Become Un Plea Bargainable

Three days ago I opined: People rarely see far enough over the grim horizon as the left goes feral. Well few can complain that they’re not presently getting a peek. Last night in Berkley, a miscegenating jewish homosexual who denounces white nationalism became the latest bolshevik rage totem for being–what else?–a nazi. Molotov cocktails were hurled, “kill Trump” messages were scrawled, property was destroyed, and blonde girls were beaten and pepper sprayed. Openly in America.

Tonight, Gavin Mcinnes was attacked at New York University trying to enter the building for a talk. What the sanitized news report fails to mention about this “scuffle” was that it was a dozens on 1 lynching attempt that would have yielded a dismembered corpse if a police battalion hadn’t been present to prevent it.

How fascinating that 60 years after Little Rock High School, it is now leftist universities that must be integrated by federal force. History certainly savors its irony.

Though irony isn’t always pleasant for those being poleaxed by it. And that particular implement is probably what passed through the mind of any normal American man watching the dance of the black balaclavas. Feral is a fairly precise term. Or “ungovernable” by their own assertion.


That’s fine. There are over two million ungovernable men in American prisons. And space for plenty more. These coddled children attack coeds and lampposts while imagining they are men at war? That’s a naivety begging for the redemption of a courtroom. And that’s precisely what AG Sessions should go to work providing.

Trump is already realigning counter-terrorism resources from fabled “white supremacists” to the Dar al-Islam. This should be expanded further to infiltrate and break-up the leftist terror cells. People are being routinely attacked now for simply wearing a hat in support of their sitting President. Like so much else, we actually don’t have to live like this. And if the state under Trump performs its duties with a fraction of the zeal it has previously reserved for recalcitrant conservatives, we won’t have to.

It will be pleasantly dizzying to watch how quickly the left’s barrista-based militancy evaporates at the sight of the first few pimply antifa to go weeping to their sentences. They call for war only because they expect it will never come. They attack and destroy only because there are no repercussions. That equation needs to change dramatically. Then we’ll see their true heart for war at the arraignments. I, for one, am expecting to be sorely disappointed.


30 thoughts on “Become Un Plea Bargainable

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  2. I live in a South American nation that had a similar situation back in the 70s with its “left” wing young and its version of sjws. Could what happened to them happen in the US? My guess is not officially, but otherwise…?

  3. This is a fantastic post…if conservative “Normie” whites didn’t realize their government hates them, they can’t ignore it now. In less than 2 generations the state has been turned on it’s head. While the US isn’t quite as far gone as the UK and Europe in the criminalizing of “hate speech” and terrorist organization decrees, such as what happened to National Action in the UK for example; it’s bad enough with the government tacitly if not actively supporting the antifa against white interests. However I’m pretty sure the left don’t realize there’s a new sheriff in town. So the question is, does the Trump administration comes down hard on the neo-bolsheviks? Or better yet turns a blind eye to “brown shirt” reactions from the right. Once these snowflakes catch a few bats to the side of the head, I’m sure they would be far more hesitant to up the ante thru street violence. Either way its plain to see that the swamp will need to be drained all the way down to local police departments, if any real change is going to happen.

  4. I had a Twitter interchange with some “anarchists.” (did you know they have a flag? And this situational irony doesn’t strike them in the least as it soars ever so high over their smug little college educated heads…) These anarchists somehow thought that burning automobiles and businesses would result in less government…

  5. The entire situation is so ludicrous ….the ridiculous notion that the wisest people in a society are the youngest and least-experienced..the idea that University is a place for anything other than the brightest 5 -10% to study, and study hard, for 3 or 4 years in order to achieve a useful qualification as a means to well-paid employment or further education (Phd , Ma, Doctorate, etc) , the idea that “whose campus? OUR CAMPUS” coming from the squealing mouths of 20 year old children who are on campus as temporary residents living on borrowed money , for 3 years….the sight of “wymminz rights” suckers and fembots and queers DEFENDING and ENDORSING Islam and it’s brain-fried adherents , those famed champions of womens rights and homosexual advocacy…whilst screeching about “equality” and “rights for wymminz” IN THE WEST !!! Screeching “Dont objectify me” while dressed as a vagina !! There was a picture in the Washington Post of a person at the Milo /Berkley Tantrum, proudly flying a large rainbow flag with a Star of David on it…there to protest a GAY JEW !!! who advocates nationalism and the building of walls (israel, anyone??)

    My favourite though is when they gather, faces hidden, black -clad, after committing vandalism, arson, violence, etc, and, unmolested by Police or National Guard, squeal: “This is what a police state looks like”
    Oh, irony.
    No, you Creche Guevera ! This is what it looks like JUST BEFORE a so-called “Police State” (which basically means that the State (finally) uses the Police to protect itself, its law-abiding citizens, property, etc) is brought in to deal with lawless, dangerous ,anti-government pseudo-anarchist /bolshie LARPERS wrecking cities, blocking traffic, attacking people with clubs, bike-locks, poles , etc… (I take it they dont pull this crap in States where people carry firearms?)

    Be careful what you wish for, you silly sods.

