No Man an Archipelago

Dissident archipelagos such as the alt-right are more than mere venues for venting and shitposts. They are philosophical smithies, where a position’s logical impurities are removed by the heat of debate or ridicule, leaving only sharpened steel and shredded egos cooling in its wake. There are wide variances in output and quality, but most earnest outposts contribute at least something to the armory in our culture war.

But forging rhetorical weapons is actually a secondary role for these frontier garrisons. Much more important is how they impact one of any war’s most critical elements: morale. Morale is critical. It imbues men with the confidence and courage that so often determines an outcome. And morale comes not so much from having the superior riposte than having the superior side. Most men have a need to believe their cause is just, but every man has a need to believe his cause is shared. A large band of marauding pirates will typically have far more enthusiasm for a fight than the handful of honorable men facing them.

People draw fortitude from standing shoulder to shoulder, just as all but the most devout convictions shrink in isolation. The alternative right position enjoys the benefit of being moral, logical, and historical. There are practically no elements of its common platform that weren’t previously understood by all men. That is before they began frantically not-understanding them. Though being right is nothing when put against being popular. And only a rare man can keep the right idea when a multitude is accusing him of being words his grandfather had never heard.

That’s the true role of sites like this: for culture combatants to know they aren’t alone, they have a side, they have the tools, and their gibbering enemies have about as much intellect and autonomous will as a quadcopter.

This came to mind for two reasons today.

One, I am doubtful if another man in my lifetime has absorbed more ceaseless calumny from every conceivable quarter than Donald Trump. In the past year and a half, he has been called Hitler more times than Hitler was called Hitler. Though, with the media’s conspicuous resolve, he remains unstained by accusations of similarity to any of the left’s formidable pantheon of monsters.

Yet practically every flapping mouth from every self-important institution, including those under his direct authority, has attacked him without respite. And no matter how we like to praise ourselves on tenacity, few men would not wilt under such a historical fusillade. I hope that by stroke of fortune or providence he is one of them. Traditional America has many enemies. And all have their knives out for Trump.

The second reason, of only slightly less import, was that I received a notification from WordPress today congratulating me for the Kakistocracy’s three year anniversary. They also offered a morale boosting encouragement to “keep up the good blogging.”

This is the psychological phenomenon I was describing above. Just knowing now that my hosts are appreciative and approving of the work we do here provides the impetus to hate with renewed vigor. Pouring finite free time time for a fourth year into an endeavor of such modest compensation is probably the surest indicator of early onset dementia. Though knowing WordPress stands at my shoulder like a hoplite at Thermopylae makes all the difference. Maybe tomorrow they’ll spare an automated note for Mr. Trump: Keep up the good presidenting.


48 thoughts on “No Man an Archipelago

    • Porter- Thank you! I am blessed to have enough education to understand most of your truly erudite ways of getting your hate past the bloghosts cultural censors. Because they ARE there- other blogs hosted on this platform have been erased for using dirtpeople language expressing the hate we all love to embrace. So: WELL DONE, SIR.

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  2. Yes, thanks! I greatly look forward to reading your blog and am delighted I came upon it. As an oldster (70) and an expat, I recognize that my contemporary (difference of a few weeks in birth date) and fellow native New Yorker President Trump is truly up against it and while I wasn’t a fan of his in pre-political days, I certainly am now! I honestly believe that he’s the US’s last best hope and if the younger folks don’t rally ’round him and build a solid political bloc to carry forward his legacy, well, I suppose all my stories to my little grandsons about the USA will have to begin “Once upon a time”.

  3. People draw fortitude from standing shoulder to shoulder, just as all but the most devout convictions shrink in isolation.

    Rioters target free assembly –

    Now that left-wing rioters have shut down non-liberal speaking events at UC Berkeley and NYU during the past week, and recalling their shutting down a Trump rally in Chicago last March, it’s necessary to understand what this phenomenon is, and what it is not.

    To begin with, it is not about free speech, which is a right to convey statements to an audience, whether the statements are informational or opinion-based. Speech is about communication, and typically the media through which people communicate.

    The speakers who have their events shut down can, and do, convey their beliefs and opinions through communications media, reaching larger audiences than they can with a real-life face-to-face talk. And those who disrupt these in-person talks never bother trying to subvert the communications media — Fox News on cable TV, Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, Breitbart’s website, and so on.

    Unlike free speech, where a diverse and curious audience may be giving the statements a hearing, free assembly is meant to strengthen the existing social, cultural, and emotional bonds of a group.

    Denying the group to gather in this way is not meant to restrict their communication about beliefs and opinions, but to weaken the group by leaving its members feeling more isolated than unified. Collective action by such an atomized “group” will not be possible, and the assembly disrupters will be able to push their own agenda as a team with ease.

