It’s Just Another Panic Monday

Well, it’s that time in Europe. Time for heart-hands, candlelight, funerals, and earnest promises to do it all again next week. And doing it all again is precisely the pledge politicians are making with their rote assurances to never respond to their constituents’ routine dismemberment. Of course the British resolve to not succumb to divisiveness has occurred too late for millions of German soldiers in two world wars. Though surely Churchill must have given at least some thought to disbanding his military during the Battle of Britain so that he could defiantly say to Hitler: “You’ll never take away our tolerance!”

But late is better than never, I suppose. And so now the brigades of Allah do their grisly work not only unmolested, but with the British government’s cooperation in crushing any native resistance. It’s all for the sake of social comity, of course. As obviously limbs being divided from torsos is considered the mildest form of social divisiveness. I mean it’s not as if muslims have suggested a racial component to IQ scores, or anything nearly so injurious to the British way of life.

Though since we now operate with the benefit of a large and rapidly expanding sample size, some very accurate predictions can be made from last night’s carnage in Manchester. Those being 1) more imported muslims, 2) more state protection for and collusion with those Muslims, and 3) more legal oppression of those opposed to Muslims. This to proceed on a linear path upwards until next week’s Muslim atrocity, which will promptly steepen its trajectory further.

The reason Europeans can rely on this treasonous behavior from their political leadership is that they will tolerate no other. Every western people have had ample opportunity to elect representation less fervent in its contempt for them. And in practically every instance they have blanched at the thought. In doing so, they have thus chosen the virtuous glow of their children’s obituaries over the anguish of racist accusations. Absolutely nothing in this regimented program of population replacement will be altered until the courage can be summoned to step bravely into a voting booth and pull a lever for concerts without nail-bombs while under withering fire from the Guardian’s editorial board.

Though unless and until that hill is taken, Brits should keep practicing their heart-hands in the mirror. Ahmed will appreciate the gesture as he’s strapping on his vest.


47 thoughts on “It’s Just Another Panic Monday

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  2. A truly excellent take on the absurdity.
    Thanks, Theresa May. We were all on the edge of our seats waiting to be reassured that nothing would change. Whew.

  3. My favorite part was when all the main terrorist collaborators in Manchester got on a stage, before the assembled cameras of the world, and defended islam – before the blood of the murdered children had even dried.

  4. ISIS said in their statement claiming responsibility, “The explosive devices were detonated in the shameless concert arena, resulting in 30 Crusaders being killed and 70 others being wounded.”

    *Shameless* ha ha they sure got our number. They attacked the ideological soul of the modern Left: a soft-core interracial porn/propaganda skankfest firmly aimed at pre-teen girls, and on a school night to boot.

    The (((media))) seem more muted about this attack than usual, which is strange considering it hit them right where they live. Exactly 4 years ago when Fusilier Lee Rigby was almost beheaded by another Muslim, the media pretended to care about that, even though they obviously could give two shits about some white army guy.

    But this attack, specifically targeting children, their children, and they can’t wait to change the topic back to Trump or whatever. The Leftists must be asking ISIS, in their deepest thoughts, how are my daughters going to grow up to be promiscuous mudsharks with multiple non-white bastards if you keep killing them first?

    • Well said. If you fathers of young daughters who are reading this think you can somehow evade the issue, think again. And again. Your children are pawns whether you realize it or not in the global struggle for dominance of the (((elites))) over your everyday lives.

      • It was a fake bomb, no one died.
        Loads of videos on youtube revealing the scam, it was ultra-amateur too, with loads of obvious holes.
        Those in power (behind the scenes, not the pols) first invited the Muslims, now they are creating the bogeyman.
        They know what lies ahead economically (the bursting of the 100 year debt bubble), and like the 1930s, they need distractions and war.
        What’s most surprising to me is that the alt-right writers buy it all hook line and sinker.
        They know how to yank your chain, will you crawl to their heel?

