Fix The Inside First

There are many precedents a prudent man should eschew. For instance, if you want sex with females rather than hay bales you should not hide an inner tube in your neck like Michael Moore. Similarly, if you want a legacy beyond universal contempt, you should not pour your presidency into frivolous foreign wars like George W. Bush.

If his flock of offspring is any indication, Trump probably has sex with women well covered. Though there is cause for substantial trepidation on other fronts of friction.

China is posturing in the Pacific, where it’s own brand of greatness rejuvenation is being tied conspicuously by Peking to regional hegemony. The shadow of this colossal Asian sedge hat has been drifting steadily outward into the territorial fringes of its highly disquieted neighbors. The Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan have all chaffed at this encroachment, which Peking has thus far dismissed with bland inscrutability.

Of course the US Seventh Fleet poses a bit less-trifling matter, and thus the ongoing conversion of the Spratly archipelago into an unsinkable aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. This being intended to project Chinese area supremacy and no platform US naval units like they were an alt-right twitter account.

American officialdom has responded with reciprocal statements of conviction that these contested atolls will not become a Chinese military base and missile launch pad. One of these countries is going to be proven wrong. And sometimes people with wrong ideas end up on the bottom of the ocean.

A like situation is developing with Iran, the long-established recipient of America’s foreign policy pique. Like China, Tehran has ambitions of regional dominance (or at least recalcitrance to US-Israeli dominance). Whether these ambitions include a reprise of the Achaemenid Empire, and immortals landing in Greece I don’t know. But what isn’t in dispute are the frequent fireworks displays ongoing in that country. This being an action (like China’s island dredging) that America’s Sikh UN envoy has called “absolutely unacceptable.”

Absolutely unacceptable. That’s what Lindsey Graham said when he learned Ryan Seacrest was heterosexual. But in reality it was completely acceptable, because the stricken senator possessed no means of recourse. For something to actually be unacceptable, you must have the intent and capability to not accept it. Otherwise, it’s just absolutely not to my liking, which is a different concept entirely.

In both the cases of China and Iran, America has the ability to actually not accept the actions it has redlined as unacceptable. But not accepting a few missile launches during peacetime means you do accept many missile launches at war. So either way, Iran is launching missiles. The only question is how many and at whom.

Finally, there is Russia. Unlike his belligerence toward China and Iran, Trump has struck a prudently conciliatory tone with Putin. Which is good, since managing a desperately needed and viciously opposed domestic agenda can sometimes prove thorny in the midst of a three-front foreign war.

Though that fact hasn’t halted the pentagon from pushing heavy forces right up to Russia’s doorstep. A gambit that has understandably left Vlad livid.

VLADIMIR Putin has ordered his army and air force to prepare for a ‘time of war’ during a check of the country’s armed forces.

The warning is a likely a response to the massive NATO operations currently underway in eastern Europe.

Germany and NATO this week underscored their commitment to beefing up the defence of eastern Europe’s border with Russia as the first of four new batallions under the North Atlantic alliance’s banner arrived in Lithuania.

The German-led battle group of 1,000 troops in Lithuania will be joined this year by a U.S-led deployment in Poland, British-led troops in Estonia and Canadian-led troops in Latvia.

I’m not sure what is the source of Putin’s agitation. I mean if Russia wanted to mount a few innocuous missiles in oh let’s just say Cuba, I doubt we’d act like such petulant pricks about it.

I don’t know if madness and malevolence will actually propel us to another grisly white fratricide, though there’s only so many of those we have left in us to enjoy. And toward that end, NATO troops were subject to inspection by the Earth’s most discerning military eye.

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Europe realised it needed to strengthen defence cooperation and was doing more to solve its own problems.

She also said U.S. Secretary of Defence James Mattis reassured her about Washington’s commitment to NATO in a recent telephone call.

“After what we discussed, I have no doubt about his deep conviction in the importance of NATO and the commitment of the Americans within NATO to what we have agreed,” she said at a welcoming ceremony at Lithuania’s Rukla military base, 62 miles from the Russian border.

A photo accompanied the article.

German Defense Ministrix: "Is this the end that goes bang-bang?"

German Defense Ministrix: “Is this the end that goes bang-bang?”

We should very much hope Trump will command an end to these ludicrously antagonistic gestures. I realize the prospect of nukes rotting in their silos keeps John McCain awake at night in a cold sweat. However, it also keeps our President focused on the issues for which we hired him. A war would certainly arouse the neocons, just as it would leave MAGA impotent.

Instead of planting mushroom clouds, Trump should seek a detente that peels Russia away from China and into a more natural orbit with its occidental cousins. The great global conflict is no longer East v. West, it is South swamping North. And fighting the last cold war is another of those precedents that only the dimmest don’t eschew.


