The War Trump Forgot

While Donald was busy bombing the air force that was bombing al qaeda, al qaeda resumed burnishing its moderate bonafides by bombing a bus load of evacuees. And though Ivanka has not yet revealed the extent of her heartbreak and outrage, one presumes photos like this will move her to implore an indulgent father to bomb the faction that bombed the faction that America just bombed. Look, you don’t concern yourself with results when moral imperatives are on the line.

Though I fear our fickle commander-in-chief has already turned his gaze elsewhere. Following now in the well-worn ruts of his recent predecessors, Trump seems to be fully embracing the Distance Doctrine. This framework holds that western state attention and resources are to be allocated in reverse proximity. The more alien the people and more distant the conflict, the more it is our responsibility to squander lives and wealth in making it worse. Syrians can feel the brunt of this as well as Missourians. With Damascus being a cringingly close 5,858 miles from DC, it was only a matter of time until a more distant fracas claimed our attention.

And now it has.

Pyongyang, with its tyrannical teletubby, is an almost irresistible 6,857 miles from Washington. So American attention–and naval armadas–have turned in that direction. God help whoever starts the next dust-up in Phnom Penh. Though with our officials now fully attuned to the Korean peninsula, there’s seemingly little distraction from mere domestic affairs. Certainly Trump’s ADL advisory-board doesn’t seem inclined to divert from the Distance Doctrine. While our more elderly readers might point out some hoary slogan about “America First,” that was actually ages ago–a time historians call “last Tuesday.”

But what’s more important than antique political promises is to diligently ignore the conflicts closest to home. Particularly if they’re actually in your home. And even though I’d celebrate saying otherwise, California still technically qualifies as domestic territory. While it’s admittedly a fringe opinion, mine is that the battle that occurred there today has implications for Americans even greater than which tribe of Middle East muslims we should bomb tomorrow.

For those who haven’t followed the news, another paramilitary clash took place in Berkeley between black-masked bolsheviks and the people who just a generation ago were simply called Americans. Both sides came ready to fight, though less ready than I suspect they will come in the future. War always seduces men to escalation, and it would be amazing if the tools in these clashes didn’t trend upward from pepper spray and flagpoles.

One of the most heartening aspects of this skirmish is that it actually was one. The left is long accustomed to the victory of jackals. That is to say cowardly weaklings individually become a vicious mob collectively. And the results of that mob are almost always bleeding whites and empty jail cells. But that’s not exactly what happened today. What did happen was quite surprising, to the left I’m sure more than anyone.

Participants in the Trump rally, of which Trump is now merely a totem to, showed up, waited, and were attacked by the communists as per custom. But this act didn’t play to script. Instead of battered, unconscious, and crying conservatives, the pack animals got a snout full of aggression and counterattack. And by the time the running street battles had been reduced to individual brawls the victorious forces of MAGA were left posing right between the hammer and sickle. That’s the sort of thing that’s hard to watch without a smile.

It will be interesting to see how much farther this goes: American troops fighting in foreign wars while the American people fight in their own. This situation having become essentially foreordained once the left made their opponents’ existence an act of evil.

But if Trump wants to prevent Ivanka’s heartbreak and outrage at seeing casualties from much closer conflicts, I would strongly encourage his boss, Mr. Kushner, to take a dim view of the source of such battles. If America is going to defend the rights of Syrians, it should start with examples from America. That means people who want to hold a political rally are entirely within their rights to do so. That also means the barista balaclavas who routinely attack them are entirely within their rights to eat batons and apply for parole. If that right to incarceration isn’t upheld by police, then it should become less and less of a surprise when the right to get their teeth kicked in is granted by increasingly hardened opponents.

To avoid having the country’s Starbucks adulterated by both tears and incisors is going to require a far firmer hand by federal authorities. Fortunately this has a well-established precedent. When white southerners got uppity about obeying a new law passed by the Supreme Court, presidents of both parties told them to talk to the bayonets. That being just one of many benefits the South has enjoyed from its membership in the union. But benefits are meant to be reciprocal, and so now it’s time to put boots and attorneys on the ground in every leftist spider hole.

