Finally, It’s No Fun

The life of an illegal squatter really shouldn’t be calypso dancing and daiquiris. It shouldn’t be light and carefree at all. Intruding into someone else’s home against their laws while availing yourself of their expensive social amenities and berating them all the while should incur significant jeopardy. It should involve persistent trepidation. Otherwise those laws, and the will of the nation who wrote them, are of no consequence whatsoever.

Choosing whether to comply with the legal framework or ignore it has always presented a cost/benefit profile. Those who choose noncompliance enjoy the benefit of a more lavish lifestyle than they could otherwise obtain in exchange for the risks of legal sanction and a certain measure of living in the shadows. In contrast, people who abide by the law suffer the opportunity costs of legality in order to expressly avoid shadow living. Without such lifestyle penalties, the incentive for lawful behavior declines precipitously.

It’s morbidly fascinating that the left and its media organs draw an inverse moral distinction between foreigners who break our laws and those who do not. By appearances, it’s likely that practically every Mexican on Earth would rather not live in Mexico. But only a minority of dissatisfied Mexicans actually attempt illegal entry into America. Most choose to obey our laws and live out of the shadows in their own country. They incur a distinct opportunity cost in doing so. For those moved by moral positions, one would think it is these people who have the better one. Yet only the lawbreaking cohort is celebrated.

It is true that both furniture thieves and illegal immigrants are just trying to make a better life for themselves. But only with one of these is it ever suggested that no shadow living should accompany the action. In fact, someone tuned only to the media’s oppression-mining operation could easily come away with the conviction that unauthorized aliens shouldn’t be molested at all. That is to say: illegality shorn completely of its costs. I hope my neighbor hasn’t grown too fond of his leather sectional.

Though in the year 1 AD (after Trump), our paradigm of consequence-free encroachment is beginning to fray around the edges. CNN, which is straining to out-sprint Salon into foaming irrelevancy, ran a piece describing the injustice of costs being attached to benefits. Their reporting was emotionally ladled with verbiage such as:

…waves of fear and uncertainty across immigrant communities.

There are teachers who told me they had students missing from school out of fear,” said Greg Casar, a city council member in Austin, Texas.

They don’t want to be public in any way whatsoever. They spend less time on the street. They go to work and go straight back home. They don’t go on Facebook. They put curfews on themselves.

a single mother with kids — good, hardworking everyday folks — and she had duct-taped sheets up and down her windows. ICE had come and knocked on her door earlier in the day.

Kids … are clearly traumatized by this,” he said. “Young people I’ve spoken to live in fear that their government is coming for them or coming for their parents.

“I’m still undocumented. She’s undocumented. I have DACA but she doesn’t. I tell her not to open the door for anyone. Know your rights and give me a call right away.”
Put in place by the Obama administration, the DACA program has helped roughly 750,000 young people — known as DREAMers — emerge from the shadows and obtain valid driver’s licenses, enroll in college and legally secure jobs.

Not even going on Facebook. Now that’s more suffering than a civilized society should bear. Though the article’s law enforcement/lamentation cycle proceeds onward in a perfect sine wave that is probably passing Neptune by this point. It is accompanied by graphics with the obligatory dismay over “separated families.” Of course every family is free to follow their deported members home together; though in that scenario separation seems to suddenly lose its horror.

Though CNN is obviously not the only Cheka outlet gnashing its teeth. The New York Times discovered its own cache of dismayed Amerinds, while Yahoo notified the public about a Farhan Ahmed fleeing through SNOW AND EXTREME COLD. USA Today has even published a helpful primer for how to evade and stonewall our own immigration officials. Next week: 10 tips for hiding your neighbor’s 4K under the insulation.

Never mentioned in any of this lachrymose reporting is the fact that all this snow trudging, window taping, Facebook avoiding, and family flailing are completely matters of choice. Life together in the sunlight was available to each and every migrant without traveling a foot. They all consciously decided to forego those things for the lure of sneaking into someone else’s home. And honestly, that shouldn’t be fun for anyone.


36 thoughts on “Finally, It’s No Fun

  1. “Young people I’ve spoken to live in fear that their government is coming for them or coming for their parents.” – THEIR government? Holy shit, I had no idea the Mexican government was sending people up here to round up their wayward citizens.

    Great post. Occasionally I’ll get the urge to beat my head against the wall, but don’t feel like getting out of my chair, so Ill get the next closest thing by perusing for little gems like those. If you think the articles are bad, the comment section is even more maddening. I’ve been banned from commenting there, apparently politely blowing holes in their beliefs is not allowed.

