The Right Message Indeed

That’s exactly the right message, Rachel.

It’s not always the most conspicuous damage that destroys. Seconds after the Titanic suffered its fateful collision, the only visible clues as to its course were a few snowballs on the upper deck. It was only by looking under the waterline that an observer could predict the screams that would come. And what an observer would have seen was not an enormous gaping hole, but a long jagged series of cuts. It was the cumulative effects of these, rather than any one, that put tons of steel on the bottom.

The human psyche seems to be constructed a similarly. It’s frequently not a single extravagant offense that sinks relationships or movements, but multiple instances that can’t be stanched.

On a broad scale, Europe bears this out. Their Muslim colonists have made such a routine of blockbuster homicides, that this has largely been ruled out as a potential catalyst for waking narcoleptic natives. Unless Ahmed lays hands on a nuke, Europeans seem to have grown fairly placid about perishing by the dozen. Certainly they have not become so vexed about the carnage as to vote for a candidate who would stop it.

That’s probably because being murdered won’t happen to many of them (I’m not prepared to say most). But what will happen are the small daily cuts of diversity. The predatory African, the insulting Arab, the groomed neighborhood girls, the deterioration and abandonment of ancient public spaces, the relentless demands for more from those who only take, and the ever intensifying demeaning of European culture and history. All of which represent a row of cuts along psychic compartments straining to stay liberally air-tight.

A cut I haven’t yet mentioned is the one left by progressive degeneracy. As these are creatures who can only swallow while swimming, they must continually push forward for sustenance. Yesterday’s advance is merely today’s tradition, and so must be succeeded by more rapid advances still. That is how we went from expressions of mild disgust for homosexuals, to ordaining them as moral exemplars in one generation.

But championing men who sexually gratify other men in the women’s bathroom may as well be the Waltons at this point. The real civil rights initiative is to fully suppress the human gag reflex before it can mature. And that appears to be the present purpose of science.

I just saw this video for the first time yesterday. Doing so leaves one without the faintest confusion as to the attraction of remorseless reactionary politics. I watched it with the grim countenance of a man watching a black widow spider crawl up his leg. From a societal perspective it’s much less I wonder what this is all about? than Can I crush this thing before it kills me?

Reading around I saw that Malcolm Pollack had some thoughts, which were supplemented by one of our own occasional commenters, Epicaric, who put forth the following.

If the internet is to be trusted, Bill Nye is now 61 years old. I frequently subject myself to a mental exercise of questioning what I know and what I believe, and when I came to know or believe it. When I see a man of Bill Nye’s age and background I often wonder when they came to believe what they proclaim to believe, and how they came to believe it. In Nye’s case I am skeptical that his beliefs are long-held or based on principles that he has held developed through deliberative self reflection.

I think that it has been noted here that the Left suffers from a notoriously short memory. I think that this holds for both the institution and its adherents. Does anyone believe that Nye held these beliefs at 28, 35 or even 40 years of age? I don’t think so, and I don’t fault someone for evolving, as they say, in their beliefs. But these questions get at the core of who we are as humans. Publicly held beliefs today are not evolutions of beliefs commonly held on the Left of yesteryear; they represent a clear break from all but the most extreme positions of the past. It is the most grotesque of intellectual compromise as it is the handmaiden to an “evolution” of morality devoid of thought.

That’s perceptive and well-stated. How did a 61 year-old pseudo scientist arrive just recently at the most distant orbits of the left? It’s a question that doesn’t strike me as beyond scientific deduction at all.

As I have asserted many times before, most men espouse whatever beliefs produce profit and deny those that produce pain. In this sense craven men like Bill Nye are simply prostitutes performing science acts for their liberal patrons. His beliefs have evolved because fame and relevance required it. There’s infinitely more evidence of multiple distinct races than multiple distinct genders; though only one of these positions will secure a Netflix contract. That’s modernity’s rigorous scientific methodology.

