To Absurdity and Beyond

Well American nationalism enjoyed a good two-month run, but all things eventually return to dust. Did you think the good times would just go on forever? Maybe if you’re the CEO of a military supply vendor, they will. For the rest of us it looks like bombs are back on the menu boys.

I’m not going to bore you with lugubrious keening about Trump’s precision pivot from principled non-interventionism to shoot it if ya got it militarism. But I might bore you with my own frank amazement at some of the callow braying coming from his clutch. This piece in particular leads me to wonder about the potentially deleterious effects of hair gel on IQ.

Donald Trump’s decision to launch a cruise missile attack on Syria proved he is not in league with Russia and will not be “pushed around” by Vladimir Putin, the US President’s son has told The Daily Telegraph.

Eric Trump said his father was not intimidated by President Putin’s talk of war, and there would be “no-one harder” than President Trump if they “cross us”.

The Russian Conspiracy is an entirely media-concocted fabrication. It was was grown out of liberal manure used to divert attention from the unsavory content of DNC Emails, and then tossed on Trump’s porch to see if any of it would stick to his shoes. Responses like those above imply that the President is consciously making decisions about military conflicts based on whether they can be used to counteract a baseless accusation of his political enemies. Surely it doesn’t require a sub-billionaire in the un-mapped wilderness between the coasts to point out how much control over his actions this hands his opponents.

If I know you will frantically try to prove you’re not what I just called you, then whether you realize it or not I own you. So if I want war with Russia, then guess what: you’re Putin’s puppet. Prove otherwise or we’ll all know it’s true.

You might also recall Eric Trump was the sibling who suggested that David Duke deserved a bullet. Whatever you may think of Duke, I’m unaware of what crime he has committed that merits capital punishment. If that crime is racial advocacy, then the younger Trump is going to find his sidearm smoking from the abundant agitation boutiques in his father’s new city.

He (Eric Trump) also confirmed that President Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian airbase to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a nerve gas attack last week was influenced by the reaction of his sister Ivanka, who said she was “heartbroken and outraged” by the atrocity.

Eric, please stop making that talking noise. The heartbreak and outrage of your sister are not rational premises for such decisions. It diminishes the presumption of your father’s lucidity to imply that they are. Would Ivanka be heartbroken and outraged to learn that elements in this civil war may have manipulated the American tendency to act out of heartbreak and outrage? Could she perhaps withold her demands for a non-heartbreaking missile fusillade until at least CNN can get the last lie out of its mouth? I wonder if Franz Ferdinand had a heartbroken sister?

But it’s unfair to criticize Eric alone. There’s plenty of gelled gray heads making similar points.

Ahead of the G7 meeting in Italy, (Secretary of State) Tillerson said the Nazi atrocities of the Second World War would “serve as an inspiration to us all” as he visited a memorial in Italy to 560 people, including 130 children, massacred by the Waffen-SS in 1944.

He said: “We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world.”

Nazis? What a truly unique tool of the modern human psyche. There’s simply no appetite of man that can’t be rationalized by invocation of 20th century German national socialism. As his stunned bride walked in on Tom plumbing the neighbor’s wife, he leaped from the bed to proclaim “It is only through the bonds of cunnilingus that we can be assured Nazi atrocities will never stain the Earth again!” Umm, honey?

The US State Department said it did not expect imminent regime change, and its immediate priority was stabilising Syria.

However, a White House spokesman said last night: “If you gas a baby, you’re going to see a reaction from this President.”

And when the White House states that it will mechanically respond like an organ grinder’s monkey whenever someone gasses a baby, what has it just assured itself of occurring with increasing frequency in the future?

Ahmed: Die Ibrahim!
Ibrahim: Die Ahmed!
Ahmed: Hey, Ibrahim just gassed a baby! I’ve got pictures!
Ibrahim: Huh?

It’s all a bit disappointing, and we haven’t even nuked the Norks yet. Though it appears that wait won’t be for long. Maybe I can get in a romp with the neighbor’s wife before their retaliatory EMP cuts out my Internet. I’ll photoshop some gassed Syrians in his backyard if the husband wants to make something of it.


