Flight of the Cadgers

I’m frequently disappointed in the quality of reason and rhetoric deployed by the destroyers of the West. It’s hardly unreasonable to say that a people who gave the world planes, cars, computers, modern medicine, and the Internet to complain about it all deserve exceptional sophistry in explaining why they should be replaced by sullen brown fruit pickers. But the sophistry they actually receive is exceptional only for its monotony.

One of more monotonous examples being the Nation of Immigrants canard. As I have mentioned before, it could just as well be observed with equal accuracy that Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan are each a Nation of Genitals; founded by people with genitals; and thus any person in possession of genitals wields an incontrovertible claim on their land. This could be stated with no injury whatsoever to accepted liberal logic. Though for some reason it is not.

Like all inadequate sophistries, the immigrant one leans heavily on misplaced sympathies of the fearsomely credulous. The most common appeal to sympathy being the presumption that borders must be opened for those “fleeing war and poverty.” This phrase has been committed to pixels so often that I presume journos simply installed it as the new function of their “x” keys for sake of efficiency.

But why this fleeing-of-war-and-poverty should logically inspire open borders is never explained. And that omission isn’t unintentional. Because saying you may only have your country when the world is peaceful and prosperous is to say you may not have your country.

War, for one, is as endemic to the human condition as illness and frailty. There has been no moment in human history when either were not present. And so if “when war” is the time for yours to be theirs, then the time for yours to be yours is correspondingly never. It is to say the hospital you built must be available to foreigners only when they get sick. But war is actually the less offensive of this pairing.

“Fleeing poverty” is truly one of sophistry’s most lazy expedients. Given that practically the entire world lives in poverty by western standards, the cohort of humans potentially “fleeing” it is conveniently vast.

Of course poverty is a concept completely divorced from those taking flight from it. That is to say poverty is like a meteorological event, and certainly no consequence of the behaviors and abilities of those it pursues. An example being intelligent, industrious Africans who, for centuries, have had poverty alight upon their heads like a funnel cloud. What could they have done about it, after all?

It reminds me of the time I quit my job to chew khat on the street corner. Before I even realized it poverty was in hot pursuit! Obviously at that point I was obligated to move to Vienna and acquire taxpayer-funded room and board from the Austrian state. If you can think of any other plausible course of action, I’d like to hear what it would be.

Though if I may return to the hospital metaphor, offering the excuse of foreign “war and poverty” is like saying you’ll give a bed to everyone with “tuberculosis and itchy nuts.” Hey, my nuts are itching too! Well, we can’t morally keep you out of our ER then, can we?

Unfortunately you will note this gullibility goes completely unrequited. Just as unrequited as the social prohibition on “racism” and expectations of fair exchange and good faith. Because once the people fleeing war and poverty in your country grow sufficiently robust, then suddenly the ones fleeing war and poverty are you. And after your virtue has metastasized into favelas, to where will you flee?

Probably not South Africa as one example among many.

Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation 

That’s not a fringe political bomb-thrower, but the actual sitting president talking. And he is fluently speaking the common tongue of non-whites in matters of land and tribe. Whether the Portuguese in Angola, the Rhodesians under Mugabe or the Pieds Noirs in Algeria who were curtly offered “the suitcase or the coffin,” deluded Westerners can count on being welcomed with open spear points by other countries once they have vaingloriously relinquished their own.

You know, one of life’s simplest pleasures is laughing at rationales for why you should immiserate yourself for the benefit of strangers who hate you. And fleeing war, poverty, and itching nuts are all about as comical as a man could ask.


