The Alt-Right Don’t Care

If you haven’t read a word of this interminable panoply of hissing and histrionics you’ve done better than me today. Compiled by New York magazine, it is apparently intended as a cutting-edge catalogue of the abominable alt-right and its myriad associated degenerates and pathologies.

I consumed a sufficient percentage of it to override a senate filibuster before concluding that yet another author’s word scramble of the same accusations wasn’t going to aid my understanding of just what makes alt-righters so wretched. Is it their “shocking racism” or their “straight up white nationalism?” Hey, it’s both! What a relief to not be faced with difficult choices.

We learn that alt-righters are teenagers, and believe me ladies when I say my refractory periods are just as brief. They are also obtuse, alienated, outcasts, who are particularly gullible to voices offering too-convenient solutions. That’s the nature of a right-wing dissident: readily swallowing propaganda from any source other than the entertainment, education, and media industries being broadcast every hour of his life from the day he is born. Take those sources out of consideration, and alt-righters are practically tin-soldiers.

It’s a necrotic meme at this point, but I couldn’t stop myself from hearing the venerable homosex tenor of the Honey Badger’s narrator.

Now here’s a houseful of pieties. You think the alt-right cares? It doesn’t give a shit. It goes right onto social media with its hate. How disgusting is that? Oooh, it’s so nasty. But look, the alt-right doesn’t care. It’s getting called racist like a thousand times. It doesn’t give a shit. It’s angry. It doesn’t even care about being called racist. Oh what crazy fucks!

It’s practically verbatim.

Liberals actually face a fairly insurmountable hurdle when pretending to offer a dispassionate taxonomy of their insect opposition. This being that they are obligated by convention and consequence to seethe, posture, and ululate rather than analyze. A leftist writer can’t endeavor to understand and describe his antagonists in careful and accurate terms, since doing so threatens to call his zeal and contempt into question among peers. Zeal and contempt being forms of liberal social currency, as precision and circumspection certainly are not. Thus decorum demands its ritual denunciations. And if you don’t lavishly denounce all the Hitlers, then a Hitler just may be you.

As a result, what might have been honest and subsequently fruitful efforts by leftists to comprehend and mitigate alt-right appeal are squandered entirely by indistinguishable displays of mandatory clucking. This self-restriction on making lucid evaluations of your enemies happily accrues to their detriment. Further, it becomes no more than the sound of singing from a hymnal to neutral observers. All of whom may conceivably be receptive, but tend to tune out the stanzas they already know by heart.

Probably the only entry I found remotely invested in the ostensible enterprise was this:

Based on the interviews I’ve been doing, members of the alt-right are definitely higher educated [than most Trump voters]. It is a movement that is pretty technologically literate, so it is qualitatively different from the KKK of a generation ago. What some have speculated about, actually within the alt-right itself, is that one of the causes for its growth is that there is a growing number of very skilled and rather talented people who are not of the social status that one might anticipate given their levels of education. So they’re very well trained, very well educated, and they have a lot of time on their hands. So it’s maybe a lot of people who got good STEM degrees and ended up moving back in with their parents. One of the key ways to destroy a budding radical is to make him or her firmly ensconced in the bourgeoisie. Once you are dealing with mortgage payments, you’re not spending time on the internet trying to foment revolution anymore. Part of the problem is this large population that has time and has skills, and it’s angry. There are people who are quite bitter about their experiences and the alt-right tells them that they have answers for them.

The alt-right tells them they have answers for them. This in contrast to the Washington Post, which just offers readers the raw facts and encourages their faculties to take it from there. And even though this piece remains shackled to the left’s desperate spiritual need for unworthy adversaries, it at least diverts from the comforting canard of basement dwellers. The alt-right may be intelligent (is this writer Hitler?), but they remain sullen underachievers (relief).

That’s about as contemplative as this 800,000 word treatise gets.

Though it would undoubtedly be a debilitating datapoint for libs to learn that many of their antagonists are socially ensconced professionals who own the basements they reportedly sleep in along with many other conspicuous capital goods. Fortunately that possibility hasn’t even been considered. And I’m not going to give it away.


25 thoughts on “The Alt-Right Don’t Care

  1. Its hard to get a good handle on how many of your opponents have careers when anyone who has a career risks losing it if they admit to being your opponent. You cant scorch the earth and also expect honest answers to polite questions

    • So true. Ever had the good luck to take part in a compulsory Diversity Training in your office? I had that chance. Radicalized me more than they could believe in their wildest dreams. According to them, if I do not jump for joy if a nigger fucks my daughter, I am a racist without a chance at redemption. I did not ask the lady if it was written and official company policy, though.

      • It doesn’t matter what they think. A lot of us are getting that. It can’t be stopped. There is no weapon they have that can stop us.

