Turkish Delight

Perhaps the most fundamental fissure in Western politics is the question of what specific alchemy occurs when one of the 90% of the world we call “minorities” enters a country of the 10% of the world we call the “majority.” As the answer to this matter is crucial in muscling for moral rank, the skirmish lines around it have hardened into concrete.

One one side are those claiming full-spectrum border transmutation. Foreign nationals simply become a member of their host nation from one step to the next. For instance, a Syrian strolling from Constantinople to Copenhagen spends some part of his life as both a Bulgarian and German before settling into his Nordic countrymen’s open and charitable arms. It is critical that Hami-Salami be a Dane, else what legitimate claim would he hold to the country? This believer faction is comprised of global corporatists, neocucks, church-worlders, and bearded liberals of both sexes.

The thesis of this group is as much behavioral as geographic. What you are is how you act rather than what you are. Thus Jeet Heer is not an Indian because as an infant he was expelled into the dirt of a subcon peasant farm. Rather he is an American because he gobbles himself grossly obese and screams “Nazi” at the right. That’s what an American does, so that’s what he is. And that’s why the world is full of hundreds of millions of Americans just waiting to come home.

This side is opposed by the apostate deniers, who are determined that crossing a border actually alters a human in no meaningful way whatsoever, and that fat Indians don’t become Americans even when expressing utter contempt for them. The understanding is that immigrants come here only to have a better there. This group, broadly the alt-right, is joined in its perspective by black-masked bolsheviks and immigrants themselves, who both view mass migration into the West as the righteous POC colonization of a wicked people. It always feels good to have reliable allies.

And no ally has been more recently reliable than the Turks in Holland. Watching them rally in open solidarity with Turkey, waving Turkish flags, ululating about Turkish elections, and screaming imprecations at Dutch society all as residents of Rotterdam must trigger grand mal cognitive dissonance for those Europeans still prone to embracing princess tales. In one comical scene a group of Turks were so confused about which European country of which they were absolute loyal citizens, that they mistakenly destroyed the French flag rather than that of The Netherlands. I realize the symbols of any whitey will do, but let’s be honest: a true Dutchman would burn his own flag.

Though the fact that Turks don’t even know enough about who’s subsidizing their existence to incinerate the proper flag should prompt even more contemplative Europeans to ask themselves…

Are these people really Dutch?

I suppose only our immigrant allies ultimately possess the power to persuade one way or the other. And perhaps this escalating row will have the effect of convincing many. The Turks are furious because the Dutch government barred certain foreign ministers from campaigning on a Turkish referendum in Holland. A prohibition that naturally generated Third Reich accusations from a perpetually aggrieved Erdogan. Though none of his dispersed constituents were actually barred from attending events in Turkey, nor residing in Turkey as a more convenient base of interest in Turkish politics. Though Turks in Turkey are less effective in the role of forward infantry, and so their votes must be mined in land temporarily held by the enemy.

Though aside from generating additional chin-scratching about why swarthy Dutchmen are screaming under foreign banners, the conflict offers two relevant and related flash-points. First, Dutch elections are rapidly approaching with Geert Wilders openly encouraging livid Turks to tell their story walking. His poll numbers had been slightly flagging, though one imagines the sight of shrieking foreign hordes in a tiny country their parents could claim entirely for themselves will shift many wavering votes.

Wilders will not be elected, as the anti-Dutch establishment will never form a coalition government with him. Though these politicians must know how narrow their tightrope is becoming. Anti-racism is an intoxicating luxury, but even the most brand-conscious turn pragmatist when their own lives and livelihoods are in jeopardy. Turks and Moroccans have no need for white liberal representation. They can handle that ably themselves. Nor do the increasingly animated European nationalists. Eventually libs will simply recede from a primary role as politics start being decided by sheer racial role calls. That is, unless libs quickly come to view their prestigious sinecures as the most intoxicating luxury of all and begin an enthusiastic and extremely discreet program of repatriations.

The second flashpoint is Turkey’s latest threat to scuttle the bribe Europe paid to outsource its border. The result being an opened floodgate for millions of migrants now pawing the Turkish dirt awaiting the starting gun to Europe.

In some respects I actually hope this happens. Turkey would presumably be jettisoned as a European diplomatic partner, and seen more clearly as the antagonistic alien state it has always been. More importantly it would rapidly bring Europe to a painful decision point before the continent devolves to American-level demographics which, as we know, are only a weigh station to Brazilian demographics, prior to South African demographics, terminating in Rhodesian demographics.

