White Penalty at the DNC

Vision and speculation are obviously not synonyms, no matter how often most prognosticators choose to conflate them. If I knew exactly what was going to happen, blogging about it would be my last priority. As a result, I usually prefer to speak in terms of probabilities rather than predictions.

Those who have been reading here from the outset may recall an exception to this policy. That was back in early 2014 when I predicted Hill Clinton would not be her party’s nominee, despite the near uniformity of opinion to the contrary. My logic being that possession of a vagina was no longer sufficient to overcome White Penalty in the progressive hierarchy. Thus, I imagined, Hillary would be overtaken by some semi-literate competitor with a much sleeker identity drag coefficient.

Well I fought the consensus, and the consensus won.

Though with the clarity of time, I think that vintage prediction will be proved not inaccurate, but just slightly premature. We’re seeing that materialize presently in the ongoing race to chair the DNC. Here are the candidates (as of a couple of weeks ago):

* A black daughter of African migrants (trans status unknown, but can easily pass visual inspection as either sex)
* A heterosexual white female
* A white Episcopalian male (though half Maltese for a tincture of exotica)
* A southern black male (regional origin demerits)
* A black muslim male convert from Detroit
* A son of imported Dominican aristocrats
* A homosexual white male from New England

Just your routine slate of traditional Americans. Though you’ll note I didn’t include names or platforms as they are entirely irrelevant to the process of sorting leftist leadership. You have before you all of the information any DNC delegate will use as a basis for their decision. So tell me, readers: what’s the likelihood of success for our white hetero-gyno candidate? Very poor, I will again predict.

And that easy evaluation was certainly part of the impetus that recently drove Sally Boynton Brown into a desperate self-abnegating delirium in her plea for support.

“My job is to listen and be a voice, and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.

My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say ‘Oh no I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat, I’m accepting,’” she said.

“My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege and until we shut our mouths and we listen to those people who don’t and we lift our people up so that we all have equity in this country … we’re not going to break through this,” she said. 

“This is not just rhetoric,” Boynton Brown said. “This is a matter of life and death.”

Boynton Brown also took a shot at her home state for its lack of diversity. 

“I’m from Idaho, we are so white, so white, right? I have been reaching out and trying to connect to anybody of color I can find to be honest with me,” she said. 
“I need schoolin’ … And I depend on you … to do that so I can go school the other white people.”

Do those who sell their souls never even negotiate the price?

For even though that was an impressively fervent display of prostration, it’s all just rhetoric until she devours her own legs. And even legless, she’s still just a white in a wheelchair. For all it will be worth, she’d do just as well to cast about for Indian ancestry and remain standing.

But this is the sort of ritualized humiliation that leftists have foisted upon themselves. Liberalism never long holds a majority opinion in Western nations. This being particularly true of its metastasizing progressivist strain. And so all of its platform has required insertion into the public’s colon by physicians in black robes.

But the deficit in public opinion always remained. And faced with two factors, liberals calculated that the public could be changed more readily than their opinions. So they began importing Americans from all over the globe. And only some 80 million voting proxies later Our Values are now remarkably more felicitous.

But you almost can’t defecate on your neighbors without making a mess of yourself. That mess now taking the shape of millions of “minorities” who have come to completely believe the assiduously cultivated tales of white malevolence. This narrative has historically been seen by the left as a necessary expedient to motivate otherwise highly unmotivated cohorts to vote in the required 9-1 proportion.

Unfortunately for libs seeking political station, the distinguishing characteristic of white devils is that they are white. No one says Conservative Privilege. Which all becomes a problem when you look up to realize a soon-to-be majority of your party is colorful. And what do they need you for, exactly? The increasingly frequent answer to that is: not much.

Thus the diversity creature they nurtured to destroy the right is serenely eating them first. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group.

So the lingering remnants of lib officialdom now watch from the sidelines of their own institution as the black muslim skirmishes with the Dominican dauphin for party leadership. I trust both will prove equally capable of doing Sally Boyton Brown’s job of shutting white people down.



15 thoughts on “White Penalty at the DNC

  1. The GOP’s brilliant take on the 2012 election was that they lost because they didn’t attract enough Mexicans. They fought being labelled the White Party until it got branded on their ass. Only Trump saved them from themselves.

    The DNC seems to believe they lost in 2016 because the Russians got in their closet, and the Flight from White remains the winning strategy. One can speculate as to whether there is a fake Indian or an as-yet undiscovered clean and articulate mulatto on the horizon who can ride down to save them, but right now things are looking good for the rest of us.

  2. I’ve noticed this trend that White leftists feel they must bash their own race to earn the Democrat party wings; some sort of phony badge of honor for them I guess. Maybe this is how they gain acceptance from their black and brown comrades. If they can’t bring themselves to bash their own race they use other options like diminishing their whiteness by claiming to be part Cherokee.

    I’m not a shrink, for me there’s just too much psychosis swimming around in that leftist swamp to nail down all the specifics on their insanity. But for certain without the career criminal Clinton “leadership” the Democrat party has become a wandering tribe of outcasts and misfits; sort of like the Chicago Mafia after Al Capone went to prison.

