Work Done in Daylight

The Potemkin Election was held in November. Now the Washington establishment is caucusing for the real vote. There’s really no other way to describe what is taking place in DC presently than a claque of vomiting mandarins. The media vanguard of which being the blog of hyper-plutocrat Jeff Bezos, which features the unintentionally ironic masthead slogan of “Democracy dies in darkness.” Maybe, but undoing the results of democracy is work that paper does in broad daylight.

It’s unfortunate more people don’t notice how quickly liberal universal democracy-mongers become Jim Crow the instant those middle-class heartland niggers make a deplorable choice. Of course the sole point of installing an Infinite Franchise is to assure the imperium of its selection through a high-low coalition against the middle. It’s a pernicious strategy, but one that works. Soros has money and malevolence, while BLM/antifa have ganglions attached to nerve endings.

Except against all odds this time the strategy didn’t work. And that throbbing carcinoma on the Potomac has displayed its grace in losing by going utterly ape shit from second one. To be fair to malignancies, Trump has provided far more motivation to his enemies than his supporters of late. And that’s been his failing. That along with being undisciplined, impetuous, and thin-skinned.

But in his defense, none of us can comprehend the barometric pressure of his position. The presidency is several Earth gravity’s to begin with. Though much fewer when the press fawningly carries you about in a sedan-chair. But that was Obama. Trump has practically the entire political, bureaucratic, and judicial firmaments arrayed against him. This fact speaks far more grossly of our rotted institutions than of any choice of the people they unanimously despise. And Trump doesn’t even find respite in his own residence; the White House being a viper’s nest of leaks and lies.

Unfortunately, his shrinking radius of trust is compressing the presidency into a pantry of family members, neocons, and jews–sometimes all three in the same person. This cadre may honestly be loyal to him, whether out of blood or proximity to power, but who certainly hold no loyalty to the constituents that elected him. And these constituents are the only 63 million friends Trump has.

If Trump sought counsel from the Kakistocracy, I would advise him to jettison twitter, toss out every Goldman Banker, and start making routine and direct statements to the American people. 1) Establish a definitive agenda–I think Steve Bannon already has one available on his whiteboard. 2) Set-up project leads for each initiative, give them resources and timeframes for deliverables, and then set them to work. 3) Manage the projects and report on the progress. I presume all of this already takes place, though I’ve seen little evidence of it.

Though if novel to his approach, the process would put Trump in his native work habitat, focus the White House on defined tasks, and lessen the counterproductive squalling and drama. Of course this may not placate Trump’s Moscow handler. Though if Seth Rich was the source of Wikileak’s DNC Emails, then the “Russian election hack” narrative would be revealed as the dem/media stool it always was. And learning of more deceit from those venues would make tomorrow a fairly typical Wednesday.


21 thoughts on “Work Done in Daylight

  1. When I first heard about the DNC leaks, it seemed like the most obvious source was an upset internal employee with a USB drive in his pocket. Just imagine being at the DNC as a Bernie supporter, or perhaps you just have a sense of fair play that you think the other side lacks. Then you are seeing the e-mails of everyone as an IT admin and your illusion is busted. The system is working against your candidate, and even worse, it is so corrupt and rigged that there was never a chance.

    That USB drive slips out of your pocket and into the port. You copy over everything onto that $20 64GB USB key and walk out the front door. Game over and no need to speak Russian

    It could all be an elaborate troll by Assange. But surely there are enough interesting questions here that people should be asking them.

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  3. Excellent as usual. The rotten institutions are what those who elected him to dismantle,less talking more doing.

    It appears the new leakers are within the FBI and amid reports the now acting director led a number of FBI cohorts with earthy language stating first we get Flynn then Trump.

    The FBI does not stand for integrity but power and control and compliance only if their agenda is fulfilled.

    I’d rather wake up to see the new FBI headquarters located on the rio grand,let them secure our borders and interdict illegal drugs………Too much work for them no doubt they would be busy for years recruiting new entrappers ………..oops I mean informants..and justice for all except the FBI who decides in its closet that it is going to GET you!

    • The rotten institutions are what those who elected him to dismantle
      Those who elected him need to apply their voting skills at the Congressional level as well. The chances of this are remote, given the perpetual retardation machine powered by the rubes’ 90% Disapproval and 95% Reelection rates. And remoter still, if Trump continues riding his ’16 formula to victory by endorsing shitlicks like McCain and Ryan. That will really confuse the plebs.

  4. “If Trump sought counsel from the Kakistocracy..;.”

    If ever a man held the reigns of mandated power it was Trump. The vein he tapped to make his way to DC was/is the collected anger of millions of disenfranchised and downtrodden Americans who would have gladly stood against the evil he allegedly faced in his “Mr. Smith” moment. That he has not done EXACTLY what you suggest in your counsel speaks volumes as to his original intent in this farce. I did not vote for him or support him but had he called for Americans to arm and head to the border to shut it down after being sworn into office, I’d have gladly gone. So would millions of others. He didn’t. What a missed opportunity. Now we are careening toward a Brackenesque moment at warp speed.

  5. Why has there been no pursuit of the scalia assassination and the 15 million dollars that podesta mentionedIin the one email string? Maybe old seth had a problem with dnc murder for hire.