Though I’ll return again to the quote that began this post: That’s exactly the right message, Rachel. That was Bill Nye’s pronouncement at the end of the video above. And in some ways, he may be far more correct than he would like. Because such grotesqueries just may be exactly the right message. The right message to generate absolute contempt for the johns and whores of leftist degeneracy. Maybe even enough to start spilling over the bulkheads.


25 thoughts on “The Right Message Indeed

  1. The Elder of Nye is just trying to stay relevant to his viewership, whoever that may be. If he slips off the gaydar, Morgan deFreeman Tyson, or the second-hairiest Kardashian, might claim his title as the Official Weimar Science Perxon.
    Either that, or they’re threatening to release photos of him with little boys. Or threatening to stop showing him photos of little boys. Kek on a stick, this guy used to do a TV show for kids, right? Some parents who let their kids be extras on his show have to be vomiting in their mouths right now.

  2. I just saw this video for the first time yesterday. Doing so leaves one without the faintest confusion as to the attraction of remorseless reactionary politics…. Can I crush this thing before it kills me?

    I must say, a rather muted and intellectual reaction when compared with mine.

    As to Bill Nye’s beliefs, my belief is that he’s always been a sodomite and anything that justifies a life of sodomy is justification enough for him.

    The science is clear.

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  4. I spent a bit of time watching Ms. Bloom’s show. Sailer had posted a few of her musical video segments (mostly a lot funnier than the turgid “muh sex!” video shown here) and he’d kind of recommended the show. Indeed, it was a fairly amusing bit of fluff, until it became completely clear that the main goal of the show, beyond the Grrrrllll power nonsense, was to promote race mixing. There is even a scene where (((Ms. Bloom))) imagines herself making babies with her Asian crush and while surfing photos of mystery meat children says, “Mixed race babies are the cutest!” and her fat white friend (who is deeply attracted to a black man not her husband) agrees enthusiastically (the same fat white friend who is constantly insulting her own white children with nearly homicidal glee).

    Now in real life, turns out Ms. Bloom is married to an Orthodox Jewish fellow whom she met at Passover festivities, and they are hoping to have little Orthodox children. Who, whom, anyone? In the same article that talks about Ms. Bloom’s nascent progeny, she notes, and I quote: “It’s an Ashkenazi thing, the idea of using your words as knives.”

    Well, she’s certainly self aware enough. Naturally, there are no questions directed at her about her race mixing propaganda.

    As for Ichabod Nye, the ghastly homo-skeletor, he seems even more committed than just a guy on the make who knows (((who))) butters his bread. I think sometimes if you pretend to be something long enough you actually become that thing. Or he was just that thing all along, and realized that as the zeitgeist got ever more accepting of depravity, he could ride the wave. Really, is it even POSSIBLE to push too far into depravity that you’d get a cultural smack down? Goodness, remember when that Pee Wee Herman fella basically lost his lucrative career for fapping off in a porn house? It seems like an entirely different universe, yet it was 1991. We have fallen fast and far. Today if Ichabod Nye were caught doing the same, they would stage pink hat protests in his defense and his career prospects would skyrocket.

    What a world, what a world.

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  6. Bill Nye looks slightly more out of his element than Hillary Clinton botching the Nae Nae with Ellen DeGeneres. (I wish I didn’t have any of these images in my head.) It was all very eerie, robotic and contrived. Taking vulgarity to a new low and getting a spinsterly seal of approval. The WHCD had a similar feel this year. The comedians aren’t funny and the media is having a hard time convincing itself it’s on the cool side.

  7. Bill Nye is a senile, useful idiot peddling anti social agitprop. I see his new show as a more desperate last ditch effort than a confident stride forward. This garbage suits a few already wallowing pigs, but will only disgust most people and push them even farther away from leftist style social engineering agendas.

    • I don’t recall seeing The Empty Subject around here before, but he has an interesting blog. I particularly enjoyed this piece.