No more Soros drone swarms, no more sanctuary cities, no more #resisting. The left killed the 10th Amendment and states’ rights, now let them sleep with the corpse. Sessions has the FBI and broad prosecutorial discretion. Trump has the national guard. Antifa just has nose rings.

So get to work, Trump. If it helps, just imagine them being 8,000 miles away. These guys did.


40 thoughts on “The War Trump Forgot

  1. So your big idea is to ignore the world as Baracky left it? To bad Hillary did not win for you. The peeps out there in the world don’t respect you unless you punch back twice as hard. The “alt right”: libertarian pussies.

    • “Punch back twice as hard?” I wasn’t aware that Assad had punched America at all, ever. In fact, I’m reasonably sure that he’s been busy pounding vigorously on ISIS, the people our government is allegedly against. Now all we’re doing is running around the world trying to start more wars that we will eventually lose while inflicting pointless damage on other countries, flushing out refugees into White countries, and getting White soldiers killed uselessly.

      Neocons like you are completely hopeless. You take all the belligerence that should be used for defending your homes against the swarms of dark-complected invaders who are taking your jobs, filling your towns with trash, bringing drugs with them, raping your 12 year old daughters, knifing your sons, and turning your country into a mix of Squatemala and the Mexican state of Cucaracha — and direct that bellicosity towards foreigners on the other side of the globe while totally neglecting the defense of your OWN territory.

      Actually, you’re worse than hopeless. You’re traitors.

      To repeat so that your one brain cell just might absorb it: Assad did not attack the U.S. in any way, shape, or form. We’re not “punching back” against anything.

      • You’re probably right about ISIS. I get the impression that they’re pounding on some kind of demented fundamentalists (ie garden-variety Muslims), though, and that if Assad falls that the place will end up as another jihadi/sharia state.

      • Assad protects Christians. It’s all about destroying Christianity, the world over.
        The US itself will be the last domino to fall.
        Then watch out.

  2. You are one of the best writers on the Internet, but in this case you are entirely wrong. Lest you haven’t noticed, the entire law enforcement and judicial apparatus in every major American city is firmly in the hands of the left. Further, there are approximately 113,000 employees in the US DoJ. The *only* Trump appointee is Jeff Sessions. Granted he nominally heads the place, but one out of 113,000 is not going to move the needle.

    The solution to left wing political violence is not intervention by the State, resulting inevitably in Democrat judges announcing Case Dismissed against Antifa while throwing the right in jail. The solution is for the right to organize and start bashing Antifa skulls.

    This video illustrates why Antifa is winning the street skirmishes. Antifa were dressed to conceal their identities, organized and prepared for battle. Meanwhile the righties were wearing street clothes, readily identifiable, and wholly unprepared to visit violence on Antifa, even when they caught them.

    I don’t have particularly strong feelings about Richard Spencer, but as far as I am concerned the alt-right will remain a paper tiger until this man is identified, outed, and given the payback he deserves for his unprovoked attack on Spencer.

    • Your solution contradicts your premise. If law enforcement, the judiciary, and 112,999 DOJ employees are firmly in the hands of the left, then what would you imagine this monolith will do to organizing right-wing skull-bashers?

      I didn’t say the state was the *only* tool. I said it is one that should be used when in possession of it.

      It has been the power of the state, and in no way “antifa” or any other dimwit leftist rainbow rabble that has always crushed the right. If the state didn’t exist, we’d win eventually. If the state was on our side we’d win quickly.

      • “I didn’t say the state was the *only* tool. I said it is one that should be used when in possession of it.”

        Except that we *aren’t* in possession of the state, and *never will be*.

        “If the state didn’t exist, we’d win eventually. If the state was on our side we’d win quickly.”

        But the state *does* exist, it is *not* on our side, and it will *never* be on our side. It will continue crushing the right, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

      • There’s plenty we can do to stop it, as soon as we free our minds…once we realize the state is not legitimate nor legal, all options are on the table. For as much as we venerate the founders, we haven’t really learned anything from them.


