Integration’s Who and Whom

Integration. That’s become one of the most common euphemisms of the contemporary vernacular. Nearly all print appearances of this term are identical in narrative, varying only by venue. Each somber iteration of the same story exists to describe the arduous, but utterly necessary, task of Western nations to absorb a ceaseless tide of itinerant aliens. Given the assignment’s admitted difficulty, and no version goes to print without this concession, one would imagine we’d at least be advised of the source of this mandate. We must integrate hostile foreigners into our society why?

Though whatever the genesis of our mystical obligation, practically every article simply commences with endless integration as an indisputable requirement. Thus the faculties and free will of men are left only to consider how. And that’s a thorny question, as men have come to painfully conclude through many ages before ours. I suppose we could ask Cherokees for tips on how they integrated the white man. Or, conversely, how white French Haitians integrated their African population. I’m sure the Ainu would be happy to describe their successful methodology for integrating Japanese into their society. As happy, I imagine, as pygmies would be to explain how they have integrated the Bantus. It seems some people become focused so intently on integrating that they hardly even notice what nice things are being written about them in history books.

There’s probably no people on Earth more desperate for a flattering eulogy than the Swedes. And that desperation leads to some impressively ambitious integration efforts. A country of seven million attempting to conceptually integrate over a billion being an example. Skeptics might counsel against this endeavor on a logistical basis alone, though that’s the sort of attitude that killed Emmet Till. So integration proceeds apace, with the only question being just who is integrating whom. And that’s not much of a question either, to be honest.

With Mosques proliferating in the weeds of Christendom, it’s easy to acknowledge European integration; but a bit more awkward to state its obvious direction. No one ever explicitly agreed to be integrated in their own ancestral homelands, after all. Though once a society ratifies integration as a central responsibility, who occupies the receiving end of it is a mere fringe matter.

I was thinking about Swedish efforts in this area while reading this piece. It is unintentionally another article about the difficulties of integration. Unintentional because it is an example of subconscious Swedish resistance to being a recipient of the process. The title explains the subtext clearly.

Swedes Begin Construction Of Police Fortress In “Little Mogadishu”

Little Mogadishu is, of course, very far away from Somalia, and very close to suburban Stockholm. It is a manifestation of the Swedish psyche grinding against Swedish pieties. A man does not entirely lose his atavistic sense of self-preservation, even upon embracing the numbing philosophy of liberalism. Swedes instinctively understand it is them being integrated, not their guests, and so are building forts in an effort to keep installations in relinquished territory.

The problems Sweden faces integrating large numbers of Muslim immigrants is a subject on which Nordstjernan columnist Ulf Nilson has written many times.

Constantinople had the same integration problem with Ottomans, alas. And the Byzantines futilely relied upon physical fortifications as well.

The police station will feature bullet proof windows, walls reinforced with sheet metal, and fencing around it, possibly with electrified barbed wire.

I wonder how many short years it will be before that formidable edifice is serving as an arms and khat market. Because that’s one of the results of being integrated: your works are put to their use. And since Sweden’s integrators have little inclination to be policed by the legacy population, we may be assured this facility will soon enough find itself more aligned with Somali sensibilities.

But that doesn’t make the present situation any more comfortable for anyone.

But there are problems with the police station, as none of the largely White police working there will actually live in the community and will have to commute it. This being Sweden, a disproportionate number will also be women. This raises several problems that would not be issues elsewhere. Police officers are worried about vandalism to their private cars so refuse to drive in, while using public transport is considered too dangerous, especially for female officers.

A secure parking area for the private cars of police personnel can not be added without greatly inflating the already high cost of the facility, so it looks like police personnel will have to be bussed in at the start of each shift in a specially reinforced police bus with darkened windows.

There is little different between this and American military bases and patrols in Baghdad. They are both an example of Western military personnel trying to enforce their civilization upon a foreign population by the barrel of a gun. That Swedes actually imported their Baghdad in no way alters the situational profile.

So petite blondes will be sacrificed into the Somali maw. This to reassure traitorous politicians that their moral grandstanding hasn’t yet cost them a country to rule. Eventually it will. Man’s nature acts independent of his fashions. As a result, the drive for tribal conquest doesn’t cease because we temporarily stop believing in it. But if integration is what you say you want, then prepare to receive it…good and hard.