    I noticed your link to their share price, thought you’d like that if you haven’t seen it already. Apparently even though all they do is lose money, a couple rich white guys keep pissing money away on it. I don’t go there much anymore because the thought that MY page views could be the ones that eventually push them into making a slight profit is too terrible to contemplate.

    • The actions of THEIR government is quite revealing. President Piñata (sp?) announced that he set up a fund to help illegals stay away from Mexico, and urged them illegals to keep in touch with consulates for help. Now why would any government want to keep their productive valuable citizens away from home?
      I can think of two reasons.
      1. Those citizens are conquerors. Keeping them in the conquered territory is an essential part of an ongoing conquest.
      2. Those citizens, surprise surprise, are not actually productive or valuable, so it is better to burden another country with them. That in itself is an act of (passive) agression.
      So either way, it is an act of act of war (low intensity for the time being).

      • Mexico’s elite don’t want their emigrants back because the Mexican economy can’t absorb them and they represent a source of political instability in Mexico.

        Everyone seems to have forgotten the Mexican Debt Crisis of 1982/1983 and the Mexican Peso Crisis of 1993/1994, brought to you by the (((International Banking Cartel))).

        As certain as night follows day, rampant inflation and social upheaval followed Mexico’s currency collapses. Mexico was a failed state throughout most of the 1980s and 1990s, complete with a Marxist guerrilla uprising in the south, murder of presidential candidates, and a failing economy. There was a real threat of violent Marxist revolution in Mexico, leaving a pro-Soviet failed state on the southern border of the US.

        The US government turned a blind eye to illegal immigration from Mexico to the US in no small part to provide a relief valve for the Mexican government. In 1986 the Simpson-Mazolli Act, signed by Reagan, granted amnesty to the 3MM illegal aliens living in the US, ostensibly in exchange for improved border security and enhanced enforcement which, of course, never happened. Illegal immigrants pored over the border with impunity for most of the 1990s and 2000s, much to the delight of the elite populations of both Mexico and the US.

      • @Guest
        So it is option 2. (Although I suspect there is a bit of 1 mixed in as well, see La Raza. Make Aztecs Great Again or something.)
        The economy does not have to absorb productive people, productive people are the economy.

  2. No doubt the sudden change in routine — as immigration police are once again allowed to do their jobs — is causing a explosion of smelling salts sales down at the local bodega. Well, those are for the nice white ladies showing up in solidarity. The indios are made of sterner stuff. But hey, they notice what’s up. And whaddya know, some may choose to, you know, GO HOME.

    Shocking, I know. But it may well turn out that’s it’s as easy as making “life in the shadows” (tee hee! that’s always been one of my favorite jests!) a teency weency bit less congenial. Next Trump has to figure out how to clean up EBT abuse and other such things, and they’ll be streaming back. And there are SO many things that could be done! Much will begin with attacks on the sanctuary cities. Trump needs to unleash that as soon as possible. A great deal of the coziness of the Illegal Life comes from gratis benefits applied at the state and local levels.

    In a way, Trump may be creating the circumstances that Progs and New York Times reporters have probably always believed existed. That illegals somehow ran around in fear of “being caught,” when for a good couple of decades now they haven’t even given it a moments thought, because there was no reason to. Not even if you were caught jacking cars or selling weed or raping white women. Nope, you might have spent the usual amount of time in the hoosegow, but nobody sent you back home.

    The times they are a’changin!

    • I came to America to be a counsellor at a summer camp in 1990. I still remember how damn SERIOUS it was going in through US customs even though I was perfectly legit. NO WAY would I even contemplate staying even one HOUR over my Visa. To think that THIRTY MILLION (the population of Canada) illegal aliens oops I mean “undocumented citizens” have had no such respect or fear of BREAKING THE LAW of the US is mind boggling.
      More so is the rabid, forced acceptance of these “enrichers”, to the point where to draw attention to this massive CRIME is taboo.
      It leaves one grasping for words..(even though I know what’s going on, by whom, against whom, and Being for the Benefit Of Mr K-ke

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  4. The mood has definitely changed since President Trump has been in office. When in public, I always give Mexicans a dirty look. Especially the “squat monsters” ones that look like they just crossed the border. I’m usually ignored but recently their gaze is directed towards the ground and they won’t look at you in the eye. I’m thinking those are illegals and they are a little scared that the jig may be up.

    • I gotta confess, I do that too. One of life’s indignities is standing in line behind a fat illegal. Also, most of them are really short, and I’m 6’3″, so using my height to make them feel uncomfortable is a perversely good feeling.

  5. Congrats to you American brethren from across the pond, from a beleaguered Germany. May this modest beginning be the harbinger of greater things to come, all across the West.

