Out of Many, Many

Trump’s address to Congress last night was something close to a rhetorical masterstroke. In terms of how it skillfully wove his themes and objectives into a soaring and sincere narrative it was probably the best made by a president in my lifetime. And that’s not all that was wrong with it.

The speech was also ladled with destructive tropes that I suppose even Trump feels compelled to repeat. There was the pledge to spend toward Andromeda while cutting taxes into the dirt. If I could convince people of one economic reality, it is that they will actually pay for all government spending, whether directly taxed or not. And is $584 billion/year in defense spending really insufficient to protect America from invasion? That’s approximately 36% of the Earth’s military budget. Which leads me to occasionally wonder if the threat of a Peruvian/Malay pincer movement isn’t completely overstated.

Then, of course, there were the deferential mentions of special (black) history and special (jewish) victimization. These being concepts that clash without any political self-consciousness with subsequent notions of “one nation.” So all these different and unique people are simultaneously the same by virtue of having crammed themselves under another guy’s umbrella. The same guy they despise effusively except on April 15. When it comes to finding fellowship with white tax dollars, I suppose we’re all one people after all.

And while much of Trump’s “shared destiny” nonsense could have been quickly disproved by a glance toward the tribal caucus members in his audience, it’s worth remembering that presidential speeches are like fat women on dating sites: most of the mass is concealed.

These speeches are not primarily intended to convince skeptics of their own perfidious eyeballs: no one actually becomes “one people having a shared destiny” with a stranger because they just broke into his house. The more common and unstated purpose of presidential remarks is to reduce political viscosity–to lubricate the gears of their agenda. Trump needs substantial popular and political support for the ambitious platform he seems inclined to pursue. And cultivating that broad support, while calming reachable elements of the center-left, is what I like to believe he was doing last night. Though whatever his intent, the execution was superb.

In contrast, democrats acted as if they were the subjects of an execution. The impression of comical petulance was so vivid I doubt it will be completely removed before Rachel Madow completes his transition to a woman.

The party, and liberals in general, are now so far out in their elliptical orbit that they openly sulk at prospects of advancement for the very people they nominally represent. If Trump consciously planned to put this on display, he was quite astute. Knowing democrats were committed to snarl at everything, he filled his speech with prospects of uplift for American citizens, and made Dems choose whether to show love for them or hate for him. They chose poorly.

American jobs: booo
American borders: booo
American babies: blech

Liberals are bound-up in their own box. Relentless hostility to whites has so saturated the movement that it stains everything in contact, including their own political viability. Because America is whiter than the vast majority of foreign states, it can not be held by the left in higher hope or regard than others for fear of implicit solidarity with oppressors. Thus they are obliged to conspicuously suck lemons every time the American president expresses positive aspirations for the American people. Democrats have successfully cornered themselves into open opposition to their own country. Well done, lunatics.

But no matter how awkward its present position, the left knows its demographic seeds will eventually bloom. And at that point, the right can spectacularly speechify to absolutely no effect whatsoever. Diversity doesn’t vote republican.

I continue to hope Trump realizes this. As I’d prefer to keep my own destiny unshared with Luanda.


18 thoughts on “Out of Many, Many

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  2. Watching Marine Le Pen lash out at traitors is more fun, but Trump, at that moment, needed to break the mob’s momentum. Republican Presidents haven’t employed a successful strategy in years but that speech felt like a strategy.
    It’s frustrating that the Left shores up the easy loyalty of its base by uttering the cheapest lines.
    “I believe in global warming. Now excuse me while I jet off to golf.”
    So Trump opened with Black History month, gave a nod to the hideous F-35 and the Canadian Prime Minister. The Left had to lower their pitchforks a notch.
    I hope Trump has a strategy for “demographic seeds” but that’s a tough one, not likely to be overcome by one man.

    • I agree. Momentum breaking is an apt term. No one can implement a rational agenda while caught in a frenzy cascade. The trick is to not relinquish your very purpose in tamping it down. And that is obviously no easy task.

      • Yes, I agree entirely. Good intentions are no consolation if the agenda becomes tainted. I hope he can find common ground where there is no skin in the game. (Does not apply to immigration)
        The environment is a big issue for youth. Most don’t want to sacrifice anything, but they do want to feel smug. It’s soooo easy to one-up the Left on the environment. For example, a few lines about reducing waste in packaging (plastic bags at grocery stores, Amazon shipments…) might resonate and not relinquish purpose.

        Thanks for your reply and for your genius blog : )

  3. Trump’s speech solidified his voter support, exposed, embarrassed and temporarily crushed the vile Democrats. He took the wind out of the McCain led RINO anti-Trump jihad and likely won over some fence sitters; a very good night.

    However, today is a new day and the main stream media along with the political and deep state Anti-American globalist vipers are hard at work doing what they do best, smearing and undermining America. The new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now in their kill box.

    People were worried Trump will start a war. Here’s the deal, the war has already started and the war is here in our own country and unfortunately this war is going to be fought every damn day. In case you don’t know the sides it’s Nationalists vs Globalists; akin to the Blue vs the Grey.