  4. This is the best hate-blog on the web, Porter. I check it daily, and am excited every time I see a new offering on the home page. Keep up the great, great work.

  5. The lack of logic and analysis in the media takes a toll; your brilliant essays are a remedy. Thank you for having the incredible talent and taking the time.
    I always wondered how our troops endured such wretched treatment during the Obama years: Thanks for signing up to defend America. Your job is to win Afghan hearts and minds, build roads and mosques, mind the ROE’s and don’t hurt anybody. (You’re expendable though) Completely ignored, they went about their difficult task with no acclaim, while medals were draped around the necks of gay athletes who came out to adoring fans. Police officers endure a similar plight.
    Our President is having an election-style rally in Florida. Perhaps he needs the encouragement. Thank you for the prod.

    • How about defending afghan poppy fields while there is a heroin epidemic at home? Patrolling those poppy fields, risking getting hurt or killed, knowing that many of those poppies will go into big pharma’s opium-based pain meds that are currently being fed to your buddy who had a leg blown off while….guarding afghan poppy fields.

      • Sir, I understand and appreciate your concern- however: Afghan heroin goes to Russia and Europe. USSA heroin comes from Mexico and SE Asia. Not that this information helps our wounded veterans any (sorry).

  6. unquestionably, your blog is helpful, talented, and encouraging. A positive, uplifitng oasis on my daily read list. Thank you for your work!

  7. Thank you for a great blog. I pop in at least once a day to see if there is anything new. Its obvious in your writing that you do this for reasons other than a pay check. I feel like Ive asked you this before, but how do I send you a picture for the banner?

  8. The bit about morale cannot be overstated. I am encouraged to know that there are others out there, as I undertake the often lonely task of awakening my acquaintances to the clarity of Hate. It’s slow going, but the effort’s been surprisingly effective, and to your point, Porter, the existence of Trump and his supporters has probably done more to help me convert people than I have.

    And, of course, the rhetorical ammunition that you supply is invaluable. You are appreciated more than you know. I don’t leave feedback often because I usually don’t have much more to say than, “Thanks.” That’s what happens when your mind’s blown. The Alt-Right is a massive conglomeration of different thinkers, different theories, different factions, most of them with at least something useful to say — but for my money the best purveyors of Alt-Right samizdat are MPC and the Kakistocracy. The rest aren’t even close.

    • but for my money the best purveyors of Alt-Right samizdat are MPC and the Kakistocracy

      Agreed, and I’d also like to echo the sentiments of my fellow hate poasters. Thank you Porter for your incredible work. You are the best of the alt-right (sorry Pman,you’re a close second).



  9. “surest indicator of early onset dementia”
    At my age: if I think I understand you, surely the big D cannot be a problem for either of us. Congratulations on your anniversary and wishes for more until you are unable to count any further.

  10. You (as usual) provide a very important benefit to one who fights against the foolishness of this present age. Where hope resides, despair is not found. Solomon also reminded us of this when he wrote, (Ecclesiastes 9:4) “For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.”

  11. This blog is one of the two that made me realize that an alt-right even existed, and heartened me to the point of doing everything in my limited power to support Trump and persuade other people to vote for him also.

    I’ve always been a race realist because my dad is, having been red-pilled in his childhood way back in the 1950s by contact with dindus. However, I had basically given up, due to a feeling of total isolation, and was just trying to block out the annihilation of my nation and race which at that point seemed like a nightmarish inevitability.

    However, early last year, I was searching for information on Trump, after a long news blackout, since I couldn’t stand the ghastly white-hating propaganda everywhere. I stumbled across the Atlantic Centurion, and since I knew the word “kakistocracy” from a book read long ago, I clicked on the link in the margin to this blog.

    Kakistocracy Blog and the Atlantic Centurion were my introduction to the Alt-Right.

    And to hope.

    Because, as you point out, knowing that others are fighting the same fight puts steel into your heart. Discovering the alt-right gave me a new lease on life. I felt — and feel — the fire of pride in White history, White achievements, White culture again, instead of a crushing anvil of despair weighing down my spirits and blackening the future. If there are others fighting, there’s a chance of victory, however slim.

    This is just the personal anecdote of one rather insignificant freelance writer. But it shows the truth of your assertion — Alt-Right blogs are generators of morale, and as Napoleon said, “morale is to the physical as three is to one.”

    Keep up the excellent work, sir!

  12. Dear Porter,

    I’ve been reading your blog consistently for almost the last two years and your are one of the best writers in the Nrx / Reactosphere / Alt Right.

    You should do an interview with RedIce Radio, Weimerica or one of the other podcasts, someone of your eloquence should not be limited to a mere WordPress blog and I’m sure they would love to have you!