18 thoughts on “Integration’s Who and Whom

  1. “police personnel will have to be bussed in at the start of each shift in a specially reinforced police bus with darkened windows”

    As a clear a statement as could be imagined that they have already lost their country. Well written as ever, sir, but a real downer nevertheless. What a situation.

  2. Porter,

    I will repost this on The Burning Platform. As an aside, I have been pushing the Alt-Right perspective on the site. I tried my hand at posting some original thoughts on revising the Official Holocaust Narrative and caught enormous amounts of flak – people told me I was a piece of shit, a Nazi, a hater, and worse.

    I am especially proud of my essay “Holocaustianity”. I did my best to show people the truth. It was pushing the boundaries of The Burning Platform, which was primarily an economic and political website. I burnt through a lot of my credibility by posting it.

    Could I ask you to glance at my Holocaustianity essay? I would be honored if you would take a look – even just briefly.


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  4. That look of smug superiority on the collective faces of the matriarchal leaders of Europe stems in large part from their highly restrictive firearms laws. In Sweden one can own a gun for hunting,or competition shooting (after months of red tape) but under no circumstances can one use a gun for self-defense. At one time in history,Scandinavians were the fiercest and most feared warriors on Earth. It must still be in their DNA. There will be a tipping point in this current madness.

  5. The police offer a slightly different narrative than the liberals although it’s disguised as a request for armored vehicle transport to their job instead of a primal scream to stop the insanity of immigration, integration and self-elimination. But changing narratives are no problem for the Left. In the other Little Mogadishu–Minneapolis–I recall a 2013 CNBC interview with mayor R.T. Rybak who gushed about the flourishing Somali population and the fabulous opportunity to be integrated by them. In fact, because the Twin City children have the good fortune to be educated next to Somali children, soon America will beat China in taking Africa.
    MAYOR: We welcome immigrants…we speak 100 languages…
    CNBC: We need more smart people in this nation. Why do you think America as a whole has been frankly so dumb on highly skilled and highly educated immigration?
    MAYOR: Well in a tough period of time people are worried about quote un-quote people taking their jobs. We’ve said something different.
    CNBC: They create jobs!
    MAYOR: Well there’s no question about it. Our diversity is more diverse than other places. We have the largest Somali population outside of Mogadishu. We use the Statue of Liberty to grow the economy.

    So that’s what the pundits are saying. Meanwhile down at the DMV, workers are telling the highly educated immigrants not to urinate in the potted plants. Their Catholic Charities sponsors weren’t available to provide the instruction.

  6. Yojimbo: sorry to have not responded earlier. I’ve been at a shindig all day, and can’t make an honest claim to sobriety right now.

    I took a look at your essay and the comment string. You certainly generated some lively discussion. Orders of magnitude more lively than a similar questioning of the Armenian genocide or Holodomor would have produced, which was probably your point.

    Watership: I got a good chuckle from the image of our highly educated immigrants dousing the potted plants.

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  9. These kinds of things amuse me to no end. Inside their own words is a clear admission that ‘muh diversity’ has been a complete and utter failure. But they still refuse to just come out and say it. If you are having to spend all the money on a fortress to police all the Somali squatters in ‘their’ neighborhood, and bus the white cops in from outside that area for their safety, you are acknowledging that we are right about this, and other things, and always have been. So, even though you are now admitting that your policy of inviting foreign squatters to shit where you eat, the government continues the same thing.

    Everyone keeps acting like this is the ‘new normal’ and we just have to accept these kinds of thing for the sake of diversity, or something. People forget, this doesn’t have to be the new normal. We don’t have to live like this.

  10. Thinking back to Porter’s “Be the CEO” masterpiece; does no one seek justification for the expenditure of the fortress? Why are we spending this money? Which leads to, what is the cost of this integration? Which should lead to, how is this practice financially sustainable? Assume for a second there is an innate inability or unwillingness of the insulated elite to acknowledge the sacrifice of their culture and unique corner of civilization, even they should be able to read an 8th grade level balance sheet.

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  12. The rapes in Sweden are internecine warfare between competing sects of feminists. Radical feminists are raping sex positive feminists. Religion and race are secondary to this.

    That said, I do think Somalis have a duty to teach the Swedes the Somali language. Black Man’s Burden and that kind of stuff…

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