Driver Loses Control: Not Many Dead

Nimrata Randhawa will present none of their photos for United Nations gawking.

No Hollywood films will lionize their lives.

No national leaders will pledge to eradicate the source of their demise.

No cruise missiles will exact vengeance for their deaths.

No situation rooms will murmur about regime change.

No cities will burn out of rage for their loss.

No history books will teach their names to the young.

No black bloc will riot under their photos.

No laws will be passed to protect their particular ethnicity.

No billionaires will mobilize to defend their survivors.

No guards will be posted to their homes, or places of worship.

No politicians will praise their kind.

No entertainers will mock their detractors.

No anti-hate documentaries will feature their faces.

No NGOs will agitate for their welfare.

No liberal liturgies will invoke their memory.

They have no hopes, no fears, no human aspirations. They are simply gristle on the road to diversity.

We don’t have to live like this.


26 thoughts on “Driver Loses Control: Not Many Dead

    • The photo is macabre and I may just remove it. The public should be mature enough to understand the real results of these routine muslim auto-attacks without having it rubbed in their faces. Though I’m under the impression they generally don’t.

      • Please don’t remove it. This is the only place I’ve seen that pic; if you remove it will sink down the memory hole, never to be seen again.

      • You should leave it. It should be on billboards across the western world. It should appear on TV, particularly in the evening.

        It should be the last thing those responsible see before they’re turned off the ladder.

      • they need to see it to shut up the cries of “false flag!” “crisis actors!” “fake blood!”

      • I agree totally with the others on this. Further, it requires a caption. “Diversity for the White race” is my input. No doubt you’ll think of something better. Then post it somewhere we can all copy and use it.

  1. The first line is a spur for action.

    Trump should make our Glorious UN Spokesperson show the pictures and do the same for them that she did for the Syrian kids. Then make her link the two. And if she doesn’t do it, and do it well…..


  2. by tens and 20s the frog of civilization is being boiled. And when 3000 were killed 16 years ago, the wrong lessons were learned. The (((globalists))) steered us off course from any lessons that were learned with just the slightest puff of “if our diversity suffers, the terrorists win” rhetoric in our sails.

    • They began running this transparent agitprop immediately after 9/11. The video would have been no more ridiculous if it had featured a series of Star Wars creatures with “I am an American” captioned click-beeping.

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  4. I just updated my passport. The pages in the updated version are filled with quotes so pozzed about immigration and race, that I almost took a sharpie to them to strike them out.

    I wonder how many Swedes are asking: “We did nothing but give them hugs and invites into our homes! Why do they hate us?”

    Will they learn the lesson, or will the media and government manage to shove the toothpaste pack into the tube one more time?

  5. I hadn’t seen the picture and I’m glad you posted it in all its horror and hypocrisy. The inconsistency in foreign policy is quite staggering. 16 years of war in Afghanistan (US soldier was killed there today, btw) because they once were harboring a terrorist who was later found in Pakistan where we are not waging war. I can’t imagine being in the position of trying to defend taking out Assad. How can anyone utter the rubbish. It’s hard to say what’s going on with Trump but he didn’t seem to enjoy the conversation. Nikki Haley, on the other hand, addressing the UN couldn’t conceal her glee. She sounded like a 3rd grade teacher reading a bunny book to the class.
    I hate to see people saying the Swedes deserve what they get for welcoming terrorists. If it’s possible for citizens to stop an invasion, I would love to hear the instruction.

    • Let us assume, for the sake of discussion, that Sweden’s correctional system approximates that of Norway. Any Swede could, hypothetically speaking, approximate the actions of the Norse god Breivik, then peacefully surrender to the authorities, and then spend the next twenty-one years of his (or her) life contemplating his (or her) mortal soul, within the confines of a highly secure facility offering First World amenities such as Playstation, indoor plumbing, and a comfy, bedbug-free mattress in the Conjugal Visitation Suite. The application list for conjugalities will be so lengthy, that he (or she) will only have time for Playstation during his (or her) refractory period.
      The horror.

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  7. The Europeans are playing out the psychological dynamic of a battered wife. They were told that they were letting into their house a man with a history of violence. They didn’t want to listen, and they still don’t want to listen: Maybe it was just an accident. Maybe it was something I did to annoy him. Things have been very difficult for him these past few years. It’s your fault, you never gave him a chance, you were always against our relationship. I’m not talking to you any more, he needs me more than ever now.

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  9. “We don’t have to live like this.”

    The Jewish banks that rule our democracies say we do. The only way to say we won’t live like this is total, violent revolution against them. And this option is available only to an armed population. Harold Covington knew this long ago.

    • Yup…if there’s another option I’d love to hear it…like Porter pointed out, it’s pretty obvious we’re not voting our way out of this anymore; unless the handful of Alt-right advisors start getting way more ear time in the White House.

    • Our current conditions are very akin to skavery as the American tax payer is forced to finance most of the world and increasingly, our own invasion and demise. I don’t blame Trump. I went to several of his rallies. When he was finished speaking and the crowd started to disperse, he didn’t rush off, as busy as he was, but lingered and looked affectionately at his supporters, appatently relishing the moment. At one point he said, “You all live your lives, do your jobs and don’t worry. I’m going to take care of everything.”
      I believe he meant it but is discovering that it’s not possible. My fear of what you describe is that people will join slowly and the best and bravest will be easily defeated in the early stages. But what is currently tolerated is scarier.

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