      • So, the “elites” have instituted the Kalergi Plan to muddy our gene and swimming pools, and now they’re setting off #fakebombs — to what end? To pry Whitey from the boobtube, to beat his plowshares into swords and transform the Persons Of Crap into Rivers Of Diarrhea in the streets? How exactly does this benefit the “elites”? Current Year demographics and politics will prevent us riding out a Greater Depression in peace and cooperation. Shots will ring out everywhere, and once that genie’s been uncorked, he’s coming for the “elites” too.
        We have a conspiracy guy at work, who told me yesterday it was fake. But he talked even more about illuminati hand signals and freemasons and the numbers 33 and 666, so I’m owed a modicum of forgiveness for not being terribly inclined to independently research his #fakebomb theory. The alleged 8-yo girl’s alleged faceberg post, reading “OMG we’re going to Manchester?? Just kill me now!1!!” was tempting, but not enough.
        Yes, alt-righters are dutifully believing the myth Santa Claus told us: that pagan savages, who profess to hate us to death, are trying to kill us. Kek on a cross, why do people try so hard to turn Occam’s Razor into an infomercial-grade food processor? It slices! It dices! It sucks your cock!

  5. Shockingly, there is no actual “heart hand” emoji. This must be addressed urgently. How ever will I be able to signal my solidarity

  6. The west is suicidal. It’s unreal.

    Another angle degenerate leftists are pushing: this was an attack on strong, empowered, female sexuality. They just have to turn everything into fuel for one of their bizarre, reality defying causes. The opportunism is as disgusting and immoral as it is stupid. The orlando attack was really about homophobia. Other terrorist strikes are about gun control. Now this latest attack is really about women. Their explanations are illogical, agenda driven rationalizations for continuing to hate straight white men and healthy societies that favor their own. These masochistic maniacs would rather watch their children die than be thought intolerant or racist.

    People that pride themselves on their sensitive intellects and respect for others refuse to listen to what other people actually say. When a muslim says he intends to kill westerners because his religious beliefs compel him to do so, leftists say, “no you don’t, that’s not really it. We know the real reasons. We’re at fault for not loving you enough. We have bigots in our midst. We deserve it your contempt. Come on in, you’ll like it here.”

    Of course people are posting everywhere that being afraid of attending more crass pop concerts means that the terrorists have won. We can’t let the terrorists win by not consuming stupefying, juvenile pop music. I have a simpler method for not letting the terrorists win: get rid of them. Kick them all out of Europe and America. Hunt them down and expel them. Kill the genuine article terrorists and just ban the “moderates”. We don’t need any kind of them here.

    • What astonishes me totally is that these 22 dead girls have 22 fathers. Not ONE of them is enraged enough to exact hideous revenge for this? Apparently even killing their child can’t rouse even a spark of defiance in these soggy noodles. Revenge for wrongs against one’s family is as ancient as humanity. And these spineless, faceless creatures just shrug and shuffle meekly forward when their little girl is butchered? ALL of them?

      How did they manage to abolish basic human nature?

      • Great point. I guess we’d have to walk in their shoes to understand, but I have to think I’d be finding crowded Friday prayer venues if it were my daughter. It must be the same way I think I’d put the codeine drip on 11 if my kids had to change my diaper if I had terminal cancer. Lots of us say it, but I don’t hear many instances of it happening and I think I would.

      • And what would that accomplish? It’s hopelessness. They get imprisoned with actual monsters who will probably murder them and the news headline reads “White Supremacist Neo-Nazi murders innocent Muslim victims: Why we need to have a conversation on .” The entire apparatus of the state is against them and in cahoots with invaders. They have no real allies with any real power. The only thing they could possibly do is begin arming themselves with, say, concealable pistols and trying to assassinate and get away with as many random invaders as possible.

      • @Post-irony Poster
        I’m not saying it would accomplish anything at all. I’m just astonished that humanity, which has a long, long history of avenging the murder of blood kin with assorted gruesome means, to the point where it appears even in our literature, should so utterly change to meekly accept the butchery of their own flesh and blood.

