The High Cost of Education

Thinking about the ongoing series of Trans-Atlantic diversity murders, one of the more sobering realizations is that there is no bridge too far. There is no injury, insult, or florid spray of intestines that would catalyze a broad public inflection point. The elasticity of tolerance appears infinite. The outrages, large and small, month by year, hospital by cemetery, leave no lasting impression. Victims and their lives are promptly buried by the media as if no more than a beetle’s dung. While Emmet Till still bathes in sympathy 62 years later. The fact is that there is no “minority” behavior capable of penetrating the modern gospel. There is no MOAB for the liberal mind.

Of course the most flamboyant muslim exercise was the legendary aviation mishaps of 9/11. This being an outrage so unforgivable that its demographic source was punished with ruthless migration increases. If Ahmed had only been astute enough to commence his carnage a generation earlier, he’d likely enjoy an American majority by now. Though it appears the lesson has been earnestly taken to heart in Europe. Massacre after bloodbath, European governments respond to their constituents’ swarthy assailants with gates wider than an empowered woman’s legs.

But *freedom isn’t free, and neither is a North Atlantic caliphate. And so the British government is obliged to not only import and quarter enemy infantry, but to install a massive surveillance infrastructure to keep the Thames merely pink rather than red. And so it was after Manchester, like all its gory predecessors, I read British government promises to bolster its anti-terror force even more while simultaneously unloading plane loads of Levantine reinforcements.

That led me to wonder how many Englishmen bother to peer past their distinguished patrician noses. A man named Sadiq Khan is already vizier of London. What do prim anti-racist Brits think will become of their security apparatus once it is firmly in the hands of colonial Islamic administrators? Does no one wonder about this? Is math, and its electoral manifestations, deemed to Euro-centric for public contemplation? Well I’ve contemplated it in their stead. And what I’ve concluded is that the focus of European “anti-terror” efforts will shift dramatically once they are under the stewardship of non-Europeans.

No matter how counter to one’s ecumenical worldview, the possibility must be considered that muslim political leadership will not primarily target muslims. In fact, I think future white minorities will be astounded at how briskly “anti-terror” efforts pivot toward those more resembling anti-regime, anti-infidel, and anti-apostate. All of which are certainly more terrorizing to a muslim majority than the periodic splattering of despised kafirs.

And yet Westerners maintain the blithe expectation that an alien civilization can be imported to protect them from itself. I am skeptical that any presumption has ever strained against observable reality with more vigor. Though mere lunacy is not nearly sufficient to alter public policy. And neither will be its next macabre result. Most men never learn; they are only learned from. If there’s any Europe left in the ashes of liberalism, there will be no deficit of educational opportunities.

*particularly when it’s defined as the freedom of foreigners to elect American puppets and migrate here in mass when those aren’t found palatable.


18 thoughts on “The High Cost of Education

  1. Logic and reason left the classrooms years ago-we’re seeing the results across the world today. Journalists,who fancy themselves as deep thinkers and stalwart defenders of all things Just and Noble,are little more than a retarded 5th Column,eating away at Western Civilization. They venerate the very instruments of our own destruction. It’s madness. Look at South Africa for an excellent example of barbarians voting themselves into power.
    Thank you,Porter,you’re a light in the darkness.

  2. They may not be thinking about this demographic reality and its consequences a couple generations from now, but their occupying force certainly is. Take Erdogan from turkey, extolling his exports to ‘have not 3 children but 5 children’ when they get to whatever EU country they are traveling to. They muslim govts and interest groups know EXACTLY how this ends.

    I go back and forth on whether this is just mass stupidity and delusion, or it’s being done by design. Probably it’s both. Those pulling the levers of power know what’s going on, and are relying on the continued stupidity of a majority of their populations to remain stupid until it’s too late.

    I’ve read before that London has more surveillance cameras than other city on earth. I give them maybe 2 generations before those things are being used to enforce Koranic type things such as making sure all women are wearing head scarves and shit like that.

    • I know someone who extols every left-wing cause to liberal perfection. She drives a big SUV and foregoes recycling, but like all good environmentalists, her heart breaks publicly on Facebook whenever Trump cuts a regulation. She’s very safety conscious regarding her children— spends hours fretting over car seat installation and organic food preparation, but advocates for hoards of 3rd World invaders to infiltrate our country.
      You couldn’t convince her that this advocacy threatens the children she loves anymore than you could convince me to vote for Hillary. She is both stupid and deluded, but it seems the biggest motivation is the personal sense of smug her liberal positions provide, fancying herself generous, enlightened and loving. She doesn’t know what a good number of immigrants is exactly, but she knows that it should be more than Republicans allow.
      I see what’s in it for people like her. I still don’t understand what’s in it for the very few “pulling the levels of power.” A filthy, crowded, dangerous world offers bad views even for those who helicopter over it.

      • “A filthy, crowded, dangerous world offers bad views even for those who helicopter over it.”


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  4. I’ve read about history for most of my life, starting when I was 10 years old. It can be truthfully said that the most flabbergasting, incredible, stunning piece of surreal behavior ever cooked up by the fertile human imagination has occurred over the past couple of generations.

