1,2,3,4,5 then them bailiffs don’t take no jive

It’s remarkable how quickly knowledge atrophies when not continually nourished. Professionals who were once state-of-the art can retreat into also-rans just through the easy labor of indolence. It requires constant study to stay abreast of any competitive field.

That’s why I feel a bit sheepish in reporting on how far I’ve drifted from the intellectual razor’s edge of black female congressmamas. So much in fact I didn’t even realize one of that caucuses esteemed empresses had actually lost reelection in November while under indictment for a battery of offenses that distilled down to filching thousands of dollars from a fraud charity. Looks like the schvartzes are starting to learn the trade.

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.) — Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown was found guilty on Thursday of taking money from a charity that was purported to be giving scholarships to poor students.

The jury’s verdict came after prosecutors put on a detailed criminal case that outlined a pattern of fraud by Brown, 70, that included using hundreds of thousands of dollars from the One Door for Education Foundation for lavish parties, trips and shopping excursions. She was convicted of 18 of the 22 charges against her, including lying on her taxes and her congressional financial disclosure forms.

Now I’m not at all surprised by Ms. Brown’s happy hands. These being part of the rich african tradition of politicians like William cold cash Jefferson and the now at-large shakedown whelp. What I am very surprised by is that–contra that rich tradition–she was actually turned out by her constituents. Though certainly criminal hopes remain high for her successor.

Though this little squib post is less to fume at America’s rich tradition of embarrassingly dumb and corrupt black representation, than as a reason to laugh at just how dumb we’re actually talking. So for those previously poorer by its absence, enjoy this timeless address by former representative Corrine Brown. I think Tim Tivo would be proud.

It was malice the most the presha that I was unda


7 thoughts on “1,2,3,4,5 then them bailiffs don’t take no jive

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  2. Great crapping cow, she stood up and rambled about this bullshit in front of the congress of the united states.

  3. Just you wait. The existence of white judges is now an unprincipled exception that I predict will be done away with within the next 30 years (and only take so long because we have to wait for some of them to die).

  4. Where you have black governance, you have crime. As the night follows the day. Whether at the school board, the city council, the state house or the White (I object to this racist term) House. There are arrests made all the time of blacks caught for petty thievery, hands in the till and such. Mostly, they are local stories. The national press has no interest in these tales. And then of course when you have blacks take over a gubmint top to bottom, say in some smaller town, well who is going to bother enforcing any rules when everyone is on the make?

    This is the price one pays. The only good thing is that blacks are generally too lazy and too dumb to close on a big heist (despite all those black computer whizzes we see in every Hollywood heist film). There is no Bernie Mac Madoff about to appear in the local city council of (95% black) Tuskegee, Alabama. But you can be dead certain sure the grift is on in full swing.

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