Logic Lined up the Street

I won’t be around to learn the results, though I do hope Chinese anthropologists will one day unravel certain mysteries that don’t intrigue contemporary media in the least. One of those mysteries being why the best people come from the worst places. For instance, everyone knows Americans couldn’t produce cobb salads without brown sun-baked cherubs coaxing produce up from a jealous Earth. Like millions of mestizo John Henrys: they’re each a lettuce-picking man.

The fact of which we are routinely reminded is that Mexicans are simply harder-workers than the indolent gringos. And since these hard-workers only build what they are desperate to flee, we are forced to consider the paradox that creating peaceful and prosperous societies must be a lazy man’s job.

And cultivating the world’s most coveted countries isn’t merely a task for the indolent, but also the uneducated as well. That, at least, is the conclusion Indian immigrants would have you reach in this interview, an exchange more accurately entitled I’d chew glass to live in an idiot’s house, but never wonder why: my migrant story.

What brought Indians to the United States, and what made Indian immigrants, as a whole, so successful once here? That’s the question Sanjoy Chakravorty, Devesh Kapur, and Nirvikar Singh set out to answer in their The Other One Percent: Indians in America.

What brought Indians to the United States is the same thing that brought Guatemalans and Ghanaians: their people create less desirable societies by the testimony of their own feet, and so they must come here to explain why we are inferior. Though that’s only my hypothesis, and one that goes assiduously unexplored when immigrant groups examine their mirrors.

But the topic that never lacks for enthusiastic scrutiny is the one of white racism. This being accepted as a universal force, though one so frustratingly tepid that not a single migrant has ever been dissuaded from coming by its existence. If gravity was no stronger than white racism, brown people would be dancing in the skies. And if white racism were as prevalent as they lecture, they’d be doing it from their own countries. Though obviously these points also evade most commenters’ comprehension, particularly when evasion is profitable.

It’s clear that this (Trump) administration has a pretty distinct view on immigration and immigrant labor. I think there is a pretty large thrust, in a sociological sense, toward creating an Other — a non-white, immigrant population of the U.S. — and marginalizing them. That’s a huge part of the political agenda. And the Other is part of the America First agenda.

So marginalized as to entertain returning to India? Well, no. But he’s not all that wrong about this Other theory. I have a family; and those not in it are Other. Thus they get marginalized when I wake up in the night to find one of them shitting in my living room. As he notes, that’s a huge part of the Porter First agenda.

But we learn below that’s a flawed perspective. Since even though a couple of my so-called family members might disappear in the conduct of his nocturnal defecations, by and large the population of foreigners will keep right on growing. So that should be a relief.

I’m sure there are some Indian tech workers who are visibly replacing so-called American workers, but by and large the (tech) industry has grown massively in 30 years. And a lot of it through foreign labor.

You may have lost your livelihood, but Microsoft is hiring lots of Indians. There’s always a curry lining.

But the news doesn’t all smell as sweet as an alleyway in Delhi.

The initial signs are not encouraging from what I read. I know we’ve gone through cycles in the past with the H-1B visa program … to me, this comes in the context with Steve Bannon being on record in an interview saying something like, “Oh, there are too many South Asian CEOs in the U.S.” Which seems pretty racist to me. One can be racist without using negative characterizations.

Exactly. That’s our focus here at the Kakistocracy: a positive uplifting racism.

But let’s address what makes America so bad it even attracts Indians.

The biggest predictor is education, and Indians in America are really highly educated…I think there’s a huge lesson there for the United States as a whole — if you want to make America great again, you should really improve education for everyone.

Intelligence is not education, as the many brilliant laymen who built this country and the many imbecilic victim-students who despise it could both demonstrate. Though if the lack of American greatness is partially attributable to a dearth of educated Indians, what then is holding India back? Similarly, if America is insufficiently educated while also the fervently desired destination of educated Indians, we are forced to conclude that being ineducable is quite a strategic asset–possibly even on par with being irredeemably lazy.

Which leads me to wonder how on Earth lolling equatorial islanders have avoided migrating Hindus washing ashore like sand dollars given the bounty of slack-jawed dullards those territories offer. After all, these are the host qualities that attract immigrants. Of this fact the logic is lined up the street.


