Be the CEO

Citizenship is one of Western society’s most poorly conceived concepts. That’s by design. For this broad misconception is largely due to the concerted efforts of state, media, and big business actors, who all have interests in perpetuating it. Though for sake of clarity to an audience not in need of it: a nation-state is not a prerogative of The Immigrant People, a diversity metric, or a market segment. Citizenship is an ownership share in a country.

Citizenship holds value based on that country’s social amenities (e.g., safety, stability, efficiency, cleanliness, opportunities, and entertainment), as well as its solvency, continuity, and military capacity to thwart hostile intents. Citizenship is a unit of wealth that varies as much in value among countries as shares do among companies. One share of Berkshire Hathaway is worth far more than one share of Twitter in the same way and for much the same reasons as citizenship in America is worth more than citizenship in Honduras.

And though their companies offer widely varying share prices one thing you will notice in common between Warren Buffet and Jack Dorsey is that neither give away stock in their company to millions of itinerant mexicans and muslims. Do you know why that is so? Because they understand the value of their franchise–such as it is in Dorsey’s case–and are keen to keep it undiluted.

Buffet, Dorsey, and of course peers like Zuckerberg and Gates are not wealthy because their companies are successful, but because they own a large percentage of successful companies. That sound like semantics, but the distinction makes all the difference when you’re deciding between a fishing boat and a yacht. Though it’s also a distinction these men take pains to obscure when it applies to their less financially pharaohic countrymen.

Because citizenship is not just an interest in aircraft carriers and national parks. It’s also one voting share in the leadership and direction of your country. Handing these out to huge numbers of unlike people should be an endeavor undertaken judiciously. If Mark Zuckerberg granted 10,000 shares of Facebook to every foreign national just trying to make a better portfolio for themselves, then soon enough his ownership percentage would fall to the point where migrating shareholder factions would be able to remove him from the board, and ultimately take control of the company. And just like that, the man who founded the Winklevoss twins’ company would be evicted from it. Facebook may continue to be successful, but as a concern completely independent of Mark Zuckerberg. Would you believe me if I told you he understands this perfectly? And that he has no interest whatsoever in ceding control of his company, even if the financial press call him stock dilute-o-phobic?

That is why you will find Zuckerberg stridently parsimonious with Facebook stock. That he is contrastingly profligate with American citizenship tells you exactly where his loyalty, and fortunes, actually reside.

It’s long been trite to say a fool and his money are soon parted, and corporate CEOs are anything but fools. Unfortunately the pyramid of foolishness flares out broadly beneath them and, as a result, few people make a point of contrasting corporate open-borders advocacy with their closed-stock companies.

When businessmen do issue stock that diminishes their control, they do so in exchange for great sums of money. We simply hand our far more valuable countries away for free. Men who would never dream of relinquishing their children’s college fund or inheritance do exactly that by inviting in foreigners to split it with them.

This isn’t how the corporate world operates at all. Majority shareholders aren’t interested in “diversity.” They’re interested in remaining majority shareholders. That’s why they prefer to feel the pain of obliterated social capital, foreign colonies, migrant crime, and H1B’d jobs vicariously while on a private jet to Monaco.

It’s useful to understand this relative value perception to know why citizen shares in countries are so routinely discounted by the rich. For most people, their house represents a significant portion of their wealth. Thus granting equal shares of it to a dozen mestizo squatters would pose egregious loss. Yet for any of the men named herein, their residence represents an infinitesimal component of their wealth. Losing a house is nothing to losing a cocktail party invitation. They could give a house to Somalis for the charity glow alone, while suffering no more of a comparative loss than a penny out of your pocket. Their true castle is their fame, wealth, prestige, and brand. And these they are not at all willing to give to refugees. Your home, however, is quite another story.

For everyone not in possession of a vast fortified Hawaiian estate, Western citizenship is an item of substantial inherited value rather than an inconvenient barrier to the free movement of labor units. Thus it’s amazing how many people of modest means are so ignorantly cavalier in disposing of it. It seems more even than money, a fool and control of his country are soon parted.