20 thoughts on “Flight of the Cadgers

  1. As someone who moved from being a mild centrist to being Hitler within 20 years without changing his political positions, hey Porter, thank you for your hate.
    A little rant: I think the first time I really thought something was, well, just a little bit off was when Obamania hit Europe in 2008. I mean, there were a lot of a signs before that, in retrospect, but I somehow did not connect the dots. Now every time I open the home pages of major newspapers or magazines I feel like an alien, I think that obviously what I read is completlely moronic and there has got to be someone that, like in a TV show with a hidden camera, suddenly shows up with a big grin and says, hey, do not worry, this was just a joke. Does not happen. Another piece: About 2010/2011 I read an editorial in the Spiegel penned by its owner, calling for an eradication of racism by melting races into a brown mulatto race, citing Brazil as a shining example for Western societies to follow. I almost dropped my coffee mug. The following weeks I scanned the newspapers, I mean, there must have been somone who noticed this, if this is’nt racism, what is? Apart from being total deranged. Did not happen, highly esteemed editorialist, given journalistic prizes. Now after that I dug a little bit into the avant garde of academic anti-racism and I can honestly say, my hair turned white. Now I am fully part of the deplorable people, and for that, for the first time in my life time I have the nagging feeling that a full blown putsch in a Western country is much more likely than not.

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  3. It’s a wonder that anyone remains in the less desirable countries when the Western governments are loathe to place the slightest restrictions: “If you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you.” (Rand Paul) Never mind that we’re on the path to slave wages, overcrowding and squalor, the bar is low enough to allow ISIS fighters to return to New Somalia, MN.
    The good news is there’s so much room for improvement, so many arguments yet unexpressed by our politicians that surely this lapse will soon be exploited. Yay!
    For example when Senator Tom Cotton was excoriated by a furious woman at a Town Hall about health care, I hoped he would explain how allowing the whole 3rd World to use American ER’s and NICU’s has resulted in less health care for her because of a phenomenon called budgets. It would be a nice touch to thank her for her individual sacrifice for others less fortunate.

    • Couldn’t agree more…we have entire generations of people believing that demanding things is the same as having them. From that endless supply of health care bag we have over here.

  4. “deluded Westerners can count on being welcomed with open spear points by other countries once they have vaingloriously relinquished their own.”

    Where else but this blog can one find such a combination of poetic expressiveness and relentless truth?

  5. Western altruism is seen as a noble characteristic by other Westerners, a quality, and behavior that is unique to the Western peoples. This altruism will certainly become the vector of its own demise. What fit organism can survive that willingly offers itself for sacrifice based upon feelings?

  6. It was so heartening to read recently that Barbra Streisand has now opened her huge estate in Malibu for the accommodation of hundreds of poor refugees from Africa. No doubt this will also inspire that lovely lass who exhibits herself under the nom de plume of Madonna and other such beacons of moral rectitude to follow suit. Or am I mistaken.

  7. I think you guys are forgetting who conquered and enslaved who.

    The next decades will be the years of the boomerang

    Karma’s a bitch huh?

  8. Great prose meets great reason. You’re as a rare a commodity as gold Porter, and twice as precious.

  9. Thanks, Shaun and Ironsides.

    He just leaves droppings, but Tiny D highlights the incoherence of such low sentience liberal drones. You can’t indict white racism as irrational while simultaneously calling for the conquering and enslavement of whites. In light of what the left increasingly (and quite foolishly) reveals of its intentions, white racism is the minimum rational response.

  10. Simple; stop all immigration until the federal budget is balanced. So many ways to spin this positively. Few ways to argue against it (logically).

  11. You ever try to write something that simply doesn’t come together? And the more you tinker with it the less together it comes? And eventually you tinker to the point of saying “fuck it, I’m going to bed.”?

    That was tonight’s post on the recent molestation of Charles Murray.

    • Perhaps it’s exasperating to possess such faculty of debate, but times are such that you’re left explaining why the guys with the masks and the clubs aren’t the moral superiors to Charles Murray.
      Michelle Fields, the video did not vindicate your claims of battery against Corey Lewandowski, it did the
      Trump is not the candidate most likely to start a war, do you know what Hillary did in Libya?
      It’s not normal to woo the Cadgers……Aaaaaah! The tedium!
      Your essays are brilliant, witty, oddly comforting and shockingly abundant. Looking forward to the next one : )

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  13. What they always omit is that America is or was a nation of WHITE immigrants, which makes all the difference. Most nations were established by immigrants of the same racial make up, That’s what a nation is. The dictionary defines “nation” as: a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory. It’s hard to shoehorn the idea of racial diversity into that definition.

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