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  3. How amusing that the left’s own culture of denunciation and deplatforming has made it nearly impossible for them to understand us or even accurately gauge how many of us there are. The left no longer understands us. And increasingly does not understand itself. Whereas we understand them, and are finally starting to understand ourselves.

    • I had a similar thought when reading the linked piece, which I did, despite more or less knowing what it would say. I’ve never read something written by someone who was that self absorbed while also that completely un self aware in my life. They act as though these things happened in a vacuum, with no reference at all to what caused the alt right to come to being. Hilarious. The less they understand us the better

    • Lots of leftists will switch sides once they understand we are just against white genocide and pretty much agree with them on everything else.
      They just don’t know about white genocide yet.
      So tell them.

  4. The author completely misses the larger point. There are certainly racial and ideological differences to consider. But a better way to characterize the “movement” is: taxpayers vs taxtakers. A host can only support so many parasites. Ultimately, the dog cares not about the color of the fleas.

  5. “The Alt-Right does all the work while these elites just pick the scraps. They’re like ‘Thanks stupid! Thanks for doing all the work!'”
    Beginning to end, this vid describes us EXACTLY.

  6. Of course the left completely loses its disdain for angry, unintelligent, underachievers during every election cycle. Though their absolute reliance on a monolithic black vote couldn’t find its way into the coverage.

  7. The best analogy for the alt-right is that we are the immune system of the white race.

    “They” are the infection.

  8. It’s incoherent for the left to say there’s hidden racists under every bedsheet, and then in the very next article claim only backwards losers are racist.

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  10. Excellent article – and for an example of what becomes of liberals who dare to demonstrate the slightest understanding, see Michael Tracey, who is now regarded in liberal circles as a probable Russian agent, or at least a (gasp) Drumphkin.

    As for Bezos’ blog, let them call us basement-dwellers, albeit smart ones. If only we could aspire to such lofty heights as interning for the Lugenpresse!

  11. ” This in contrast to the Washington Post, which just offers readers the raw facts and encourages their faculties to take it from there.” I laugh at the “…just offers…raw facts…” Blew the whole argument right there.

  12. The lie that alt-righters are stuck in their parents’ basements or are jobless is meant to maintain the status quo the same way communist regimes did. If you believe that all the people around you are leftists, you won’t speak up. There are some true believers, while others are reduced to seeing who can cry the hardest when (Supreme Leader dies/hate “crime” occurs/someone voices dissent). Anything but letting you think the well-balanced, high-achieving individual in the next cubicle could be part of the alt-right.

  13. LOL. What a pack of morons.

    They still don’t “get it”

    The evidence is right there in this line:

    “One of the key ways to destroy a budding radical is to make him or her firmly ensconced in the bourgeoisie. Once you are dealing with mortgage payments, you’re not spending time on the internet trying to foment revolution anymore. Part of the problem is this large population that has time and has skills, and it’s angry. There are people who are quite bitter about their experiences and the alt-right tells them that they have answers for them. ”

    The reasons they’re giving that they think people should NOT became “radicalized” – are EXACTLY the reasons why I BECAME “radicalized”. I think the seed was always there, especially since I had to work my way thru school – and I looked around and saw other people getting free shit and having a great time while doing it, but working a more than full time job, paying a mortgage, actually building my own house – with my own hands – while doing those other two things – and being part of the bourgeoisie – while at the same busting my ass doing all those things – again: while looking around at the country increasingly taking from me and giving away to those who do NOTHING or less than nothing …….. is pretty much exactly why I became a “radical”.

    I’ve been reading libertarian leaning stuff for twenty years now. When the “alt right” started becoming a thing last year – I have to admit one of the first thoughts that came into my head was: where the hell did these guys come from? It’s like there’s all these people out there who think pretty much the same stuff I do – but I didn’t even know they existed and there’s been evidence of them having existed for all the time I’ve been out there pushing these ideas.

    IMHO – if there is blame to be cast for the “alt right” – the finger points directly to the left. They’ve been pushing their bullshit for far too long – and they have jumped the shark with the direction they’ve been going in for the last 8 years or so.

    The article is correct – we don’t give a shit. That’s exactly how I feel and have felt for quite some time now. I’ve been telling people for at least ten years that the correct response to political correctness is to double down on the behavior they’re objecting too.

    Apparently a whole bunch of other people figured out the same thing – and here is what I think is the crucial point: THEY FIGURED IT OUT ENTIRELY ON THEIR OWN – before there ever was a ‘movement’.

    To me – the real power of the alt-right , is not that it was started by one messianic figurehead that people just fell in line with. It was a bunch of people who all came to the same conclusion, started posting their shit on the internet – and finally the roots started all growing together and connecting until all those people figured out they all thought the same thing.

    That’s a “movement” that is going to be really hard to stop. There’s no “head” to kill to make the body die. It’s more like one of those massive fungi that they’ve discovered that literally cover square miles but live mostly underground so figuring out the true size of it is really hard.

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