Nice Circle You Have There

Concentric circles of interest and loyalty are one of the most fundamental elements of sentient life. As such, it’s consistently irritating to watch even intelligent commenters take positions in apparent isolation from them. Here is an example:

I have an interest in keeping my neighbor out of my wife. My neighbor and I have an interest in keeping Nigerians out of our community. Nigerians and I have an interest in keeping lethal pathogens out of a global pandemic. And lethal pathogens and I have an interest in keeping large comets out of the Pacific Ocean.

You will notice these alliances aren’t formed by, or contingent upon, the harmony of their internal components, but on the weight of external force. I don’t need to adore my neighbor (or Nigerians) to appreciate our mutual peril. In fact, reciting our points of misalignment and hostility would be a pristine example of accurate statements made obtuse.

I mention this because few weeks pass without my reading an opinion from some quarter of the dissident right disparaging the concept of white nationalism or a pan European identity. In nearly every instance, support is provided by noting the manifest differences of the manifold Western cultures that often enough don’t much overlap.

There’s a certain amount of compelling sway to this argument for everyone. If the America of my birth had been sealed in amber, I would have probably lavished my precious hate on white northerners: a group who would make great countrymen for anyone’s worst enemies. But the America of my birth is dead. And so nurturing cherished regional resentments is a luxury I’m too cheap to indulge. The point is, you don’t fight over trifles in a tornado.

Variances between Western peoples, while certainly no trifle to our eyes, are that precisely in light of the external force being applied to all of them. Scots and Englishmen may nurse a mutual acrimony as old as their island; but they are indistinguishable oppressors to the aliens busily taking it from them. Some natives will even say they don’t mind the encroaching muslims at all. But that’s the voice of solipsism speaking. The question more relevant to their continued health is “do the muslims mind them?” This being a question most whites are little inclined to pursue.

Yet being vividly minded by an exploding population of foreigners is what makes the concentric circle of mutual Western interests so particularly germane. And it doesn’t require us to like each other even a little to acknowledge it. It is in fact a display of extraordinary determination for two Europeans to stand on a street corner in Lagos and agree they have nothing in common. Who knows, maybe it takes a comet plunging toward the Pacific to change their mind.


25 thoughts on “Nice Circle You Have There

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  3. The problem with any pan white sentiment is not thst most whites are provincial, but that most whites are implicitly anti-white outside their own immediate circle.

    Hatred of Yankees, for example, is a proxy for hating anti-white universalist burned-over district whites who crusade against other whites with 90% of the zeal one might expect from a shylock.

    Conversely, hatred of Southerners is a proxy for hating implicitly pro-white authoritarian whites who, despite being 90% cucked by reconstruction, must always be scapegoats for the worst of white guilt, because slavery.

    In and around the alt-right there are plenty of whites on either side who have mutual respect and at least keep the bickering minimal. Outside the alt-right any appeals to white solidarity are rejected by fiat.

    • Is this really true? All kinds of whites–even Jews–set aside their differences when blacks move in. This was widely true in America’s cities in the 1950s and 1960s. You realize you have a lot in common when Jerome comes around seeking reparations and to bang out your daughters.

      • You must be blissfully un aware that Jews and Shabbos Goy founded the NAACP
        Or you post fact free for some other reason
        Either way your point is NOT taken

      • while Jews may not want to live around Blacks, and generally don’t, they are quite systematically formatting them – via the (((MSM))) – as an anti-White einsatzgruppe.

  4. It’s enough to make you want to form a Western Civilization self-preservation pact with the Jews.

    But…. nah.

    Fool me once and all that.

  5. I would note that a great many pissed off minorities, historically, have welcomed invaders as the enemy of their domestic enemy. These have often formed a fifth columns. Consider Ukrainians welcoming Germans during WWII or Jews welcoming Soviets in Eastern Poland. And, for that matter, Montagnards in Vietnam working with Americans against what was for many Vietnamese a nationalist war of liberation. Or more recently Kurds in Iraq working with Americans against their Sunni overlords (and now their American-installed Shia overlords).

    Sometimes this is sensible, but usually it ends in heartache, because the invaders are usually using the locals whom they are “liberating” for prosaic and selfish reasons.

  6. If there was not already a inherent concept of white nationalism or a pan European identity, none of us would have been concerned with the French election. We wouldn’t care that the French preferred to vote for a Rothschild infiltrator over a nationalist.

    We wouldn’t be horrified by the insanity of Sweden’s suicide by immigration.

    We wouldn’t cheer on Hungary’s Orbán, and the UK’s brexit.

    A pan European identity is already there, it just needs to be embraced, and pulled into the light.

    • Good points all, with the one caveat that the Rothschild candidate was likely helped to win the “election” via the same tricks of the trade used here in the USA; busing in “voters”, counting the votes of the deceased (maybe two or three times) and Diebold Corporation machines switching votes to reflect the wishes of the elite.

