It’s Not an Excellent Driver

Dallas, Texas. That’s the foreign population equivalent that alights upon America each and every year legally. Or Albuquerque every six months if you prefer colonies with lighter carbon footprints. Approximately 90% of the arrivals are “minorities” just like 90% of the world’s population; which is still almost ten percent less than the minority percentage in Africa.

Under current legislation, this intake volume would continue without slightest abatement even if every single Amerindian ground mole was thwarted in its attempt to root under The Wall. Illegal immigration is by far the smaller pipe, and thus why the entire Washington firmament pretends it’s the only viable approach to the topic. And you know how to end illegal immigration for good: make it all legal. Problem solved, QE-fucking-D.

The notion that complaints about rampant illegal immigration are actually a form of public politesse never seem to occur to those who have a financial interest in things not occurring. Whether they consciously understand their own motivations, or bury them under a foot of PC silt, people only partially mean illegal immigration when they campaign against it. They deploy that term exclusively because it is the exclusive term they have available to avoid accusations of isms. You use the tools you have as our range of permissible vocabulary narrows by the day.

And so they fume at illegal immigration. But what they actually mean is: I am furious at watching my national inheritance sold out to a ceaseless tsunami of ungrateful foreigners who come here by-the-man to negate my vote, demand preferences and payouts, and accuse me of multiple moral infractions. I was never asked and I don’t want it. If illegal immigration were zero this intense dissatisfaction would remain, though I suppose we’d have to conjure a new oblique euphemism to skirt being called raysis and anti-immigrant. Or maybe we could borrow the one liberals use: We demand Good Schools!

Though the point is legal immigration must be dramatically decreased or illegal immigration will eventually become a moot point. And contrary to media cultivated perception, enormous legal immigration levels were not received on stone tablets at Mt. Sinai. It’s simply a series of legislation that can be revoked and overwritten at any time. Something I would suggest Mr. Trump should prioritize if he’d like to maintain his residence in 2021. Four new Democrat Dallases could complicate a tenuous political balance.

Fortunately for him, there’s at least one man in Congress who can see an inch beyond Adelson. That’s the 39 year-old senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton.

Overlooked in Donald Trump’s campaign crusade against illegal immigration was his vow to crack down on legal immigration, too.

Now, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a reliable Trump ally, is taking steps to execute that part of the president’s immigration vision — and it could provoke a showdown between two competing ends of the GOP: the working-class populists led by Trump and the establishment Chamber of Commerce wing.

The outspoken, 39-year-old Cotton has written the first in what may be a series of bills to revamp the nation’s immigration system. Cotton will start off with legislation being unveiled Tuesday that will dramatically slash the number of immigrants who can obtain green cards and other visas every year.

Right now, U.S. citizens and permanent residents can sponsor a variety of family members, including spouses, parents, siblings and married adult children. Cotton and Perdue’s plan would allow only spouses and unmarried minor children to get green cards, although they would permit visas for aging adult parents whose American children are their caretakers — a population Cotton expects will be modest.

The bill also dumps the diversity visa lottery, which allots about 50,000 visas per year for citizens of countries that traditionally have low rates of immigration to the United States. And it would limit refugees to 50,000 annually — in line with levels outlined in Trump’s controversial executive order.

All told, the number of legal immigrants allowed into the United States under the bill — named the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act — would plummet by 40 percent in the first year and by 50 percent over a decade, according to analysis by Cotton’s aides.

So one migrant doesn’t get to fishnet his entire extended clan, and the ludicrous diversity visa goes in the shred bin. That’s largely it. The serpentine Chuck Schumer faces an unenviable task in frothing up the masses for such tepid stuff.

But would the GOP intelligentsia actually bring itself to import only two million democrats instead of four before the next presidential election? Math is difficult, except when you’re counting campaign checks. And so the matter of achieving sufficient republican support to override monolithic democrat opposition is very much in question, even though it plainly shouldn’t be.

But these are men focused on the bottom line. And if every human on the planet migrated to America, our Economy would increase by over 300%. That’s 77 trillion dollars per year, divided by 7.4 billion people, which comes to about 10 grand per capita. Not too shabby…for Kazakhstan.

Did no one explain to Europeans how much the Mongols would increase their GDP? But that’s just being facetious. No one would be so deceitful as to seriously justify the misery of foreign encroachment because of its effect on a gross output metric.

“Economists overwhelmingly think that immigration is good for the economy. That’s not just true at the high-skilled, but low-skilled level,” said Jeremy Robbins, the executive director of the Partnership for a New American Economy, the pro-reform group led by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Robbins, who regularly meets with GOP lawmakers, added: “There is overwhelming support in Congress for the idea of immigration as an economic driver, including in the Republican conference.”

I stand corrected. You can almost hear the Republican Rainmen now: Immigration, it’s an excellent driver. Driver to where is what economists make sure to never mention.



