Turks Blow Minds (and Narratives)

Deceit is often the first casualty when a narrative collapses into its own footprint. With that in mind, consider Turkey’s threat to open the migrant-gates as the Immigration Narrative’s World Trade Center 7.

For what seems like ages, or since jews commandeered the media, both sides of the Atlantic have been continually advised of immigration’s myriad benefits. Benefits like ethnic food and…other things, for instance. More immigrants mean more moral frisson for liberals and less majority voting precincts for conservatives. And immigrants have more tangible benefits as well.

They wash BMWs, coax produce from the Earth, replace American IT workers, sleep in janitorial closets, and tear the gizzards from chicken corpses. These things don’t just do themselves. The point being that everyone who matters benefits from what immigration provides: higher housing, lower wages, and elected democrats. More brown people are thus a good thing. If only brown people could keep the story straight.

Because the plain intent of Turkey’s latest salvo is to present immigrants as a weapon pointed at Europe. Do the Turks know something our leading economists do not?

“We’ll Blow Your Mind”: Turkey Threatens Europe With “15,000 Refugees Per Month”

I’m not sure if that’s an example of Ottoman innumeracy, or whether Turkey intends the mind blowing to be a pleasant sensation resulting from reduced migrant flow. 15,000/month is only 180,000 year, which is almost certainly a significant decline from the continent’s present rate. But since stupidity always jostles with malice as the safest assumption, we’ll presume the former and simply consider whatever figure they quote to be synonymous with an ominous much more than you want.

And that is the sound of the immigration narrative collapsing. I’m only uncertain of how many cared to hear it. Because if Europe’s treasonous film of managerialists actually believe its own rhetoric then Turkey just offered them a lucrative human bounty. Wow, more immigrants. Thanks!

But Turkey plainly doesn’t think Europe’s pro-replacement rhetoric is at all sincere, since they’re holding the swarm over Europe’s head like Damocles’ sword and calling everyone with blue eyes a German national socialist. Is Erdogan auditioning for a column at the Bezos blog? Regardless, it all would make for quite a black comedy to overhear Merkel threatening Erodgan if he either released the migrants or acted like releasing the migrants was a bad thing.

Eventually they’ll have to reconcile the opposing white liberal and brown “minority” perspectives on what millions of third-world migrants actually mean for the West. They’re either a net social positive here to happily pay for our retirements or a net negative colonization here to achieve hegemony. Both of which have obvious policy implications the Euro-lib mind is poorly designed to process.

But difficult decisions are always impatient. And as a wagering man, I think the Turks will eventually make their case irrefutable. Just don’t be standing on the sidewalk when the narrative falls.


14 thoughts on “Turks Blow Minds (and Narratives)

  1. You had the same thought I did, but put it to paper much more eloquently than I ever could. You would think this argument would have died with the ‘3 billion euros for no more migrants’ deal would have killed this already, though. If they were such a boon to economic growth, with all the car washing and pool groping they do, that bribe paid to Erdogan wouldn’t make much sense. After all, so that argument goes, the EU would have won twice: keeping their money AND getting all those GDP boosting migrants for free. This is another tacit admission that all those migrants aren’t actually beneficial to the economy, and they know it. Otherwise, in our world of stagnant (at best) growth, the threat would be meaningless. The other reason given for why they MUST be allowed to infest Europe is always just some variation of white guilt. That argument alone is going to make it a tougher sell, because while there are plenty of white people who think that we somehow owe it to the 90% of the world made up of various “minorities” to allow our countries to be destroyed, I don’t believe they make up a majority of any country.

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  3. That dumb Turk should spend some hours watching the firebombing of Tokyo or B-52s dropping thousands of bombs in one night on Hanoi. Oh Trump would never do that. Yeah I know. But they’re trying their best to stop him. Who’s on deck? Is it Hitler? Is it Vlad Tepes? Napoleon Bonaparte?

  4. I don’t know Porter, I think the European plan is working well.

    Europe: “Come here, work and pay for the retirement of us white people that our media simultaneously says causes all the problems in the world and you should hate.”

    Immigrants: “Sounds like a great idea. I always hoped I could slave away for little reward so a bunch of Germans can retire on the Rhein. Oh BTW, can I bring my wives and eight children?”

    Europe: “Sure you can bring them. We can use those kids to replace our own. Say, are your kids going to be expensive to raise?”

    Immigrants: “Of course not, besides we can just have you pay for them with your welfare. While we can’t pay more than we take out in benefits, you make up for it on the volume, Nazi bigots.”

    Europe: “Sounds swell. Also, can you rape our women and make large parts of our cities uninhabitable for our citizens?”

    Immigrants: “Sure. That’s included as part of the basic package. You can also pay a little more and we can setup mosques and spread Sharia law.”

    Europe: “Ok we’ll take that Sharia package as well and the rapes. When can you start?”

    Immigrants: “We already have.”

  5. “Since stupidity always jostles with malice as the safest assumption, we’ll presume the former.” That’s the age-old question eloquently stated. I assume the latter when there’s a financial benefit attached and the former for those satisfied with ‘feeling smug’ as the only benefit. Regardless, Erdogan’s sentiment was clear even if his quantity was a smaller amount than the Italian coast guard ferries from the Libyan shore every week. ISIS also attempts to make its intentions clear, not understanding the effect that the Syrian boy washed up on the shore of Turkey…uh Europe had on us forever.
    It feels a little different this time though. Our fabulous ally Erdogan threatening to unleash refugees like a plague on Europe. Mexican narratives collapsed in a similar fashion last month with Nieto livid at the prospect of Trump’s deportees returning. If a narrative collapses world wide with a resounding thud that everyone hears but the media doesn’t acknowledge it did it really happen?

  6. The one thing most of Europe has going for it is the widespread granting of citizenship by right of blood, unlike our right of soil/birthright citizenship. The Germans and Brits were dumb enough that they started granting the right of blood to children of permanent residents, but in more sane countries, there are three generations of foreigners still living in the shadows, albeit legally and with lots of gimmedats.
    Hence if Europe ever adopts the You Have To Leave platform, it should be a little less sticky to determine the You than it would be in the USA.

  7. “Just don’t be standing on the sidewalk when the narrative falls.”

    For a wide swath of Euros, the narrative will NEVER fail. C’mon, these are people that get raped by refugees and still say “muh refugees, a story of the bravery of love!” They are mentally unbalanced and unchangeable. You can’t take their god away from them, and their god is the multi-cult.

    Even survival isn’t a convincing argument to someone intent on suicide.

  8. Erdogan tells Europe in no uncertain terms what his game plan is and the response from European “leadership” is silence. Wake up Europe this vindictive, pathetic, sinister Muslims proclamation is an act of war. You need to start preparing for the inevitable. In your total absence of courage to physically confront and fight whatsoever you could at least start with some well thought out economic sanctions and border control. Adults, show a little spine just so your children and grandchildren, should they live long enough, don’t grow up to hate you. My god lambs make more noise before being slaughtered; truly pathetic. You have become an embarrassment to the white race.

    Calling Turks the “future of Europe,” Turkey’s president on Friday implored his compatriots living on the Continent to have multiple children as an act of revenge against the West’s “injustices.”

    “Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday in the city of Eskisehir, while campaigning for a referendum that would solidify his power. “Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”

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