You Never Get Rid of the Dane

It’s always been disappointing to me that so many natural blonds struggle futilely with concepts of scale. Most give no indication of grasping that the entire population of Denmark would fit into a pie slice of Lagos. Nordics represent a vanishing and infinitesimal component of the Earth’s population. Yet they incomprehensibly speak of “minorities” as if they were talking about someone else.

That’s why I was a bit less disappointed to recently read this piece.

The Folketing, Denmark’s unicameral parliament, has passed a resolution stating that Danes should not become minorities in Danish communities, as figures show the migrant and migrant-descended population are now a majority in Brøndby Strand and Odense.

“Parliament notes with concern that today there are areas in Denmark where the number of immigrants from non-Western countries and their descendants is over 50 percent,” the resolution states.

“It is parliament’s opinion that Danes should not be a minority in residential areas in Denmark.”

No one said anything about industrial parks. It’s gratifying though to hear such an atypically adaptive opinion. But stating that one will naturally lead to two questions: the one that is relevant and the one that will be asked.

And the one that will be asked is, exactly how much Hitler is this resolution? Seeking a Danish majority in Denmark must roost in rare company on that scale, one imagines. So are we talking moderate Paul Ryan level nazism? Or full scale Operation Barbarossa PewDiePie? That, and only that, is the question people will ask whose graves will one day be urinated on by other people with names like Igboo.

Those who are more interested in a living posterity than calculating Hitler scores will ask a different question entirely. That being what are you going to do about it, parliament of Denmark? Having an opinion is nice. But Ted Kennedy had opinions also, like “Of course I’m fine to drive, baby” and “our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually…Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset.” But sometimes a guy just turns out to be wrong. What can you do?

What can you do, indeed. That’s the real question. Because if opinions actually prevented foreign colonists from crawling under the door, depleting the public fisc, and sagging Europe’s otherwise sterile maternity wards under a dense clutch of offspring then it would have ceased long ago. But unfortunately opinions in Western countries bear little weight, particularly when carried by a majority of their founding stock.

Which leaves the Danish government in quite an awkward position. It can’t be comfortable for a modern Western state to have talked itself into taking the side of its own people. But if their resolution is to be anything but an epitaph it will require both a prompt end to non-western immigration along with a virile program of repatriation. One or the other won’t be sufficient for purposes of opinion actualization.

The opium dream of Babel is coming to its grim awakening. And if actions follow opinions in Copenhagen, then liberals will be left to seethe at a Denmark that is literally Danish.




16 thoughts on “You Never Get Rid of the Dane

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  2. How clever to chip away at the mystique of the word “minority.”
    Minorities “R” Us
    Hopefully, along with the awareness of present numbers, will come an awareness of future numbers–the exponential variety when one group has 1 or 2 children and an incoming group manages to have 10 (easily 15 once every aspect of their life is subsidized)

    • Yep, white people are something like 10% of the population, but are expected to care for the 90% of the planet that is some type of minority.

      One thing I know for sure, the last places we will see this influx of migrants are the places where the Ted Kennedy’s of the world live. I doubt he would be any more likely to accept migrants in his neighborhood than he was wind turbines. Diversity is only for us peons. I actually would be ok with bringing someone named Igboo, if only briefly, if he could piss on Ted Kennedy’s grave.

      It would actually be pretty easy to slow down the birthrates of the migrants – stop paying them to do it. Bam. Problem solved. Unfortunately, even suggesting such a thing will result in the HITLER being turned up to 11 a la Spinal Tap, and aside from Trump, everyone else in the GOP is too scared of the vagina hat and pussy costume brigade showing up at their office to try.

      • Intellectually, it’s obvious that there is no logic on the left and debate is futile, but it’s hard to let go. The various motivations of the left (common variety) to promote open borders and population explosions and destruction of the planet aren’t a mystery, but when it comes to understanding why the globalist elite pursue an agenda of destruction, I’m at a loss. I agree with your point to “stop paying them,” however, as long as the barren deserts of the MidEast produce oil money, the population will be subsidized and ridiculous American politicians will say that all they need are jobs.

  3. It will be interesting to see which, if either, of the Western European models will survive. Denmark and Switzerland have been relatively resistant to the suicidal social posturing demonstrated by Sweden and Germany, among others. And yet. Slowly immigrants and refugees come and, as watership remarks, vastly outbreed them.

    The alternative model might be the ultimate winner. The thought here is that the sudden importation of culturally confident muslims will be such a shock as to bring about Reconquista 2. The laws and restrictions of the Denmarks of the world might quarantine the cancer, but only the burning chemo of violent expulsion can cure the patient.

    Too bad it’s more than just an academic exercise. Civilization is on the line here, as our 3rd way countries like Hungary appreciate.

  4. I believe you must live in Denmark to understand the issue and the thoughts behind this legislation.

    I do understand and sympathise with your views, but the underlying problem (?) is not being clearly stated by legislation, because the legislation would then be seen as racist. But you certainly should be aware that this is not a matter of skin color.

    There have been examples of enclaves in Denmark where the majority of people are Muslims. What brings the blood of the Danes to a boiling point is when they are not allowed to have a Christmas tree in the courtyard, but the Eid festivities are allowed to go on ad libitum.