    I’m reminded of the Platoon ending scene with Chris Taylor’s speech, “I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy; we fought ourselves. And the enemy was in us”.

    Right now I can’t see past tumultuous.

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  5. “Democrats have successfully cornered themselves into open opposition to their own country. Well done, lunatics.”

    Maybe crazy now, but they are banking on the long term repeal and replace of that country.

    Observing the Left’s reaction to this election, do you think that if (when) they get back in power, they would ever again risk such an outcome?

    We are two nations inhabiting one piece of territory. Maybe the time to strike a deal is now and walk away with as much of that territory as we can. I really don’t want my children to be forced to deal with the world the Left has planned for them.

    • I’m not sure if they’d ever willingly accept a deal, though. They don’t just want to succeed; they want us to lose, for good and all. Much as I’d like to see everyone go home in a limousine, so to speak, there’s an unfortunate suspicion lurking that there’s no way out but through.

    • It’s a scary prospect all across the developed world. In Europe the Left fully supports the EU and higher mass immigration, yet public sentiment is virulently opposed to both. The socialist elites aren’t about to lose the most lucrative gravy train (the EU) of virtually any bureaucracy anywhere. If le Pen wins, or Wilders, then expect troops in the streets and some kind of ‘electoral invalidation’. Expect the current unfolding legal action against le Pen to escalate quickly, as will the impeachment bid against Trump that the Democrats and Obama in his Washington bunker are furiously working to launch. Plus here it is March and still no progress on fulfilling Brexit. So the socialist pushback is clearly yielding results thus far. Trump’s inspiring speech of just a few days ago is already forgotten.

  6. “…is what I like to believe he was doing last night…”

    Believe in one hand and wait for government to save you in the other.

  7. Rev. Right: that’s why I nearly succumb to giddiness at the thought of California secession (or the whole northeast for that matter). I think those who don’t feel at least a little desperation to put distance between their families and the bolshevik nuclei are giving insufficient respect to the left’s ultimate goals.

    MM and Watership: Thanks, that’s very generous.

    Fred: I can tell you’re rough on the drive-through customers. “Order a milkshake on one hand, and wait for government to save you in the other.”

  8. If the Left was given the choice between 2 outcomes. 1) they fail, Trump’s agenda succeeds, and the USA prospers; or 2) they fail, Trump’s agenda fails, and the USA fails, permanently. Which would they choose? Probably 70% of Americans believe the Dems would choose the former. In reality they’d choose the latter and literally get drunk on the prospect of seeing the nation they despise destroyed. When things reach this pitch saving the country becomes impossible.

    True, in the long term with demographics the Dems would likely win, but the nation will be torn asunder long before that. Unless of course the GOP colludes in removing Trump & strikes a deal with a Dem-orchestrated coup d’etat, which seems more probable every day. It’s all they have left. It’s inevitable they’ll use illegal means to ensure their permanent hegemony is brought forward and cemented in place.

    Trump needs to start destroying the Left, launch dozens of lawsuits against individual Democrats, ensure that Hillary is brought screaming into court for her serial crimes. He really has to start hitting back, and hitting hard, every day he needs to launch some new push against the hideous Dems. His speech was a nice kumbaya hope for national healing. And just look at how the Left has responded! Time now to lash out with dozens of initiatives that puts the Dems into permanent turmoil, reacting to every new thing day after day. He needs to be relentless. He should set up a war room with 40 or 50 staffers planning attack options and roll them out day by day. Relentless.

    • Agreed Trump needs to attack, but he has to get more of his troops in place before he can do much that’s effective. Maybe Trump assumed gubmint workers were like private sector workers, and they do what the boss says. What he’s finding out is that the reality of the permanent bureaucracy is that it is staffed with vicious Prog ideologues top to bottom. This all started with Clinton, who did a lot of purge-and-replace in the ranks. Stoopid Boosh spent 8 years doing nothing to purge the bureaucracy. Hell, he wouldn’t even go after State or CIA when they were openly sabotaging his dumb war. So the cancer grew in the years it should have been sliced back. But then Boosh was just another globalist, so what could one expect. And of course Obama put it all on steroids while at the same time the culture became far more politically charged.

      All of this has left Trump nominally presiding over a Camp of Enemies who are actively undermining him. And there are THOUSANDS of them. How many have been fired other than that crazy Attorney General woman, and the woman in the burka who got her 15 minutes of fame? And a handful of others.

      At the same time, there are thousands of positions not yet filled. Trump needs to get his army in place.

      • welll…. those dudes in the uniforms sort of look like an – army, right? perhaps some truly machiavellian scheme awaits: martial law follows seditious acts and “plots to overthrow the rightful gummint” ? one can hope.

  9. Whatever happens in my country going forward the genius of General James Mattis will be pivitol, get to know my newly appointed and confirmed US Secratary of Defense.

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  11. As much as I love Trump and Mattis and the like, I don’t trust in the wisdom of leaving the fate of your people to men in their 70’s.

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