  6. What Trump did on the campaign showed he’s a great man. If he can turn this around now in spite of all that’s lined up against him he’ll be a legendary man. I know a campaign is not a presidency, but how can any of us look back on that 18 months and not feel a warm glow? There were so many times during the campaign that things looked in doubt, but he pulled it off. Maybe I’m naive, but I think he’ll turn it around.

  7. Excellent analysis of the dire straits of this administration and the nature of the enemy in its “high-low coalition against the middle.” It’s hard to imagine Trump’s frustration as a scandal is invented and perpetuated out of thin air. Everything has been taken from this man, including the security of his own residence–“a viper’s nest” indeed. He has one power left and it’s not twitter. The president has an audience and a platform. He should use it exactly as you suggest.

  8. Great comments. I’d trust all of you to get the job done better than the double-faced fucks he’s surrounded by, but that’s his own fault. I supported Trump, voted for him, and still hope he can turn this around. But first off he needs to get the Kushner’s OUT of the White House. Why is Ivanka involved in matters of state? It’s enough to almost say it’d put me off voting for him if I knew she was going to be making big decisions like invading Syria, and her husband who is part of a criminal “What’s Good For Our People,” citizen (and he doesn’t mean His Fellow Americans). WTF? She should be designing handbags and Trump should MAN UP. Where is the big tough guy we elected? Groveling to Paul Ryan Schumer instead of acting like an alpha male dog and saying “I don’t CARE what you say, I AM RUNNING THE SHOW” It seems we’ve lost again. SMH.

  9. Democrats are elated their boy Rosenstein has appointed a special counsel to prosecute the completely concocted “election hack.” There’s equal evidence that Rwandans or Rupaul as much as Russians “hacked the election.” Though neither of those parties were apparently as politically useful.

    A couple of additional points: Trump repeatedly allows himself to be surrounded by enemies while raging when they act like precisely that. His personnel selection and management skills have been abominable–and perhaps fatal to his office if not corrected about two months ago.

    A prime example was allowing a Rosenstein to occupy a position that could cripple him with discretion over something as potentially catastrophic as a special counsel. This position is essentially a grant of unlimited time and resources to investigate essentially anything. You can be assured this one action alone will effectively consume a year of Trump’s agenda if he’s fortunate. And that’s exactly why dems are cheering.

  10. PewDiePie has 55 million subscribers and 15 Billion video views. Porters step 3 of reporting progress should be a two part murder by Trump of traditional media by bypassing them in Fireside Chat style videos ( not Twitter) and calmly drawing the distinction each day between what his priorities and achievements are, and what the shrieking media is focused on. 3-5 minutes a day every day. Half measures like bringing Posobiec into the press room will not cut it.

    Separately, no president has been this opposed. He has to find some way to churn staff until he finds his US Grant for each executive function.

    Lastly, fuck that creepy, salon-doyenne David Gergen. That douche still thinks the “middle” is a position of virtue rather than one of bachi bazi to the Anderson Coopers of the world.

  11. Reacting to the special prosecutor news today, Trump called the Russia Concoction the greatest witch hunt in American political history. And he’s right. But who appointed the Rosenstein who just appointed the special prosecutor? Well, that would be Donald J. Trump. And now astonishingly he’s considering Joe Lieberman to run the FBI.

    I’m starting to think this guy is as dumb as his enemies accuse him of being.

    • Perhaps start with the premise we all believe, that there is no Russia/Trump “crime”. Add the assumption that Mueller is apolitical, and in short course determines there is no evidence of that particular crime, but there is ample evidence of leaking confidential information, using the intelligence community in unlawful ways, etc, all in the name of aiding the DNC. That is one logical path this could take if the world worked the way its supposed to work. Could be Trump “protests too much” and is really not at all bothered by this.

      • That’s possible. Though special prosecutors are typically disposed to justify their existence: I.e., to prosecute. It could be that Mueller turns the teeth of that inclination against now-cheering democrats. Though if I were were Trump I’d much prefer not to have my administration hanging on which direction Mueller decides to sniff.

        Pat Buchanan captures the situation with typical accuracy. I’ve seen several pro-trump personalities hailing this as some kind of genius jui jitsu. They’re whistling past the graveyard.

  12. I think what’s most disappointing to me at this point is Trump can’t separate his cause from his persona. He seems to think he was elected to be him. But actually he was elected to advance a cause. To the extent he makes his presidency about him it will fail. To the extent he makes it about advancing an America First agenda it will succeed.

  13. Trump is missing the “us against them” platform on which he campaigned. Sessions didn’t need to recuse himself on all matters Russia. That weakness, now being exploited, could culminate in the end of the Trump administration. What was the risk/reward ratio of that debacle? There’s no appeasing or winning-over the other side. No point in grand gestures of objectivity. Who doesn’t know that by now?

  14. I have thought at times I knew what Trump was doing but really I don’t. He sways back forth like a drunk. Lieberman to run the FBI??? I don’t know what he’s doing. Maybe he does have a plan but it’s way too complicated for me.

    Maybe he’s trying to get evidence against his detractors and is just trying to hold onto power by pretending to be on their side. Once he gets evidence he attacks or maybe not.

    I can’t imagine with all these Jews around him he’ll ever get anything done that will benefit me and my people. That includes his son in law and daughter especially.

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