Two million+ traveling over land in one human wave would likely represent Europe’s long awaited rise from its sick-bed or the last agonal gasps upon it. It’s difficult to predict how fluid such a situation could become. And better it be now than when Ottoman advance troops are more prolifically embedded.

But until that possibly very soon event, all we have to make our case on what immigration really represents are essays on these fringe outposts and the words of like-minded immigrants. May both be heard clearly.


39 thoughts on “Turkish Delight

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  2. Great article Porter… Sadly by the time the swarthy masses have no need for white liberal representation their job will be done. As you are well aware of by dealing with these cucks, this is precisely what they want…no more “us”in our countries. There is no “surprise” to them when presented with the demographic reality… They celebrate it, because they hate us. They’re suicidal/murderous…since its not just their posterity that they’re committing to oblivion, but ours too. This is the symbolic “Ride of Paul Revere” that you and other bloggers provide.

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  4. I had finally decided to let my wife (and I ) take the Europe trip she’s always wanted to do. See Paris (for her) and then Normandy (for me) on a Viking River Cruise.

    Thought, well better do it now before it is too late.

    Now I wonder if even next spring is not going to be too late.

    • Some of my immediate family went recently, i think they went to 6 different countries in a couple weeks. Some of the places were the same as last time, a few years ago, and some places were completely overrun. This will have been their last trip. Some of the prime tourist areas are now full of migrants, and their squalor. They said several of the cites are pretty much trashed. Its sad. But, clearly this is what they want. They keep electing the same people who are hell bent on destroying their own countries.

  5. Thanks Neil and ts.

    Rusty: a criminally underwatched movie.

    Helvena: I’m continually impressed by the gall of foreigners who alight in America to advise their hosts of what it means to be American.

    Scott: The demographic toilet swirling of Europe has become such a common observation as to be almost wholly uncontroversial. I’ve heard probably a dozen politically mainstream people make the same statement as yours as matter of factly as if they were mentioning the expiration date on a carton of milk.

  6. “Millions of migrants now pawing the Turkish dirt awaiting the starting gun to Europe”
    HaHa. A Europe that looks post-invasion is about to be invaded. It’s curious how the presentation of migrants oscillates between agents of revenge and the singularity on which white countries became great. Also curious is the magical elevation in status that occurs upon arrival. Bush’s 2008 law (no child turned away without a trial, even if you look 28) ensured an increasing supply of arrivals.
    Well said that the alt-right (“They’re coming as invaders”) the bolsheviks and the immigrants (“We’re coming as invaders”) are allied in analysis. Your hierarchy of demographics is important as many Americans seem to think we’re in danger of becoming Europe, when actually America is Europe’s cautionary tale.

  7. And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be released from his prison, and will go forth and deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, and will gather them together for the battle; the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up over the breadth of the earth and encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city. —APOCALYPSE 20

  8. Why do I feel European leaders are applying the same logic to their native citizens. By the way the rare Rhinos are rare because they are white. I thought Pluto in Capricorn would fix all this.

    Prague (AFP) – A Czech zoo said Tuesday it would use a chainsaw to remove the horns from its herd of rare rhinos after a brutal attack last week in a French zoo where poachers shot dead a white rhino and hacked off its horns.

    “It’s for the sake of rhino safety”


  9. Latest polls counterintuitively show Wilders’ party actually slumping into the elections. I guess nothing makes people feel more settled and complacent than divisions of foreign infantry marching in their streets.

    • After what happened in Austria, nothing would surprise me. Apparently nothing short of sawing peoples heads off in an Amsterdam whorehouse will cause any outrage… Or not.

    • Euros are so cucked that displays of Moozy violence and strength shove them into their fetal position of “but if we’re just NICER to them, they won’t attack us.” Crazy, sure, but a good 50% or more of white Europeans are genuinely insane. More in place like Holland and Germany.

      If they were sane, Wilders would be polling 100% with whites. This isn’t even debatable. It’s overt now. Everyone knows the status quo is white elimination, yet they vote for it. It’s astonishing.

    • In the final debates Wilders missed his chance at conveying a normalcy in the manner of Trump’s address to Congress.
      Peterike is also right that Holland’s delusions about race and diversity approach Minnesotan levels.
      Their fate is even further sealed by the fact that their women are even less inclined to child bearing and rearing than your typical D.C. lawyercunt.

