick-tock terror attacks. Each one spawning a proliferation of platitudes like fungi after a rain. You, of course, know the genus: calls for more unity between those who want to kill and conquer Englishmen and Englishmen who’d rather they didn’t. Granted, that common ground is a narrow isthmus, but that’s why we have values, tolerance, and diversity. Whatever term you can entice the population to swallow, the key is to do nothing and do it flamboyantly. Thus, Hysterical Passivity has become the standardized European response to having its ancient people’s entrails land in plates of linguini.

One vivid example of this frantic stupor appeared in a London sign posted hours after the carnage, glaring down at the bloodstains. I didn’t think to capture the image, but from memory it said something to the effect of: Have the courage to keep loving.

Ahh, the warm praise of cold cowardice. Because feigning love out of fear isn’t actually courage at all, but its opposite. “Have the courage to keep loving,” is more honestly written as Have the cravenness and apathy to not resist. But since such candor falls heavily on the ego, we seek narratives that frame our folly in more flattering light. Courage and loving feel far more affirming than terms that would emerge from an honest assessment.

It’s almost comical to imagine that actual courage is what the political-media axis is trying to foment with its similarly rote exhortations. Is courage what we now call the fear of saying anything that could get you fired? Is courage the meek acquiescence to “hate speech” restrictions? Is courage mouthing any platitude to avoid a public ‘ism frenzy? More specific to the topic, is courage the act of pleading with aliens to be more economical with their slaughters? If so, Charles Martel was surely Europe’s biggest coward.

Being a submissive supine cultural bootlicker offers many modern advantages. Considering yourself courageous really shouldn’t be one of them.


17 thoughts on “The Cowards of Tours

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  2. Thoughtful. Truthful. Well reasoned.

    I am proudly Islam-o-splodic. Wisely fearful of carnage wrought (wreaked??) by the festering culture of Iz-Blam!! Either through the use of actual explosives or malevolent evil rage.

    And the follow-on moral preening & fecklessness of our ‘wouldst be moral “betters”. Who are truly our modern day people of The Courage!!

  3. Have the courage to keep losing. #whattheyreallymeant
    That “loving” crap probably came from sodomists, who defend and disguise their multitude of villainous and plague-spreading acts by coopting the word “love”.

    • From Alex above: “Have the courage to keep losing. #whattheyreallymeant
      That “loving” crap probably came from sodomists, who defend and disguise their multitude of villainous and plague-spreading acts by coopting the word “love”.

      So does it mean that cornholing is the answer to Islamic terrorism?

      • Depends on what industrial power tool you use to cornhole them. A posthole digger should get the Self-deportation ball rolling.

  4. To die while sending your enemy to the grave is an act of cowardice; to commemorate the act with flowers and Teddy bears is an act of courage.
    I would rather think that the true act of courage would be to bring the Teddy bear to the gunfight, but I admit that I am a bit old fashioned and stuck in my ways.

  5. Is there a word more misused and abused than “love”? It’s cited as the reason and excuse for all manner of hideous, idiotic and pusillanimous acts.

    • As you know already, it was Scylla vs Charybdis, with the the awful knowledge that your fellow voters are going to steer you on to one or the other. Remember the first sentence of Enoch Powell’s great speech in 1968: “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils”. Just flip that around and you’ve got today’s universal ideology – inflict as many preventable evils as possible on your grandchildren.

  6. Not British, but despite all the doom ‘n gloom headlines the Tories won, and with the support of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionists they will be able to form a majority government.

    Under normal circumstances they (Tories) would move to ditch May for doing much worse than expected, but with Brexit negotiations starting very soon they probably don’t want to rock the boat too much. So May is likely safe as PM.

    I liked May’s last minute idea about getting rid of some human rights laws in order to fight terrorism. Frankly, most humans don’t deserve any rights, especially Muslims. Let the deportations commence!

    • I fail to see how allowing foreign squatters to remain in your country even falls under the banner of ‘human rights’. There is no fundamental human right to sneak into a western nation and then sponge off its taxpayers for the rest of your life while constantly bitching about how racist and evil they are, and perhaps eventually killing a few. The only human rights that would be ‘violated’ by deportations are made up to begin with.

      The only human rights I see being violated are the rights to not have to pay for third worlders to live in your neighborhood while living under he constant threat of one of them blowing you up or running you down with a car.

  7. Yes look at the dignity of Little Jebbie, or is that diggity? Lets love the rapists that look kinda like his son with the maid at Motel Six. Because misery loves company and real men laugh at that clownboy. Or Wacko Bird “songbird” McCain who escaped being shot cause his Daddy was an Admiral and now is a professional traitor. Leave the treason to the professionals, cause they have nothing to lose.

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