14 thoughts on “Fix The Inside First

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  2. Excellent article. One need only contain China and let time do the heavy lifting. China’s short-sighted one child policy is progressively turning the nation into a geriatric society, like much of Europe and Japan. Further, China’s impending debt crisis will force the country to retrench and focus on financial solvency. In twenty years China will be largely incapable of fighting a major war, which is good because no sane person should want a major war with China.

    Similarly, Iran poses no significant global threat and will never achieve more than regional influence. Nothing more than regional containment is required.

    Trump has yet to clean house at the Pentagon and in the Military leadership. Give him a little time. A detente with Russia based on anti-terrorism and economic cooperation would be a brilliant strategy.

  3. I think much of the current foolishness — massing troops in Ukraine, really? — is Obama/Neocon legacy actions, the machine clanking forward based on earlier decisions. I do hope Trump pulls way, way back from Eastern Europe. In fact, I’d like to see the U.S. leave Europe entirely. And Korea. And wherever the hell else we are spending pointless coin.

    On the challenge of China, the best strategy there is to simply re-patriate our industry. The greedy, short-sighted (((financialization))) and subsequent de-industrialization of our economy — willfully! ON PURPOSE yet! — is what allowed China to go from backwater to world power. What did they have to offer the world other than an army of high-enough IQ peasants with a deranged work ethic so they could turn them into factory droids, allowing our CEO class to reach new, exciting levels of private jet luxury while eviscerating our white and black working class? Everybody (who counts) wins!

    Oh, well, and a compliant and treasonous Clinton administration that sold them — or turned a blind eye while they pilfered — whatever they wanted so they could compress twenty years of technological development into about five years and close the gap (so THAT’s how you close a pesky gap!).

    Anyway, it only took a good ten years to schlep a huge part of our industry OUT of the country, so we could schlep it back in about the same time. Except that being the Stupid Nation we literally packed up entire factories and sent them to China. I have a sneaky suspicion China would not accept a gentle reciprocation in this regard, so we probably have to build from scratch. Well, time to get going.

    If we cut our China spending/importing say in half over ten years, it would be devastating to them. A far more effective weapon than the 7th Fleet. And meanwhile, Shauntavious could actually get some work when that t-shirt factory opens in Hartford. Since Jorge and Juanita got kicked out, that is. Ahh, the power of a virtuous circle of life!

  4. It’s interesting to note that while Porter calls for a detente with Russia and expresses understanding for its concerns, no such gestures are made towards the other countries mentioned (although a disinclination for war is noted). This is mirrored by the comments, which (mostly) speak about containing China.

    My point would be: what principle/interest/right says the U.S. should or gets to contain, stare down, counter or just generally intimidate countries around the world (other than the usual might makes right)? In other words, if this movement generally opposes wars (as in ‘invade the world, invite the world’), does it support American global hegemony, specifically in the form of countless military bases, and its manifestations up to war?

    (For the record, I’m not American.)

    • Why would that be interesting? No one finds it interesting when American jews express solidarity with Israel rather than Burma. If I thought the point needed expansion I would have mentioned that I also seek an empathetic and synergistic relationship with Danes and Swiss, while being comparatively indifferent to Congolese and Thai. I don’t wish misery on the latter two, but they aren’t us. And loyalty is like hate: too dear for frivolous lavishing.

      Your expressed point is really exclusive to that question, though. Since WW2, America has seen it in its interest to establish global hegemony and maintain it by militarily suppressing emerging opposition. This is what empires have done since there have been empires. That’s observation, not advocacy.

      Though the advocate’s position is that all voids are filled by power. And America’s retrenchment would leave voids everywhere, likely being filled by an emergent hostile power. I understand the concern, but am not much motivated by it. Security starts at home. I don’t give a shit about South Korea’s border when ours is a turnstile. I also don’t care about buying “freedom and democracy” in Mesopotamia with the blood of my countrymen. If Arabs want it, they can make it themselves. If not, the only means ISIS has of harming Americans is through our open doors. They don’t have a carrier strike group patrolling the Atlantic.

      So you won’t find cheerleading here for globalized rule, which inevitably results in a globalized home.

      • On “interesting”, that was just a phrase and not much should be read into it. I was in fact familiar with your views on race.

        What I was interested in was if the difference in expression reflected a difference in policy preference; in other words, whether you were in favor of a more belligerent approach towards Iran and China as opposed to Russia.

        I also asked if the general opposition to foreign wars extends to the system that undergirds them and ‘militarism-other-than-war’, which you answered.

  5. 1. China historically has always been pretty awesome. And their not really a threat to America. We should let them chill.
    2. Russia is cool people. My ancestry is Russian. Definitely let them chill.
    3. We should nuke Iran and Saudia Arabia. Then chill.

    Btw the woman on our right of the bang bang looks aight.

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