        And if they’re hopeless, then that’s MORE reason for that to boil out, not less. What do they have to live for in that case?

        Do they have no anger any more? Are entire parts of their brain missing? Even a rat will bite you if you try to take its young. Yet these people just shrug.

        Presumably they don’t care in the slightest for their kids; it’s a matter of indifference to them if the kids live or die. One gets the impression that if a Muslim broke into their house, threw down a loaded rifle in front of them, then grabbed one of their kids and started dismembering the same with a large knife, these slimy cucks would just look sad and go make a cup of tea, and watch the dismemberment without picking up the rifle. Possibly film it on their iPhag and then post it on FaceBerg with some mewling about how they hope this won’t cause hate or division.

        My contempt for the entire British people is reaching levels that shouldn’t even be possible.

      • Fathers used to take action against those who would harm their children. I remember when this happened and I applauded the father’s actions.

      • I would much rather have my (hypothetical) rape go unavenged than have my father go to jail for life.
        It would be nice to see the Right just work on narratives. Porter is one in a billion on that front. Tucker Carlson is pretty good. It’s quite a long shot that it would change anything and half the time I think we’re just fish in a tank as Marshall said, but the random vigilantism strategy is heartbreaking.

    • People that pride themselves on their sensitive intellects and respect for others refuse to listen to what other people actually say.

      Our real error in such a case is that we do not know or care about the creed itself, from which a people’s customs, good or bad, will necessarily flow. We talk much about “respecting” this or that person’s religion; but the way to respect a religion is to treat it as a religion: to ask what are its tenets and what are their consequences. But modern tolerance is deafer than intolerance. The old religious authorities, at least, defined a heresy before they condemned it, and read a book before they burned it. But we are always saying to a Mormon or a Moslem–“Never mind about your religion, come to my arms.” To which he naturally replies– “But I do mind about my religion, and I advise you to mind your eye.”

      G.K. Chesterton

  7. The worst thing about living in the declining era of a great civilization is knowing that you are. — Robert A. Heinlein.

    i gotta disagree. knowing that you are is bad enough but knowing that the vast majority can’t or won’t see the writing on the wall…. friends, cousins, co-workers. that is still worse.

  8. It’s like we’re unwinding human evolution in fast-reverse. Zoologists scouring Western Europe in September might find only some pale belly-crawling salamanders scuttling about the floors of Westminster.

  9. It’s rare that I disagree with you, Porter, but I do a bit here. They are well past the point of ‘bravely stepping into a voting booth’ and putting an end to this. If our recent election has proven anything, it’s that voting is a wholly unreliable way of solving anything. We thought we were voting for an end to this nonsense over here, and nothing has changed. If anything, it’s gotten worse, as we have now attacked the only country that seems to be actually trying to defeat this ideology, and just agreed to a record breaking arms deal with the country that supports this ideology more than any other.

    Trump is proving every day that we aren’t voting ourselves out of this. Would Le Pen or Wilders have actually done what they campaigned on? Maybe, but I guess we will never know. What we do know is we elected trump to end this very thing and he is actively making it worse.

    • Gator is right. Ballot boxes aren’t going to do the trick. It will take militias roving the countrysides.

      • “It will take militias roving the countrysides.”

        And constantly dodging drone strikes? This isn’t Tora Bora; we’re the ones who can’t escape.

    • My thought was that people who won’t even do the smallest, easiest thing to defend themselves have little cause for complaint or justification for more vigorous things.

      But yes, Trump has been extremely disappointing on multiple fronts. And the correlation between campaign promises and elected policy is frequently enough zero to make even that small, easy thing appear pointless.

      Though on the other hand, why is Budapest not putting girls in boxes today while Britain is? The answer is largely because Hungarians stepped into a voting booth and Viktor Orban came out the other side. Similar could be said of the other Visegrad states as well. The nail-bomb free results of an Orban-style leadership being a state of affairs the Austrians, French, and Dutch have all recently rejected.