    Many thanks for your hard work and congratulations on 4 years!

  13. Thanks for the sanity Kak man, always read, always awed at word smithing, always read all comments. You are required reading. Anything I could say would be faint praise.

  14. Been lurking for a couple of years.
    Porter, you and a few others like you are irrefutable proof of the vast intellectual chasm between the Alt-Right and Political Correctards. Reading your blog makes me feel smug. Most liberal “intellectuals” with “Degrees” (lol) wouldn’t even understand your material because the reading level is too high.

  15. Thanks for those very generous remarks, everyone. A man’s Hate is too precious for casual squandering. I’m appreciative you’ve all brought some of yours here.

  16. WordPress should provide a “fuck yeah!” feature, much like the Twitter “like.” I’d use it all the time here on the posts and most of the comments.
    Thanks, porter.

  17. Barnyard & Mob,

    WordPress did actually SHUT IT DOWN for about 24 hours in 2015. The blog was taken offline and I received a message that the terms of service had been violated. I wrote back asking which terms specifically. I received no response, but the next day the blog was back up. I’ve been somewhat surprised at its longevity since.

  18. Me, too. Thanks, Porter.

    I’ve enjoyed your writing since your days of commenting at The Irish Savant. I was sorry when you left there, but not surprised. That pest, you know the one, had made the comments section a trial. His objective obviously was to destroy the blog by driving away all its readers. If, in the process, he inspired you to start your own blog, his plan backfired spectacularly. Especially since Savant eventually banned him, and his blog recovered nicely.

  19. Been here since the beginning, and appreciate immensely whatever free time you can continue to pour into building up this island. Your compensation will come when we invade the mainland.

  20. This is one of the best sites there is.
    This site keeps me going while I move within the heart of the enemy’s power (academia).

    An excellent prose style, sound arguments, and novel content make it so much better than anything mainstream.

  21. I think Gator asked–and I apologize for not responding earlier–how to submit photos for consideration to the banner rotation. It’s a good idea, since the Tree of Antipathy must be refreshed from time to time with the tears of cucks and shitlibs.

    So readers may feel at liberty to post (suitable) banner photo suggestions (do a search for HTML tags if unfamiliar) or just post links to the photo site with a description.

    In a similar vein, I’m always receptive to reader content submissions, as well. DN Poolside has written a couple of excellent pieces, a reader last fall submitted a very illuminating essay on H1Bs from the inside, and I’ve moved two or three of Jeppo’s comprehensive analyses out of the combox to post position.

    So if you have an interest in sharing a unique insight, anecdote, or perspective let me know.

  22. I will add to the chorus of plaudits. Great work happens here.

    It’s really, really important to have sites like this. I was more or less born red-pilled, for whatever reason (living three blocks from the darkie neighborhood might have been a part of it!). But as I got more politically conscious in the Reagan years, it seemed all I got from anywhere was hate, hate, hate of Reagan. Then I stumbled on National Review, and it was this amazing, glowing light in the darkness. This was before it got pozzed out and (((influenced))) by outside forces. Hell, the late great Joe Sobran was still writing for them. Every couple of weeks it would arrive in the mail and I’d devour it. You’d see all the things you saw on the television news, only presented with an entirely different viewpoint, one that rang far more true.

    This was in those hurly burly days of the Sandinistas and commies up and down Latin America. In retrospect, and as I got more aware, I realized that much of the Commie scare was a hoax (that is, the jungle ones in Latin America; the internal ones up and down the government and academia were decidedly NOT a hoax, and they remain in force) and a means for the ever growing tentacles of the New World Order to get what they wanted.

    I discovered other stuff as well, including the late, great Spotlight newspaper, which was a John Birch-like anti-globalist, Jew-aware newspaper that REALLY gave you the inverse view of the world, and more often than not they were proven right.

    But it was so much harder in those days to find this stuff. And there was no participation, other than typing out a letter to the editor. A BIG part of the new media is that you can insert yourself into the conversation, and you see all the different personalities. It’s not just the author; it’s the community. And that is incredibly important.

    I do worry that the media overlords are going to really tighten the screws on this stuff. I hope Trump goes after the internet monopolies. That would be epic.

  23. The finely crafted and well articulated wisdom that daily unfolds here cannot rationally be conflated with the inchoate rubric of hate.

  24. Pouring finite free time time for a fourth year into an endeavor of such modest compensation is probably the surest indicator of early onset dementia.

    If this is early onset dementia, let’s have more of it. And who knows, maybe there’s an alt-right fifth columnist working in WordPress. There seems to be one at work in the Guardian. How else would you explain this hilarious photo?

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