A Frog Unboiled

It’s been said that in an infinite universe a room full of typing chimpanzees would eventually produce Shakespeare. And given the critical acclaim of Tennessee Coates, I’m inclined to think just one alone might suffice. Though the bard himself would probably be less inspired by woes of the black man volume ad infinitum than the current output of 65 million frogs.

The first round of French elections this Sunday represents the sort of literary intrigue that prosaic reality rarely achieves. It’s difficult to recall a people being offered such a broad palette of political avatars for the choosing. Each of the four primary candidates representing their distinct factions and philosophies almost to the point of caricature. For a West that has been so smothered by the oligarchical take-turns of the globalist center-right and globalist center-left, there’s an exhilarating joi de vivre in choosing your own fate.

More than likely that choice will be for the dissolution of their ancient nation. But at least it will be theirs to make, with a varied slate of futures from which to choose.

First there is the only candidate representing the French, Ms. Le Pen. Whatever her flaws, she is the exclusive option for those with any conception of a nation being something other than market segment, geography, or unrequited values. One would think there would be significant electoral security in having no competition for advocacy of the actual people. But that would be to discount the very large constituencies for multinational margins and native dispossession. In any event, Le Pen is despised by the left for her egregiously inadequate positions on French prostration, as well as her desire to distance her country from the institutions that enforce it. In sum, she is pro-French and anti-EU: could Hitler have asked for more?

Next there is François Fillon, the French True Conservative. With the socialists even more detested and disarrayed than our own democrats, it is amazing to consider Fillon is the only main-party offering out of the leading four candidates. As a pro-EU, big business, pseudo-con, establishmentarian, he swims uncomfortably against the current in representing continuity for the ruling class. The fact that he was found to have been funneling taxpayer money to family members for phantom jobs has not aided his effort. Despite this overt display corruption he is still considered utterly unpalatable to the left for his party affiliation and undoubted obedience to Putin.

Then there is the surging Khmer Rouge candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Just a fringe afterthought only weeks ago, Mr. Melenchon’s platform of a pol in every pot has energized the country’s far left despite his ambiguity on Kulak liquidations. Like Le Pen, Melenchon has pledged to evict the EU. Unlike Le Pen, he has promised to import the whole of Africa to fill the void. Obviously he is intensely anti-business and wealth, and wants to implement a maximum wage in order to preclude either. To the extent it doesn’t entail customary communist purges, his program is essentially constructed out of envy for Venezuela–though with an even darker hue.

Finally, there is the candidate whom I presume would be the media darling. The juvenile-appearing Emmanuel Macron is an outsider by virtue of running as an independent. Though his establishment bonafides are unquestionable. An investment banker, elite university graduate, and former federal minister for the economy, Macron’s resume is bolstered even more by a raft of impeccably liberal opinions. Pro-EU, pro-business, pro-ummah, pro-BLT, pro-weather supremacy, and above all pro France sans the French–just at a pace that doesn’t cause undue alarm.

That all of these positions exist in a state of high natural tension is in no way relevant to the political dividends paid by maintaining each. Compared to Melanchon, the technocrat Macron allows liberals to preen about their values without having to live in the logical results of them. At least until their children-as-accessories inherit the mess.

At this point all four candidates are polling within the margin of error. It seems to be truly an election of consequence, as the French contemplate whether to reach for the life jacket or the anchor. As we would expect, their media is reminding the public of what unusual serenity awaits on the ocean’s floor–and no one ever calls you racist.

The best Sunday result would probably be Le Pen and Melenchon. This would explode the normal program of “conservatives” aligning with the left against nationalists. In fact, I almost imagine the country’s business interests would view an overt communist as being even more egregious than a France of the French. In that case, we could actually see a grudging and bitter pro Le Pen alignment from the political center pieces.

And what a campaign that would be. I will defend you against I’ll have you eating giraffes. I honestly don’t know which the French would prefer.


21 thoughts on “A Frog Unboiled

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  2. Bon chance, France. If you manage to win Le Pen, hopefully she doesn’t get fully kiked within her first trimester in office. It would be really awkward if you had to upgrade to her father, Literally Le Pen.