43 thoughts on “To Absurdity and Beyond

  1. To my mind, this read is ultimately premature, although it could easily turn out to be prescient. We just don’t know what will happen yet. Regardless of the course we take, I still love that Trump got us to where we are in the national dialogue. That, along with Gorsuch, makes the whole experiment absolutely “worth it” – even if we ultimately (and disappointingly) revert back to our neocon ways.

    • Yes, at least we have Gorsuch. He can join conservative lions of the law John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy, who have worked out so well for us. Republicans have done a terrible job of picking justices.

      • CC, I was being sarcastic, and you missed my point entirely. Ill speak more plainly – Republicans/”Conservatives” have done an absolutely terrible job of picking ideologically consistent justices, going back a long time. Scalia, obviously, being the notable exception. The rest of them are nothing but closet progressives. Obama’s signature law wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for some bizarre legal gymnastics of John Roberts, who everyone hailed at the time as the best possible conservative choice. Repub picks don’t stay conservative for long once they put those robes on.

        The left, however, does an excellent job of picking their justices. They not only stay consistent to their stated beliefs, they often move even more leftwards as they age. So, people celelbrating Gorsuch should remember their history.

  2. We’ve got a spitting image of Dr. Evil in H.R. McMaster pointing the way to annihilation and Trump’s brood of dolts urging dad to act on emotional impulse.

  3. I hope your neighbor doesn’t read your blog, or he might have to photoshop some dead Syrian kids in YOUR backyard to protect, his wife, lawnmower, and flat screen TV….

    It is absurd, though. Especially coming from an entity that has a higher body count in that region than any other. I seem to recall a certain American govt official confirming that half a million dead Iraqi kids were worth it to achieve some political/oil related goals. If some other entity held up a few pictures of those in front of the UN, would the US govt accept a salvo of cruise missiles fired at us? Or maybe the kids hit with a thermobaric Hellfire because the CIA thinks its a possibility their neighbor may be a terrorist, or at least know some. How about some pictures of those? The idea that kids killed by someone other than us are somehow any worse or more dead is patently absurd.

    This all makes Trump look incredibly weak on several fronts. He has let himself be led around by the nose by the bullshit MSM and the left/neocon alliance by letting them dictate his actions for him. By trying to prove them wrong rather than ignoring them, he is giving them exactly what they want. It also looks completely ridiculous to allow himself to be moved by his daughter’s wittle feewings. And then have his son go out and confirm that yes, the President of the United States did, in fact, kill people based on her feelings. Great. I sure feel sorry for the poor sonofabtich that pisses her off for the rest of trumps single term. God damn all this shit is disappointing.

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  5. Owing to my Pollyanna perspective, I’m hopeful Donald has entered a sort of fugue state problem solver mode. It may be that Syria and NKorea are now problems on his list, no matter his many prior commitments to non-interventionism. I think Putin very much wants to avoid a war, as his much smaller military and economy demand he must. And thus Trump is calculating that no major injuries to his own forces will occur. God help us all if Kim gets a weapon off, and I am extremely concerned he will.

    I also speculate that deal maker Donald may have bought China’s aid in decapitating Kim in exchange for the Spratly and Senkaku islands that China so covets.

    So the bright-side outlook is that conflict with Russia may posdibly be avoided, China helps in an overthrow of Kim which does not result in a fatal attack on America, and then Trump turns to solving the problems for which he was actually elected. That’s a sunny outlook, for those longing to see one.

  6. It’s hard to believe the man who defeated the mega-funded, media supported, Clinton dynasty has suddenly become a complete fool. His judgment in team assembly is suspect though. The Exxon CEO (who admittedly took the most difficult cabinet position because his wife pushed him to) and Nikki Haley are particularly concerning. Ivanka is likely uncomfortable with her new life–bearing the brunt of liberal ire– and is trying to win favor by selective “outrage and heartbreak” over their pet project–Syrian babies.

    It’s disturbing to see Trump’s supporters defend the Syrian airstrikes as a great way to send a message to North Korea. Sorry about the missiles, Sovereign Nation Barely Clinging to Life, but look at the beautiful point I made. And why so gleeful over Trump enforcing Obama’s red line? Obama clearly wanted war with Syria but backed down after public outrage. There’s still nothing brave about politicians sending other people to war.

