Apology to Enoch

In nineteen hundred and sixty eight, a prophetic speech was made. A pol named Powell saw a future foul, so he would have to be flayed, my friend. He would have to be flayed.

The gates were flung and the Paks flew in, as fast as allah could fly. But it was all good since our virtue stood, and it wasn’t me to die, my friend. It wasn’t me to die.

The years unfurled and the mosques grew thick, a kebab in every hand. But our tongues stayed still as prison is no thrill, and the hate speech had been banned, my friend. The hate speech had been banned.

But hate is a thing in every man’s eye, and theirs is surely not mine. So when Rigby’s head never found his bed, well we did not have the spine, my friend. We did not have the spine.

Now the bell tolls every week, our florists and morticians do well. They swarm from around the globe, don’t be a xenophobe, and try to ignore the smell, my friend. Just try to ignore the smell.

When I think back on that visionary man, a tear tickles the eye. As his river of blood has become a flood, it is now me who dies, my friend.

It is now me who dies.


14 thoughts on “Apology to Enoch

  1. Teresa May, Prime Terrorist Collaborator of the UK, announced that the real problem is not the murderous muslim savages (which the treasonous ‘British’ politicians imported into the UK) killing Brits in the street on a daily basis. The real problem is people exposing what actually happened and who was actually responsible for those deeds, on the Internet – totally bypassing the Lügenpresse, and the officially sanctioned version of what happened (which always excludes the pertinent facts, for some odd reason).

    We’re the real monsters.

    I look forward to reading, presumably somewhere on the internet, Theresa’s future obituary, describing in lurid detail, her savagely violent death – over the course of several days – at the hands of the muslim-run rest home staff.

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  3. Well versed, Porter.

    A few of us took the opportunity of yesterday’s Free Speech Rally in Portland to substantially redirect the narrative.

    • If that were true, they would have framed Iran or Saddam Hussein.

      The fact that Sunni jihadists were the culprits was a major embarrassment for the establishment.

  4. From an interview 20+ years after Rivers of Blood, “The solution he claimed was repatriation on a large scale and the cost of doing this in welfare payments and pensions was well worth paying.”
    $5000 and an iPhone loaded with western porn would be a pretty popular inducement for Ahmed & co.

  5. Very nice poem : )

    The Rigby terrorist attack is particularly egregious although it’s easy to lose track.
    Rigby’s co murderer–Londoner Adebolajo– was convicted in 2006 of the no big deal offense of assaulting a police officer
    He was well known to police who weren’t following him of course.
    In 2010 he was arrested trying to enter Somalia and join al Shabaab
    Thank God he was hustled back to London. Stopping resident terrorists from leaving to fight for ISIS is our one area of great diligence and success. (Here is where we have the spine)
    No need to watch him while in London though because police determined there was no evidence he was planning a terrorist attack.
    Co-terrorist Adebowale was deemed mentally ill after attempts to attack and spit at police officers. What else could it be?

      • To be fair, you are expected to have three-ways in France. They even coined a word for it.

  6. Wow. I am really impressed with this poem, and I’m printing it out and putting it up all over the place at my job. Of course, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, but so be it. It’s my duty.

  7. I love it. Great work.

    While things may look bleak for us (both in Europe and across the Occident) the very fact that Powell is becoming a folk hero or legend among a decent subset of the population is a positive sign.

    We need our own Che Guevera types to memorialize (to fight in the name of though, not to sell tacky shirts like the liblabs).

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