Mutual Liberty

While granted they are few, one of the negative results of not being murdered by a white-hating muslim negro is living to see the following commercial.

I haven’t actually watched much tele-vision since Magnum PI, and so was only made aware of this attempt to sway me to Liberty Mutual’s services through the Twitter machine. My first impression was that Danny Trejo is looking even more surly than usual. Which, I suppose, you would too if some Madison Avenue quack had just stuffed you into a dress.

At any rate, Mr. Trejo, or for purposes of this ad campaign “Bamby Salcedo,” is apparently a professional squalling Mexican transvestite. This being an occupation with extremely poor prospects outside America. Though in the land of opportunity, no greater opportunities await than for foreign psychotics citing insufficient enthusiasm from the natives. In fact, Trejo’s Salcedo character has seemingly excavated enough of a z-list celebrity niche to keep tacos on the table so long as the girl-next-door good looks hold up.

Here are a few of his more alluring publicity photos.

Contemplating the length and girth of The Wall

Bamby Salcedo with Monica Belluci

The ones in skirts aren’t real females

Though what’s far more fascinating than Trejo’s in-drag lark is the fact that a very large and stolid insurance firm would intentionally feature this craggy creature in an actual ad campaign. I was initially certain the promotional video had to be the work of a mischievous troll, though it continues to sit primly on the company’s youtube page. Which means that men who are paid handsome salaries to evaluate such matters concluded that moving whole life policies would be aided by such exotic advocacy. There’s a couple of observations to make about that.

Given the presumed sparsity of mestizo men shopping for insurance in garter belts, the intended audience for this ad is plainly not the flouncing peers of “Bamby Salcedo.” The so-called transgendered community–a term 99% of Americans had never heard of a couple of years ago–is not even a numerical trifle. There are probably more transgendered personalities in Ashley Judd’s prescription cabinet than there are most American towns. The transgendered aren’t Liberty Mutual’s prospective customers, they’re its mascot.

In conspicuously embracing such a fringe oddity, Liberty Mutual is wagering that a thin margin of normal (such as they are) liberals will find such unctuous displays of BLT exaltation irresistible. More importantly, they are wagering that that margin of liberals, however thin it may be, will still be broader than the cohort of legacy Americans who bolt their policies out of understandable revulsion. That’s not a compliment to legacy America.

Because if they are right, as industry metrics have surely advised them they are, then traditionalists have made their own bed of indifference. The left screams as the right dreams. Of course that’s a bit harsh since the right is more occupied with earning a living and raising families than it is with monitoring every degradation of the culture schlock. Nonetheless, that culture slides left silently with no oppositional friction. And soon enough conservatives are peering into their magic rectangles to see Mexican transvestites scowling back.

I expect within five years outlets like National Review will be lamenting the lost age of wholesome commercial miscegenation. Rich Lowry will ask Whatever happened to advertisements showing America’s traditional black husband, white wife?, as donkey shows dot the Super Bowl.

Though in the meantime, I’d encourage readers to treat companies like Liberty Mutual as they would Bamby Salcedo in their bedsheets: with feet of wings.


18 thoughts on “Mutual Liberty

  1. I dropped Bank of America around 2007 or so when they started offering credit cards and bank accounts to illegals.

    As a citizen I’m required to provide everything short of a proctology exam to open an account, or at least a valid social security number. Yet BoA magically found a way around this requirement for illegals.

    Why are illegals being treated differently? Especially when they cause so much crime they are the one group who you actually want to keep tabs on where their money is coming and going.

    Let me tell you, I can come up with a long list of reasons why having a bank account with no valid ID tied to it could come in handy.

    It was this and other incidents around that time that caused me to fully red pill.

    Oh when I called to close my account, the man on the phone (with a Spanish accent), got into an argument with me over why I was closing it down. He claimed that illegals pay taxes and I was some kind of dumb gringo for objecting. I decided prudent not to argue with an anonymous Mexican nationalist phone assistant with all by banking and personal information on his computer screen. Last thing I needed was my identity being used for La Raza. But if he was in front of me I would have punched him in his face.