        I dunno what the fuck is going on… street brawls with losers and… Canada goes full commie. It was already most of the way there. Everybody creams over how great Canada is… which is true if you’re poor. Our entire nation is set up to lick the poor’s assholes. Gross. CANADA FUCKING SUCKS – I know, I live here. I mean America fuckin sucks too, but it’s not a contest – my mom used to say…

    • Theres a pretty simple solution to this problem – start firing people. A lot of them. Not like they are doing anything useful anyways. Clean house. As crazy as it may sound to you, most of them don’t do anything productive anyways. Clinton is still roaming the streets, as are John Corzine and friends of wall street fame, as are these leftist agitators. I dare cleaning out these places would be a much more productive use of the Trump admin’s time than blowing up more dirt farmers in some trashcanistan, or giving the ‘tyrannical teletubby’ more attention.

      • “Theres a pretty simple solution to this problem – start firing people.”

        Except that it’s nigh-impossible to fire members of the Federal bureaucracy, even if you’re president. It takes years upon years to work through the “process” of firing a fed, and that’s before the courts get involved. The permanent government is *permanent* indeed, and whatever it may say on paper about them answering to the temporary, merely-elected “government”, in reality it’s more the other way around.

      • Kevin/Twistedone —

        You’re taking the pessimism too far here. So what if they can’t be fired? They can be assigned to a shithole office in the worst part of DC with no phones, computers, or internet access — and no job functions.

    • I know one of those 113,000 DoJ guys. Last time we were all “bracing ourselves” for a nationwide BLM outbreak, he and every agent in his office were praying for it to happen — so they could be mobilized to make BlackLivesSplatter. This was ages ago, when the upper scale of their command org chart consisted of the Evolution of Man mural, minus the final two species.

    • This video illustrates why Antifa is winning the street skirmishes. Antifa were dressed to conceal their identities, organized and prepared for battle.

      You’ve been bamboozled by the media hype. Refer to Porter’s updated video below for the way it actually happened.

      Better still, read the Antifas’ own post-mortem here:

      The troubling implications of the conflict in Berkley (sic) today.

      I particularly liked this exchange (edited for brevity):

      [–]Trev_N7 118 points 1 day ago*

      Yes, we seemed to have lost today. The alt-right held their ground. If we wanna take action against them, we need to be better organized and better trained. It doesn’t help that it’s only the far left opposing them, any trump supporter can be radicalized far easier than any liberal.

      I hope we learn from today

      [–]Drep_Reaper 79 points 1 day ago

      “Better trained”


      A shocking number of our comrades went in there with absolute no combat training. We need to set up seminars or something of the sort.

      [–]Trev_N7 41 points 1 day ago

      We also need better equipment, I know the bandanna and hoodie look is our trade mark, but I saw the right wearing motorcycle helmets, and baseball helmets. A dude wearing a helmet is going to keep going if he get punched, our guys are going down.

      Also, what is our opinion on a “leader” someone to rally our troops, direct the flow and keep everything organized?

      [–]bendbro 21 points 1 day ago



      [–]KramlmarKbashy-laughing mad 20 points 1 day ago

      Something people on the ground are gonna have to decide amongst themselves if they want. Affinity groups should absolutely have a trusted person calling the shots within the affinity group, beyond that it’s a question of organization vs security

      [–]cantaloupemelontranarchist 4 points 1 day ago

      No, affinity groups shouldn’t have a trusted person calling the shots. They should sit down together and talk about what they are comfortable with in different scenarios and be ready to step back and get a gauge on things.

      [–]ptfc1975 14 points 1 day ago

      Really depends on the affinity group either way is totally acceptable. Agree on how decisions are made, trust those you make the agreement with and stick to what you agree to.

      [–]midnite-tequila 29 points 1 day ago

      I really wish anarchists would actually stop fucking tiptoeing and mincing around this issue and realize that leadership will always be a necessity. In stressful situations, it’s your leaders that stop panic from spreading through example and allows cohesion to build around them – there’s a damn good reason why military theorists obsess over it. Without leadership, you’ll be done for, eventually. It doesn’t matter whether you elect them beforehand or just gravitate around the more cool-headed people – as long as the need for them is understood and realized. These kind of engagements require cohesion and everybody facing the same way – you’re not going to manage that without leaders providing the backbone for that cohesion.