18 thoughts on “Logic Lined up the Street

  1. I love pious Indians and Chinese lecturing whites about racism and immigration.

    For fun I looked into trying to become an Indian or Chinese citizen one day. A few things became apparent:

    1) China has 1.4 billion people and aren’t really keen on bringing more people in vs. using the Chinese they already have.
    2) India seemed to reflect a similar attitude.
    3) Both countries seemed very interested in the ethnicity of the applicant. Let’s just say that as a white guy they weren’t laying out the curry and dog meat welcoming platter for me.

    Fuck these people and their cries of racism. They duplicitous rats.

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  3. Well it’s push-pull. Surely, the Indians enjoy leaving India. Hence, the push. But we pull them as well because the Statue of Immigration in New York harbor holds up a sign that says, “Open for Fleecing.”

    The high-end members of a low-trust society can easily game the system of a high-trust society. It’s easy-peasy for Indians to come here and exploit the rules we’ve set up against the historical population, and to take advantage of every gibsmedat on offer. Now for Indians it’s not always the EBT card (though it’s often that, as well, because what are they, stupid?), but it’s the minority contracts, it’s the easy access to credit. And most of all, it’s the pathetic willingness of wealthy, powerful whites to privilege invader Indians and Chinese over their own people.

    The fact that Indians might routinely be tax cheats, ethnic nepotist exploiters of their own labor (what, hire AMERICANS in America? wat a guy, dude!) and so forth matters not.

    The more scurrilous types, like the Pakis, find other seams to exploit. Welfare fraud, medicaid fraud, insurance fraud. They are quite exceptional at this. Many a Dr. Feelgood pushing opioids on downward spiraling whites is in fact Dr. Feelgood Jalawan, or some such.

    And let’s not even get into the suicidal obsession of white universities, graduate schools and medical schools to give tens of thousands of their precious seats — truly one of the major currencies of America — to outsiders from Asia. After all, we don’t just want to cripple the current generation of white people, we want to make sure we cripple the next couple of generations, as well.

    And our thanks for giving them the gold from our streets and asking nothing in return is to get called racists. Well, giving somebody something for nothing always ends in contempt toward the giver. And why would they ever respect a nation as stupid as ours? You think the top schools in India and China are filled to the brim right now with white Americans and Europeans? No, they aren’t that stupid. That’s our job.

  4. With so much anti-Indian violence these 1% should return to the safety of their homeland. Leave us to fend for ourselves without the benefit of our “visible replacement” or the scintillating analysis of how to make America great by improving education for everyone. Contemporary media is remiss not only in questioning why “the best people come from the worst places” but also in illustrating these worst places.
    Of course it’s foolish to think images of India’s filth and overcrowding would do anything but encourage the Left (Sierra Club included) to clamor for more Indians.

    Really an amazing essay–as good as some of the best parts of Catch-22

  5. The ‘shitting in my living room’ paragraph is great.

    I’ve made this same argument with those on the left before, and it goes no where. These questions, like if indians and Africans contribute so much to America, why are their own countries, full of Indians and Africans, such shitholes, are always deflected back on white people.

    You see, ‘muh slavery’ and ‘muh colonialism’ are the answer to all these questions. If it hadn’t been for slavery nearly 200 years ago, the whole of Africa would be a beacon of human achievement by now. Why do Indians still shit outside and dump sewage and dead things in the same place their water comes from? English colonialism.

    The argument that whites were building huge cathedrals and circumnavigating the globe while Africans and Indians were living in straw or mud huts? Rayciss. Which, in today’s world, has just become an admission that you lost the debate. When you have nothing left to counter with, you attack the messenger. And why not? It seems to be working quite well for them. Instead of defending the point, people then backpedal and start vehemently denying that they are a rayciss, which is apparently worse than a rapist, and by the time you are done defending yourself, everyone has either forgotten what your original argument was, or decided it has to be wrong since the words were said by a rayciss.

    I no longer deny being a racist when I am accused of it. It’s pointless, and it gives them what they want.

    • I make a point of going on the offensive when that old canard comes up. It never fails to produce astonished silence so I can continue with the hate facts.