    As to the Left’s moral inversion you mention, it seems to be its hallmark across the board. Perhaps this is because in Western culture, inversion or counterintuitiveness carries two psychic rewards, one intellectual and one moral.

    Intellectually, counterintuitiveness signals supposedly superior intelligence. Every dunce and doofus can tell you that water flows downhill. Arguing that it flows upward hence signals that you are a deep thinker.

    Morally, the West is still characterized by its Churchian (Christian?) heritage culture. In such a moral framework moral counterintuitiveness also is more holy than moral straighforwardness, as it allows you to self-identify as an heir of the righteous turning-the-other-cheek and love-thy-neighbor tradition. It seems that the more overt Christianity is pushed from the public arena, the more simplistic travesties of it subterraneously take possession of the feeble minds of the Left. Reeks of a Freudian return of the repressed pattern, with all the ensuing distortion and travesty.

    As to the proper understanding of that turning the other cheek dictum and similar elements of Christian tradition (e.g., the Prodigal Son), that’s a separate matter of course. The way it’s understood in contemporary Churchianism certainly is not as a modest corrective to bean-counting and self-righteous abidance by the law, but as a decontextualized and paramount principle opposed to the law.

    • Herzog, I’d be interested in hearing ongoing reports of where the wind is blowing in Germany. If you’re ever inclined, feel free to post thoughts on what’s happening there regardless of the original topic.

      • Porter,

        thanks for the kind invitation. I’m afraid my contributions will be quite intermittent (work and all that), but every once in a while I’ll try to give you an update.

  6. I want to report some Hate please. I heard that President Trump was going to treat illegal immigrants EXACTLY the same way Mexico treats them. Bastard. I even heard, way worse, that he was going to treat LEGAL immigrants the same way Mexico treats them! I can’t bear the HATE HATE HATE ANYMORE!!!

    Will someone report Mexico to the splc please?

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  8. It’s strange to read someone supportive of laws (here imposing the opportunity cost of foregoing “lavish living”) who manages to give up the whole show in the very first paragraph: “expensive social amenities”. After all, these social amenities are completely unlawful, existing nowhere in the federal constitution, and either missing from state ones or unlawfully imposed on the states by the federal government (e.g. a requirement for the later states to provide “education” in order to join the union).

    Without this constitutional lawbreaking, the whole immigration question would be moot.

    Personally, I am less impressed by laws. Just another device to keep the parasites in charge, and usually hostile to liberty. Every tyrant in recent history had plenty of laws. Laws “justify” the theft known by the euphemism “taxes”.

    When laws are largely hostile to liberty, it becomes difficult to look down on lawbreakers. Homeschooling exists because of lawbreakers. RKBA inherently depends on lawbreaking (since the ruling class knows gun confiscation laws would be dangerous to attempt imposing – they would end up dead).

    The problem with humans is not disobedience, but obedience. This is what enables tyranny. I’d rather live with people who are decent with their fellows, yet have a strong tendency to disobey the ruling thugs.

    “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.”
    — Henry David Thoreau

    • First paragraph paraphrase: You can’t support enforcement of immigration laws if you acknowledge the existence of the welfare state.

      Yes, actually I can.

      Personally, I am less impressed by laws

      So unimpressed with laws that you’re posting from prison rather than meekly obeying them, I’m certain.

  9. Interestingly, all the CNN propaganda describes almost exactly how I live in the U.S. today because I have opted to live for my race rather than merely for myself. And I had the misfortune to have been BORN here.

    Race conscious Aryans are now de facto illegal aliens in the U.S.

    • Born in the USA? Didn’t I see a comment by you on SBPDL recently where you referred to a “munt”? I thought for sure you must have a South African or Rhodesian background.

      For general information, a munt (pronounced “moont”) is a contraction of muntu, the singular form of bantu.

  10. USSA ProgreSSives are the enemy Within. Mexicans are merely doing what they are being ALLOWED to do. It is not All about the Illegal Invasion, the Drug Trade is much more important to the Mexicans as a revenue source from the ‘Merican Gringos.
    Name any problem we face today and honestly, it is self inflicted.

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  12. Politico wrings its claws over Trump’s enforcement surge. I particularly liked its implication of constitutional overreach in saying he is now targeting an entirely new group of immigrants for deportation. What is this new group? The group that is here illegally. Admittedly, the magazine is technically correct: that is a group new to deportations.

    • If you think people aren’t being abused, just look at the plight of Manuel Mosqueda Lopez. He barely escaped being sent back to his own country before a team of American lawyers intervened to keep him in the land of subsidized housing, free education and an ER on every corner.

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