      [–]The_Great_Cornlord 29 points 1 day ago

      I don’t really believe that command structures and leadership is a complete rejection of anarchism either. Leadership and organization does not have to equal hierarchy.

      [–]wraithx 18 points 1 day ago

      It literally means exactly that.

      [–]afkd 20 points 1 day ago*

      I have to disagree. Leaders are not commanders/rulers. Sure, these are semantics, but personally I find it useful to see a difference between someone who leads others vs someone who rules over others.

      I would let a doctor lead me if in a medical emergency. I would let a fire marshal lead me out of a burning building.

      Being organized is not the same as being ruled over or commanded.

      There is nothing inherently wrong with selecting a person or group to help organize in complex situations. Anarchism is not chaos. Anarchism is no gods, no masters. Selecting someone to help organize is not the same as submitting to a god or a master.

      Aren’t they just too precious? Read the whole thread, it’s hilarious.

      • … and regarding that “better equipment” remark, note that in that thread they’re talking about bringing guns next time. Berkeley may have been a turning point in more ways than one.

      • Another excerpt. In their own words:

        [–]ThePoshCatVanilla 57 points 2 days ago

        Hey guys,

        I hope you’re all doing well today! I got home a couple hours ago after the riots and here are some thoughts that I would love to share with you guys.

        We (ANTIFA) as a unit were so uncoordinated. We got choked off and split in two in the streets. We tried making a push back but no one was willing to fight INCLUDING ME which will be explained in a little bit. We had no strategy, no coordination and no communication. Everyone was in a sense on their own out there even though we were all together. I had to take my leave when I got pepper sprayed in the face and smoked out. I was holding the big black banner that some people have come to see and it seemed like no one was willing to stand with me and my 3 other comades who were holding the banner. Everyone was off doing there own thing which was VERY anti productive. That being said we got a couple good shots in. Some alt-right scum tried to rush us but we quickly retaliated and ganged up on them. However when we went into the streets, that’s where it started going downhill. We almost got pushed up against the wall. Our efforts to form a true black bloc were almost non existant and the out right agression from the fascists prevented us from getting anything meaningful done.

        Now onto why I was scared to fight. This was my first protest/riot and I was terrified. I like to think that I’m a really peaceful person and I am against the idea of violence so whenever I see someone get beat up, I would charge in but then proceed to freeze up. I have a feeling that some others were like this and I think it would be awesome to have some kind of motivation other than the thought of “If you a see a Nazi, punch him.” This is just my thinking though.

        ideas on how to fix these issues would simply be organizing a meet up before the protest to get a basic understanding of possible roles we would have or simple tactics to prevent a repeat of what happened today. I have contacted the Facebook page offering help in any way that I can. Let’s hope they respond.

        Vox Day has a thread with commentary from a participant.

  3. I’m starting to wonder if the troops will rebel and refuse to fight far away wars–always a frustrating endeavor, but even more so when the war is at home (and The Great Hope is turning into Godot)
    Ferguson, Baltimore, and all the Berkeley’s are screaming for intervention from the state. How many cities are they going to allow to burn? How many bludgeoned spectators? It’s horrifying that masked, paid rioters show up, predictably, at a college campus and nothing is done in preparation except, apparently, to keep the police away. If we aren’t to expect rule of law now, if the state isn’t on our side now, it’s best that the lesson be learned quickly.
    But riots and terrorist attacks aren’t really noteworthy; what really affects us all is how a ridiculous felon was pulled off a plane. Thank God he will become wealthier soon.

    • That won’t happen. Our soldiers are dumb along the lines of ‘Assad bombed his own kids with gas! We can’t let him get away with it.’ Part of the drilling process that our troops go through at basic is designed to break down their will to power and all loyalties aside from that to the army. Most recently I heard a group of young officers rejoicing at Trumps Syria strike because it put the fear of Russia-collusion to rest.
      That stupidity can of course be channeled in a direction we would like, but we need positions of power first.