      “Don’t call me a Nazi! I’m nothing like those bleeding heart do-gooders. Now, as I was saying…”

    • Its funny that you associate India with sub-saharan Africa. I think racism is not your biggest problem. Stupidity is. The fact that you think that India hadn’t built anything bigger than a mud hut when Europeans set foot there tells me all I need to know about your intellect.

      Do you realize that Indian kingdoms were trading with Rome or that Chola kingdom from India was a major naval power that invaded and conquered parts of modern day Malaysia and also had maritime relations with Song dynasty? How do you think Angkor Wat in Cambodia was built as an Hindu temple?

      Not to mention that Indians were producing art, developing astronomy and writing philosophy when Anglo-Saxons, Frisians were filthy, dirty forest dwellers with no civilization to speak of. Please point me to English/Germany philosophy from 500BC when Indians were producing significant philosophy (Samkhya etc)

      Coming back to the question of why Indians succeed here (most educated and highest household income ethnic group in US) while India is poor and undeveloped is simple to answer especially in this race oriented blog. It is because of its extremely diversity with 100s of cultural groups constantly at each others throat and the fact that bulk of the population is descended or have significant admixture from primitive tribes. The people who come here are typically from the upper castes and if they were 80% of the Indian population instead of 10% then you would have Irish illegally immigrating to India right now

      Anyway your haughty condescension will disappear when the same multicultural diversity process produces its inevitable result here. I am sure there will be a Chinese version of Kakistocracy blog in 2100 asking why the Americans who are moving to China can’t fix their own multicultural shithole if they are so talented

      History has a funny way of repeating itself. From Gupta dynasty to modern day India. From Ike’s America to Jayden Darnell-Hernandez-Goldstein’s America in 2060. At least Indian greatness and civilization lasted 1000s of years, far more than the 100~150 years that our nation could eke out

      Here is a Indian mud hut from 1010 AD

      And here is a small taste of our future


      • “…(the reason) India is poor and undeveloped (despite the presence of educated Indians) is simple to answer especially in this race oriented blog. It is because of its extremely diversity (sic) with 100s of cultural groups constantly at each others throat and the fact that bulk of the population is descended or have significant admixture from primitive tribes.”

        Makes perfect sense. Now, let’s calmly go about the business of creating similar “extremely diverse” societies so that they, too, may devolve into hell holes.

      • “I think racism is not your biggest problem. Stupidity is”

        By god, you sussed it. Porter’s stupidity is only surpassed by his dumb waycissum. He’s got to be one of the most stupid, dumb people on the entire internet. Im surprised he knows which end of the keyboard to lick.

        I, too, am a dumb racist, one of many. The jig is up. Damn you, Sherlock (Shylock?)

        We are busted. Back to sniffing bicycle seats for me.

        Are you Sen Gupta perchance?

  6. We are doing India, Mexico, etc., a huge disservice by plundering their best and brightest. I thought Dem Lefties were supposed to be compassionate.

  7. Shiv: China’s immigration policy makes Japan look like Sweden. It’s truly comical juxtaposed against the flailing lunatic West. And aside from hate-filled fringe outposts, no one says a word.

    Helvena: Partition was definitely Othering. Though the most fascinating aspect of foreigners who feel Othered in the West, is their rock-solid commitment to keep their birth countries Unothered. Everyone in the world wants your home open to them and their home closed to you. But only one people are gullible enough to buy-in to it. As PeterIke said: that’s our job.

    Watership: I haven’t been to India, though people I know who have were flabbergasted by the chaos, crowding, and filth. Conditions we blithely presume to be the natural breeding ground of superior nu-mericans.

    Gator: Oppression and subjugation are precisely why millions of Europeans must now migrate to Ulan Bator as a result of the Khans’ depredations. And why Libyans are now minorities in Tripoli owing to the Barbary enslavement of whites…or the Ottoman invasions…

    PeterIke: Your point about precious university slots can’t be overstated. They are currency. And for private institutions to live fat off Western social capital while rewarding foreigners would merely be despicable. For actual state universities to do it is treasonous. It’s a great America First political point if Republicans would dare risk raysis to touch it.

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