      If you vote for nationalist candidates, you may or may not be able to win this war without fighting. If you vote for the globalist left, girls in boxes (or groomed for Paki sex gangs) is your implicit policy preference.

      • Or it could be that Hungary isn’t fully under the control of, shall we say, certain interests and that their political system, media and all other connected institutions aren’t fully converged and compromised yet.

      • The two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive.

        I’ll expand on that. Maladaptive liberalism grows best in fertile soil. The same populations inclined to vote for Macron/Merkel candidates are the same ones most receptive to being converged or actively aiding the effort. Thus the political and institutional powers tend to move in harmony. Tend not being a synonym for uniformly or without exception or resistance.

        Some regional populations offer quite arid soil for political and institutional liberalism, and so must be fertilized with bayonets. You can be assured there are drafts presently circulating for regime-change in Hungary if Soros-style propaganda ultimately fails to find purchase.

      • People have consistently wanted immigration to stop but candidate which explicitly state they will stop it have never actually occurred. Only the most lukewarm of intimation of doing anything about it has occurred with the likes of Trump, Le Pen, Wilders etc. but none of them even when elected actually do anything about any of the real problems. Any candidate that gets to the voting stage seems to be pre-vetted for a uniparty consensus in basically every country with massive immigration problems..

        As tinfoil conspiracy theory as you may think The Learned Elders of Zion is, everything in it down to how they plan to control the political systems seems to be playing out, including fake candidates they control.

      • My thought in response to Marshall, above, is that at some point armed revolution becomes the least bad alternative. Perhaps while we’re all choosing between playing catch with your wife’s son, or armed revolution, playing catch with your wife’s son is the least bad alternative. But what if the decision is between crowds yelling “Kill the Boer” outside your fence, or those drones your worried about?

        And as to Porter, I agree with you, to a point — I thought we went into the voting booths and got our version of Orban. I’m seeing now that our version is Orban isn’t quite so Orban. We aren’t France, in the sense that we explicitly voted for our preservation, or at least I was doing so six months back. If voting won’t accomplish what I want, then I’m going to start evaluating other options. I am not idly waiting on the feral mob outside my fence singing “Kill the Boer”.

      • I don’t think anyone gets it yet. Think of drone technology (and a dozen other things) as the equivalent of being the lord of the fish in your own private terrarium. The fish can mount no effective response to the fact of being in the tank, and their owners in control of it. We are the fish, they are the owners. It’s all very well to persist in the illusory rhetoric of “revolution” or “resistance”, but technologically, there’s no such thing. We’re obsolete in that regard. What then?

      • It’s astounding you could confuse Trump for Orban — or even Orban for someone who gives a shit about anyone but Hungarians.

      • Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for “x”. But there’s no effective response to what they can muster. There just isn’t.

      • @Marshall — You have to slow down with the black pills over there. And it’s not that I don’t understand what you’re saying, it’s more that I don’t agree with you about your aquarium comparison. It’s not that we’re fish, and the other side has plenipotentiary power because they’re the humans, it’s rather more like we’re the humans who built the tank, and we’ve spent the better part of sixty years trying to be like the fish.

        And if you’re trying to suggest that a the various non-whites in this country could somehow assert their will over the white majority through use of military force including drones, I would tell you that organized white men are the all time world champions of organized violence. Besides, if whitey is off in the woods, how would Jamal and Jose fix the drones if and when they broke, exactly? All that security apparatus you are speaking of could not continue without white participation.

      • Merely having white skin in common with the people paying for, building, commissioning, and manning drones – and all manner of advanced military tech we’re not talking about, and against which there is no conceivable resistance – was never, and certainly is not now, any guarantor that we’ll be spared, or that the state of affairs I describe isn’t already what we’re living under. Such security apparatus is as useful to me and you as the phalanx, the testudo and the blitzkrieg were to the other white people on the receiving end of such tactics. There will always be divisions among whiteskins; Jamal will never be left completely alone to regard complex machines like a chimp the scientist’s puzzle.

