Another Angle on the Tomahawks

I was going to post this in the combox. Though since it overlaps with a separate idea, I’ll just give in and grant its own space here. Almost like an indulgent father…

One aspect of Trump’s bombing of Trumpism that shouldn’t be minimized is not merely the disastrous influence of Kushner, but that of his wife. Who knows their validaity, but multiple venues have reported that Donald’s transformation into GWB resulted primarily from his little princess pouting her lip at Assad.

If true, this speaks to the well-known and frequently ignored advice to keep family and business in separate silos. No leader of something so vast and all-invasive as the federal government should take the counsel of those who hold emotional leverage over him. Objectivity loses to emotionalism every time. In such a situation it is critical to evaluate competing viewpoints independent of your personal relationship to the source. And consider how many doting fathers can fully filter the natural tug of their daughters.

Running a family business is nothing like running the executive branch. The former accommodates the input and participation of children specifically because the whole enterprise exists to be passed down to them. And passing down the presidency only has meaning if your last name is Bush or Clinton.

Donald needs to get his daughter and son in law out of the Oval Office and back in the real estate and handbags businesses. For his own clarity of thought he must surround himself with people whose ideas and proposals are challenged–sometimes viciously. And if Rex Tillerson can sway him to war with sniffles saying “sad pictures make me cry!” then so be it. Just don’t make the process so damn easy.


15 thoughts on “Another Angle on the Tomahawks

  1. Yes his family members need to go. He should also abstain from taking advice from anyone that is either a dual citizen, or has a right to be come a dual citizen based on ethnicity.

    Not that I’m singling out any particular group. Just throwing that out there.

    (Previous comment had an error. Please delete.)

  2. What kike wants, kike gets.

    And I’m damned if I know what can change this, short of a furious Kalki or Krishna or Christ, come with an avenging sword.
    Probably played by some jew.

  3. “Viscously”? You mean, like molasses? (Sorry)

    As a father of three daughters, I can vouch for your advice. In fact, I have long held that, in general, women should not be allowed in the workplace (excepting jobs that call for their special talents as women). Too emotional, don’t understand authority relationships, everything is personal. With family, it would be impossible.

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  5. After 8 years of being stomped into the communist marxist mud the Red team thought they smelled victory, unfortunately it was perfumed tuna.

    “New York City is the most important location in the world.. . it is the center for fashion, culture and finance.”-Jared Kushner

    “Browseability is the key online.”-Jared Kushner

  6. Never underestimate the power of visual media to sway weak minds. That’s why that photo in the previous post, as gruesome as it is, should be posted and re-posted and blogged and tweeted and shared ad infinitum. An image that viscerally powerful will change at least some minds about Islam and immigration.

    Which is why you will never see it in the MSM. It runs totally counter to the Islam-is-peace, open-borders narrative, so down the memory hole it goes. As opposed to the world’s most widely circulated photograph, at least since Che Guevara stared hunkily off into the distance, inspiring generations of leftists, fags and bitches (but I repeat myself).

    Of course I’m talking about Dead Syrian Baby Face Down on the Beach, the pic that literally changed the course of German and European history. The childless crone Merkel was so moved by it that she decided to break the EU law governing “refugees” and adopt millions of Syrian babies, who–surprise!–turned out to be 80% military-age males. And they’re still coming.

    And now Nimrata Whatshername wows the UN crowd with graphic Gassed Syrian Children porn, causing poor little rich girl (((Ivanka))) to demand that “Daddy, do something!” And so daddy did, completely alienating his strongest supporters in the process.

    Having said that, the reaction of much of the alt-right has been nothing short of hysterical. Lobbing a few cruise missiles at a mostly empty airbase does not World War 3 make. Let’s hope it goes no further. But foreign policy is a trifling side issue compared to the existential immigration crisis facing all Western nations, especially the US.

    If Trump can…

    1. Build the wall
    2. Deport a good chunk of the illegals
    3. Lower legal immigration, especially Muslim immigration

    …then he will go down in history as the most effective president ever; an all-time hero of the West on par with Charles Martel and John Sobieski. If he can’t do these things, if Mrs Kushner convinces him to break all his campaign promises because she saw a photo of a sad mestizo child being deported, then we are well and truly fucked.

  7. GWB attacked Iraq only because Saddam tried to kill his daddy. Get Nancy Reagan out of RR’s White House.

    How about this? Get real, okay? Family is a big part of what people, even presidents, are.

    • “Family is a big part of what people, even presidents, are.”

      All of Trump’s children are still of enlistment age if I recall. What better way to celebrate family unity than going off to fight a war for daddy?

      Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing Bush’s, Hillary’s, or Obama’s children donning fatigues.

      It seems the real plan is to send some more southern white Christians to fight and die for our greatest ally. That has been the traditional payment plan to date, and also ensures our greatest ally can spare their precious young.

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  9. I assumed the “Ivanka made me do it” comment was a cover. He is not that cucked. Really, he couldn’t have gotten this far, on his third wife, otherwise.

    I think Trump’s military saw an opportunity to test Russia’s missile defense set up in Syria. So we fired a bunch of Tomahawks, not super expensive, at an airfield just to see how many got through. Almost half got throught.

    That’s an inadequate missile defense. A Russian military weakness was exposed, we didn’t really hurt anything (they used the airport the next day) and we didn’t actually attack Russia.

    Russia, butthurt, had to show off some toys to reassert their toughness after this failure. Their Mach-2 bomber. Their fuel-air bomb bigger than MOAB. Their formerly secret Arctic base. And if so, we found out more military information about what Russia’s got.

    And Russia found out nothing about us. They already knew about Tomahawks. Militarily it was brilliant. But I do hate the false flags and cover stories, so damn tired of them.

    • I’m not sure which of our commenters have the clearance to clarify the situation, though this piece among others states that the Russians made no attempt to shoot down the Tomahawk fusillade. I don’t know if they did or not.

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