20 thoughts on “It’s Not an Excellent Driver

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  3. I suppose in these sordid times one must take what one can get. And the notion of SOME letup on cranking the legal immigration hurdy-gurdy is to be welcomed. By why on earth can’t they just say time out and declare a zero immigration moratorium? Just say for one year. After the initial fits of hysteria calm down (is the ability to act hysterically truly infinite among Progressives? can we somehow tap into this as a power source? no perpetual motion machine INDEED), perhaps at the end of that Immigrant Free Year people will realize that not a whole lot has changed and the Republic hasn’t collapsed from a shortage of cab drivers and falafel shops. Then Trump could quietly extend it to… forever.

    But alas, such common sense is in short supply, so I suppose we should celebrate applying just the slightest pressure to the brake handle of our runaway train. Hip hip hooray.

    • Peter I don’t think people will realize that not a lot has changed. They’ll be pounded dailly with sob stories of Iraqi translators trapped and in peril, young wives separated from their husbands (brothers?), vegetables rotting in the fields and lawns being mowed by white teenagers who will now be at increased risk for skin cancer.

      To follow Porter’s movie lead, “people will notice, Ray. People will most definitely notice.” We can and should fight for anything remotely resembling a reduction or moratorium of legal immigration, but we have to be prepared to fight back with our narrative of rising wages, reduced cost of social and administrative services, and anything else that tells the story we want told whether it’s true or not.

      • I wonder why it never occurs to people that if hoards of new welfare users immigrate, there will be less welfare for those already here. It’s too mathy I suppose.

      • I watched something the other day about how there was a shortage of agricultural workers. It was on P-BS, so go figure. They had an endless line of farmers complaining that fear over trump’s presidency was causing people to flee the country or go into hiding. One was saying he was going to have to let some of his strawberry crop go to waste on the vine because he couldn’t find enough mexicans to pick them. Viewers were told this was a nationwide problem, and that the consequences of “Trump’s rhetoric” would be rising food costs for everyone. My first and only thought was that this was a “problem” of our own creation and one we are entirely capable of solving without importing more third worlders to do it. We have almost 100 million working aged people not in the labor force, and 50 million people on food stamps, many of whom are pefectly able bodied adults. Stop paying people to do NOTHING all day and those farmers will quickly find a cavalcade of people showing up to pick fruit for money. Problem solved, no Mexicans required.

        And the caterwaling over illegal immigration is just the half of it. These big tech CEOs do not give one single flying fuck about a border wall or refugee admissions. What they are really afraid of can be summed up as H-1-B. They are worried trump will stop them from bringing in H1Bs to pay half what they were paying Americans to do the same thing, thats what this is really about. I hope he ends that farce and more. I am 100% behind a complete immigration halt.

  4. HaHa: Minorities are “90% of the world’s population.” (Not that this fact will diminish the term’s mystique.)
    I applaud Tom Cotton’s proposal, although it begs the question: If immigration is a financial hardship why is it being reduced from colossal to huge? Especially if one were to factor in the birth-rate, it should be apparent that demographics will soon devour the American way.

    It’s unfortunate that modern journalism doesn’t lend itself to teaching moments. We will hear 1000 times that we are a nation of laws and similar platitudes. I have yet to hear that immigration will turn beautiful America into a land of shacks, crowded highways and smog. Since the Left can’t recognize even that they are the fa not the antifa, there is likewise no hope they will recognize themselves as the anti-scientists, the anti-environmentalists and the war mongers.
    Maybe (and there is evidence to suggest it) America is great because it has a low birth rate and low population density coupled with vast resources. Not because of 3rd World Immigration.

    It’s nice to see your inclusion of the concept of 7.4 billion potential legal immigrants. It’s time to ask the Left and most of the Right if they have a limit.

    • If all 7.4 billion of them do come here, Im moving to sub-saharan Africa. Resource rich, tons of rare-earth minerals, oil, fertile soil, plenty of timber. Only a bunch of Africans could fuck that up. Once they are all here, I’m thinking an intelligent, hard working people could build one hell of a country there….

      Of course once they make America the new asshole of the world (already well underway, as has been so eloquently documented here), they will be clamoring to come back to the ‘land of their ancestors’ that was stolen by the white man, and we will be back to square one.

    • They don’t… The right wants unending “growth”, and as long as Ethiopians keep fucking the left will want them all here…so no.

  5. Gator,

    I have an orchard. Cannot get workers because welfare pays more than I can afford to pay. Are you kidding me. Let’s let in millions more who don’t have to work in the fields because welfare pays more. I use “welfare” in the generic sense. It’s aid to dependent children and they have a lot of them, and three guys live off the payment of one woman too. Then there’s food stamps for all and the emergency room for health care. We are so f*cked it isn’t funny and Trump is cod-locked right now. Don’t see it working out.

  6. This election was won by just a hair, a few thousand people in flyover country.
    Trump lost the popular election by millions!

    The Democratic party to swamp Americans under a tide of third world diversity is clearly working.
    Unless, against the odds, Trump manages to turn around the demographic decline seen in every single white western country, Republicans will never win again. You might as well start helping the new people brainstorm new names for your cities.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

  7. What if Trump were to issue a new, altered Executive Order, an observant judge in a 5th District state challenges it quickly and the case goes to the 5th District.

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