      • I agree. From what even the media published – let alone photos of the huge numbers of people attending Le Pen rallies – I think Diebold and Soros may have indeed stolen the election from the true choice of the French people.

    • The problem with your line of reasoning is that we really don’t care. I spent about $700 to fly to DC for the inauguration, for a bit more I could have flown to Sweden and helped them fight the muslims. I could have donated to LePen’s party (if foreign donations are legal in France, which I doubt but whatever) but no one is doing this. When I found out that Macaroon won I Didn’t care at all.

      No one actually cares about these memes, they’re just a way of virtue signalling, even for us. Especially for the alt-right. They’re just the result of the expanded meme war.

    • White nationalism/pan European identity is a distinctively American concept because of the deracination caused by immigration and rapid colonization of the frontier. This is not to say the white race does not exist, far from it, but any sort of white solidarity does not exist outside the US.

  7. Rhetorically skilled and well crafted argument. When I criticize white nationalism I do it from a more detached perspective, so I appreciate your sense of urgency. For me it’s a question of whether a broadly white or european identity can serve as the foundation of an organic, robust community. At some point you want to reestablish roots and build stronger links between the generations, you want stronger and more durable cohesion and I’m skeptical that just hating and expelling the darkies will be enough to bring any of that about.

    Sure, we can agree we don’t want africans here, but even without the africans or the threat of invasion there will be issues with the size and complexity of an abstractly white society. White people can come together to stop an invasion, but they will face problems with cohesion and continuity down the road. Then it becomes interesting to analyze some of the other effects of scale, of say technologically structured changes in behavior, without the same emphasis on racial antagonisms.

    • … I’m skeptical that just hating and expelling the darkies will be enough to bring any of that about.

      No. You may reasonably be skeptical that it will bring all of that about, but it’s a start. It’s a sine qua non. Like the bottom layer in Maslow’s hierachy of needs. The higher needs don’t even arise until the lower ones are met.

      The darkies have to go.

    • The preoccupation with the concept of “scale” is intrinsically anti-white.

      Every. single. one. of these peoples’ conclusions are invariably some form of “We can and ought to do nothing to save the white race because even if we do….scale!”

      So go fuck yourself.

    • There’s no abundance of white cohesion now. A few remnants are visible in the US response to various calamities. A terrorist attack in Europe (while becoming common) is still of greater interest than an attack in East Africa. A missing Caucasian child is a big news story; (Natalee Holloway is a household name.) These are visceral reactions that the propaganda machine has allowed to survive, unanalyzed through oversight or laziness.

    • Of course a Post-Brown America won’t be entirely cohesive and cooperative. What good would that be? We are competitive; that’s what MAG in the first place. If we hadn’t been muddled down and wasting half our resources trying to simultaneously feed fuck and fight the Persons Of Crap, we would’ve spent that enery one-upping each other until we’d colonized the Outer Planets.

  8. @empty subject, empty head is more like it. What a bunch of leftward white hating drivel. You don’t know if a broadly white or European society can serve as a foundation for a robust community? Who in Gods name do you think founded this country and built it into the envy of the civilized world? Let me give you a hint Einstein, it wasn’t Africans, Chinese, or aborigines. And don’t wax philosophical about railroad labor and cotton plantations, they provided useful labor, that is all. White Europeans were the driving force and impetus behind this great country. I’m not going to waste my time responding to the rest of your pussified pantywaist soliloquy.

  9. While I agree the forces without compel people in Europe to work together, what I firmly oppose is the creation of America 2.0 on European soil, dismantling (through intra-migration or massive mixing) the distinct nations which live upon it. Soviet history tells this story well, that attempts to level populations into one mass breed only hatred and resentment. The only path of European unity is in the temporary sense, due to the crisis at hand, and in the permanent sense, via religion. That’s all she wrote, and fantastical dreams of star-conquering, race-based superstates which bear no resemblance to the empires of history will forever be as fantasy-based as the 1000 year reich and the eternal dictatorship of the proletariat. This is what people are pushing back against, not the simple idea that we should work together. I am all for that 100 times over.

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  11. This is an excellent, pithy statement of the core of the situation. On the other hand, there is something to be said for getting people to realize that it’s not just about concentric circles and transitive, reciprocal relations. Groups have internal structure. Some families are overlapping but non-concentric. A group can have marginal, “eccentric” (i.e., outlier) or subordinate members who are *still* tied together by the same shared fate, the same exposure to common threats or shared safety.

    Getting across the idea about shared threats in terms of concentric circles is very important, and you’ve communicated it well. But the problem is that it encourages people to assume that *either* their group has a transitive, reciprocal relation to the other groups in the super-group, *or* the (intransitive) relationship in question is not one which reflects common interests and a shared fate.

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