We All Float Down Here

Readers are probably aware of today’s Disney death ride through Times Square. In it a now-customary white hispanic drove at-speed into a crowd with the intention to kill. At the conclusion of this endeavor, a very pretty white girl was left in the custody of coroners, and some 20 other barely alive bodies were left to lie in varying states of mangle. Though if any of those NYC victims feared their liberal family would rage at their injuries, those concerns were immediately alleviated by primal outbursts against the real culprits: right-wing Internet commenters.

Apparently some exotic theories about brown men murdering whites with vehicles (where would they have even come up with such an idea?) led to early speculation about a Muslim assailant. Then once it was learned the suspect was named Richard Rojas, some wondered as to his immigration status. This was considered to be typically irrational racism given there were probably fewer than 895 illegal aliens named Rojas within a half-mile of the carnage.

So after all the conjecture about Muslim truckers and Mexican squatters, what a poached egg on the face of alt-righters to learn the assailant was a regular legal American, just like you and me.

In dredging through liberal twitter for reactions, this was the one most common in composite: Ha ha he was a US citizen, you bloated imperial wizards! This exceeding the number of expressions of ambivalence over the murder of a teenaged girl by an approximate ratio of 100-0. Putting nazis in their place takes priority, you understand. Whether or not today’s broken survivors are nazis depends entirely on whether they believe this man is a white hispanic:

Of course the adjective “white” isn’t a racial description anymore, but a moral one. White hispanic means a hispanic who is natively good by virtue of being a Central American, but has fallen into whiteness by virtue of being evil. For those wondering, this isn’t actually why Washington crossed the Delaware.

Though what most warrants ridicule is the leftist elation at the legal status of Richard Rojas. It’s beyond their plane of reasoning, but crowing that he is an American citizen is an indictment of their creed, not a defense. I don’t know when the progenitors of the Rojas line first breaststroked the Rio Grande. Or if that swim was a more lengthy one from Puerto Rico. But at whatever point some federal lackey stamped their greasy papers wasn’t actually the point when something not us became so. It’s interesting that belief in alchemy of metals (turning lead into gold) was long ago consigned to quackery, while belief in alchemy of humans has never enjoyed broader appeal.

So to say men like Richard Rojas are citizens is to say citizenry has never meant less. It is to say that having millions of strangers with stamped papers is not congruent with having a nation. It is to say that whatever legality results in teenage girls being smeared across the streets by white hispanics is one long past its usefulness. It is to say there is a material difference between real blood and fake countrymen. Especially when one is running down the storm drains.


25 thoughts on “We All Float Down Here

  1. I always found it somewhat strange whenever liberals trotted out that particular line whenever the latest ravages of diversity miscarries itself.

    Do they ever really stop to think about what the true implications of what they are saying actually are? If anything, to say men like Mr. Rojas are americans, that muslim bombers in france or england are umpteenth generation ‘naturalized citizens’, is *emphatic proof positive* that in the end blood is always and ultimately more essential than magic dirt or constitutions or ‘proposition nations’; that no amount of largess, sinecure, or redistribution, will engender any deep or abiding loyalty to the host nation over their own; that *even the most strenuous, intensive, long duration* assimilation schemes are ultimately futile and pointless wand-waving in the face of such fundamental forces.

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  3. I find it incredibly ironic that the people often the victims of these motor vehicle “accidents” are Liberals. I am sure the casualties from yesterdays carnage were mostly Liberal in their thought processes. You don’t see these kinds of attacks happening to conservatives in upstate NY. The same type of people slaughtered at the Bataclan, eagerly voted for Macron, that I can tell you. That’s why I am more convinced then ever that Liberalism is the new religion for these people. It is more important to be seen as devout to their beliefs then to be actively engaged in the preservation of themselves and their communities. The reward for this devotion however is not life after death in heaven but instead the instant gratification of congratulations on social media for being such a good disciple.

  4. How appropriate to call the scenario a Disney death ride–a chosen and financed thrill. Because we love legal immigration, I hear. Here are some fine quotes from better-than-average-GOP-our-team-Senator Ted Cruz:
    “There’s seven billion people on the face of the planet, and an awful lot of them would like to come here. Now if they want to come here legally and follow the law, great.
    I believe in the rule of law. You know, at the end of the day, these principles aren’t complicated. When it comes to immigration: Legal, good; illegal, bad.”

    No one ever mentions what America will look like with even 1 Billion people, much less 7.
    The quest to crowd beautiful America is zealously and religiously pursued. The first question to ask is why we want a crowd of anyone, much less clashing cultures.

    Stepping aside from your most important theme of magic wand countrymen— something very sinister and very uninteresting to elites is happening with incarceration. Mr. Rojas assaulted a cab driver, admitted it and said he wanted to kill all police. Charges were dropped. He should have been in jail instead of Times Square. Behind every murder of late is a multitude of lost opportunities.

    • Very good point. Try saying you want to kill all blacks or jews. Better yet, don’t try that if you’d like to see the sunlight again. Speaking of that arrest, did you know Rojas was booked as White only and not hispanic? White just meaning “bad man who can’t be traced directly to Africa.”