19 thoughts on “Be the CEO

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  2. Russian hackers should insert this piece into the NY Times Op-Ed page. Can you imagine how much damage to the Cathedral this beautiful hate-bomb would cause?

  3. In a way it’s quite unfortunate that this incisive analysis is here, because it might actually be a useful persuasian tool against those who can be reached.

    We find in the Old Testament what happens to those who would willingly sell their patrimony for a bowl of soup, or for $100 million in stock options.

  4. Truly a shrewd analogy and personal enough that it might not even be lost on the non-elite type liberals who need to see it.
    CEO’s aren’t fools but none of the charity glowers and stock dilute-o-phobes (haha!) could write an essay like this. Actually some things seem to come together surprisingly easily for the guy who “founded the Winklevoss twins’ company” and the guy who didn’t think the internet would amount to much (Gates.) They certainly are revered as humanitarians while promoting policies that destroy the only planet that supports life and the only countries that support happiness. Undoubtedly they all plan to jet off to New Zealand when things get crowded and dicey everywhere else.

    • I’m at a loss as to why there’s this idea that New Zealand is somehow a last bastion of white safety. The North island is almost minority white already. The flooding of white Western nations with brown filth has been universal. There are no safe spaces, to run from the experiment.

      • I’m not endorsing the strategy. I agree with what Joshua S says below about island estates not measuring up to Mayberry RFD. I have no idea why people are filling up this beautiful Earth, far beyond its capacity, with the worst cultures. Maybe “experiment” is the correct term, but the outcome is as predictable as the London mow down.

  5. Can these insipid buffoons feed themselves? Can they repair any of the machines their lazy ass needs to survive? The browning is the ignorant pig feeding at the trough, but who puts his slop in there? Are these scum The Masters of the Universe? Or are they rather fat pigs being led to slaughter? Let me tell you, shortsightedness and greed are not signs of intelligence. Those island estates and underground bunkers hardly offer the same security of a small town like Mayberry. Right now they still enjoy the Aegis of Western Civilization and its Rule of Law. Like Africa, that thin veneer of Civilization can burn away fast without White Supervision. The Whole World is burning down. These imbeciles will not live well in island fortresses and underground bunkers if the Whole World goes Post-Apocalypse Mad Max. Without law, their brown slaves will slaughter these lazy sacks of shit like pigs.


  6. Guess what?

    People of Color (90% of the worlds population) disagree with you

    Looks like you guys are doomed!

    Go cry on your safe space blogs and leave your hate out of the open society

    • I guess you guys won’t be happy until the US and europe are turned into impoverished third world hellholes like all the countries ‘people of color’ come from.

      There is no crying here, or the need for a safe space. We simply wish to keep our country intact so that it can be passed down to our children, as our forefathers did for us. Love for my children and former country is what drives me, not hate. Perhaps you all should focus more on improving your own countries rather than squatting in ours.

      • There is no crying here, or the need for a safe space. We simply wish to keep our country intact so that it can be passed down to our children, as our forefathers did for us.

        In other words, we need a safe space. There’s no reason to be ashamed of it.

    • “People of Color (90% of the worlds population) disagree with you”

      Burglars disagree with my decision to lock my doors.

  7. One of the arguments we hear in favor of immigration is that it provides economic growth. The CEO analogy can help counter that rhetoric.
    Imagine Fuckerberg’s company was worth $100 and Jackass Dorsey’s was worth $1. Fuckerberg would be crazy to merge with Dorsey and give him an equal proportion of the company, as it would dilute his worth almost 50%. This is essentially what the US does every time it admits a low skill immigrant; GDP might go up a few bucks, but it’s going down per person.

    With all that said, even if the economics worked, what’s the cost of the culture degradation? We could easily explore that at Tolstoy-length.

  8. I think about this crap all the time, and never thought to equate shares of citizenship to shares of Inc. Shrewd analogy.

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