French Vote the South Africa Plan

The French people deserved a choice in their country’s direction. And now they deserve the consequences. Some optimists will mention the doubling of Front National support from 17% in the 2002 election, when Jacques Chirac spackled the Le Pen patriarch by 65 points. I take little solace from such languid party growth trends. As little I imagine as a stage 4 cancer sufferer whose beaming oncologist advises a cure is just years away. The question isn’t will Western Europeans ever comprehend what is being done to them, it’s whether their situation will be salvageable when they do. The worst place to have an epiphany is at your own funeral.

Undoubtedly the French Haitians and Algerian Pieds-Noirs also came to see the benefits of right-wing reactionary politics. Whether that was before or as blades were being drawn across their throats no one can say with certainty. But what we can say is that at this rate of progress nationalists should be fairly competitive by the time the French are again being offered the suitcase or the coffin. This time from their own country.

All of which reminds me of reflections from a few years ago while touring the Louvre. I was struck at the time by the realization that none of its priceless antiquities have a future in their present home. The thought that a sullen Afro-Arab majority population would agree to pay for the upkeep of racist Euro-centric art seemed so implausible as to be ridiculous on its face. And so while strolling that facility’s endless corridors, I wondered if some of its more contemplative stewards had begun to fashion a South Africa Plan for its most sacred artifacts.

As most of you know, white South African officials sagely dismantled their nuclear weapons program before relinquishing the government keys to the Bantus. I presume the French will one day feel obliged to do the same once their demographic seed has come into its horrible bloom. And as its nukes are put to hammers and France takes her place in the Maghreb, I wonder if museum curators will execute a semi-clandestine effort to preserve the past as voters would not preserve the future.

I envision a convoy of armored cars en route to Budapest as laborers toil around the clock to make the Louvre’s public showcases more pleasing to Allah and the equatorial palate. Eventually the works of Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Van Eyck, and Titian will either will find sanctuary in the custody of their children or become the fuel of indifferent banlieue bonfires. Your history is none of their concern.

But until Macron’s wife reaches old age, Western antiquities should be safe to tell their stories of a once proud civilization. Or at least a civilization that was proud of more than just its merchant profits and self-abnegation. As I have mentioned before, brown people aren’t the only ones born with feet. And one day many of them in France will be trailing the Mona Lisa east.


16 thoughts on “French Vote the South Africa Plan

  1. Budapest? I like your optimism. Though I suspect the nukes will join their South African stepbrothers in the land of the six-sided pentagram. The art will surely follow, as soon as enough just-remembered testimony is secured from grandnieces of the Survivorcaust.
    I’ve actually been thinking of late about the SA arsenal. Watching their country being strangled and stolen over a couple decades, and knowing who the enemies were, it must have burned the generals beyond recognition to never fire a shot in retaliation. Why, then, did they not exercise a (((Samson Option))) of their own – against the foreign enemies, and/or the gorilla hordes just outside their mist? What’s the worst that could’ve happened? The U.N. sends mud-coated peacekeepers to slaughter all the Whites, rather than leave them to be slow-culled by the Subsaharan “””natives”””? Popular wisdom says the best way to avert foreign interference is to have a nuclear arsenal. It didn’t seem to help the Boer in the end. Maybe that rule, like so many, doesn’t apply to Whites.

    • It only helps you if you have the will to use it. Otherwise, it’s just a juicy target of opportunity.

    • What’s the worst that could’ve happened? The U.N. sends mud-coated peacekeepers to slaughter all the Whites,

      You’re not thinking. The problem was never the gorilla hordes. Militarily, we whipped them. The closest those “freedom fighters” came to an actual fight was when the SADF raided their camps in neighbouring countries. The UN is a joke. There is a YouTube video showing the pathetic shambles their “peace-keeping” force created in Sierra Leone, after a mercenary force of about a hundred mostly South Africans of Executive Outcomes had pretty much pacified the country, then been withdrawn for political reasons.

      No, the greatest threat came from our friends, the Americans. Our handful of nukes would have been no match for them. Remember Serbia?

      In the event, it never came to a fight. We were betrayed by our President, FW de Klerk, who gave away the farm. This was not what South Africans voted for.

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  3. An obvious antecedent to my forecast for the Louvre et al, is the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Here’s what fickipedia says happened upon Ottoman conquest:

    The bells, altar, iconostasis, and sacrificial vessels and other relics were destroyed and the mosaics depicting Jesus, his Mother Mary, Christian saints and angels were also destroyed or plastered over. Islamic features—such as the mihrab, minbar, and four minarets—were added.

    I can only presume regressive libs would cheer a repeat in Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur. But for precious civic conservatives, it would be fascinating to learn what aspect of Our Values they believe will prevent it.

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  5. Good post Porter, many are saying that was the last chance for France. I think LePen would have Trumped France faster than Trump is doing the US, so it makes little difference.

    And Macron is going to spend much of his one and only term defending himself in endless scandals, guaranteed.

    I didn’t know South Africa had nukes, or else I’ve forgotten that lol. Goes to show you how the nature of warfare has changed. Growing up we were taught that the nature of war always changes and that’s how America won our revolution. By adapting to the changes.

    Obviously nuclear and other conventional weapons aren’t helping the White race one bit. Didn’t help South Africa, aren’t helping France, and they won’t help us either.

    • Yep, because we won’t use them. We have the arsenals to defend each of our countries a thousand times over from the entire Third World. Yet they sit idle; the lion sits passively, refusing to use his fangs and claws, and is eaten alive by a horde of cockroaches that would flee if he crushed even a handful of them. But he won’t, because he’s decided that would be racist.

      It’s curtains for the White race.

  6. The white South Africans still have more balls and will than the frog surrender monkeys. The “white” party (the liberal Democratic Alliance, supported by 85-90% of whites) now rules 4 of the 5 major cities in SA. The “black” party (ANC) still rules Durban, but apres Zuma le deluge.

    Meanwhile Marine won only 2 of France’s 102 departments, the relatively unimportant Pas-de-Calais and Aisne in the northeast. Marion Marechal will surely do better in 2022, especially along the densely populated Med coast.

    After Austria and the Netherlands, now France, and soon to be the possible catastrophe of a Merkel reelection, it’s looking like an Anglosphere-Continental ideological divide is emerging between the forces of Patriotism and Treachery respectively.

    Besides Brexit and the Trumpening (and the DA’s urban wins in quasi-Anglosphere SA), in the New Zealand flag referendum 57% voted to keep the old flag, a big victory for white, British, Christian New Zealand. Wanting to change flags or get rid of the monarchy Down Under are sure signs of SJW assholery.

    Politically, and right around the world, 2016 was truly the Year of the Saxon. The garlicky continentals seem to have taken a different path…

    • The NZ flag referendum was a little tricky. There was a first round where the best candidate flag was chosen. Then, another round to decide whether it would replace the current flag.

      The candidate flag had lots of black in it. Some gook with an opinion on TV said if it was red instead of black all the gooks would have voted for it and it would have got in. (They think black=death) We have a lot of Chinese and Indians here. (Suffering the yellow death) They just didn’t like the black flag. Team flag change will no doubt run it past the chinks first next time to make sure. They will keep on trying, just like in Canada.

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