    Fuck these transnational companies and their profiteering at the expense of the host culture that built them.

    • Here in Canuckistan we have the moral high ground over our American cousins! Before documents are first drafted to legitimize our migrant squatters and bank accounts issued, our police force moonlights as a 3 in 1 clown show comprised of walmart greeter, bellhop and chaperone for our “new Canadians”.

      Rebel Media – Tell Trudeau’s Liberals: Guard the Border, Now

    • I was tempted, around that time, to go unbathed for 2 weeks, buy a Mehican Consular ID at the corner bodega or embassy, and open one of those Banco del America wetback accounts. I was too lazy to ever do it, which should have also qualified me.

  2. #Dagoyimknow #butwhatcantheydo. There’s been talk of late, of building “our own platforms”: alt-twitter, alt-jootube, alt-faceberg, alt-foxnews, and now we apparently need alt-departmentstores, alt-banks, and alt-insurance. If anyone can figure out how to pull this off, they might possibly turn a lossless quarter in 10 years.
    A serious question, which Emma Lazarus Mutual’s PR officer may or may not deign to answer: Knowing the high rate of suicide within that particular “”community””, how many life insurance policies have you underwritten for transgenitalled transnational transhumans, and how many have you turned away? Perhaps your shareholders should follow your disgusted customers out the door.

    • Questions like that are based on objective criteria, which apparently are only for “Normie’s” trying to insure a house or something. Not HIV ridden homos or suicidal TG/TS freaks. The Emma Lazarus quip is doubly apt considering apparently their logo is the “lamp over the golden door”, inviting in a freak show more worthy of being the evil challengers in a mucha lucha wrestling match.

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  4. In the heady days when Quaker Oats acquired Snapple beverage for the hefty sum of 1.7 Billion, I wondered how they could be so foolish. (Flavored tea?) Years later it became clear that someone benefited from this type of M & A even though it led to financial ruin for the companies. Maybe something similar is going on with Mutual Liberty. Not good for the company as a whole, but someone will be rewarded.
    Although Bamby is unusually endowed with all the advantageous afflictions, tragically homely has yet to be enthusiastically embraced by the Left. Bamby ( “craggy creature” haha!) isn’t very cool. TrigglyPuff isn’t very cool. The Trump side of the Berkeley crowd is undeniably cool. It’s a bit of a sea change.

  5. Wondering how this virtue signalling by big companies earns them money. Marvel is taking a hit on their converged comics. Targeting a fraction of a percent of the population so that the Prozi, collectivist and antifa crowd thinks they’re cool doesn’t seem like a viable way to sell insurance.

  6. Time to start looking for a new insurance company – my car insurance is with a Mutual Liberty subsidiary. Their tentacles spread wide. The trouble is, if you look hard enough, you’ll find almost every big corporation is implicated in this kind of degeneracy. Ads featuring same-sex mixed-race couples with a child are mushrooming. As you said, white liberals love it, while conservatives are too busy with their lives to pay much attention. The latter would have to put a massive organised boycott into action to put an end to this.

  7. it’s not an issue of making money; they know that alienating half your potential customers is not good business. Rather, they truly believe that they are doing something brave and good, like marching in Selma. Even if it lost you some redneck customers you would be one of the bravest and greatest people in this country.

    • That’s certainly a big part of it for many of the executives: preen on someone else’s dime. Though ultimately they have to answer to a board that has to answer to the shareholders. Of course by the time those layers get around to firing you you’ve drawn millions in compensation and can claim moral martyrdom for Bamby.