  7. I’m not inclined to believe this is Trump 4D brilliance on display here. He’s packed his cabinet with neocohens and is taking advice from his daughter and a 35 year old son in law …I’m certain Putin didn’t consult real estate agents and his daughter on navigating his way into office amongst a nest of vipers or on matters of foreign policy that have so far evaded nuclear conflict.

  8. Looks like desperation to me. This isn’t business as usual at all. Even Donald Duck admitted that the US Military isn’t ready for prime time a couple of weeks ago. I guess all those plans to “rebuild the Military” crumbled when White guys said no. Can’t blame them can you? White people need to die. For waciss or slabery or is that Israel? Whatever. That bozo nigger from Kenya spent 8 years kicking them out and making them homeless and denying healthcare till they died. And now they won’t answer the Call for the Forever War that Freedonia has with Eastasia. Go figure.

    They will fight for their Freedom, but not for Donald Duck.

  9. Well, on the bright side, the Sunni headchoppers now reverentially refer to Trump as Abu Ivanka, Grand Vizier of al Qaeda’s air force.

    So there’s that.

  10. As ever, sir, your wit and sparkling prose manage to turn a ghastly situation into entertaining reading — which nevertheless manages to deliver a pithy message.

    It really annoys me at this world that quality writing like yours languishes on a blog with a few dozen readers instead of appearing in the opinion pages of some publication read by millions.

    • I appreciate the kind words, as with previous ones from Watership. It is my aspiration to one day reach as wide an audience as this video of horses snoring and farting. Though as it is the gulf remains quite wide.

  11. Dozens of readers? Hot Dog, I’m in on the ground floor! For once I’m a trendsetter. Keep it up, Porter, my social standing hangs in the balance!

  12. On the kakistocracy theme of progressives refusing to accept that their country is a home for its people, not an infinite commons for virtue signalling, some Germans are surprised to be handed the bill for their own “generous gesture” towards chain immigrants, the overwhelming cost of which they had expected the German taxpayers to bear.

    In 2013, the state government established a program that would allow Syrians who had been in Germany for a while to bring their families to the country as well – under the condition that they had proof of sufficient income to provide accommodation and food for their loved ones.

    Since not all refugees who wanted to bring their families had this, Grothe, who is a psychiatrist in the city of Giessen, and roughly 30 other volunteers jumped in. They signed an agreement stating they’d guarantee the state wouldn’t have to pay for the refugee families coming to live in Germany.

    “In some cases, the guarantors didn’t actually pay for anything,” Grothe told DW. “The Syrian families only needed the opportunity to bring their loved ones and ended up sleeping in a room with five people instead of two or made food for eight people instead of five. In other cases, the guarantors helped out with five hundred or five thousand Euros.”

    But what was supposed to be a generous one-time gesture to help reunite families is turning into a financial nightmare for the Giessen guarantors.

    As soon as a refugee finds a job and stops receiving benefits, the guarantor doesn’t have to pay anymore. But for older refugees, that might take a long time.

    … “Our interior ministry promised us that our responsibility would 100 percent end after the refugees were granted asylum here,” Grothe said. “Now the job centers are saying ‘Your obligation is still in place and we want the money back that we paid for your refugees!'”

    Grothe sounds angry when he’s talking about the issue because some of his fellow guarantors are getting desperate. For a Syrian family of four, the costs they are supposedly obliged to meet can reach up to 14,000 Euros every six months.

    Bernd Mesovic, head of the legal department of refugee rights organization Pro Asyl, believes the Giessen guarantors have good chances of winning their legal battle and getting out of the payments, since they entered the obligation under false impressions in the first place.

    He also stresses, however, that the step of becoming a guarantor for a refugee so that his or her family can come to Germany is very risky.

    “It’s a big obligation these people are taking on,” Mesovic told DW. “I tell everyone considering it to think about it really, really hard. You have to be extremely careful in your consideration of what you can afford and what would happen if you lost your job, for example. The obligation won’t go away then – you’ll still be a guarantor. People have had to file for personal bankruptcy.”

    Grothe, and the 30 other guarantors in Hessen, hope that it won’t come to that in their case.

