The Pen of Mjölnir

If pain is seeing pleasure through another man’s eyes, then liberals must be writhing right now.

After signing executive orders authorizing a beautiful wall, and an even more lovely stripping of federal grants from sanctuary cities, Trump Maximus then mandated weekly publication of crimes committed by illegals in sanctuary cities in a third order.

And now yesterday the great pen of Mjölnir fell again upon the heads of foreign squatters and colonists. Trump suspended entry of all euphemistic “refugees” to the United States for 120 days, barred Syrian refugees indefinitely, and blocked entry into the United States for 90 days for migrants from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

I’ve been quite disappointed to not see Obama’s “dream” decree littering the White House floor in shreds, though these are still bold and impressive moves for a President a week into his administration. I imagine Jeb Bush would have barely gotten around to issuing his first formal statement of solidarity with Israel at this point. Let us hope these bans are as fleeting as Nixon’s temporary move from the gold standard.

Though there’s more churning than just Sudanese at JFK. Politics are undoubtedly shifting quickly. At this pace, neoconservatism is going to be buried deeper than Bill Buckley by the Ides of March. Cucks beware. There is simply no viable alternative to a man who actually advances his constituents’ interests, rather than attacking them. And not being invaded has been in every man’s interest since first having the issue explained by the point of a spear.

Of course working in the interests of Americans means you are not necessarily working in the interests of Mexicans. And that has generated significant fear and rage in the area of northern Mexico once called Southern California. Much of which was focused on Trump’s outrageous prioritization of his own country. Others lamented the fact that The Wall would simply result in more deaths by those determined to scale it. That this preternatural commitment to live in someone else’s home against their wishes is what ultimately incentivized the barrier in the first place was little contemplated by the illegal alien being interviewed.

Though Trump seems strangely unmoved by caterwauling beyond our borders. At yesterday’s signing ceremony the President continued a pattern of indelicately candid pronouncements by remarking on the slightly moderated migrant flood: We don’t want them here.

No, we don’t want them here. We’ve never wanted them here. But no one was asking. Perhaps finally we’ve elected someone who does ask what the people who actually built and pay for the place have to say. If so, we have a naaasty President indeed. Godspeed to him.


12 thoughts on “The Pen of Mjölnir

  1. I am loving Trump more each day, especially as the Leftists howl with each no E.O. or statement. He is out-Reaganing Ronaldus Maximus, and it has only been 8 days.

    So THIS is what winning is like! The only promise he may not keep is his pledge that we will get tired of winning…it is invigorating me, not tiring me.

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  3. “I imagine Jeb Bush would have barely gotten around to issuing his first formal statement of solidarity with Israel at this point”

    Don’t sell Jeb! short. Im sure he’d be balls deep in making the Syrian conflict worse by now, too. Of course, you could also chalk that up to demonstrating his solidarity with Israel, too.

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  5. Never apologise, they only smell blood.

    So why a wall in some places but a fence in others?

    It’s easier to electrify a fence. Which side are you on?

  6. This blog is sublime and such a contrast to the vapid (yet presumably compensated) “journalism” found on, for example, yahoo.
    Yes, Jeb would barely have uttered: let not a shred of daylight be seen between ourselves and Israel, we are as one (while they push us to war)
    The left has sent its sanctimony squad out to inform us that nothing in the world is quite as unjust and heartbreaking as Iraqi’s detained at an airport, and those behind the atrocity are sub human.
    Godspeed to our intrepid President.

  7. Any one of Trump’s competitors would only just now be scanning the tax code for which deduction to start the bidding over while the lobbyists get to work on the 100th subchapter of the 500-page “immigration reform” bill to be introduced. Eventually.

    Queen Hill would have the entire Border Patrol stood down at this point, while issuing the dry-foot/dry-foot EO: If You Get Here, You Can Stay Here.

    We really dodged a bullet. And Trump has looked as grimly determined as Augustus the whole time.

  8. I was a Trump supporter from the start. More power to him. My attitude about the election was “no Bushes, no Klintons, no Politicians.” He’s based his working life on getting results, not on winning favor.
    Trump acts like a Boss because he is a Boss. Interesting to see many of the talking (and writing) heads come around.

  9. Just over a week in, and already things are boiling, with much, much more to come. It’s exhilarating (perhaps I should say “ex-Hillarating”), but we are already getting into the realm of seismic energies here, and there may be unpleasantness. Keep the powder dry.

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