    My crystal ball prediction for the American left is that a fake Indian is putting on war paint in her tee-pee waiting for the call to be tribal leader. Right now they look like the where-the-fuck-are-we Indians.

    Insanity #1

    Insanity #2

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  4. I was really pulling for the “black muslim male convert from Detroit” until I heard that lady talk, no I’m not so sure. They are both such great choices for the DNC. Of course, when you are hoping to watch the DNC fail some more, it doesn’t really matter which one of them is in charge, the outcome will be the same.

    I occasionally browse the liberal rags, and they have convinced themselves and each other that the reason they lost was either the failure to nominate a ‘true progressive’ or they just aren’t getting their message across clearly enough. The fact that we have heard them, loud and clear, and rejected what they are selling has apparently not occurred to them. These clowns even being in the running proves that.

    The white ones are the worst, hands down. It greatly pains me to see what is being done to the country my children will grow up in. But, I suppose children aren’t a concern to crazy old cat ladies who have none. Which brings me to the only redeeming feature I can think of regarding white liberals – they don’t seem to reproduce much. If low white birthrates can be attributed to people like them not having many kids, I guess Im ok with that.

    • I make myself unpopular on the conservative blogs by cautioning against interpreting the 2016 election as anything other than a fluke. Trump eked out a victory over Clinton by winning the conventionally blue states of PA, WI, and MI by a total of approximately 100,000 votes in the three states.

      Clinton was a highly flawed candidate with a long, sordid history of corruption, scandal, and crime and an incompetent politician. Her campaign, executed by millennial hipsters based in Brooklyn, deliberately ignored the working class, white voters of those states, writing them off as irrelevant in the Democratic New Coalition. Her own husband assailed her campaign for failing to have a message for these voters.

      I enjoy watching the DNC’s descent into multikult madness as much as the next guy, but it’s important to realize that democratic politics are designed to be self-correcting. Big money donors drive politics, and billionaires demand electoral results. If the DNC won’t self-correct by moderating its leadership then big money donors will simply fund a competing organization, like the DLC in the 1980s.

      Demographics is destiny, and U.S. demographics are still very much in favor of the Democrats. Trump will be hard pressed to eke out another victory in 2020, but even if he does demographic change in America will render it nearly impossible for a Republican to win the presidential election after 2024, unless we jettison California from the Union.

      • Guest, I agree with all of the above, except to note that our Trump is a winner. He won with craft, courage and hard work. What he’s up against is daunting, although he did manage to emasculate the media. Now, if one could explain to the masses that the American treasury is something short of infinite and that if we continue to import the 3rd World, we will soon have the not-so-generous 3rd World entitlement plan.

      • Agree completely!

        Liberals are pissed that they missed out on victory by sending 3 million extra mexicans to california instead of the rust belt! Total oversight!

        If the Trump coalition doesn’t turn back the demographic changes started by the left because they’ve given up on these fucking-white-males, then they will win forever. I think it’s likely this is the case, but you never know. Trump did win.

      • Left v Right is all (still) a nice distraction for voters, who think they influence where their nation and the planet is headed.

        Trump and his bunch of Jesuits are bad news ultimately. They will keep the left away from power, but will align with Russia and China and the UN to deliver the global order that has always been the plan.
        Appear weak when strong: Russia and China do this so well, but they have us now.
        Watch closely how Trump warms to the Jesuit Pope, and how eventual moves to merge all religions take place. Maybe not for 20-30 years, but it is coming. Trump is a set-up, otherwise he would have lost.

      • I have confidence in the future that many of these Whites that identify as Leftists will migrate over to the Republican party eventually as the Democrats continue to cater more and more to radical minority issues. At the moment, the Democrats are getting large White voting blocks in many places, if the Liberal politics become too anti-white I think you will see large defections (maybe Bernie Bros). Recent stories about Gen Z indicate youth are much more conservative than their forebears. I think 2020 and beyond is not necessarily a lost cause.

  5. The Black Muslim would be perfect for DNC chair. He will rally Blacks and Muslims against Trump’s Likudnik policies vis-a-vis Israel, which will alienate Jews (and Jew media and Jewish $) from the Dems, which will make Dems as unelectable as the British Labour Party.

    Blacks and Muslims wreck everything they touch, so hand them the leadership of the Democratic Party and watch what happens. Keith Ellison is like a chocolate Jeremy Corbyn; both are leftist own goals of epic proportions. Do it, Dems!

  6. The twitter suspensions are only the beginning. We took Milo down. We took Bannon down. We are lighting up GOP town halls. We are calling out growing antisemitism

    You started this fight now we will finish it

    You guys have had your fun now prepare for justice

  7. After fifty long years of recruiting people who aren’t White they finally have a crazy quilt that doesn’t identify with them. But we’re not like the others they’ll say. Oy Vey the Hollow cost so much. Yeah that schtick doesn’t work in the hood boy. Chutzpah isn’t the jedi mind trick, and that pale pallor doesn’t tan dark enough for homie to care.
    Can’t we all just get along? NO.

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