      • Wow. At least one of the ones responsible for this madness finally paid the price for their deeds. Its funny, in an ironic kind of way, that they even bother to act shocked anymore. Ill be shocked if they make it another month without something similar happening. Its almost pointless to even have these discussions anymore. Some hajji kills a bunch of people, everyone acts surprised and sad, but then proclaim that the greatest tragedy will be if it harms muh diversity. So they do absolutely nothing to prevent this from happening again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Its pathetic.

    • My Encyclopedias from the early 1980s do not make any mention of the Holocaust. The focus on this singular event is a recent feat of propaganda, and diminishes the deaths of so many more people from WWII. Russia lost 20 million soldiers and civilians. Why no Russian WWII museum in D.C.?

      If British soldiers were told before they boarded their leaky boats to land at Normandy that in 70 years:

      1) London would have a Muslim mayor.
      2) Only the Jews would be remembered as victims of WWII.

      Would they have fought knowing these things?

      But to even mention that as a possible future outcome they would have thought you’ve gone mad and laughed at you.

      • According to an article I read recently, most of the ancient veterans who have been interviewed over the past decade or so very frequently say that they “wish they hadn’t fought in the war.” So the answer seems to be that if they had known the future, they would have refused to fight against the Germans.

  13. While the Baby Boomers are routinely vilified, it was the Greatest Generation that actually plunged a knife into the neck of its posterity. All of the preening 60s madness that still immiserates us today was the work of these “greatests.” The oldest baby boomers were only 19 and 20 at the time. The boomers may have been eager acolytes, though they were hardly the architects.

    • I am reading Robert Bork’s book Sliding Towards Gomorrah and he has a blistering and dead on critique of the 60’s, where it came from, and what it will lead to. The book was written in the mid 1990s and it reads like the headlines of today with what he predicted.

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  15. Interesting perspective regarding the real architects of their posterity’s demise. White men, particularly, are so reluctant to stand up for themselves. Perhaps the roots are in interpersonal relationships. I hate to disparage this most maligned demographic, but things a woman would feel ridiculous uttering like “Let me check with the boss” are common place with men. Our Secretary of State, for God’s sake, was pushed into the role for not a single stated reason other than his wife made him do it.

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  17. Is Ivanka “heartbroken and outraged” by the Saudi bombardment and starvation of Yemeni civilians? Was she “heartbroken and outraged” by the Israeli bombardment and starvation of Gaza civilians?

    If not, I doubt she was sincerely “heartbroken and outraged” by the Idlib province gas attack.

    She is putting on an act, Esther style, to manipulate her father to fight another war for Israel.

  18. The worst thing about the bombing is the praise Trump is getting from people like Hillary and Bill Kristol. Someone needs to explain to him that these people haven’t gone from hating to supporting him. They’ve gone from hating to despising him.

    Talking about absurdity and beyond…British navy chases Spanish ship out of Gibraltar waters again. The millennia-long fight for control of the Mediterranean was never so vital, now that Britain has to keep it safe for African invaders.

  19. Now I know why Chris Christie was completely exiled from power. He prosecuted Jared’s father in a guilty verdict ending in jail time. Kushner has lots of red flags in his bio; he looks like he could end up being Trumps Rasputin.

    “Project Alamo” sounds like a military Intelligence operation; watch him closely in the days to come. Don’t forget spies need covers; money and prestige are the ultimate cloaks to hide behind.

    According to Forbes, in 2017 Jared Kushner and his parents had a personal fortune of around $1.8 billion. Kushner is a real estate investor, and has increased the Kushner Companies’ presence in the New York City real estate market as a principal in his family’s real estate company. His father, Charles Kushner, was arrested on charges of tax evasion, illegal campaign donations, and witness tampering in 2004, and was eventually convicted on all charges by the then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie) and sentenced to two years in federal prison.

    From the outset of the presidential campaign of his father-in-law Donald Trump, Kushner was the architect of Trump’s digital, online and social media campaigns, enlisting talent from Silicon Valley to run a 100-person social-media team dubbed “Project Alamo”.

  20. When George Soros says “we work together” I know what that means. Behold the swift and not so subtle rise of Jared Kushner.

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