Make Borders Acceptable Again

I’ve spoken previously about the need for precision in issuing statements of what one will and will not accept. Saying something is “unacceptable” does not mean what most seem to think it does. If granted the faculty of speech, I’m certain my cat would have been adamant that detaching his nuts was an unacceptable course of action. Yet here he sits sans testicles. The truth is we all come to accept things we don’t prefer, or we go to war not accepting them. And the threshold for that decision is quite a bit higher than popular usage of “unacceptable” would lead one to believe.

This came to mind again today in reading about Mexican irritation at an American immigration posture that resembles Mexico’s. Just as whites may not have solidarity and advocacy like their diverse neighbors on the inside, they may not have defended borders like those on the outside. It’s fascinating that, with “minorities” as our alleged moral exemplars, the surest path to virtue is one not taken by the virtuous.

And while that may seem counterintuitive to you, it unquestionably works well for them. That is until things start becoming unacceptable.

Luis Videgaray, the Mexican foreign minister, said on Wednesday that his government “will not accept” the US’s new, unilateral immigration proposals.

I think his government actually will accept the US’s new immigration proposals. Because how many divisions has Nieto got? Though it’s interesting that he impugns the plans by calling them unilateral. As if our immigration policy was contingent on foreign negotiations. We were only going to accept 600,000 Africans this year until Malawi vetoed the cap. And that’s less of a joke than you might imagine.

Videgaray also said the Mexican government wouldn’t hesitate to go to the UN “to defend the rights of immigrants.”

I don’t think in my entire life I’ve ever heard a rented mouthpiece express the imperative to “defend the rights of non-immigrants.” Aside from sake of political expediency, I can’t say why that would be. Unquestionably non-immigrants have rights as well. I imagine Mr. Videgaray believes Mexican non-immigrants are particularly endowed. I’d be interested to hear him articulate just what those rights of non-immigrants in his country are.

I also can’t say what premium moral value accrues to humans who move between countries over those who do not. Though apparently, by this logic, white immigrant Rhodesians were held in unusually high regard. But aside from these ancillary issues, the US faces even greater jeopardy than a UN breakout session.

We have been a great ally to fight problems with migration, narcotics,” Mexico’s economy minister, Ildefonso Guajardo, told The Globe and Mail this month. “If at some point in time things become so badly managed in the relationship, the incentives for the Mexican people to keep on cooperating in things that are at the heart of [US] national-security issues will be diminished.”

And the inevitability of diminished cooperation in not swarming our country is why we are going to build a gilded wall and put Mexicans on the south side of it.

I trust they’ll find the situation appropriately unacceptable.


14 thoughts on “Make Borders Acceptable Again

  1. “We have been a great ally to fight problems with migration,narcotics,” Mexico’s economy minister,Ildefonso Guajardo. Left unsaid in his interview was the enormously lucrative advantage of those 2 elements to the very entity the economy minister works for. Global economics,the neverending self-licking cone of the Cloud People.

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  3. Yes! I HATE that schoolmarmish, finger-wagging, catlady word! “Unacceptable”! Learn to accept it, amigo!

    By the way, since you axed:

    The closest thing they have to a fighter is the F-5, which was pretty hot stuff in 1970. They’ve got 3 of them.
    (There’s a plaque at the U.S. Air Force Academy commemorating the MexAF’s service in WW2, the only time their military has ever dared move beyond their own borders. I think they had an air combat record similar to that of Lyndon Johnson.)

    • LOL.
      The Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray bitches about US immigration policy. Then – when I follow the link to the Mexican Air Force you provided – I read the following:


      To enter any of the campuses of the Air Force, SEDENA convenes a competitive entrance examination which is held each year. The requirements are:

      Mexican citizenship and have no other nationality
      Be the son of Mexican born parents

      Do as I say and not as I do. No thanks. If Trump were smart he’d have another press conference and put the Mexican immigration and naturalization policies in one column and the US polices in the other one – and then say “we’re going to change the US policies to follow the example set by Mexico”

      And then drop the mike and walk off stage.

  4. ‘Yes! I HATE that schoolmarmish, finger-wagging, catlady word! “Unacceptable”!’

    The Left, and all subsets of it such as the open borders crowd, has become the “I’m the Mommy, that’s why!” party. I don’t think they realize that rhetorical gambit doesn’t work when one lacks all filial feelings toward the speaker, but instead harbors nothing but contempt.

    I’d just as soon put a bullet in any one of these people’s heads as not accept what they consider unacceptable.

  5. I find their inability to accept the undeniable unacceptable. We should just say we are going to, for the benefit of all, adopt all of mexicos immigration laws, and their social benefits system shall be matched dollar for dollar. And why dont they want to keep their own people anyway? Are they racist? Same with those celebrities heading to canada. Generally speaking mapwise, mexico was closer ya fucking racists. Prolly find cheaper movers too.

  6. The “premium moral value” (haha) accrues as it has been assigned over the past 50 years by politicians begging Mexico to take advantage of its Northern neighbor. In a similar fashion the white, female DNC aspirant debased herself much to the delight of a black, male candidate who couldn’t stop laughing at her professions of inferiority and servitude.
    Of course, it’s completely predictable that Mexico will refuse to take back its criminals and the legal American citizen offspring produced by illegal invaders. Today’s immigration is nothing more than population overspill and Nieto doesn’t care if his actions suggest that the overspill isn’t the blessing to America he pretends it to be. Half of America will still obligingly keep up the farce.

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  8. “Unacceptable”…

    News flash. We’re not asking or requesting. We’re telling you how it’s going down.

    “The UN?”

    Another news flash. The UN hasn’t gotten it yet, but that relationship is in for some substantial change.

    Another bulletin. Trump is not the problem. He is the symptom of a condition caused by years, decades of abuse and mistreatment. We are your problem and we’re pissed off and fed up with the status quo.

  9. The erudite and genial Malcolm Pollack featured an elegant solution to the scourge of deportations over on his blog:

    Clearly we must do what the world did after it recognized the horror of the Holocaust: come together in support of the founding of a Mexican homeland. A place where Mexicans can live free of the threat of deportation. A Mexican state, if you will, located in the ancestral homeland of the Mexican people.

    Of course there are some downsides:

    Blossoming political fealty to the American Mexican Political Action Committee, perpetual bombing of Central American countries in order to defend Our Greatest Ally, and multiple square miles of pristine nature tilled in favor of a Deportation Museum in every capital.

    Though on whole I think the Mexican people are worth the risks.

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