    • Parliamentary politics practiced in most European countries will preclude a nationalist party like Wilders’ party from gaining power. It’s almost unheard of for a single party to win a governing majority. Wilders may well win the largest plurality, but no other parties will form a coalition government with him. Instead the second and third (and maybe fourth) place parties will form a coalition government, leaving Wilders in the minority.

      A nationalist party will have to resort to violent revolution to rise to power in most European countries. Give it 20 years.

  10. “In some respects I actually hope this happens.”

    Me too. Every day that goes by without a violent white reaction is a day closer to Europe’s demise. Even all the shocks to the system of the past two decades hasn’t been enough. But maybe — and I repeat, MAYBE — two million muds flooding in at once will do the trick.

    I mean, I doubt it. But it might.

  11. A pathetic end for a once-great race. It makes one turn away in embarrassment at their impotence and jelly-like stupidity.

  12. I didn’t know that Heet and his ancestors passed Hart-Cellar act and also gave amnesty to millions of mexicans during Reagan’s Presidency. I mean Hart-Cellar couldn’t have been more explicit about its objective and there was never any popular movement or demand to reverse course until Trump came along and shattered the overton window. WTF were Nixon, Reagan, GHWB, GWB and the people who elected them doing? They also did nothing about disparate impact, HUD/education dept, AA despite being voted to power by the one constituency that was at the receiving end of all this leftist bullshit.

    Also Porter you are becoming the white TNC. There is only one group to blame for the current situation in Europe or US (hint: the group that is even today 65% of the population and was 85% when hart-cellar was passed) so stop scapegoating minorities. I hope you are not going to start writing about MUH REPARATIONS next.

    • That’s right Gupta, it is an extremely over simplification of the situation but basically we let alien interests (look to see who wrote and pushed through Hart-Cellar) take control. And with the same over simplification you employed, Indians are to blame for British colonization. Surely millions of Indians could have resisted hundreds of British if their leaders hadn’t cooperated.

      Here Gupta, the work has been done for you:
      Time to go home Gupta.

      • Personally attacking me is silly and you are no better than a homeless meth addict mumbling nonsense

    • So Gupta, I think we can learn a thing or two from India. What, after all, did the Indians do when they grew tired of an outside people exploiting their land? Well, they killed a whole bunch of them and drove them out of their nation. Ethnically cleansed it, as it were. Oh and then they did that AGAIN during partition with the Muslim population.

      So yes, Gupta. These are very fine ideas. I’m sure, being an honorable sort — as Asians are well known to be honorable and not back-stabbing phonies, amirite? — you will agree that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and that white Americans can and should begin their violent expulsion of foreigners right away, in good Indian fashion.

      • its funny that you are assuming i am some kind of open borders, mass immigration liberal. If trump bans all immigration from india tomorrow it wont bother me one second. I actually hope we end all immigration from all countries for a while. Only let in people who can get into MIT or Caltech .

        What are you blabbering about ethnic cleansing and India? I dont think India did ethnic cleansing against the British. Also India has the world 3rd largest muslim population (and until very recently it was number 2) with more than 175M muslims so you have no fucking clue about what you are talking about

        India would be the worst example for whatever you guys are advocating. The nein nein nein guy would be a more appropriate example. Or Rwanda

      • Gupta, you crazy wog. Have you never even heard of Partition? That would be like an American having never heard of the Civil War.

        Hmmm, but then again, there are a LOT of Americans who haven’t heard of it, and 99% of those that have were taught a pack of lies about it. So maybe it’s like that in India with Partition. Maybe you are just mis-educated. Well here’s a little taste of Partition for you:

        “In August, 1947, when, after three hundred years in India, the British finally left, the subcontinent was partitioned into two independent nation states: Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan. Immediately, there began one of the greatest migrations in human history, as millions of Muslims trekked to West and East Pakistan (the latter now known as Bangladesh) while millions of Hindus and Sikhs headed in the opposite direction. Many hundreds of thousands never made it.

        Across the Indian subcontinent, communities that had coexisted for almost a millennium attacked each other in a terrifying outbreak of sectarian violence, with Hindus and Sikhs on one side and Muslims on the other—a mutual genocide as unexpected as it was unprecedented. In Punjab and Bengal—provinces abutting India’s borders with West and East Pakistan, respectively—the carnage was especially intense, with massacres, arson, forced conversions, mass abductions, and savage sexual violence. Some seventy-five thousand women were raped, and many of them were then disfigured or dismembered.