      You can’t think for yourself before someone tells you who to think for, so if people tell you to think for yourself, that’s who you tell yourself you’re thinking for. Humans are apes, and apes are imitative. When you begin thinking, you’re imitating the thinker before you have time to think it through. You’re a Rodin sculpture rather than a free spirit.

      Society not only gives you instructions, it gives you models. So you can watch and learn to be a good critical thinker, and use signs to show others you’re not like the others. It’s a matter of attitude, posture, and style. It’s repetition of stock arguments and canned outrages. Stats when you need them and stat skepticism when you don’t. A full wardrobe for feigning, disdaining intellect to wear for every occasion.

      You read the right people and say the right things. You hate yourself enough for everyone else to love you. And then one day you lose the trappings of intelligence. Time teaches you that what you know intuitively is worth defending. You stop hating yourself, which makes others hate you.

      The fear of appearing stupid is stultifying. And it leads to embarrassing, approval seeking behavior. Break free, critical conformists, from the dogmas of the free thinkers.

      Very well said.

  8. Porter,

    I need some words of wisdom from you. I am choosing to ask you because you are highly intelligent, have a grasp of how the world works, and are willing to criticize anyone and any group no matter how protected they are.

    First, some background: I have been posting many essays and articles on another site about “unmentionable” topics – the influence of the Jewish lobby on Trump’s recent change of heart, the creation in large part by Jews of Marxism and Bolshevism, the speech by Benjamin Freedman about the influence of the Jews on the US regarding WWI and WWII, the Jewish push for mass immigration, the Jewish NGO’s helping “refugees” enter the EU, Barbara Specter and the Paidaea Institute of Stockholm, the false narrative of the Holocaust and how it is used to attack White Europeans, the hypocrisy and duplicity of the Israelis, etc.

    I have received far more positive feedback than negative feedback, and I am changing minds and opening people’s eyes, but a small number accuse me of being a vicious anti-Semite, a hateful, bigoted, piece of shit. They say that my views are ruining the site, and that (here is the crucial point) it is unnecessary to discuss Zionism and Jewish influence to understand and fight the destructive effects of mass immigration, Cultural Marxism, cultural degeneracy, US foreign policy, etc.

    So here is my question: Do you think it is important and necessary to point out the influence of the Jewish leaders and organizations (not all Jews, of course) that are weakening and corrupting the West, or is it a pointless exercise that just demonizes an ethnic group unfairly?

    Once I began to see how Marxism, Communism, cultural degeneracy, Zionism, Banking, the Propagandistic media and the push for the dissolution of national sovereignty all were connected to Jewish influence, suddenly everything started to make sense, and I could see all the connections and how all these dynamics were really manifestations of Jewish tribal behavior and their high IQ and high verbal abilities. It was like a fog lifted and I could see everything clearly for the first time.

    Then I saw the documentary “The Greatest Story Never Told” about Hitler and WWII, and it completely upended my understanding of WWII.

    So, either I am now a vile “anti-Semite” who sees conspiracy everywhere, or my eyes have been opened to a terrible reality that has been covered up through our educational system, media, Hollywood, and government.

    So back to my question. Is it necessary to discuss Jewish influence when trying to wake people up to the disastrous course the West is on?


    • Yojimbo,

      It is a native and adaptive human response to be “anti” anything that is hostile or harmful. Being “anti” their enemies is precisely how the ancestors of your antagonists survived through millennia to sire an oblivious posterity. Tribal warfare never magically ceased. And those who think it’s waged only with spears or bombs will be certain losers.

      As to your question: Do you think it is important and necessary to point out the influence of the Jewish leaders and organizations (not all Jews, of course) that are weakening and corrupting the West?

      Well, not at a child’s birthday party.

      I mean that only half facetiously. You have to know your venue and the appetites of those who own and read it. There’s almost a protective paradox at work. Those who need to hear it won’t stand for it, and those who will stand for it don’t need to hear it. How you bridge the threshold can be answered by every introspective man who has already crossed it. Though my only caution would be to feed babies baby-food, not steak tartare.

