A Phalanx Forming

Probably the most gratifying shift in the War for the West is that our side is finally starting to fight it. That this has not been the case for years has accrued deeply to our detriment. The contributing factors to such previously ingrained ennui are several: fear, apathy, and an inward focus on work and family, primarily. Though miscalculation, rationalized almost certainly by the elements above, has also played a role.

One of the more prolific political miscalculations on the right has been the thought that leftist positions, and the bearded ladies who espouse them are self-defeating. That is to say, their statements and presenters are so unpalatable that the public will reject them, even with opposition in absentia.

This has not only proved to be completely erroneous in reality, but it doesn’t even work in theory. The vast bulk of the bell curve do not generate their own philosophical paradigms. Rather, they choose a spot somewhere on the narrow ledge of acceptable opinion based largely according to the inputs they receive. When those political inputs are monopolistic, opinions will accumulate upon them like bot flies on cow manure. This is simply how the human psyche works, and only severe sociopaths are entirely immune from it. In sum, only the mouths get the ears.

So liberalism has proliferated like black mold everywhere the right has ceded the field–which is to say everywhere but the Internet. And thank God for that last redoubt. It’s been a critical incubator for models, ideas, memes, and themes in the absence of practically every traditional institution. But the Internet will always be just an ideological supply-train; the front lines are drawn in real life. The fact that they are actually starting to be manned is an extremely heartening development.

Historically the left’s antifa drone swarms could effect discretionary denial of their opposition largely unopposed. They simply attacked without punishment, and conservatives fled without protection. To their masters’ credit, the black balaclavas understood that taped mouths attract no ears. But that standard is quickly changing.

As the recent Battle of Berkeley no doubt stung them to realize, tails aren’t just for tucking in right-wing hindquarters. Seemingly from nowhere, the people who actually put kale and quinoa on the plates of seventh-year sociology students emerged to smash them in the face. The pack animals lunged into a stronger pack.

A similar, though much smaller, event just occurred at Auburn University, where Richard Spencer’s speech was scheduled for obliteration until another phalanx assembled to scatter the trans-purple-hairs again.

If this continues, as momentum clearly suggests, the left’s speech monopoly is in real danger of disruption. And that means competitive inputs into the public’s eyes and ears. This puts the bolsheviks in real jeopardy. Blacks don’t like them because they are mostly white, and whites don’t like them because they are viscerally repellent. Since their optics are as psychopaths with pierced septums, they are quite unintentionally legitimizing the dissident right forces publicly arrayed against them. When two people are talking, appearances and words suddenly matter a great deal.

This is to say that those men with real jobs, batting helmets, and flag shirts are creating physical and cultural space where none previously existed. They are pushing forward by pushing back. Ideas will follow from the supply-train in their wake. Well done, boys. Godspeed.


16 thoughts on “A Phalanx Forming

  1. Saw this..cant remember which blog it was on, but i liked it so much I copied it down:

    “The Berkeley Riot has shown just how completely cucked the Conservative movement has become. They reflexively adopted the Media Narrative, just like they’ve been doing since Bill Buckley’s day. To hear the Conservative’s tell it, Anyone who steps up and is willing to actually fight for and take damage in defending Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly is a Nazi. Apparently if you want these basic American rights defended, you are permitted only to bleat like frightened sheep for the Proper Authorities to Do Something! And hope that any Amenable sheep dog that takes an interest, won’t bite you too badly for having spoken up.

    Whether it’s effete squeamishness or veiled cowardice, I simply don’t care anymore. They can not lead. They do not follow. And they won’t get out of the way. The Conservatives are simply a useless obstruction at this point.”

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  4. Really brilliant analysis and metaphors! Trump’s election may have been the turning point, either from hope or despair. I’m leaning toward despair. It was pretty insulting that his only comment on the “Battle of Berkeley” was with regard to his taxes. Another low this week was the media blatantly downplaying the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 4 white males. France worried that their attack would alter the election results. America just confidently dismissed their attack as mundane.
    “Ideas will follow from the supply-train in their wake” So true and quite encouraging.

  5. Yup and we’re getting backup from a hero that should be enjoying retirement with his family. Instead he chooses to fight back and put America first; my man.

  6. Can’t wait for the Battle of Berkeley II when Coulter speaks there.

    It’s been a critical incubator for models, ideas, memes, and themes in the absence of practically every traditional institution.

    Yeah the internet has been a huge boon for us, and thanks for everything you do, Porter. I would add one more item though: headlines. Is there a Pulitzer Prize for headline writing? Cuz Andrew Anglin would win hands down for some of these viciously hilarious headlines found on the DS homepage as of right now:





    and my fave, regarding Julian Assange:


  7. Watership: Yes the Fresno attack was nothing different from Dylan Roof and Charleston, which ran in the media for weeks nonstop and resulted in the removal of confederate flags practically everywhere. How many black symbols will Fresno defenestrate? It’s the national White Lives Don’t Really Matter movement.

    Though one of the victims had a “punch nazis” banner on his facebook, which has led to much speculation he was antifa. This being about as succulent as irony is served if true.

    Kek: Whatever his supporters may actually get from the Trump administration (and my forecasts for that are diminishing daily) having Washington’s only noble man at the DOJ is still a significant victory.

  8. Mark my words: Shots will be fired within 90 days. From Left to Right, to begin with. We will, of course,, be blamed when a couple of us get shot, because Trump, and no arrests. Except maybe “symbolic”. Nevertheless, in the meeting after that one lead will fly from Right to Left. And the war will be on.

    See you on the barricades.

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