        Like I always say, brushing this off as “blackpill” is a callow alt-right rhetorical dodge that no thinking man will mistake for a counterargument. It sucks, but there it is. I still cannot believe people have such difficulty overcoming this resistance in their own thoughts, as though the world beyond one’s little lighted box yields to facile, general expressions about white people being brilliant, masters of organized violence, “waking up”, and so on. But I forget how I got here, and you’re absolutely right that I need to slow down. Cheers.

      • @Marshall — I gather from your comments that you don’t think voting offers any real hope. I also gather that you’re skeptical of any sort of more active resistance to our dispossession. It sounds like you view the situation for whites as hopeless. What, if anything, do you think whites can do then? I’m genuinely curious.

      • Sounds like the Marshall’s solution is to either submit utterly to the All-Powerful Overlords or to commit suicide. Which suggests that he’s a rather-more-eloquent-than-usual demoralization agent — or, to put it more succinctly, a troll.

        Or he’s trying to draw people here out into sufficiently detailed statements about illegal resistance activities that they can be arrested. Or perhaps a bit of both.

        I view him with the same suspicion I would direct at someone loudly declaring themselves to be a (((fellow white person.))) “Hello, fellow fashy people, what things are you willing to tell me on this fine fashy day? And of course, it’s my very fashy opinion that the situation is hopeless — you just need to fash up and recognize it. Fash.”

      • Drones are a luxury, afforded by the operators and their families living 12,000 miles from the targets. On the home playing field, that luxury will be bloody expensive.

      • For voters in Britain, the choice is limited to ‘globalist lite’ or ‘globalist extreme’. There is no equivalent of the FN in France or the Party for Freedom in Holland..The political establishment in the UK in not in any way, shape or form, nationalist. Indeed, they hate the very idea of a ‘British’ nationalism and they would have zero compunction about using any means necessary to crush any sign of a native revolt.
        The future of the West is in the balance, and one can effectively do nothing unless we want to start our own political party.

      • @Martyn Davies

        It’s not really even possible to start your own political party with right-wing nationalist policies here in the the UK. The state will merely classify them as extremist and make it illegal.

        This group is an example, lead by a Christian nationalist:

        It’s not a surprise that a certain influential lobby introduced hate-speech laws into the UK decades ago is it?

        No, politics isn’t the way things will change here. If they ever change, it will be via other means. By enough men realising where the route of the problem lies, and driving it out. Go to the National Library and read the translation of the original Magna Carta. When it refers to free men, it only refers to the nobility, not serfs. Read it, it’s an eye-opener.

  10. Eastern Europe is more reasonable about accepting refugees. Latvia and Lithuania, for example, protested the double digit amount they were assigned–most of whom didn’t stick around anyway because the benefits weren’t as lavish. I don’t dispute the white guilt phenomenon, but it seems to have a financial division. The relatively poorer countries of Eastern Europe don’t want the refugees and the refugees don’t want them.

    Liberal ignorance of basic math can’t be over-stated. These people en masse are dumb. They really have no clue that if you import Africa you get Africa. No Medicaid, no student loans, no special treatment for the poor.

    If they could understand what Latvians understand—refugees will make me, personally, noticeably poorer–their generosity would shrivel on the spot.

    It’s probably why Soros had to step up the mobs to drown out any discussion. Don’t think. Throw a Molotov Cocktail.

    • Eastern Europe gets way too much credit. They want nothing more than to have the “wealth” the west has and will make the deal with the globalist devil to get it. They way they grovel to NATO is disgusting and as we know wherever Uncle Sam goes the pozz follows in his wake. The college educated in EE increasingly hold the same insane views as their idiot fellows in the west and will soon be running their countries into the abyss.

      My country, Ireland, was considered poor only thirty years ago, now we have an Africa day, get lectured on white privilege and worship non-whites same as everyone else in this satanic empire. Only financial armageddon and the end of (((American))) power can save us.

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