      • Despite your compelling anecdotal evidence that our soldiers are dumb conformists, I have contradictory evidence (from interviews, documentaries, books, etc) of troops as reflective and knowledgeable, loyal to each other and fully aware of the flaws of a government which sends them to win hearts and minds as an occupying force. Indeed, as a result of their strategic location (in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Syria) perhaps they are in an even better position to draw objective conclusions.

        • Apex fallacy. The question is whether or not these ‘reflective’ soldiers form a critical mass and will move in our direction. Remember, plenty of them vote blue and think the answer to foreign interventionism is more liberalism. A good number more are nonwhite, 1st or 2nd gen immigrants who are fighting for a different America.

          • The suicide rate among troops is alarming and heart breaking, although the MSM won’t entertain any sympathy for them. In Vietnam, they were reviled and blamed. For the last 8 years they have been ignored, decimated and humiliated by Obama who gave medals to Hollywood. I don’t expect outright defiance–the retribution is too harsh. But the police have managed a mild rebellion with slow response times and risk avoidance in certain cities. As for sweeping generalizations–they work hard for inadequate pay, which puts them in a much different position regardless of the demographic.

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  5. What we saw in Berkeley today is a widespread seething anger that just got its first taste of victory.

    • Yes, it was excellent to see. White men working together in solidarity, launching a virile counterattack against their tormenters after taking similar stuff lying down for almost a year. Bravo!

  6. The left killed the 10th Amendment and states’ rights, now let them sleep with the corpse.

    I once again am bathed in the lapidary iridescence of your prose, Sir.

  7. After a brief respite, all attention is once again turned outwards, focusing on things that should not concern us, while our internal problems continue to grow. I fail to see how an America First foreign policy involves us bombing some tinpot dictator 6k miles away while our own country continues to fall apart. I guess we will just have to wait and see how upset this missile launch makes Ivanka, I suppose monitoring her twitter account will give us the best heads up as to what comes next.

    The only good news I’ve seen lately come, oddly enough, from Berkeley. Its good to see these people get chased down like that. Its possible that trump ignoring all of this could end up being a good thing. It seems regular people are getting fed up with these communist rioters, and since the federal government we just put into power doesn’t seem intent on doing anything about it, trump’s supporters are taking care of it themselves. The police can keep staying on the sidelines, too. As you said, the right wins absent state intervention. It will be amusing to see these people, who claim to hate the police, begging them for protection once they get their teeth knocked out a few more times. Cowards do indeed grow brave when there is an entire mob of them, but they quickly revert back to cowardice when they are met with determined, violent resistance. The right, it seems, is finally learning that the absence of police intervention plays into their hands as well. Antifa wins not because the right is afraid of violent confrontation with them, but because we have things like jobs and families to care for, and cannot afford to have our lives disrupted by arrest and jail. Take the threat of arrest away, and its game over for the left.

  8. The Antifa High Command sleeps well tonight knowing the battle hardened North East Resistance movement is poised to “fight back” at a moments notice. Drifting souls who fought and died in Caesars 10th Roman Legion, in Patton’s 3rd Army and in Rommel’s 7th Panzer tremble with fear.

    Not making out your will yet?

      • I don’t think the second one was an actual Soros hire. If he were, his lipstick wouldn’t clash with the background. These people have some standards.

  9. Batty old man Trumpo is the ultimate cuck. He’ll send his troops against Whites. Its time to see the enemy in our midst. Uncle Sham is WEAK. He needs you to support his White Genocide. Its time this shill fake gubmint of looters got their comeuppance. You cannot avoid it. They’re not fighting Antifa, cause they are false flag proxies of the Enemy Invaders.

  10. It appears Berkeley does indeed qualify as “distant”. It’s 15,459 miles from the swamp, as the Polish crow flies.

    • White sharia is an interesting concept. I once predicted on another site that the future wasn’t iPhones, but iPhones being trampled beneath chanting men.

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