    Pass the popcorn and let the skull-cracking begin.
    Show’em what a “police state” looks like, Donald.

    • there’s a clip of some k-ke on CNN saying that the “protesters” were from the “right wing”.

      These despicable demons have to be put back in Pandora’s box. At the very least.

    • A university is not supposed to be a vocational school. A university is supposed to seek the truth and impart it to our elites, along with an understanding of who we are and what we have been as well as an understanding of the rest of the natural world. It is to transmit our knowledge, our traditions, and our past into the future through our elites.

  6. I stumbled into the middle of this nonsense last night in NYC. The NYPD was there in force and taking no BS, unlike what I witnessed in DC two weeks ago post-inauguration, where the DC cops did mostly nothing (unless cars were being burned and store windows smashed). The usual suspects were present – skinny, malnourished kids, faces covered, screaming in the faces of people trying to enter the lecture, making sure to do so in front of the cops so as to avoid being punched out. The cops were actually enforcing local ordinances prohibiting blocking streets and sidewalks and covering one’s face during a mass gathering. It was refreshing to watch; the NYPD takes no shit, even with Comrade DeBlasio as NYC mayor.

    • I saw a vid last night taken inside the room. McGinnes was talking to a group of calm, quiet, seated young people when a bunch of about 40 people either revealed themselves as “antis” or just burst in, the chanting, shouting started, McGinnes repeatedly asked for one of them to come forward and try debating him (there was no raised stage) the chanting and screeching intensified, the Dean (?) turned up and ineffectually tried to bring order , McGinnes called him a liberal cuck or something, NO security came, eventually McGinnes had to just quit and leave. The “anti-hate” screechers won, achieved their goal.

      • Shrieking in unison is the best tactic they have – until they notice a weak one in the herd. Then, like hyenas, they go after the one that displays said weakness. So they beat blonde women, gays, etc. Check the “anarchist” twitter feeds – they appear to be like piranhas, and classify anything they disagree with as food – or Nazis. Everything is now a Nazi. These people are dangerous. Dress accordingly. Their daddies should stop their allowances and trust funds. That would solve a lot of problems. Sides are being drawn. Be ready.

      • These are confused children striking out, who have never been in a fight, never been spanked, never been told “no”. They bully with impunity because all their lives they have been sheltered from any consequences. The time has come for someone to put their foot down. Hard.

      • The supreme irony in all this will finally be achieved when the malevolent force that seeks to oppress them, which currently exists only in their imagination, springs forth into reality and crushes them mercilessly.
        The left’s constant wailing about nazis will eventually cause their victims to march through the streets beating the shit out of every single person they even suspect to be an SJW (or sympathizer) in a very brownshirt-esque episode that leaves a bunch of them disfigured or dead.

      • I certainly hope that the Hyena Brigade doesn’t take the fact that I am 69 y,o.and use a walking stick to delude them that I am helpless. Much as I despise the bastards and would thoroughly enjoy the vigorous application of my walking stick/cudgel I realize that it probably wouldn’t be worth the ensuing legal issues. Oh, and if I REALLY need to send some ES&D their way there’s always the ubiquitous 9mm. Lather, Rinse, Repeat
        I pray that at some point these little shits will piss off enough people with their witless antics to provoke a response from the Mundanes that will surprise them with its ferocity. F**k them all.

  7. So absolutely predictable, though. Remember how rabid the left was when Bush was in office? And that was Bush, a middle-of-the-road, squishy, compassionate cuckservative, moderate President. He was mocked relentlessly for eight years, and called LITERALLY HITLER. Now we have a President who just edges into right-wing territory (these fags don’t even wanna know what a real right-wing President would do), so of course they’re going to step it up a notch or ten.

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  9. The very important police-injured to rioters-arrested ratio is still problematic. The sight of police in a row soaking up projectiles and blows instead of making arrests was one of the bigger heartbreaks of the Obama years. There is no logic on the Left and they deserve no debate. It’s best to give them a name (as Porter graciously provided) Neo-Bols and The Thing. Mock, lock and dismiss. It’s tempting to wish for them less media coverage, but those who aren’t fully lost need to see.

    • I don’t want them to get less media coverage, I want them to get more. They aren’t recruiting people with this nonsense, the opposite is occurring. You don’t need to convince a bunch more people to support or even like Trump, all you have to do is point at the behavior of these people and those enabling them and ask a very simple question – “Do you REALLY want these people in charge of anything?”

      • I know someone who became a lifelong Republican at the age of twelve, just from watching the footage out of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

  10. Fascism is not Evil. The Left is Evil. Fascism is what arises to crush and destroy that Evil. They can chant Hitler all they want. Hitler is a best case scenario for them. There are no more White countries to fight for this crap. I doubt China wants to be a sea of glass to prop up a world of brown and black sludge.

  11. From vague media reports, it appears one of these overgrown children already got himself shot by tangling with a CCW holder at one of Yiannopoulous’ rallies in Washington. They want “war”, yet their preferred weapons are apparently rocks and bottles; do they not realize that right-wingers tend to carry high-powered modern firearms? I’m not even sure these Antifas could win a real battle against the armaments of Heidelberg Man.

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