    While plenty of nations have succumbed to their enemies, I’m hard-pressed to think of any except the current crop of Europeans who embraced those foes with this slack-jawed suicidal imbecility, rather than going down biting and scratching. It’s truly a “first,” and not in a good way.

    • Rome actually did do something similar, and it was one of the things that helped their decline along. It is yet another parallel we share with the Roman Empire. They tried taking children from conquered tribes and raising them as Romans, thinking that if they were raised as Romans, and entered the Roman army, they would take to times ways and think of themselves as Romans. It didn’t work. One of them, Ariminus(I think) was an officer in the Roman army and used his knowledge of their tactics to defeat them, which caused them to leave what is now Germany.

      Sound familiar? Yet another one of the ways we fail to learn the very clear lessons of history, and mimic the decline of Rome.

    • Same here, I’ve been reading history all my life but can’t think of anything as bad as this. I hope the day of reckoning, when it comes, will be equally unprecedented.

  5. The elasticity of tolerance appears infinite.

    After everything that’s happened, the Muslims still trust us. It’s very moving.

    A young Muslim video blogger stood blindfolded on a busy Manchester street asking for hugs from passers-by just days after the terror attack killed 22 people.

    Baktash Noori stood by a sign which declared ‘ I’m a Muslim and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?’

    He stood with his eyes covered and his arms outstretched on the busy street on Friday.

    He decided to film the moving ‘social experiment’ and posted it on his Youtube channel

    • That is so inspiring. It makes me want to go downtown and put up my sign: “I’m a straight white Christian male and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?”

      Um… never mind. I forgot I have a job I have to go to.

    • Fackin ell. WTF does it matter if HE’s blindfolded? Blindfold every CCTV cam, and put all hate-crime laws on hiatus. Then we’ll see what Manchester is made of.

  6. Liberals aren’t thinking and don’t want to think. Liberalism is a religion based on “faith” not reality. This is why liberals are so angry when questioned about their policies. They can’t justify them objectively or rationally so they resort to insults or bike locks.

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  8. On March 22 as EMTs worked to save lives near Westminster I was on a lunch break, and I chose to sit around and debate liberals about the issue on a certain forum.

    The leading light among the leftists was this surprisingly pleasant and earnestly cheerful fellow who had lived his whole life and was living to this very day in his beloved city of London or Londonistan, perhaps the very heart of Western surrender to Islam. He did not resort to calling rightists “Nazis” or “racists” or “xenophobes” the way leftists almost always do.

    He and I went round and round for a few brief moments. He thought he had cornered me with his last point: “I know a good deal about Islam. And trust me when I say that it is in Islamic countries where terrorism hits the hardest.”

    I then pointed out the fact that demographically, Great Britain is on path to becoming Muslim-majority in a few short decades. “As you noted,” I wrote, “Islamic countries have the greatest problem with Islamic terrorism.”

    He immediately sent me a private message that it was an admittedly tremendous and sobering point that he had never once in his life thought about for one second. The debate was over and he has yet to ever return to that corner of the Internet (and hew as a highly active poster).

    I only bring up the story because it corresponds with Porter’s outstanding point here: many liberals just don’t think about the policies for which they tirelessly virtue-signal, and the ramifications of those policies. As Richard Weaver noted in the aftermath of World War II, “Ideas have consequences.”

  9. “…Of course the most flamboyant muslim exercise was the legendary aviation mishaps of 9/11.,,”

    I don’t want Muslims in the US but blaming them for 9-11 is foolish. On 9-11 three building fell. The third, building #7, there is no way possible could have fallen the way it did without some type of demolition. I will explain. On 9-11 Building #7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped beside it in free air for roughly 108 feet. This means the building had no resistance to falling except air. Impossible without explosives.

    All materials fall the same speed in a gravity field disregarding air friction which I don’t thing we need to worry about for a building falling. So the speed of our imaginary rock falling next to the building is just gravity related. The speed of the buildings falling, the exact same as the rock, is just gravity also. This means that there was NOTHING to slow the fall of the building. The density of the material under the imaginary rock falling was air. The building fell the same therefore the density of the material under the building was also air. We know this is not true. Building #7 was not hovering in the air. The lower portions of the building were demoed out from under it.

    It’s makes NO difference how big the fires were. The buildings density never reached the same value as air! The fires did not boil away the building structure where it was light as air! All the talk about damage, fires, this, that, all bullshit because the building fell with all four corners almost level the same speed as a rock in AIR. If a building falls as fast as a rock and the rock is falling through JUST AIR then the building is falling through JUST AIR also. Simple equivalence. 1=1, 2=2, big rock falling in air=small rock falling in air=building falling in air. One problem is people sometimes believe that a really heavy thing will fall faster than a lighter thing. Not true. Look at this video of the Apollo astronaut dropping a feather and a hammer on the Moon. They land at the same time.

    This is one of the best videos I’ve seen on the building #1 and #2. It’s by a Mechanical Engineer. It’s very interesting by itself even if you don’t believe in any conspiracy, it’s shows the towers, how they’re designed and there’s no hold your breath type speculation stuff.

    The Jews did 9-11.

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