        Nisid Hajari, in “Midnight’s Furies” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), his fast-paced new narrative history of Partition and its aftermath, writes, ‘Gangs of killers set whole villages aflame, hacking to death men and children and the aged while carrying off young women to be raped. Some British soldiers and journalists who had witnessed the Nazi death camps claimed Partition’s brutalities were worse: pregnant women had their breasts cut off and babies hacked out of their bellies; infants were found literally roasted on spits.’

        By 1948, as the great migration drew to a close, more than fifteen million people had been uprooted, and between one and two million were dead.”

        Ok, so that excerpt is from the rabidly white nationalist magazine called The New Yorker, so take it with a grain of salt (perceptive readers could guess that since it quickly brings up the Holocaust). But see, that’s how Indians handled a little ethnic conflict.

        “I dont think India did ethnic cleansing against the British”

        As for the British, their departure from India was actually pretty peaceful (“only” seven Brits were killed), but it was the result of many, many years of violent Indian revolts. Kill a few here, rape and slaughter a few there. It does get to a fellow eventually. And good for the wogs! Despite all the advancements the Brits brought to the fetid cesspool of India, they were still, at the end of the day, invaders, and the Indians had every right to expel them. And they did. You see, they “cleansed” India of the British. Ethnic cleansing is not always genocide. It’s also getting rid of.

        So I say bully! to the Indians who understood just what you do with invaders: kill them until they leave. I think that’s a plan I can totally get behind in America. Eventually, some side dies and some side survives. There are going to be winners and losers (like the American Indians, those hapless primitives — you see, they lost). What there never is, not forever, is stasis. See how it happened in India? Once the spark is lit, it all devolves into my side vs. your side, and I don’t mean Yankees vs. Mets. It’s going to break apart along racial and ethnic lines. We’re seeing that play out in real time in Europe right now (though one side simply conceding the battle and sticking out their necks to have their heads chopped off is also an option — you can lose without a fight too). America has more elbow room, but it’s coming to a town near you. And good luck with a bunch of flabby Indian programmers taking on the Negroes and MS-13 from the next town over when they come to take what you’ve got.

    • To paraphrase: Yes we’re a disaster, but you’re the idiots who let us in is not a refutation of this blog’s editorial position.

      Also, I’m more inclined toward Muh Repatriations.

      • I dont think I disagreed with your editorial position per se. I disagreed with your scapegoating. Obviously I am to the left of “alt-right/david duke/stormfront/porter” but somebody like Krugman would call me far right wing if I wrote down my thoughts on immigration, multiculturalism, role of IQ in causing racial disparities in everyday life

        I draw the line at differentiating our citizens and their right to this land on the basis of skin color. If anything a guy like lebron is significantly more american than Trump and any position to the contrary is hate filled hysteria IMO (*waits for hysterical “go home” screeching from a bunch of triggered imbeciles with very poor grasp of history*)

        Having said that I hope we end birthright citizenship ASAP, deport all illegals who came here as adults including 90 year old grand moms and send all future illegal immigrants to guantanamo to send a clear message

        Unfortunately people like me have to tolerate people like you to tackle TNC,Soros,NYT,Kamala . for now. Your fringe “movement” is lower priority than the last chance conflict that is unfolding against racist minorities/SJWs/self hating “whites”. Alt-right aka nazis played a small but influential role in getting Trump elected in this election (Anton was right about this being flight 93 election) so I have to tip my hat for that

        With that said Adios to you and your “community”. I know I wont be missed 🙂

  13. “The gipsies do not become municipal merely by passing through a number of parishes, and it would seem equally obvious that a Jew need not become English merely by passing through England on his way from Germany to America.” – Chesterton

  14. Note the headline:

    Dutch election: Polls open as far-right candidate Geert Wilders takes on Mark Rutte

    It illustrates how careful parents should be in their naming conventions. For example, one couple named their child Mark Rutte, while the other named theirs Far-Right Geert Wilders. Such decisions can linger long into adulthood.

      • Muslims advertise their intentions to take Holland in the most conspicuous means possible, and the Dutch squeal “faster please.”

        There’s nothing to be done for these people.

      • Well, most species that have ever existed are extinct. Looks like one more is joining them. One with the mammoth and the sabertooth.

  15. The confidence with which the invaders announce their intentions is staggering. Imagine the easy victory if the West had the desire, not just the impetus.

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