      • My experience in this realm:
        1. Trust fund heiress and politically influential token black on board of directors regurgitate diversity pablum learned in their social circles
        2. Other board members awkwardly agree that yes, diversity will be important to our future success. What else could they say?
        3. CEO commits to fulfill board goals related to diversity metrics and programs. What else could he say?
        4. SVP of HR hires a Director of Workforce Inclusion and Diversity. What else could he do? (And damn did he go all in; hiring the biggest, blackest, gayest candidate he could find)
        5. Slow introduction of encouragement to advertise for and at least interview “diverse” candidates when hiring.
        6. Fast forward about six years and managers who don’t meet certain quotas are interviewed annually to ensure they understand the wonderful tools at their disposal to find “diverse” candidates.
        Entryism 101. And the worst part is that it’s incremental and never enough. If the board told our CEO tomorrow to include transgender freaks in advertising campaigns, it would happen. Not because it’s good business, but because the board drives the 7 figure salary. And every board has a few of these rabble rousers, because if they didn’t, Jesse Jackson or his more regional copycats, would be outside the door with more reporters than protestors.

        I think as the generation of college grads rises through the ranks, this is only going to get worse, as this is so normal to them. Meanwhile, the 95% of us who think this is all horseshit just continue to produce revenue for these fucking parasites.

      • Here’s a true story: I once toured a production facility of a large multinational. While on this tour, I was introduced to the Diversity Chieftain (a black female, naturally). As this occurred during my more candid youth, I proceeded to go to work on this creature.

        I inquired as to the budget of her department, and what metrics she used to substantiate it. She stammered in response. I pointed out that practically every other unit within the enterprise could produce figures related to revenue generation, cost savings, and/or regulatory/legal compliance. Why was it, precisely, she existed here? Was her salary an expression of corporate philanthropy? If it was instead related to advancing the financial interests of the company (as I speculated it presumably must be, given the profit-oriented nature of her employer), how was this measured and quantified so as to know whether diversity had actually achieved that goal?

        None of this would or could be broached in today’s environment, and it only sounds ballsy now because I felt no fear of reprisal at the time from asking. That is how silently America has shifted from lucidity to madness.

        But back to Aunt Diversity: she actually had nothing, to my astonishment. She could not produce a reason-for-being aside from bromides and incantations. These I immediately brushed aside (No, how do you make this company more money *specifically*? And is that more or less money than they are paying for your department?)

        I knew the answer, but wondered if she did, or could bring herself to say it if so. She was simply a costly corporate totem used to ward off the unclean spirits of rhyming reverends looking for deep pockets to turn upside down. You would think she could have at least produced a spreadsheet projecting the costs of racial shakedowns in her absence, and then screamed for a raise based on the results. What a poor example for diversity officers everywhere.

  8. The Liberty Mutual public relations department should have consulted with the actuarial department before making this horrible centerpiece advertisement. The odds are very low the ad will bear fruit in fact I predict a regretful and deserving revenue disaster.

    The response from actuarial may have been something like “why appeal to a 1.4 million transgender population nationwide with the risk of alienating 300+ million non-transgender revenue generators.”

    To add insult to gross bodily injury these Boston based insurance dummies had to imply illegal transgender!

    Much like Starbucks disastrous “we will hire 10,000 refugees”, resulting in a 10% stock price plunge and CEO resignation, the face of Bambi may force many Liberty Mutual customers to take the dirt road and a few managers to take the dirt nap.

    To all you fake CEOs out there; if you want to carry the political gender bender torch and risk your company’s assets by making dumb statements make damn sure the odds are in your favor.

    • Color me skeptical concerning 1.4 million count of TS/TG individuals. I definitely get the vibe that these numbers are being inflated for political/social effect. Even at that, they are a less a one half of 1 percent of the population at best, and its amazing how they got so much power and concern from the “mainstream”.

      • Oh for sure, 1.4 million could easily be a fabrication just like the 6 million myth that was floated before, during and after world war ONE not two. Stay skeptical, our sources are anything but trustworthy. How they got their power? Agenda driven corporate ownership and educational and government institutional infiltration by way of MONEY. In the immortal words of Howard Hughes, “every man has his price or a guy like me couldn’t exist”.

  9. “Though in the meantime, I’d encourage readers to treat companies like Liberty Mutual as they would Bamby Salcedo in their bedsheets: with feet of wings.”

    I don’t know about you, but if I find a transexual of any sort, Mexican or otherwise, in my bedsheets, I’m not running away – I’m getting the shotgun.

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