      • Very well stated, Porter. I’ve seen people in my circle start to come around, but sometimes I get impatient. I do think a person’s waking up is often slow, and looking back over the past 10 years I see that in myself. I’m not anywhere near where I was 10 years ago.

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone offering wisdom and help.

        Sadly, I tend not to listen.

        I posted this on a thread and I will need help or I will get my ass kicked in the comments:

        “It seems to me that the Deep State is mostly filled with “Neo-Cons”, which is a polite euphemism for Christian and Jewish Zionists, along with those in the pay of Israel or being blackmailed by Israel.

        These Zionist Neo-Cons are working hard to create chaos and instability in the Middle East and throughout the world.

        They do this both for the benefit of a Greater Israel, for the benefit of Globalism, for the benefit of a One World Central Banking System, for the benefit of a dumbed-down population, for mass immigration of Muslims and migrants to Europe to destroy National Sovereignty of European Nations, and to attack Russia (the last stronghold of Christianity).

        Sadly, I think that all these intentions and Deep State Actors are tied to Israel, to Pharisaic Talmudism (today known as Judaism), and to highly intelligent Jews working in a tribal fashion to further their collective aims.

        I hate to say it, but that is how it seems to me.

        The Deep State will continue its aggression and militancy until we strike at the roots. And the roots are the Federal Reserve, the Central Banking System, Israel, the Neo-Cons, and Pharisaic Talmudism (which must be discredited and reviled).

        I see no let up to this constant march to war and chaos unless the roots are named, attacked, and removed.

        World War III will start very soon. Whether the world can avert it is unlikely.

        Marxism and Zionism are twin evils that are devouring and corrupting the West. They have a single source.

        The Marxists and Zionists have seized control of the majority of the print media, television media, radio media, Hollywood movies, education, and the Federal Government. They have almost complete control of the minds of the citizens.

        The single media they cannot control yet is the internet, which is why there are so many “Anti-Semitic” sites, and comments, and material on the internet. The internet is the last stronghold where people are still allowed to speak the Truth.”

        I said this at this post (go to the bottom of the comments):

        If anyone wants to help buttress my argument, I would appreciate it. I am going to get viciously attacked.

        Sorry, Porter, for diverting the attention of your readers. I have to beg your forgiveness.

    • The JQ has to be itching beneath the surface of more people than you’d believe. A couple different guys I’ve worked with, separately, each had a singular outburst of “the jews controlling everything” or somesuch. Even to me, being at least in their choir if not an usher or deacon, it sounded weird to hear it spoken aloud.
      That said, you’re doing this on the internet instead of IRL, so… so what? Diversity of opinion is our strength. The commentors shrieking Bloody Hitler at you are probably hasbarats, possibly even on the JIDF payroll. You might as well j’accuse them of it, and see how much more it maketh them protest. Provoke them to frothing madness, if you can.
      Is it necessary to discuss Jewish influence when trying to wake people up to the leaders and organizations (not all Jews, of course) that are weakening and corrupting the West?
      It would be pointless to save civilization, only to leave in power the same (((fuckers))) who ruined it in the first place.

    • Tangential to your actual question, but to me the JQ, while definitely very real and interesting, seems ultimately not causal, but instead highly symptomatic and exaggerative of decay.

      That is, behind every Jew Behaving Badly you’ll find a Man in Power who allows it because it gets him what he wants, at least in the short term.

      Though I’m willing to be convinced otherwise. There does seem to be a tail wagging the dog quality about the whole thing.

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  10. I remember reading an interview with a mobster some years ago. One of his big points on the ease of corrupting people in high places was that it was never surprising *that* they sold out, only how cheaply they sold out.

    Add in the modern American system were proximity and access to power tends to lead to increased wealth, and it almost becomes surprising to find that there are still people who haven’t sold out.

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