      • I did notice that. He was booked implausibly as simply white–and became a part of the statistic about white men and mass shootings. My faith in statistics is newly shattered : )

      • Time to revisit those NYC firearm crime stats (roughly 89% black, 9% mexican, 2% white). The 2% may consist entirely of (a) police, and (b) Rojas-Americans.
        Since Trump is so enamored of Democrats, there must be a non-negative, non-zero chance he will follow the footsteps of The Great Peanut, and single-handedly cede some US territory to a foreign power. Namely, to give Puerto Rico back to Puerto Rico. Necessarily, he should also revoke the citizenship claims of every native PR, and send them back.

      • Not just White, but explicitly “Not of Hispanic origin”. What a joke.

        This is also an indictment of the prior Cuckservative creed “I”m only opposed to ILLEGAL immigration”, which is the only reason Liberals even try to pull the “Ha, ha. He was here legally so this was No Big Deal.”

  5. Self-inflicted wounds are frequently re-opened. What continuously strikes me as odd is the lengths to which an average white person, not even an archetypal liberal or progressive, will go in order to crush and subordinate other white persons. My pet theory, the one I held for most of my life, was that “whites,” were simply too broad a tribe to have any solidarity. This seems to work, but one notices almost no group solidarity even at the localized tribal level among them. It doesn’t necessarily end pure individualism, but whites appear to be an evolutionary oddity that so promotes ideological cooperation that it has now obliterated other forms of solidarity.

    Treated as this kind of biological affliction, I believe the only logical conclusion is that whites will whittle themselves down into an increasingly small diaspora until the population develops enough of a non-ideological identification to sustain itself.

    • The WEIRDOs evolutionary history of small nuclear families and disdain for cousin marriages left them, well, pretty weird compared to much of the rest of humanity. That lack of group identity, that desire to see a brother as no more or less than a stranger, ain’t cultural, it’s genetic.

      It was a useful trait when building nations from scratch, because you could trust strangers. 10 million people could all work together and mostly all be relied on to not fuck each other over to profit this or that individual clan or family. The benefits of this to the smooth operation of a state would be hard to overstate. Look what the WEIRDOs did to the rest of the planet when fighting and conquest were the norm, after all. Look at which direction migration flows today, which countries people want to flock to.

      In this modern age where invaders mostly show up with empty hands and sad stories, however, a fatal flaw in the system manifests.

      • Except the absolute nuclear family protestants from the north aren’t the only ones behaving this way. It is something afflicting all white gentiles with few exceptions. White solidarity among even Catholics and misc. cultures are all based on ideology and when your identity is based on ideology, the ability of your group to be abused by anyone professing some part of that ideology is profound.

      • If you talk about this insurmountable fact too much our side will inevitably “out” you as a bitter defeatist — or a Jew, depending on the degree of neurosis.

      • Oh it’s worse than that, Lentini. I’m a liberal by temperament. All that universal equality shit always really spoke to me. It still does, even.

        But I always took it as an abstraction or an aspiration. Call it racism, HBD, or common sense, I always grokked that people were different. That different groups of people were different. I thought, and thought everyone else thought, that calling them all equal meant a great deal more than a simple denial of this clear fact. I thought it embodied a philosophical position, a determined acceptance of everyone, a declaration that being a fellow human was such an important fact that trivialities like intelligence or tendencies of behavior were rendered irrelevant.

        Imagine my surprise when, in the midsts of heated debate, I threw this definition of “what we really mean” into the teath of a conservative and was promptly shouted down as a fascist by my till then. Turns out, they really were just ignoring their lying eyes, and they ment exactly what they said in the crudest possible sense.

        The truth will win out as it always must eventually, eyes cannot lie forever. The question is, when society has to face the facts on race, whos line do I want to be backing?

        And so now I wander these here halls of Hate, because I know what the Hate line will be. As ashen as this stuff might be in my mouth from time to time, I fear liberals forced to accept biology might do something *really crazy*

      • It won’t matter much where one draws rhetorical lines as one after another bloated non-white nation pops, sending the effluent hither and yon for “muh human rights”. Come to think of it, it doesn’t matter now: Syria was the perfect object lesson in what we get for two centuries of intoning that “Malthus was wrong” and pretending we live in an infinite world — and as always, the lesson has not been learned. Some lessons are just too painful, even as the costs of ignorance bury us. At some point it stops being about something called a “Hajnal Line” and more about keeping one’s own head above the tide engulfing everyone.

      • Marshall Lentini- I would not claim to know whether or not the problem is insurmountable, but I am Jewish and do not believe the observation defeatist on it’s face either.

  6. America is more than an idea or a set of revisable documents. At the core of the country is a people. The trouble is that it’s a people now diluted, distracted and demoralized beyond recognition. If that cretinous murderer pictured above is a native born white american then I’m the Pope.

  7. The fact that they call this haskardly mongrel (thank you, ER Eddison) “white” really makes you wonder about “white” crime statistics in general, doesn’t it?

  8. Well said Marshall Lentini. The population explosion is Earth’s greatest menace. Naturally globalists are in relentless pursuit through immigration, welfare, health care, agriculture etc. You keep having the babies, World’s Poor. We’ll pay for everything.
    Naturally faux environmentalism has been cast aside as a pet cause of the Left and replaced with the less troublesome gender management.
    I don’t think they noticed.

  9. @ Issac, “when your identity is based on ideology, the ability of your group to be abused by anyone professing some part of that ideology is profound.” Thank you Issac, I’ll take this as a confession. The wonderful thing about nature is that it ALWAYS corrects mistakes and returns to a balance.

  10. Meme of the day…
    “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.”

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