  3. I work with a French National – she told me that even though she agrees that muzzies are the scourge of France, she won’t vote for Le Pen. She said there’s more to it than that, because Le Pen won’t allow dual citizenship, and my co-worker wants to apply for dual citizenship. I actually said, if you don’t have a nation, what difference does it make?

    She couldn’t respond. I think I’m getting to her.

  4. I noticed this at PA, too: is anyone else getting NBA ads between the post and the comments? I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees the irony.

  5. These Euro elections are really a remarkable thing. The number of actual white, French people voting for anyone other than Le Pen should be zero. She should be running at 99%+ in the polls with the core French population, yet she can barely scrabble up a third of them. And this in a climate of open hostility to whites, where even a vaguely awake person has to realize that a vote for not-Le-Pen is a vote for a not-white-nation. And a not-white-nation means you go into the soup pot, Frenchy.

    Has there ever been such a thing in history, where huge numbers of people willingly vote for their own destruction? Yet it happens in France, Germany, Sweden, America, Canada, and so on, it happens routinely, and to find even slightly concerned commentary you have to visit the deplorable parts of the internet.

    Well best of luck to Le Pen and the once great nation of France.

  6. Porter, (and others) thanks for following this closely. Best way for me to stay tuned. No coverage on MSM. Too busy talking about the overblown special election crap. Truly could be a bellwether election if it goes to the French people. Or if it doesn’t.

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  8. I don’t know how a Le Pen presidency would work out. But even having someone in the Élysée Palace who has openly declared that French people should come first in their own country, that at least would be a small victory.

  9. Don’t be too hard on the French, folks. The Ministry of Propaganda has been in their heads, their entire life. Just as in ours. How many here have their kids in the government indoctrination centers, eh?

  10. France is doing its best to hide the ugly truth that diversity is the number one danger to civilized white countries. How many more have to die before the bell is rung? If race mixing immigration continues, we are destined to fight in the streets.

    Of course, the owners of the press and politicians continue to lie and obfuscate the facts surrounding the diversity murders, which is confusing and confounding to the masses and impedes focusing on the ugly truth.

    These deceptive diversionary tactics enormously helped elect Donald Trump in 2016. I sincerely hope the same scenario holds true for Le Pen. She is the only candidate that puts France and French people first. The rest of the candidates are tools for the globalist elite.

    Le Pen should borrow a line from the Terminator movie in her next speech, “Come with me if you want to live”.


  11. Probably the best possible scenario in today’s French elections would have been a resounding Le Pen first place, followed by the communist Melenchon for the run-off.

    The obvious worst case would have been Le Pen finishing out of the top-two.

    If preliminary results are maintained, I think France has yielded the second worst scenario today: a Macron first place showing followed by a lagging Le Pen. Macron is considered a “centrist” in the way of an antifa standing beside Pol Pot. He is absolutely committed to dispossessing the French people; he just wants the business class to make a buck off the transition. That’s today’s “centrism.” And that’s a banner under which most of the French political continuum can unite.

    Even if muslims punt severed heads daily off the Arc de Triomphe it’s difficult to imagine how Le Pen cobbles a majority from here. Once a people begin striving for a flattering eulogy, they typically don’t let eulogies stand in the way.

    So congratulations to Ms. Le Pen today. Now she has to pull that inside straight draw on May 7.

  12. It’s going to be tough beating a “centrist”, for sure. I remember the last time a Le Pen got to the run-off, back in 2002. Gérard Depardieu was among the many celebrities to do TV ads warning of the danger of electing Le Pen. He later bailed out for Belgium, and then Russia.

  13. Never underestimate the craven duplicity of cuckservatives. France’s third place finisher, the conservative Francois Fillon wastes no time in calling for his supporters to vote Macron, who was a Socialist until about last Wednesday. But obviously you can’t want your ancient nation preserved and call yourself a conservative. That would entail conserving something, and so is entirely anathema to the movement.

    There is simply no weight in the soul of these creatures, and I’m starting to lose interest in their welfare.

    • It’s at times like these you realize there are only two parties in North America and Western Europe – those who want to stop immigration, and everyone else. The latter may disagree and fall out over various things, but when one of the former looks likely to get into power you can be sure they’ll gang up on him. The only sure route to power for Le Pen would be an absolute majority in her favour.

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