Loyalty, well held to fools, does make our faith mere folly

There are some who are loyal to principles, others who are loyal to people. And then there are an elite who rise to power unweighted by either. Though occasionally even those driving the West to Chappaquiddick could find some use from the small sentiments of small people.

Those obligations, or loyalties, would at times prove advantageous for a Trump administration that has periodically appeared devoid of them. Nationalists, populists, and mainstream working/middle class whites put Trump into office. This over the goggle-eyed apoplexy of jews, neocons, and globalist CEOs. So you can imagine which whisperers and agendas Trump has embraced in victory. Yes, I imagine you can.

Serving the principles of his campaign or the people whom he beseeched for support simply hasn’t been useful for a man so intensely attuned to the opinions on cable chatter shows. But there’s one topic where loyalty to people, principles, and even politics come to a positive confluence: antifa.

It is only by fortune that a man accumulates such conspicuously detestable enemies. As American flag-burning, hammer and sickle boosting, black masked, entitled, cowardly, and emaciated cringe animals, Antifa is so viscerally repulsive they lead pacifists to dream of white phosphorous.

Not only are they favorably contemptible as an antagonist, but their program of violence qualifies for particularly harsh legal sanctions. According to fickipedia, the Patriot Act defines domestic terrorism as follows:

Acts of domestic terrorism are those which: “(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended – (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

So dangerous, criminal acts intended to coerce the population or government within the US. That’s probably broad enough to capture an Amy Schumer routine as well, though for antifa it’s an openly-prescribed modus operandi.

Which leaves our federal institutions with a highly unsympathetic clutch of communist scum, whose anti-free speech activities are terrorism qualified, and who make a specific habit of attacking the patriotic supporters of a sitting president in public venues. For anyone keeping track of loyalties, this checks all three of people, principles, and politics. And yet Trump and Sessions have done…what?

With no vision into non-public initiatives, I don’t know the complete answer to that question. Though all of us can speculate with high accuracy as to the federal response if masked right-wing militias were attacking Obama supporters in the streets during his administration. Those groups would have been thoroughly infiltrated, arrested in bulk, and the prisons flush with new flesh. So why does antifa still possess a parade veto in Portland? If they want to lunge into the procession, let bayonets await.

This is part of what makes Trump’s dizzying trajectory changes so particularly irritating. He no more ran on the promise to crush antifa than he did Assad or Kim. Yet accomplishing the former is the far more consistent call. It would encourage his public support, align with both laws and free-speech principles, and be politically palatable to the average observer. All boasts that a new shelf of neocon wars can not legitimately make.

Though perhaps the fizz is already escaping the can. The latest much ballyhooed Battle of Berkeley amounted to nothing as the bolsheviks went detumescent without their viagra masks. It must have been quite deflating.

I hope Coulter pledges another trip to that left-coast toilet; and I hope the conservatives who rescinded her invitation can locate their diffident testicles when she does. In the meantime Trump should take a long look at who put him in the Oval Office. They’re the people standing in the streets, not the ones grinning at his face.


11 thoughts on “Loyalty, well held to fools, does make our faith mere folly

  1. It was hinted before 11/8 that he only wanted one term, if that helps explain his disappeared loyalty. When asked in early Feb about the antifa gots, Lolocaust Secretary Spicer responded, “We know who they are.” So it could well be that he’s busy perfecting the final 4-D Chinese Checkers battleplans against underground DC pizza pushers, and he’ll deal with the unwashed, unshorn hordes of molotov-frappachino chuckers when he has the time. Or maybe he’s found religion, and serves a (((higher power))) than his People. Judging from his body language there, he just might hate his job so much that he now resents his base.
    The energetic crowds in the stadiums, auditoriums, and the streets have never been “about” Trump. Nor was the cancelled Ann Coalter PPV fight “about” her. Trump didn’t create the wave of nationalism; he merely showed up with a surfboard and paddled. He can ride it, or peter out, or crash against the rocks. Either way, it’s becoming clear he’ll need to be replaced by a Bigger Kahuna.
    I don’t know that he “owes” us loyalty as such, but he does owe us MAGA, and the only way that can happen is to unclog the shitty demographics in Our Great Melting Potty. Prostating himself and kindly placing the joodiciary’s bootheel on his neck was not a step in the right direction. Also, if you see us as 1923 now, and not 1933, the Bigger Kahuna’s base needs to develop organically. Having Daddy!! step in to our streetfights might stunt our growth.
    Also… “fickipedia” = kek.

    • Loyalty is a sentiment which, as I stated, few of our elites seem freighted by. Though even decoupled from a sense of obligation, it remains prudent to be effectively loyal to one’s constituents, even if only for sake of expediency.

      As an example, I greatly doubt that the jewish billionaires who own the democratic party give two shekels about ghetto blacks. But they are effectively loyal to the cause of black entitlement and militancy because both weaken their true opposition. Plus more black voters means more liberal jews in office.

      In contrast, modern conservative parties do absolutely nothing to cultivate the interests, influence, and numbers of their constituents. This being a practice which obviously erodes their prospects by the day.

      Trump may not feel he owes anyone anything. But loyalty pays dividends–even in its emotional absence.

  2. Regarding the crushing of antifa or Kim, is it possible that Trump is exhibiting a bit of future time orientation here? Antifa can be dealt with years from now, while the window on Kim is closing. (Although being mostly white, expect antifa to quickly learn the tactics and strategies of violent engagement – they won’t be incompetent permanently)
    Nah, he’s just winging it.

  3. After the recent admissions in the news that protesters are paid I would very much love to see a RICO type investigation holding their ’employers’ liable for damage and injuries. As well as Labor Dept investigations to make sure these ’employees’ have adequate Obama care, stock options, pension plan and maternity leave.

    The IRS should prolly do a rigorous audit of each protester, and sponsoring organization to make certain they have adequate/appropriate Non-Profit Tax Status and such. I’d hate for anyone to miss out on the ‘black clothing/balaclava deduction’….. It just wouldn’t be fair…..

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  5. One of Trump’s main operating themes is “don’t waste political capital on folks who are already on your side”. Which is why he appointed zero of his most ardent loyalists to cabinet positions (go back and look at the “fantasy cabinet” memes and try to find one that didn’t have Rudy and Newt figuring prominently)

    My guess is he will do little or nothing for the base as a result. If he doesn’t lose a primary challenge to someone willing to give his supporters what they want, those who have the ability to run against them will have left a lot of power on the table

    • And I should add this is decent strategy on he top-down, industrial power politics that an elite like Trump has spent a lifetime wielding.

      A true native of bottom-up, Information Age (i.e. Populist) power politics will hopefully see the 2020 opportunity and pounce

    • “One of Trump’s main operating themes is ‘don’t waste political capital on folks who are already on your side'”

      If that were true, how do you explain his anti-environmentalism, his focus on ACA, and many of his tax proposals.

  6. I have noted for some years now the Left feeds its followers with public dollars, and increasingly Corporate money as well
    The Right, the ” Principled Right” starves its followers
    And the Honest Right has no shekels to give
    The numbers do not favor us

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