    I would like to hear of anyone living in a Muslim country being given the power to ban Muslim festivities while being allowed to hold public Christmas fests.

    I am not familiar with the exact number but I believe that more than 95% of entries to the country at the moment are fugitives (real, and economic) from the Middle East and Africa, and almost without exception they are of Muslim faith. While I personally have no beef with Muslims (I’m agnostic, so therefore some Muslims would feel free to kill me, of course), I do see that society is changing. And most of the Danes think it’s changing for the worse.
    We view the current state of affairs this way (roughly speaking):

    International treaties bid us welcome fugitives. International treaties forbid us to send them back home as long as there’s a war or tribal persecution going on, even if they break the Danish law.
    International treaties bid us let everyone keep their own faith. The problem with some faiths is that is is not personal, it cannot be observed without taking it out on others, who couldn’t care less about religion. Examples include having to support special food in schools and divided public swimming pools.

    Since there’s apparently no end to persecutions and war in these areas, the flood of fugitives is seen as being endless. Denmark is not the only country that’s now attempting to draw a line. We not the only ones who don’t understand why people have to cross continents to get away, when nearby places like Saudi Arabia could accommodate millions.

    I’m all for democracy, but everywhere else guests of a country seeking to obtain citizenship are being asked to adjust. On top of this please recognise the fact that the Danes, while being almost exclusively Protestant Christians, are one of the least practitioning religious people in the world. We don’t take lightly to being told by guests how to behave. We don’t appreciate having to refurbish public swimming pools to afford our guests the luxury of bathing unobserved. And the list goes on.

    In conclusion I admit that I don’t like this new legislation, but fortunately the Danish Government is a democratic one and some of the ruling parties are very xenophobic, especially towards people of other religions.

    • The above should obviously read “and UNFORTUNATELY some of the ruling parties are very xenophobic, especially towards people of other religions.”

      • Malte,

        You offer a battery of valid reasons why any rational man would like this resolution, and then conclude with the statement that you do not. Why?

        I do not like it because it is only a sigh, not a response. I infer you do not like it because it could be seen as racist and UNFORTUNATELY xenophobic.

        Re racist and xenophobic: if you do not already realize it, I assure you your guests do not embrace these cherished ooga-booga terms except as they are useful to separate you from your land, wealth, and women. As you note, they are not at all applicable in situations where “minorities” find them unuseful.

        Also, when you hear the phrase “Unfortunately the house’s doors were locked,” do you imagine it is coming from homeowners or thieves? They each have wholly different perspectives on the wickedness of residential “xenophobia.”

        It makes me wonder the extent to which you have contemplated why you are a conscientious fair-complected Dane named Malte Christensen, rather than an Arab, Ottoman, Berber, or Mongol named perhaps Yousef Ibrahim. The answer to that is: your forefathers’ racism, religious discrimination, and xenophobia. The extent to which there continue to be conscientious fair-skinned Danes in the future is directly proportional to the extent they practice enthusiastic xenophobia.

        Even earth’s lowliest creatures understand to protect their habitats. Yet enlightened liberal Scandis seemingly do not. Comparative population trends of lowly and enlightened should offer a vivid indication of which group was actually the more prudent.

    • You’re halfway there. Though you should realize (as you do, but don’t let yourself admit) that Porter is an ally, not an enemy.

    • “What brings the blood of the Danes to a boiling point is when they are not allowed to have a Christmas tree in the courtyard,”

      I don’t have to comment on this, do I?

    • God almighty you are so cucked. Denmark has no chance if you are representative.

      “International treaties bid us welcome fugitives.” – only from Norway and Sweden. Refugees are supposed to stop at the first safe country they get to.

      “We don’t appreciate having to refurbish public swimming pools” but you do it anyway.

      “I’m all for democracy, but everywhere else guests of a country seeking to obtain citizenship are being asked to adjust.” Really? Where is this “everywhere else” place you speak of?

      BTW this legislation will not be used to save Denmark or the Danish race; it will simply be used as an excuse to spread the benefits of diversity wider so everyone can enjoy them. “Sorry, too many immigrants in suburb X, send some to suburb Y instead.”

      One day every suburb/town/village in Denmark could be 49.9 % Muslim, and this deplorable racist law will still be rearing its ugly head.

  5. Aposematism is a species’ defense because it signals to others species a warning of danger. The warning signal may take the form of conspicuous animal coloration, sounds, odours or other perceivable characteristics. Aposematic signals are beneficial for both the predator and prey, since both avoid potential harm. (wiki). Aposematism is an expression of phenotype (or perhaps it’s the other way around, but you get my drift). Human beings are after all animals and it is about time we start learning from nature.

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  8. ” What brings the blood of the Danes to a boiling point is when they are not allowed to have a Christmas tree in the courtyard”

    If Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi mentioned Christmas trees in his Pan-Europe plan the opposition might have been insurmountable.

    Prudently he only targeted European DNA for destruction which, quite rightly, nobody with a normal brain cares about. Richie always tried to avoid offense, as a gentlemen would.

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